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George and Shellie Zimmerman Are Finally Divorced

Shellie Zimmerman, left, looks at her husband George Zimmerman as they leave the court room during a recess in his trial at Seminole circuit court in Sanford, Fla., Friday, June 14, 2013. Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.(AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Gary W. Green, Pool)

(AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Gary W. Green, Pool)

I was just thinking yesterday that it’s been over 2 years since Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce.   Her infamous husband, George Zimmerman, killed unarmed, 17-year old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. He was acquitted in July 2013. Shellie filed for divorce in September 2013.   A default judgment was entered in the case, but George obtained an attorney and asked that the case be reopened to divide assets and debts. The only possible asset was pending, and it was George’s suit against NBC.

Judge Debra Nelson, who also presided over George’s murder trial, dismissed his case against NBC. It went up on appeal and several months ago, the Appellate Court affirmed Judge Nelson’s ruling.

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The Tarnished History and Image of Police Departments

Long before there was a police force in America, there were sheriffs. The office of sheriff has its roots in 9th century England. According to the National Law Enforcement Museum, the early policing system was modeled after the English structure, which incorporated the watch, constables, and sheriffs (derived from the British term, “shire-reeves”) in a community-based police organization. The British system developed from “kin policing” dating back to about 900 A.D., in which law enforcement power was in the people’s hands, and they were responsible for their families or “kin.”) Early law enforcement was reactionary, rather than pre-emptive—the watch usually responded to criminal behavior only when requested by victims or witnesses.

Then called a “reeve,” what is now known as the Sheriff in America, was an individual originally selected by the serfs to be their informal social and governmental leader.   The reeve soon became the Kings appointed representative to protect the King’s interest and act as mediator with people.

In the United States, approximately 98 percent of sheriffs are elected. Good, bad or mediocre, what sets the office of sheriff apart from the police force, is that the sheriff’s office is accountable to the citizens through the election process. Read the rest of this entry

Cyberharasser’s Court Action Backfires on Him (Faces of Racism, Pt 2)


I immediately received phone calls before making to my attorney’s office, which was two blocks from the courthouse. It appears rather than humbling himself and accepting defeat and moving on he chose to start up right again, posting more garbage. I honestly was not surprised to hear the news but the focus at that point was getting the tire fixed so I could make the trip home. A screw got stuck in my tire on the way to my attorney’s office.

On the way home, random thoughts started to emerge knowing that he was firing away talking trash telling more lies. The reality of it all hit me. This man really is mentally ill. He is obsessed with the likes of George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn and Theodore Wafer. That’s a scary concept when you think about it.

CyberStalkersWillThere is no gun control in the United States for people with mental illness. They are allowed to carry. Can you imagine a person who creates their own reality and lives in a world of lies owning a fire arm? He is obsessed at the idea of killing black people in the name of self-defense. He lives in a fantasy world. Look at what we know about him.

Divorce judgment

Case # 11CEFL03897 Filed in the Fresno County Court.

He claims he has a wife and step-daughter, but he does not. He used the legal system as a means to cause harm to me and this alleged wife he loves so much. This is a man who lied on sworn declarations and lied during court and he knows he lied. He is dangerous without owning a firearm so imagine if he obtained one?

Come to think of it, we know he is on SSI disability for his mental illness which is why he spends so much time on the internet harassing people over social media. I understand that those assisting him also receive SSI so it wouldn’t be a surprise if there is mental illness across the board as they all share the same ideology, and his friends honestly believe the garbage he tells them even when they know he is lying. Read the rest of this entry

George Zimmerman Files Financial Affidavit in Divorce Case

According to a financial affidavit that George Zimmerman filed with the court in his divorce case, his legal defense fund has a current balance of $300, and he has $650 in his bank account.

George has no job, no health insurance, spends $350 a month for medical care, $200 a month on mental health counseling, and $100 on vacations.

George’s girlfriend Samantha, picked a winner.

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Zimmerman Surrenders – No Sanction Hearing

The Orlando Sentinel reports that paperwork has been filed at the Seminole County criminal courthouse setting forth that Zimmerman says he is giving up his promised fight to make the state pay his legal bills and the hearing on sanctions based on allegations that the State violated rules of discovery.

George Zimmerman CNN

George Zimmerman

The docket sheet provides that on February 20, 2014, a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of Any Future Hearings and All Pending Issues was filed in Zimmerman’s criminal case.

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George Zimmerman Hires Divorce Lawyer

In court proceedings, the saying “Better late than never” does not always apply.

Orlando Sentinel reports that George Zimmerman has retained Tampa lawyer Howard Iken of Ayo & Iken to ask the court to set aside the clerk’s order of default entered against him three weeks ago in his divorce case.

Zimmerman is the 30-year-old man who killed unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.  A jury of 6 women acquitted him in July 2013.

Shellie and GeorgeShellie Zimmerman, George’s wife, was charged with perjury following a bond hearing where she misrepresented her knowledge of the couple’s assets.  Just after the verdict in George’s murder trial, Shellie entered a plea agreement where she would serve a year’s probation, pay a fine, and complete 100 hours of community service.  George was not with her in court when she appeared to enter that plea. Read the rest of this entry

Shellie Zimmerman Seeks Divorce By Default

On Jan. 13, 2014, Shellie Zimmerman’s attorney, Kelly Sims, filed a motion for a default, and a deputy clerk of courts signed one the same day.

Shellie and Kelly

Shellie Zimmerman with her attorney
Kelly Sims

Shellie Zimmerman has requested the judge to stop delays and grant her a divorce. Shellie filed for divorce on September 5, 2013.  George Zimmerman was served with summons and the complaint on December 18, 2013 while in jail on a domestic violence charge.  He was required to file an answer within 20 days.  That time has now expired.  He has defaulted and Shellie wants her divorce without his participation in the case.

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George Zimmerman In Contempt of Court?

Since the Lake Mary police can’t see the truth of George Zimmerman’s actions, it’s up to Kelly Sims, Shellie Zimmerman’s attorney, to bring George’s destructive actions before the court in the divorce case.



iPad Video Could Be Key To Charging George Zimmerman

Fox News reports that video from Shellie Zimmerman’s iPad may be crucial evidence in determining whether to charge George Zimmerman.

Lake Mary Police Department spokesman, Zach Hudson, said that the iPad is badly damaged and needs to be examined in a lab.  If it provides evidence to support Shellie’s story, George Zimmerman could be potentially charged with destruction of evidence.

Yesterday, Shelly Zimmerman said that George snatched the iPad from her hands, smashed it, and used a pocket night to open it up destroying parts on the inside.

George Zimmerman with Lake Mary police yesterday.

George Zimmerman with Lake Mary police yesterday.

Funny thing — Rachel Jeantel testified to hearing a man’s voice ask, “What are you doing around here?” followed by a “bump” indicating disconnection of Trayvon’s cell phone from his headset.  Physical crime scene evidence supports that Trayvon’s cell phone was on the ground, disconnected from his headset when the cops arrived.  Seems as though George Zimmerman has a pattern of destroying, or attempting to destroy communication devices  that might record his actions and/or words.

iPad destroyed



O’Mara Not Representing Zimmerman In Divorce

Hat tip to Mindyme62!

News4jax reports that O’Mara “drops George Zimmerman.”

O'Mara and George

Mark O’Mara and George Zimmerman during murder trial

O’Mara stated: “I am not representing George Zimmerman in his recent domestic altercation case or his impending divorce case,” O’Mara told CNN.

O’Mara made no mention of Zimmerman’s recent traffic ticket, which Zimmerman might pay without raising a challenge as to whether he was speeding.

We await to see what attorney is going to represent George Zimmerman in the divorce case.  Will George ask the public to donate money to pay his divorce attorney?

Recent news also reports that there is a video showing George locking the front door of the house where the altercation took place, and Shellie trying to enter that door.   George’s bodyguard has taken blame for the injury to Mr. Dean’s nose.


George Zimmerman In Custody

Hat tip to Mindyme.

Disgusted ZimmermanNews4jax reports that George Zimmerman has been taken into custody.  Shellie called the police saying that George threatened her and her father with a gun, according to Lake Mary police.   The call was made from Shellie’s dad’s house.

We shall update as more news becomes available.

O’Mara said Zimmerman and his wife were living in a residence owned by Shellie Zimmerman’s father. O’Mara said Shellie Zimmerman had moved out and they were in the process of separating their belongings.

Subsequent reports are that George Zimmerman was held in investigative retention at the scene.  Please read comments below for further updates.


Since Verdict, George Feels “More Invincible”

(Cross posted on 3Chicspolitico)

In an interview with ABC News, Shellie Zimmerman revealed that since he was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, that George feels “more invincible.” She stated that she believes George Zimmerman is making “reckless decisions” and that he was verbally abusive.


Shellie has filed for dissolution of marriage from the man who shot and killed unarmed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.  She and George Zimmerman have been separated since August 13, 2013.


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