Shellie Zimmerman Seeks Divorce By Default

On Jan. 13, 2014, Shellie Zimmerman’s attorney, Kelly Sims, filed a motion for a default, and a deputy clerk of courts signed one the same day.

Shellie and Kelly

Shellie Zimmerman with her attorney
Kelly Sims

Shellie Zimmerman has requested the judge to stop delays and grant her a divorce. Shellie filed for divorce on September 5, 2013.  George Zimmerman was served with summons and the complaint on December 18, 2013 while in jail on a domestic violence charge.  He was required to file an answer within 20 days.  That time has now expired.  He has defaulted and Shellie wants her divorce without his participation in the case.

In a default judgment dissolving the marriage, the judge can grant the divorce, grant property to each party now in their possession, and reserve other matters, such as distributing assets.

The best to you, Shellie.


Via Orlando Sentinel

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  1. Good move, Shellie!


  2. Like

    • Stutzman has the hots for Fogen…….it’s obvious. Now, he’s fair game !!


      • racerrodig. LOL! Sam is more of George’s type. He likes women he can abuse but who still lie for him and have his babies.


  3. Fogen’s gonna read this and misinterpret it as “…his fault” and then………wait, he has his guns back.

    So…….after this all he’ll have to show for these years of marriage are……..

    Several guns of various makes and models.
    A Honda Ridgeline that is not paid for.
    Ummmmmmmmmmmm……….wow…….can one say…..”Loser”


    • Wonder what’s on his mind now? What will he do to comfort himself?


    • racerrodig. Know what’s really interesting? Shellie will possibly have a nice claim because of her car accident, and because George failed to file an answer and request the court to distribute any assets deriving from that accident, he has no rights to it.


      • That’s true. I believe in NJ, being a divorce is simply a civil lawsuit, if he defaults, she may get everything she asked for in the complaint.

        If she demanded he pay for the damage he caused to her dads rental property, she gets it by court order. He can’t file any answer now unless he has the “meritorious defense” aspect going and clearly he does not……you know, with this being all over the news and such.

        She’ll get the dogs because that was in her complaint and he bitched about it, but never was even served because he avoided it.

        Now…….didn’t we read he was served while he was in jail a few months ago when SS called the police on him, or was that someone just posting what a good idea it would be.

        No matter………he’s a loser and maybe she learned a lesson.


        • She filed for divorce just prior to the event at her father’s home. What she asked for was custody of the two dogs, equal split of checking accounts and unknown assets (NBC lawsuit or other lawsuits he may file because of the trial), preventing him from selling personal property until divorce settled, and a permanent life insurance policy with her as the beneficiary and she took her part of bills—minus the MOM/West bill.

          He avoided being served and would not acknowledge it–the filing was put into the paper as a result and when he was arrested and jailed for Samantha’s assault, Shellie’s attorney had him served in jail–great move on his part, no where to run and hide.

          Rumor has it the biggest thing to him is the custody of the dogs. He was trying to still control Shellie by avoiding being served.

          I don’t believe he got much money for his first painting, if at all. He is dumb if he didn’t try to hire a divorce attorney and I bet if he looked for one they all demanded up front payment first. He could’ve answered the petition on his own, without an attorney, but he never bothered to try and as such her side will be the only side considered by the judge. She’ll get the divorce on her terms now and not his. Glad to see her take control.


          • He was served in jail…..he never answered in writing to the court…..hence the default.


  4. Congrats Shellie!!! Wishing you all the best from here on in.


  5. does this mean it’s over? I wish her nothing but the best. AFTER she tells what she knows….


    • If the judge signs the default judgment, Shellie is then divorced from George.

      It’s my impression that if Shellie can be protected from George, she will tell everything.


  6. Jueseppi B.

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  7. ChrisNY~Laurie

    Good for her. i hope she changed her last name too.

    I decided to go see what crazy stuff GZ was tweeting today and found myself looking at a picture of poor Trayvon laying in the grass. I never really cared for some of the vulgar things being written by this person to GZ, but I get that he is determined to not let GZ rest for what he did. I also understand that he wants him to see what he did to Trayvon everyday, but posting those pics over and over is a risk of Sybrina seeing them. I’d hate for her to open her twitter and see her poor boy like that, and I don’t really think it fazes fogen anyways.

    With that being said, without wanting to, I did see poor Trayvon’s face in that picture. And I did notice a couple of bumps on his face. On the upper right side of his nose and on on his right cheek bone. How did they get there and go unnoticed???? It looks to me like he was hit in the face.


  8. SchemeTeamIrony

    Lets see, when she dumped George the money was drying up. What wife wants a husband who can’t and won’t support her? George commits adultery with a single-mother proficient in using guns instead of paying attention to his divorce case.

    Now things are looking really bad for him. George might be sued for that last painting he did. That can put an end to his hope of having a career painting.

    His only hope is to move to Texas in unclaimed land and have his new girlfriend patrol with 6-12 rottweilers and maybe a few German Shepards that she will have to buy and train at her expense.

    What is ironic is that George’s reputation is an unintended consequence of his legal team.


    • Thanks for visiting Blackbutterfly7.

      Regarding your handle, I’ve seen some justice for Trayvon supporters refer to O’Mara and West as the “Scheme Team” and also the “Feign Team.” If you don’t mind, if you decide to comment here again, can you use a handle that is less inflaming? Thank you in advance.


    • Thanks for making that request, Xena!


    • Irony, she didn’t dump GZ, he left her. Right after the end of the trial he left without leaving a note. That is why she was left standing alone during her perjury hearing. It had nothing to do with her leaving after the money dried up, they didn’t have money before the shooting. He went on his road trip and into Samantha’s arms leaving her. She just happened to be the first one to file for divorce.


  9. wishing her the best in freeing herself of this abusive excuse for a human being. hope the judge grants her request, post haste.


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  11. For some reason I am very confused about HOW I feel about Shellie.I am wondering if anyone else has this same battle going on in their head.I feel like there was info about them having a fight before Trayvon’s murder which could have made a difference.I’m sure there are plenty of things Shellie could have said.I even understand she might have been in fear,but at the same time,this case was big enough that she could have been protected.Right now she has no protection,so I don’t know how she can come out saying too much.I do wish her the best & don’t want anything to happen to her,but I am very torn about my feelings.
    The one thing I don’t want is the IDIOT coming to my home state Texas.We have enough of those already here…obviously if he has befriended some here already!


    • Hey Marilyn!

      For some reason I am very confused about HOW I feel about Shellie.I am wondering if anyone else has this same battle going on in their head.

      I try keeping in mind that Shellie married George when she was 19 years old. Also, I try keeping in mind that George is the type of person who conveys when he wants to communicate things to her. For instance, she caught on very fast that he was using code, and what it meant, in their jailhouse phone calls.

      Keeping those two things in mind, George knows how to control Shellie. Also, let’s not forget his gang tattoo and MySpace page. There’s no telling what Shellie knows about George that, just like Samantha said, makes her believe that George gets away with things and even has others do his dirty work for him.

      Also remember that according to his cousin, George can say sweet, deceptive things to get women in a position when he has an ulterior motive.

      Shellie has to deal with her own fear and ask herself if George can really hurt or cause her any further harm. It’s my impression that she can redeem herself by giving America a favorable impression of her, if she does come to terms with what she knows about George’s frame of mind.


  12. Thanks Xena…..You always help unscramble my head!!


    • Marilyn,
      Your head didn’t need unscrambling. 🙂 What we read in the media does not always give us a full understanding.


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