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O’Mara Not Representing Zimmerman In Divorce

Hat tip to Mindyme62!

News4jax reports that O’Mara “drops George Zimmerman.”

O'Mara and George

Mark O’Mara and George Zimmerman during murder trial

O’Mara stated: “I am not representing George Zimmerman in his recent domestic altercation case or his impending divorce case,” O’Mara told CNN.

O’Mara made no mention of Zimmerman’s recent traffic ticket, which Zimmerman might pay without raising a challenge as to whether he was speeding.

We await to see what attorney is going to represent George Zimmerman in the divorce case.  Will George ask the public to donate money to pay his divorce attorney?

Recent news also reports that there is a video showing George locking the front door of the house where the altercation took place, and Shellie trying to enter that door.   George’s bodyguard has taken blame for the injury to Mr. Dean’s nose.