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September – This Month In Black American History

By Guest Blogger Yahtzeebutterfly


September 2, 1766 – Businessman and abolitionist James Forten was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Author Julie Winch discusses her book on the life of James Forten at this link.

September 3, 1895 – Lawyer Charles Hamilton Houston in Washington, D.C.


September 4, 1908 – Writer Richard Wright in Natchez, Mississippi


September 5, 1939 – Claudette Colvin, the first person arrested for not giving up her bus seat to a White woman in Montgomery, Alabama.

Interview by Democracy Now with Claudette Colvin:

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George Zimmerman In Custody

Hat tip to Mindyme.

Disgusted ZimmermanNews4jax reports that George Zimmerman has been taken into custody.  Shellie called the police saying that George threatened her and her father with a gun, according to Lake Mary police.   The call was made from Shellie’s dad’s house.

We shall update as more news becomes available.

O’Mara said Zimmerman and his wife were living in a residence owned by Shellie Zimmerman’s father. O’Mara said Shellie Zimmerman had moved out and they were in the process of separating their belongings.

Subsequent reports are that George Zimmerman was held in investigative retention at the scene.  Please read comments below for further updates.


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