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Cop Cries After Killing Unarmed Man

Grant Morrison

Billings, MT Police Officer Grant Morrison

The first man killed by Billings, Montana police officer Grant Morrison was armed with a BB gun.   That was on February 11, 2013.  Morrison was cleared of wrongdoing.

On April 14, 2014, Morrison killed again, and no weapon was found on 38-year old Richard Ramirez.

The following is dash cam video of an officer arriving on a scene. When he arrived, 38-year old Richard Ramirez had already been shot dead by police officer Grant Morrison. Morrison fired three shots. It was alleged that suspect Richard Ramirez was high on meth and ignored Morrison’s commands to raise his hands.

A coroner’s inquest jury decided that Morrison was justified in shooting and killing unarmed Ramirez. Morrison is back on duty. He has been assigned to a task force investigating prescription drug crimes.

At the inquest, the five-year police veteran said he became convinced that Ramirez had a gun after he reached for his waistband during their 30-second encounter. Morrison testified:

“I knew in that moment, which later was determined to be untrue, but I knew in that moment that he was reaching for a gun,” Morrison said. “I couldn’t take that risk. … I wanted to see my son grow up.”


Julie Ramirez, left, consoles her mother, Betty Ramirez during the inquest.

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