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Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

First, I want to apologize for my absence on the blog. Yesterday, my doctor sent me for labs and this morning, I received a call of the results. After taking certain medication, I have to return in 2 weeks for more labs and a CT scan.  The pharmacy had to order one prescription that won’t be in until Friday. That will make it 5 prescriptions, and I don’t like taking medicine (prefer herbs and supplements), so it’s going to require discipline and looking at the clock to take all those pills at the appropriate times.

I’m also having some computer problems. My tech says it’s not worth investing in my laptop computer because the last time that the fan went out, it left many things inside “brittle”. About 99 percent of what I do for the blog is on my laptop. My desktop is an oldie and cannot be brought up-to-date because Microsoft no longer supports it. I cannot afford a new computer right now, so have to limit how much I use my laptop and hope that it doesn’t die on me too soon.

With all of the disappointments however, not feeling well enough to write original articles is the most disappointing. This is where I need your input. Would you like for me to reblog from other blogs, or would you prefer to leave this open discussion as the most recent post for the next week or so? Please let me know.

A message to Butterflydreamer2; I emailed you and there are others also concerned about you. We have not heard from you in weeks. Please let us know how you are doing.

Here’s one of my favorite songs performed by one of my favorite groups from the 60’s.  They were before their time and I’m so happy that they have recently recorded again.


Chicago Cops Coach Youth Baseball League On South Side To Broker Peace


The best to them!

Originally posted on The Chicago Defender:

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At a time when interactions between African-Americans and police are fraught with tension over allegations of excessive force by cops across the nation, a team of Chicago officers are making efforts to improve relations with youth on the city?s South Side, reportsThe Huffington Post.

The Englewood Police Youth Baseball League hopes the sport of baseball will help combat violence by uniting athletes in Englewood?one of the city?s most violent communities?with mentors from the police department, notes the report.

?Showing them that police are human, that we?re their friend, that they are safe around us. That?s an extension of being a police officer,? Angela Wormley, police officer and volunteer coach, told the news outlet.

The league launched in May as part of a partnership with Get In Chicago, a program that works to eliminate juvenile violence, and the community welfare organization Teamwork Englewood…

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The Day in a Quote


Haha! Or if issuing a marriage license to a same sex couple means participating in or contributing to sin, or a Christian  issuing a gun license to someone who uses it to commit murder contributes to that sin.

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:


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Bree Newsome Speaks For The 1st Time After Taking Down Confederate Flag from State Capitol

Originally posted on GOOD BLACK NEWS:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Over the weekend, a young freedom fighter and community organizer mounted an awe-inspiring campaign to bring down the Confederate battle flag. Brittany “Bree” Newsome, in a courageous act of civil disobedience, scaled a metal pole using a climbing harness, to remove the flag from the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol. Her long dread locks danced in the wind as she descended to the ground while quoting scripture. She refused law enforcement commands to end her mission and was immediately arrested along with ally James Ian Tyson, who is also from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bree Newsome arrest feature

Earlier this week, social justice activist and blogger Shaun King offered a “bounty” on the flag and offered to pay any necessary bail bond fees. Newsome declined the cash reward, asking that all proceeds go to funds supporting victims of the Charleston church massacre. Social media users raised more than $75,000 to fund legal…

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Beloit, WI Wants To Avoid Becoming A Ferguson. Chief of Police Placed on Leave

Beloit Police Chief Norm Jacobs and Deputy Chief  Tom Dunkin

Beloit Police Chief Norm Jacobs and Deputy Chief Tom Dunkin

Due to preliminary findings of a report, the City of Beloit has placed its police chief and deputy chief on administrative leave.  Beloit, Wisconsin is a small city on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois, with a population of approximately 40,000. The city has a Manager, Lori Luther, and a city council.

Concerns regarding the leadership of the police department were expressed by its staff and the community.  In February of this year, employees of the Beloit Police Department told the city council that leadership was damaging employee morale and could be affecting operations.

The city held two listening sessions for residents to voice concerns about the Beloit Police Department. The sessions were held at the Beloit Public Library, and although those in attendance might sound small with the number being around 12, the room was filled. Many attending did not want to be named, but they discussed the issues of communication between the police department and residents. Read the rest of this entry

Charleston Council Renames Library To Honor AME Shooting Victim Cynthia Hurd

Originally posted on GOOD BLACK NEWS:

Renaming the Charleston library she served for 30 years is a fitting tribute to Cynthia Hurd, one of the nine churchgoers killed during the Emanuel AME Church shooting last week.

The Charleston County Council unanimously voted on Thursday to rename the St. Andrews Regional Library the Cynthia Graham Hurd St. Andrews Regional LibraryThe Post & Courier reports. Hurd worked in the city’s library system from 1990 to 2011, before being given the managerial title at the St. Andrews Regional Library. Her husband Arthur called the commemorative title fitting for the woman who dedicated her life to books and helping others.

“People will look up and see her name and remember her every day,” Arthur Hurd said. “There have been nothing but good things said about her because that’s how she lived her life.”

Hurd was the longest-serving part-time librarian in the county. In a 2003 interview, she said the…

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The Week In Review – Open Discussion

What a busy week this has been.

The Supreme Court of the United States has made marriage equality the law of the land.  Within hours of the decision, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a statement directly challenging the decision for instigating a battle over “religious liberty.”

Whoopie Goldberg on gay marriageI wonder how he feels about heterosexual couples who co-habitate together outside of marriage, or has he erased the word “fornication” from his Bible? Marriage equality is not about sex. It’s about same-gender spouses having the same rights as heterosexual couples as beneficiaries and heirs. As Judge Judy often says on her program to heterosexual couples who live together outside of marriage, there is no law for the courts to divide property and order one party to pay bills “because you decided to play house without being married.” Read the rest of this entry

Hearts As One Drumbeat Award


Hearts as one

Sue of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary, passed on her Hearts As One Drumbeat Award to Blackbutterfly7. Sue created the award, and the rules for passing it on are;

“Within their posts whether if be through Poem or Word

Caring for others is a must for this Award.

Be it through laughter or Humour

Photograph or Story

Love and Compassion 



Together let us Beat our Drums for Harmony, Peace, Unity, and Equality.

 Let the Beat of your Thoughts Ripple out as we share our Hearts in One Beat of Unity.


The Hearts as One Drumbeat Award is a celebration of unity, love, and compassion. In spite of some subject matters that we write about, I always wear my emotions on my sleeve and it is a humbling honor to be recognized, even on my worst days, for keeping the hope of love and compassion alive. Read the rest of this entry

Three Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies Convicted

In February 2011, Gabriel Carrillo came to the Los Angeles county jail to visit his brother. He had a cell phone, and mouthed off to the deputies when told that it was a misdemeanor offense to bring a cell phone into the visitation room.  Deputy Pantamitr Zunggeemoge arrested Gabriel, and took him into a break room where there is no video.  Zunggeemoge handcuffed Gabriel, and confiscated the cell phone.

Gabriel Carrillo who usually looks like this …

Carrillo today

Gabriel Carrillo

came out of the break room looking like this.


Five deputies beat, kneed, and pepper sprayed Gabriel.  Once they were content that they had taught Gabriel a lesson, the five deputies in the room gathered to concoct a story to justify the beating. Sergeant Gonzalez, the supervisor, told them to say that Carrillo had one hand free from handcuffs so he could be fingerprinted, when he began swinging wildly with the loose handcuff using it as a weapon, giving the deputies no choice but to beat him within an inch of his life.

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The Stars and Bars…

Originally posted on yes even this too will pass:

It’s against the law in today’s Germany to fly The Third Reich’s Swastika flag and that war ended eighty years ago. Here in our country we have some state capitals flying The Stars and Bars proudly. Maybe I’m wrong but I believe The War of Northern Aggression ended 150 years ago and guess what The South lost. Sorry but get over it folks… In my recent travels to The South, I’ve never encountered so many Battle Flags flying and closed minded people…

Okay being the liberal I’m accused of being, I must say that people should have the right to fly their flag. How about flying it on their property? At least I’ll know who you are and I’ll keep my distance. The Bay Area is the most liberal place in this country of ours… I’m proud to be born and raised here because I know that as long as…

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