Affidavit Filed With Court Says That Jose Baez Admitted His Knowledge That Casey Anthony Killed Her Daughter

Although I heard/watched Nancy Grace’s show when it was first reported that Caylee Anthony was missing, I did not follow the story, nor the trial of Casey Anthony.  When I heard that Casey was acquitted, my thought was that this was yet another case that would go cold because the State lacked evidence to identity the killer.  Little baby Caylee would never get justice.

It turns out that Casey filed for bankruptcy, and in her papers is an affidavit of Dominic Casey, a private investigator hired by Jose Baez.  ABC Action News obtained the affidavit.


Attorney Jose Baez and Casey Anthony

Dominic Casey alleges in the affidavit that Baez admitted that Casey Anthony killed and buried the body of her 2-year old daughter.  The affidavit also alleges that Baez told Dominic that he needed all the help he could get to find the body before someone else did.   According to Dominic’s affidavit, Casey wanted to implicate the man who discovered Casey’s body, suggesting to her attorneys that he kidnapped and killed Caylee.  According to Dominic, Casey made up the story about her dad sexually molesting her.

The documents filed by Dominic, (beginning on page 12 of the 15 page file that you can read by clicking here,) also allege that Jose Baez demanded and received sexual favors from Casey Anthony, and upon evidence, Dominic terminated his services to Baez.  It was thereafter when Baez retaliated and attempted to involve Dominic in a story of hiding Caylee’s body.

Dominic Casey’s affidavit has also been uploaded to the “Document” section of this blog on the right-side border.

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Chicago Police Escort Girls Without Fathers to ‘Daddy Daughter Dance’



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The second annual “Daddy Daughter Dance” was held in Chicago over the weekend, and the event sponsored by the Chicago Police Department proved to be a success.

The event, which was held at the South Shore Cultural Center, matched up Chicago police officers with girls who don’t have fathers in their lives. Also in attendance were officers and their own daughters.

“After last year’s event, we had several officers and the young ladies that they escorted, they kept up with one another and it really bridged a gap,” said Sgt. Kimberly Woods. “It let the girls know that officers are just people too and we dance, and we dance funny like your dads do.”

The Chicago Police Department and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives planned the dance to encourage healthy relationships between daughters and their fathers.

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Yes… I too am SPEECHLESS

I can think of so many categories that this belongs under. Random acts of kindness. Paying it forward. Reaping and sowing. Setting an example. Loving and kindness. Thanks so much for sharing this video AND THE MESSAGE.


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Marion County Florida Sheriff Indicted

Sheriff BlairA grand jury was investigating the conduct of deputies of the Marion County, Florida Sheriff’s office for using excessive force when making arrests.  Sheriff Chris Blair was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury.  He did, and now he’s been charged with two counts of perjury in an official proceeding, and a third charge of official misconduct. All charges are third-degree felonies.  Officials said that Sheriff Blair “knowingly testified falsely in that while testifying in regard to Dustin Heathman.”

Dustin Heathman was involved in a 6-hour standoff with a SWAT team in 2014.  He was charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder of a law enforcement officer; five counts of aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer; and firing into a vehicle.  In December 2015, a jury of 6 found Dustin Heathman guilty of attempted second-degree murder.  He was acquitted on the charge of shooting into a barn at deputies. Read the rest of this entry

He Believed Police Didn’t Act Like This – Says 81 Year Old Blind Victim

Hat tip to Shyloh for tweeting this news.

“It was one of the worst things that ever happened to me outside of my eye accident when I lost my eyesight because I always thought the United States was a great place and police didn’t act like this.”  Philip White

Denver7 Investigated.

3 - Phil - Bleeding Close Up_1463788631916_38684646_ver1.0_640_480

Philip White

In 2012, Philip White, then 77-years old, was at the Greyhound station trying to take a bus back home to Eagle.  He was told that the bus was sold out, so he asked to speak to a manager.  Philip is blind and carries a cane. After Philip spoke with a manager, the manager said it was okay for him to wait for the next bus.  However, a security guard told Philip that he was trespassing and would be arrested.  Philip called the police.

“I decided to call the police to see if maybe I was breaking the law somehow,” White explained to Denver7 chief investigative reporter Tony Kovaleski. “[The dispatcher] said the only thing we can do really is we could send a policeman over to observe your discussion with the manager. So I thought that was a good idea.”

When an officer arrived, Philip asked to touch his badge to ensure that it was the police, but the officer refused.  The security guard and officer tried slamming Philip to the hard floor.  Philip’s head was bashed on a counter.

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Hawaii police arrests lesbian couple for kissing, now compensation

I am speechless.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

Lesbian Couple Files Lawsuit After Hawaii Cop Arrested Them For Kissing

29 October 2015

The Honolulu Police Department opened an internal investigation on Wednesday into allegations that an officer wrongfully arrested a vacationing lesbian couple after seeing them kissing in a grocery store.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Lesbian couple gets $ 80,000 for being arrested for kissing

Today, 21:56

A lesbian couple who were arrested in the US state of Hawaii after a kiss in a supermarket will get a compensation of 80,000 dollars (about 71,000 euros). The women were arrested brutally and were jailed for three days.

With the compensation the municipality of Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, wants to prevent the case from going to court.

The US American couple were last year on vacation in Hawaii and were shopping at a supermarket in Honolulu. The couple walked hand in…

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Cops Tase, Sic Police Dog on Restrained Man – Man Wins Lawsuit

How in the heck does a person move their arm into a position demanded of them, when a dog is chewing on it?

Btx3's Blog

At some point the City Mayors, councils and elected figures have to be held into account for this.

WATCH: Cops hold man down and sic K-9 on him after beating him — for dancing in a parking lot

A Washington man has settled a lawsuit with the city of Tukwila after police officers assaulted him following a complaint that he was dancing in an industrial parking lot, reports the Seattle Times.

The city will pay Linson Tara $100,000 to settle a civil-rights lawsuit filed after the officers used Tasers, their fists and then a police dog on him while he was being restrained.

Tara was facing three counts of fourth-degree assault on police officers, but those charges were dropped when dash cam video showed one of the officers holding Tara on the hood of the police cruiser while his partner used a Taser on him.

Tara can then be…

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Wrongfully Convicted (Former) Skinhead Changes Paths


Kevin Baruxes at his parents’ home after his exoneration. — Peggy Peattie

Kevin Baruxes of Rancho Bernardo, California was 17 years old when 20-year-old Courtni Mahaffy invited him into her apartment for a water or lemonade.  He thought she was being nice.  In 1996, Courtni told police that three men, including Kevin Baruxes, who had just turned 18, raped her at knife point. She vividly recalled the “Skinhead” tattoo on Kevin;s’ back. She said that even though she was white, Kevin told her to “go back to Africa.”

Every time Courtni spoke to detectives, her story and description of Kevin changed.  In spite of her changing story, a lack of physical evidence, and Kevin’s alibi that he was home with his family, the jury convicted him. He was sentenced to 18 years to life.   Kevin went to prison so afraid that he didn’t use the bathroom for 4 days.  He didn’t want the other inmates to know the crime he was convicted of committing, and that went well until about 5 years into his sentence. Read the rest of this entry

May 18th – Wordless Wednesday


Police Officer Comforts Autistic Teen

In general, when the media reports cops who do something kind, it’s towards animals.  It’s not often, or often enough, that we read stories about law enforcement doing something kind for people.  So, I thought I’d share this uplifting story.  The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department posted the story on their Facebook page on May 13, 2016.

Officer Tim Purdy is with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina Police Department.  An unnamed teen student had left school and may have been suicidal.  The teen has a history of violent behavior due to a neuro-development disorder.

According to Yahoo news, when Officer Purdy spotted the student, he approached him, sat with him on the concrete and tried to connect with him. At one point, Purdy even made the teen laugh. Read the rest of this entry

Lawsuit: Tacoma cop at mall threw teen girl around ‘like a child’s doll’ | The Seattle Times

Posted using Press This.

By Christine Clarridge, Seattle Times staff reporter

Even though Monique Tillman, now 17, knew what had happened to her during an encounter with a Tacoma police officer in a mall parking lot two years ago, seeing the video for the first time was staggering.

“I was absolutely in shock, anger and disbelief,” said Tillman, who is black, about the video that shows the white officer pulling her around by her hair, throwing her to the ground, tasing and arresting her.

Monique Tillman  (Courtesy of Vito De La Cruz / )

Monique Tillman (Courtesy of Vito De La Cruz / )

“I feel like I was targeted because I am a person of color,” she said. “It was frustrating because I knew I didn’t do anything wrong, but I couldn’t stop them.”

Tillman filed a lawsuit in Pierce County Superior Court seeking unspecified damages from the officer, the private security firm he worked for and the owners of the mall. The officer couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday, while the other parties declined to comment.

The suit is being filed at a time of rising pressure on police departments to increase officer accountability for the use of force, and amid a burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement that emerged after a series of killings of black people by white police officers in cities across the country.

In Seattle, community members most recently questioned police actions in the death of Che Taylor, a black man who was fatally shot by white officers in Wedgwood in February.

Tillman was 15 years old on May 24, 2014, when she and her brother dropped off some clothes at a consignment shop, had a meal at McDonald’s and then headed home at about 5 p.m., cutting through the Tacoma Mall parking lot near their house, her attorney said. Read the rest of this entry

George Zimmerman Flops On Attempt To Sell Gun

gun-b-tch-12-2016It’s been said by some on this blog that we anticipated hearing from George Zimmerman soon.  He’s been quiet since his suspension off Twitter for tweeting revenge porn.  In these past months, I’ve refrained from writing about that, in addition to writing about other things that Zimmerman does or that involves him.  Today, I’m writing about him to send a message to America — THANK YOU for not allowing Zimmerman to taint the memory of Trayvon Martin.  Thank you for not allowing Zimmerman to capitalize on the anger, rage, and pain that he caused on the rainy night of February 26, 2012.

The “most hated man in America” received his gun back from the DOJ, who had possession of it since his state trial ended on July 13, 2013.  Zimmerman’s best friend, Mark Osterman, called Zimmerman “the most hated man in America” in the title of his book.  Osterman wrote that book before Zimmerman stood trial and as we have seen, everything that Zimmerman has ventured upon since the end of his trial has proven that people do not like him.

Yesterday, the media announced that Zimmerman was auctioning off the Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm gun that he used to kill Trayvon Martin.  The auction was to open this morning on, starting at $5,000.  When I read that, I wondered if having the weapon caused Zimmerman such pain, then why not have it destroyed rather than selling it for popularity purposes. I mean, he purchased it for less than $300 so why would he think its minimum value is $5,000?  Is he putting a value on it that he thinks is the equivalent of Trayvon’s life?  Is he putting a value on it because he thinks his own name is worth that much?  Or, is that his price to kill?

Now, it doesn’t matter what his reasons or intentions were, because the auction site cancelled the auction. Read the rest of this entry

Michael Slager Indicted on Civil Rights and Federal Murder Charges


Michael Slager at his bail hearing

On April 4, 2015, Walter Scott was stopped for a traffic violation by South Carolina police officer Michael Slager.  Fifty-year old Walter ran, and Slager shot Walter 8 times in the back, killing him.  A man walking by captured the event on video.

Slager made a report to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigator saying that he shot Walter as Walter was moving towards him with the officer’s taser.  The video shows differently, and also that Slager placed his taser on the ground beside Walter’s dead body.

Slager was arrested and charged with murder.  He was fired from the police force and placed in solitary confinement. In January, Slager was released on half a million dollars bail and placed under house arrest, allowed to only leave for work, church, medical appointments and appointments with attorneys. Read the rest of this entry

American Idiots: Poll Proves Trump Supporters Are The Stupidest People In The US

I neither like generalizations. On CNN this morning, it was said there is a high percentage of non-college educated Trump supporters. I don’t know if that information will have them take a second look at Trump, but it might help them want to better their education.  Xena

The Fifth Column

From the onset I have a problem with the author calling all Trump supporters “idiots”. Other than that, the article stands…based on it’s resources. (ks)


A new poll revealed that depth of bigoted stupidity of Republican voters who are supporting Donald Trump.

American Idiots: Poll Proves Trump Supporters Are The Stupidest People In The US

A new poll revealed that depth of bigoted stupidity of Republican voters who are supporting Donald Trump.

According to a PPP survey of Trump supporters:

-65% think President Obama is a Muslim, only 13% think he’s a Christian.

-59% think President Obama was not born in the United States, only 23% think that he was.

-24% think Antonin Scalia was murdered, just 42% think he died naturally, another 34% are unsure.

The rest of America knows that President Obama is not a Muslim and was born in the United States. Donald Trump has courted the faction within the Republican who after nearly eight years in office…

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David Allen Explains What Is Happening With North Carolina’s Bathroom Law

California attorney David Allen packs loads of information into the following 4 minute video.   He addresses the legislative branch and executive branch and its importance in enforcing or not enforcing the law.



Happy Mother’s Day

In honor of all mothers, and all people whose moms live in their hearts.

Mother's Day


May – This Month In Black American History

By Guest Blogger, Yahtzeebutterfly

In addition to this post, as the month continues, Yahtzeebutterfly adds historical information to the comment section.


May 1, 1930 – Little Walter in Marksville, Louisiana.

From Wikipedia:

 “Marion Walter Jacobs, known as Little Walter, was an American blues musician, singer, and songwriter, whose revolutionary approach to the harmonica and impact on succeeding generations earned him comparisons to such seminal artists as Django Reinhardt, Charlie Parker and Jimi Hendrix. His virtuosity and musical innovations fundamentally altered many listeners’ expectations of what was possible on blues harmonica.”


Video (“Little Walter R&R Hall of Fame film”) :


May 3, 1933 – Singer and songwriter James Brown was born in Bardwell, South Carolina.

Trailer video to movie biography of James Brown titled Get On Up :

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Attorneys In Stand Your Ground “Popcorn Shooting” Want To Stop Access To Court Records

Wait a minute! I thought that stand your ground hearings are decided by judges; not juries. If Reeves’ defense attorneys sincerely believe they can prevail in a SYG immunity hearing, why are they concerned with tainting the jury pool? Another thought is that case documents are not free to the public. It is generally the media who obtains documents filed in the case and they only pay for documents that have significance and not depositions.

End Stand Your Ground

Attorneys for the former cop charged with killing a man & shooting the man’s wife in what is called the “popcorn shooting” have filed a motion to stop public access to court records as a stand your ground hearing approaches. They claim that media coverage leading up to the trial may prejudice prospective jurors.

Retired Tampa Police Department Captain Curtis Judson Reeves, 73 years-old, is charged with second-degree murder and second-degree battery in the shooting death of 43-year-old Chad Oulson and wounding of Oulson’s wife, Nicole. The incident happened inside a movie theater in Pasco County on January 13, 2014 during an argument.

SEE: A Theater Shooting You May Have Forgotten About

Reeves is claiming self-defense under Florida’s stand your ground law, saying he fired on Oulson after the younger man threw an “unknown object” at him, which turned out to be a box of popcorn, and presumably a cell phone. Circuit Court Judge Susan L…

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Open Discussion – May

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, a certain roach, and all creatures great and small,

Here’s sending love to all of our 763 subscribed followers. Although three of those followers are not good-faith followers, I send them love anyway because love covers a multitude of sins.


Yahtzeebutterfly has written a piece for Black American History for the month of May.  My goal is to get it published by tomorrow.  Also, I am working on accepting two blog awards that we have been graced for nomination and hope to have the acceptances posted by this weekend.

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May 4 – Wordless Wednesday



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