George and Shellie Zimmerman Are Finally Divorced

Shellie Zimmerman, left, looks at her husband George Zimmerman as they leave the court room during a recess in his trial at Seminole circuit court in Sanford, Fla., Friday, June 14, 2013. Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.(AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Gary W. Green, Pool)

(AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Gary W. Green, Pool)

I was just thinking yesterday that it’s been over 2 years since Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce.   Her infamous husband, George Zimmerman, killed unarmed, 17-year old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. He was acquitted in July 2013. Shellie filed for divorce in September 2013.   A default judgment was entered in the case, but George obtained an attorney and asked that the case be reopened to divide assets and debts. The only possible asset was pending, and it was George’s suit against NBC.

Judge Debra Nelson, who also presided over George’s murder trial, dismissed his case against NBC. It went up on appeal and several months ago, the Appellate Court affirmed Judge Nelson’s ruling.

Since their separation, George Zimmerman has been involved with at least three women who all claimed domestic violence. One has a restraining order against George, and it was reported that it was unable to be served because no one knows George’s whereabouts.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that on Tuesday, a Seminole County judge signed the order dissolving George and Shellie’s marriage. Zimmerman will keep his pickup truck and the family dog. Each party will be responsible for their own debts.

I wonder how George is coming along paying Mark O’Mara’s $2 million bill?


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  1. Two sides to a story

    If he was making big money on that hokey artwork as he claims, it would probably have come up in this settlement . . . we know that some of his old supporters still defend GZ on social media. I wonder if anyone is still donating on the sly or if the artwork has given him enough to get him by. He was taking some longish weekend trips in 2015, according to him and what he was telling people on Twitter. I believe his account is suspended again though I didn’t hear what he’d done this time.

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    • Two sides, I think that George has lived off women. If anyone is donating money to him on the sly now, in 2016, they are fools. Of all of his purported supporters, not one has hired him in a regular, full-time job. If he had money to vacation, he should have saved it to start his own business. Heck! He could sell Avon.

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      • Two sides to a story

        Yep on the woman support. He’s definitely good at that. A mystery to me why any female in her right mind would be interested. George seems to shill for his gunstore buddies in FL a lot . . . maybe that’s the source of some income. : /

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        • Who knows where his $’s come from, but I doubt it’s very much. Same here as far as what any woman would even consider a relationship with him. It’s not like the cat’s not out of the bag with his bs.

          But hey…………that’s just me.

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        • Well Racer, and Twos sides, he has two things that appeal to women with mommy complexes. He is a sorry excuse for the man,(they want to help him), and everything bad in his life is the fault of someone else (which means they will be nicer to him). It’s co-dependency and control.

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    • For the record, it was proved that the e-bay sale of the flag for almost 100 K was rigged. I buy a lot of parts for my business on e-bay, along with other stuff and you can track the history if you have an account.

      Further proof, and this is where Fogen shows just how stupid he is, he claimd to have another painting and claimed he painted that one over the flag he had painted.

      All I can say is Duuuhhhhhhhh…….hey Fogen, some of us actually remember shit.

      I believe Xena has is correct that he lives off women. He mooched off mom and dad and the race baiting hate mongers as well.

      10 things that will never be said………………..

      10) Wow, that George is a real asset to the neighborhood.
      9) That was so thoughtful of him to shovel all that snow from her driveway…..what with her
      bad back and all
      8) (H.R. Dir.) Yeah…..I think this Zimmerman guy is the one to hire.
      7) (Fogen) That’s okay, you go in front of me, I only have a few items to pay for
      6) That’s okay…….my treat
      5) That’s okay…..I’m full, you take the last pork chop
      4) I can’t believe he’s so honest….and in this day and age
      3) Oh dad !! He’s the one !! You’ll just love him.
      2) I feel so warm and fuzzy when George is around…ya know……secure.
      1) When I grow up, I wanna be just like George

      Naaaaaa, I’m willing to bet none of those will ever be said.

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    • His twitter account was suspended for posting a nude picture of his girlfriend with the comment “she was sleeping with a filthy Muslim”

      Or was that the time before when it was suspended? It’s hard to keep up.

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      • It is difficult staying up with this moron, of that there is no doubt. I’m 60 and haven’t screwed up as often as he has and I’m pretty sure he’s not done being an embarrassment to his family. Well……..the whole group is a disaster, but……..well, you know what I mean.

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  2. Geeeeezzzz. I’m going to step out and say this is when FogenPhoole is most dangerous. It seems after any event that does not pan out his way, he looses it.

    $2 million legal fees ?? Hmmmmmm….I bet those craZies over at the conservative nuthouse are all chomping at the bit waiting for a new begsite

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  3. Dreamer9177

    She should be thankful she made it out alive.

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    • Hey Dreamer! Here’s hoping you’re safe, warm, and prepared to dig down in comfort during the blizzard.

      Shellie said her interview that she wished George had not called her back into his life the night of Feb. 26th 2012. That speaks volumes.

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      • Dreamer9177

        Xena, thank you for the kind words. Yes, we are getting snowed on big time here, but Hal (person), Hal (cat), Stevie Nicks and Spartacus are all doing fine. We are warm and safe and hoping everyone else is as well during this awful weather.well

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      • “Shellie said her interview that she wished George had not called her back into his life the night of Feb. 26th 2012. That speaks volumes.

        It sure does !!!!!!!


        • that only means she had left him, he was NOT going to do any grocery shopping, that he was very angry that night, and possibly that is the source of his “injuries”.

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          • Trayvon was not a resident at the Retreat at Twin Lakes and was visiting. He would not know any of the purported crime, description of suspects, or what happened at Taaffe’s house. So, there he was walking home with a creepy guy following on his heels, with no knowledge as to why.

            He ran.

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            • this stuff is why i say the state THREW the case on purpose……..they had in his own words that HE WENT BACK towards Martin…that alone blows his whole story apart.

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            • Hey Bill. Bernie did bring out the “walked back towards him” during his closing argument. Speaking about “threw,” I don’t think that the prosecutors were prepared for all the stuff that O’Mara and West threw in the courtroom. West wasted more than a day throwing stuff at Rachel Jentel. Using that time, Judge Nelson was not going to allow the state an additional day for rebuttal. And, I will always believe that Juror B37 was a plant and if not for her, we would have had a conviction or hung jury.

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  4. Re-posted on FaceBook


  5. yahtzeebutterfly


    I wish you had had a chance to marry,
    Become a father and watch your kids grow up,
    And then a grandfather to your children’s kids.

    May you rest in peace and the power of love.

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    • When Fogen and his posse of Phooles started to denigrate Trayvon, I said it a thousand times that he could have been our neighbor, been the singer in my sons band, he and his family at our BBQ’s and swimming in our pool, been hanging out with our sons friends checking out chicks (how normal is that) been at the movies with us…….all the things people do.

      Yep…….he may have been a great dad, we don’t know. He was going to attend Aeronautic School…………you have to be on the ball for that.

      And look at what the world has to deal with in Fogen and what was needlessly taken away.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly


        “Yep…….he may have been a great dad, we don’t know. He was going to attend Aeronautic School…………you have to be on the ball for that.”

        Trayvon had his life and future stolen from him. He was a kid who was shot and killed because someone would not leave him alone and allow him to walk safely home from the store.

        Trayvon would have reached adulthood this coming February 5…what would have been his 21st birthday.

        There will be another peace march (and dinner) in Trayvon’s name February 6:

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        • As I’ve shared previously on this blog, I came to the internet to discuss what happened to Trayvon and stand your ground law, after having a dream about Trayvon. If not for that, I would not be on the internet, and this blog would not have come into existence. Because of Trayvon, some of us met almost 4 years ago. Because of Trayvon, we have remained because there are other victims whose lives matter. Because of Trayvon, we have crossed the racial divide and promote that all men are created equal. Because of Trayvon, things that happened such as harassment and threats of damaging property and harming lives, are being dealt with. Because of Trayvon, parents have formed organizations that advocate for gun control. Trayvon’s death has not been in vain. I suspect that Zimmerman thinks about that, and how he has wasted his own life.

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          • You’re so right, on everything. Trayvon’s death was not in vain. Changes were brought about and the discussion began on White men killing unarmed youths of color with impunity.

            Michael Brown’s death was not in vain. Changes were brought about in Ferguson as well as now more officers are being held somewhat accountable. LaQuan and Freddie Gray, too many to name. But their lives, their deaths, their names, their stories now belong to the ages. Icons in the never ending fight for racial equality.

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            • MIndyme,

              “Michael Brown’s death was not in vain. Changes were brought about in Ferguson as well as now more officers are being held somewhat accountable. LaQuan and Freddie Gray, too many to name. But their lives, their deaths, their names, their stories now belong to the ages. Icons in the never ending fight for racial equality.”

              Preach it, sister! The light shines and exposes the darkness.

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        • Pretty big difference in these class acts and, well……..Fogen telling us his thoughts on the President.

          The measure of ones true character………..Fogen leaving a shooting range……a manly thing to him……then bashing the President for taking action against mass shootings and a better stance on dare I say it………….gun control.

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  6. I wonder how hard they tried to serve that restraining order……TMZ managed to find him on the 6th.
    Seems like all they would have to do is stake out the local indoor shooting ranges…that they found him at….or at his latest gun store he associates with.

    I too seriously doubt that he got 100k for that first painting and like racer said he admitted to painting over a flag painting. He never would admit in any interview what he got only saying that it was more than he expected. Also if he did get any money from it, Shellie would not have a claim to the proceeds. She filed for divorce before he painted it and tried to sell it. FL law says that once you file that whatever money either party makes after that date is theirs and not part of the settlement.

    I guess the NBC suit is what caused it to be delayed as he filed that before she filed and she could have claimed a cut of it if he had succeeded. But poor Georgie (not!) he wanted Shellie to be responsible for all the family debt glad to hear the court ruled that his bills and the 2 mill debt is all his now.

    Now that this is all done, I wonder if Shellie will,come clean in all that she knows.

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    • Towerflower,
      When the Sheriff does the serving, they don’t go out of their way to find people. Personally, I didn’t bother with any thought of George making money off the painting because with his “life-style” no amount of money would last and be used beneficially. As far as Shellie coming clean, she told Katie in the interview her standard excuse; i.e., that she wasn’t there.

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    • I’d bet Fogen called them to get his bs out there. When he exits the building, it looks staged.

      He’s back to the earings again I see.

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  7. Sweet mother of pink, just now ?

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    • Yeah, Ren. Just now, which is why I was wondering about the status of the case just the other day. I always wondered why George would object to the default order when he had absolutely no marital property to be distributed other than his truck and dog. The possibility of him prevailing in his suit against NBC was null from its filing.


  8. He disgusts me. O’Mara will never see a dime from him.

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    • Know what Chosen? I think O’Mara might have believed that George had potential to become a celebrity with huge paydays. During the days on the conservative treehouse with their “support” for George, there were people commenting who represented themselves as people of importance, company owners, etc. Certainly, George should have had a path paved with roses and hundred dollar bills after his acquittal. LOL!

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      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, if not for the hard work that you on this site, along with Leatherman and a few other blog owners who worked so hard and long to expose the truth in the “Murder” of Trayvon, it is quite possible that Zimmerman would have actually become a celebrity to the right wing. However that was not to be and at least he did receive a small amount of justice, in that he did not benefit financially (in the long run) from the murder he committed.

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        • Mothman,
          Thanks for your kind words. In my opinion, George is his worst enemy. Many who supported him changed their thoughts about him after the video was released of him threatening Shellie’s dad and destroying her iPad. They witnessed via video which many of us already knew about George. Just because the tape of the screams was not allowed to be analyzed by an expert during the case, does not mean that those of us who listened to it with proper software, didn’t hear George’s voice separately from the screams. His history of attacking an officer and allowing an under-aged person to drink, along with turning off his mom’s electricity, told us that he was capable of doing worst.

          Did I mention his history of committing the White collar crimes of stealing and fraud? Heck! He even stole the money given to him to pay his lawyer’s fees in the case against Ames. O’Mara should have taken note of that.

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          • crustyolemothman

            Xena, You fail to realize without the light that “you” and a few others shined on the case that it would never have had the impact upon the nation that it did and the murder would have not only not been charged and a trial held, he would have managed to escape the scrutiny that he now is under… 🙂

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            • Mothman,
              You are correct on what I fail to realize. I was a late comer to the blogs in 2012, and spent more time on other blogs than here. If there was any blog that supported justice for Trayvon, I wanted to support that blog. By the time I came along, LLMPapa and Trent Sawyer had set a foundation with their videos; Whonoze was discussing evidence, and Leatherman had pretty much an open blog where people asked questions and discussed the case.

              Maybe it is also my presumptions. What I mean by that is most in law enforcement, and many parents, know that when a person wants others to speak on their behalf, that they are trying to hide something. Zimmerman had attorneys before his arrest, yet his brother, dad, and Joe Oliver were telling his story for him. When the video of his walk-through was released, the only thing we had heard from George was his NEN call. His call, and his story during his walk-through, were inconsistent. I presumed that everyone would take note of the inconsistencies, but what we had from the other side of the fence, were people who took the walk-through statements and ignored his interview statements and his NEN call.

              This is a situation where history follows George. He can’t erase it.

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  9. That picture says it all. She’s like “UGH you stupid fool, get back” Yes and she is lucky to be alive.


  10. Shellie sickens me. I know some ppl sympathize with her but I don’t. She’s just as much of a scamming, thieving, manipulating opportunist as he is.
    And I was even more convinced of this after this interview. In part because she denied Zimmerman was a racist murderer. And the bitch used the lie about mentoring 2 black kids as ‘proof!’
    She had no problem admitting fighting/abuse, etc but would not admit Zimmerman’s racist attitude, racial profiling & the murder. Why? Because she too was counting on the NBC suit & knew those issues would damage that case, none of the other stuff would!
    The fact that they BOTH held up the divorce because of the NBC lawsuit proves that she’s a POS. She lied in the hopes of collecting blood money from the murder of an innocent boy.


    • Shannon,

      “Because she too was counting on the NBC suit & knew those issues would damage that case …”

      That is profound discernment, and I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Thinking back to George’s first bond hearing when Shellie misrepresented her knowledge of the donations, it makes perfect sense. I thought then that she misrepresented the donations because she had $10K of the donations tucked away in a safety deposit box, and no doubt planned on using that money to get away from George.

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      • I got the sense from jail calls that she was just as much of a liar as he was. But it was something you mentioned a long time ago that no one really knew until you posted about it. Remember they BOTH took out several individual credit cards & both ran them up & were sued because they didn’t pay? I don’t think she was hiding it to get away from Zimmerman.


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