Cyberharasser’s Court Action Backfires on Him (Faces of Racism, Pt 2)


I immediately received phone calls before making to my attorney’s office, which was two blocks from the courthouse. It appears rather than humbling himself and accepting defeat and moving on he chose to start up right again, posting more garbage. I honestly was not surprised to hear the news but the focus at that point was getting the tire fixed so I could make the trip home. A screw got stuck in my tire on the way to my attorney’s office.

On the way home, random thoughts started to emerge knowing that he was firing away talking trash telling more lies. The reality of it all hit me. This man really is mentally ill. He is obsessed with the likes of George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn and Theodore Wafer. That’s a scary concept when you think about it.

CyberStalkersWillThere is no gun control in the United States for people with mental illness. They are allowed to carry. Can you imagine a person who creates their own reality and lives in a world of lies owning a fire arm? He is obsessed at the idea of killing black people in the name of self-defense. He lives in a fantasy world. Look at what we know about him.

Divorce judgment

Case # 11CEFL03897 Filed in the Fresno County Court.

He claims he has a wife and step-daughter, but he does not. He used the legal system as a means to cause harm to me and this alleged wife he loves so much. This is a man who lied on sworn declarations and lied during court and he knows he lied. He is dangerous without owning a firearm so imagine if he obtained one?

Come to think of it, we know he is on SSI disability for his mental illness which is why he spends so much time on the internet harassing people over social media. I understand that those assisting him also receive SSI so it wouldn’t be a surprise if there is mental illness across the board as they all share the same ideology, and his friends honestly believe the garbage he tells them even when they know he is lying.

On June 4, 2014, my stalker filed for an appeal with the 5th District Court of Appeals in Fresno, California. We know that appeal isn’t going anywhere. He had no evidence at all to prove anything in civil court yet he is stating that the court ruled in error. Oh wait — I almost forgot he has a history of doing this why should I be so surprised here?

I know what the purpose is at this stage and it has nothing to do with this man winning any type of case at this point. It’s a matter of him attempting to drain me financially so he can claim victory in that sense. I refuse to participate in the appeals process and won’t.

Suddenly he took a page out of the Mark O’Mara handbook and started a donation site to fund his appeal. Problem is not only is that page slanderous and an outright lie to the public, but it’s also fraudulent. This man had his court fees waived so why does he need money to cover the costs of the appeal? He does not have an attorney, so there are no legal fees. He doesn’t have a job, so it’s not as if he has to take off work to prepare the appeal. He is using this as a means to scam money off of the public, even his own friends.

Before too long he began to post my wife’s information including her profile from her place of work. He also indicated that he knew where she obtained her PhD, and his friends began to advise him to interfere with her job. It was at that point I had no other choice than to file for a restraining order against him.

It was crazy yet funny at the same time to see the reaction his friends had in learning my wife has a PhD. Some of them had a hard time comprehending it or soaking it in. Then again, this is a group of people who believe in the hype of the stereo type. I mean after all, there is just no way that educated people would support Justice for Trayvon Martin right? And speaking of educated people, I have noticed that the people harassed by this group of Twidiots are educated with degrees, yet the twidiots who stalk and harass Trayvon supporters are not?

zero toleranceOn June 13, 2014, the Los Angeles County Superior Court granted me a Temporary Restraining order against my stalker. He was in denial at the fact that a Restraining order was granted. He even stated that the case number listed did not exist as all cases start with the current year Example 14-******. However that’s not the way it works at every courthouse. Obviously, he thinks he knows the law after a couple paralegal classes and a few court room dramas on TV. Suddenly he is Mark O’Mara.

After he was served the Temporary Restraining Order, reality set in and as expected, he filed motion after motion after motion. Just as we expected, he lied again in a sworn statement. He swore to the court that he has a restraining order against me. He advanced that lie to request the court to find me in violation of the non-existent restraining order to arrest me.

But where things got really strange was when he took stuff my attorney added to our response for our hearing back in June. He basically tried using the terms and language my attorney did and went into a rant demanding that I be arrested.

He followed that with 3 motions demanding that I be arrested on criminal perjury charges.

Like I said, we are talking about a man with a mental illness here. After sifting through his own evidence, we caught him in a string of lies and his own evidence proves he is lying.

The hearing on my petition for a restraining order was set for July 3, 2014. The harasser filed two motions for continuance. His first alleged that he is epileptic and unable to drive. The judge stated that she had to consider his disability and give him an opportunity to make arrangements. I explained my concern that we would simply be seeing more requests for continuance because I did not believe he wanted to come to court.

The next hearing was on July 24, 2014. Three days before that hearing, my stalker filed an Anti Slapp Motion to strike the restraining order request. The stalker failed to appear. One by one we went through the motions. Anti Slapp is a defense that protects California citizens from being sued for defamation for exercising their rights to freedom of speech. When reading the motion, the judge stated that I had credible evidence of threats of violence, hate speech, stalking and harassment, and that none of what the harasser did is considered protected speech.

When we got to his second motion to continue, I informed the judge he had 6 weeks to make arrangements. He had filed a response and about a half dozen motions so there was no excuse for him not to be in court. In addition, he hads finals on the week of July 31st and his classes for the next semester start as early as the first week of August. One by one, his motions were denied.

After having gone through the motions, the judge asked me to summarize what was happening. That annoyed me, not because I could not summarize for the judge but because I wanted the harasser there to cross-examine him and expose his lies. After summarizing everything, the judge was disgusted, in particularly, when it came to his racist posts and memes. She was shocked to the point that she asked me how I knew he made them. I submitted to the court a DMCA complaint that he filed regarding this blog in which he claimed to be the owner of those images. There was no denying it at that point, especially when the email address he used to file that complaint is the same email address he used for his court documents.

DP 1DP 2

Our request for a permanent restraining order was granted. In addition, he was ordered to remove all of my personal information that he posted on his social media accounts. He is ordered to stay away from this blog, and any other blogs where I participate. He is ordered not to have any contact me, harass, stalk, annoy etc., including through a third party. In other words, not even his friends are allowed to harass me and if they do, he is held to account.

I’m optimistic about it all in spite of knowing that the harasser simply does not care what does because he has nothing to lose. Think about that. He doesn’t own anything. He is unemployed, on SSI. His only reputation is being a filthy-mouth harasser, so he has no reputation to protect. Suing him would not serve any purpose. And, I believe that’s why he does it, because he knows there are few options for his victims.

He Now Harasses Judges

On July 25, 2014, my stalker filed yet another motion with the Court of Appeals.   He asked for the justices to reinstate the Temporary Restraining Order in the first case, that was rendered moot when the court dismissed his petition for the restraining order and closed the case. I was given 15 days to oppose that motion and I did. I also faxed over copies of his abuse in the legal system throughout the last couple of years, which includes how he attempted to obtain custody and visitation of another man’s child. The court had already determined the biological father and that the harasser’s wife was estranged from him and living with the father of her child.

When the court denied his petition for custody, the harasser followed-up by filing for a restraining order against the child’s biological father. That was denied and then he made a second attempt with another restraining order.

Cyber Harassment-Provocation-Online Harassment-Internet Harassment-iPredator-Internet Safety ImageThe man I am talking about has a trail of paper work in the courts that shows malice, and abusing the court system. It has all been faxed to the Court of Appeals, including a copy of the permanent restraining order. I fully expect the court of appeals to see the pattern of abuse in the legal system and deal with it appropriately. This is a man who is wasting tax dollars and the court’s time to cause harm to people, including people who he claims to love.

However, there is now a court order that can hold him accountable and I hope he finds another hobby or something of that sort. I’m not trying to put anybody in jail, but I will protect my family.

During this process, one of his friends decided to write the court a letter on his behalf where she lied about events that never took place, and blatantly lied about a threat that I never made.

Currently at this stage, I’m looking into my options in terms of holding that person accountable. I refuse to submit to a band of racists who think this is all just fun and games. They are screwing with someone’s life; someone’s livelihood; and putting our families in harm’s way. I know at the end of the day people like this will never learn until someone stands up and holds them to account, and that’s exactly what I intend on doing.

We as a people have a right to freedom of speech, and people like him have a right to disagree with our positions and opinions. However, that does not give anyone the right to infringe on your Constitutional rights and make threats, or stalk you or invade your privacy. It does not give people the right to threaten you with harm unless you become silent. It does not give them the right to threaten those you with defamation and doxing unless you stop associating with others who they dislike.

Since our hearing in July, he has petitioned the 2nd District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles. I have no idea what he is thinking at this point because he failed to appear twice. As I understand it, if you want the court to hear your claims and defenses, you have to come to court and defend the allegations in the papers you filed. His purported “evidence” was moot because he was not in court to present and testify to it, and be cross-examined.

Yet again, tax payers are left with the tab. It costs $700.00 for him to file that appeal, but the court waived the filing fees because he is indigent. What he uses to harass, his computer and cell phone, was purchased from his SSI income. He resides in subsidized housing and is probably receiving food stamps. He gets everything else for free, so why not file malicious pleadings and appeals for free also? The next time anyone needs a lawyer and is told how much it costs to file a case, keep in mind that the filing fees increase as the courts waive them for people like the harasser.

It is my strong opinion that when the courts waive fees to file and costs, and the person loses the case, that the courts should make them pay something, even a small amount, to discourage them from filing frivolous cases and appeals.

Judge JudyRecently, his motion to reinstate the temporary restraining order was denied by the 5th district Court of Appeals. He also motioned the 5th district Court of Appeals to have me sanctioned for prohibited Ex Parte communications. Why is that? Because I responded to his request to reinstate his moot temporary restraining order. That motion to impose sanctions was also denied. At the same time, his divorce was finalized and his now ex-wife, after having drug her through hell in the court system, was awarded attorney fees. Obviously. you know exactly what his next move was. He appealed that ruling then filed a motion to sanction his ex-wife for perjury, while he posted a video on Youtube declaring how much he loves her.

The motion for sanctions in his divorce case was denied and the court dismissed the appeal without hearing it because the order he appealed was non-appealable.

Now, my attorney is waiting on the right moment to file our next motion. Timing is key with this motion because once granted, the harasser will not be allowed to use the system as a means to harass people.

The state of California has nuisance laws regarding tenants, which means if a tenant is a nuisance and you know he is, then a law suit can be filed against the property owner. I really hope it does not come down to that but his onsite social worker is aware of his behavior and gets calls about him all the time. Just to note, I am not the only person who has called the management of where he lives to report his harassment, hate speech, and threats. He has a history that he cannot delete.

So, it’s not as if his activity is not verifiable, especially considering that I now have a legal paper trail that shows his continued harassment. Then again, when it comes to my family, I will walk through hell drenched in gasoline carrying two buckets of gas to protect my family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who supported my efforts by their encouragement.  Stay well and safe, my friends.


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  1. Amazing!! The legal system actually working in favor of the victim! I’m so glad the results were positive and hope this will be a lesson for those who think they cannot be prosecuted for cyber crimes

    • scrodriguez

      allow me to address this, the legal system kind of worked in all honesty based on the fact that he blatantly lied dozens of times I figured he would have been put in jail for perjury or at the very least charged for perjury.
      But I also beleive the judge knew he is mentally ill and went light on him I am sure today the judge is aware of his crazy appeal and probably wishes he sanctioned him for this mess.

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Harassing judges? You’ve got to be kidding! Thank God it’s over for you. 😉

  3. scrodriguez,
    I want to make sure I understand this; the harasser was estranged from his wife when he filed for a restraining order against you. He named his estranged wife and her daughter as parties to be protected, but she did not appear in court, does not live with him, and did not file a declaration. Right?

    Then, while this was going on, she was busy bringing the divorce case to a close, right?

    The court granted the divorce and ordered the harasser to pay his ex-wife’s attorney’s fees because the attorney showed up in court for a hearing that the harasser scheduled but did not appear, right?

    Now, they are officially divorced but the harasser is asking for money on his gofundme page to help him and his ex-wife defray the costs of appeal that the court has already waived?

    Did I get all that right?

    • scrodriguez

      Yes that is correct they have not been living together for the last four years give or take she has been with the father of her daughter since the two split, though he made allegations well let me stop with being so nice.
      He lied flat out stating that I was threatening her and her daughter yet she does not show up to court to participate in his games why is that? cus she was not going to lie under oath to save his behind.

      • Know who he reminds me of? The ringleader. When the ringleader opened a blog using the person’s name that he wanted to defame, it was in violation of Word Press policies. Word Press deleted the blog. The ringleader told his friends that the person he was “vetting” tried to silence him.

        Then, after I filed complaints of abuse with their internet service providers, they accused me of doxing and trying to silence them. How the hell can anyone come into the house of another, call them filthy names, wrongfully accuse them, threaten to run them off the internet, and then say that because they are not allowed in the house, that the homeowner is trying to silence them?

        There is something very wrong in their thinking.

        • scrodriguez

          Well racism and mental illness do go hand in hand yes their way of thinking is warped no doubt. But I believe its our responsibility to challenge them up front up close when they commit crimes against us.

  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    I have so much respect for you, scrodriguez!

    You have the persistence, fortitude, and spirit of a champion.

    You are a shining light in your steadfast pursuit of justice.

    • scrodriguez

      Thank you for the kind words, I just hope that others who are out here on the front lines take a look at the risk involved in speaking out. they must be made aware of the potential dangers that really do exist in speaking out.
      But they must also know that they dont have to sit there and take it they do have rights and should do everything in their power to protect their rights. or be silenced choice is up to them..I for one im not the type to sit back and take it you hit me im hitting you back as hard as you hit me im going to hit you right back.

  5. I have a public apology to make to scrodriguez and everyone who participates here. Word Press only allows certain privileges to authors other than the administrator.

    I forgot that as administrator, I have to open up comments on articles other than those that I write. I forgot to open the comments on this article and did not realize it until I came to check for comments.

    Please forgive me and I do hope that those who wanted to comment while comments were closed, return to do so.

  6. I’d like to think that one of the reasons why so many of his “supporters” going private is because of Santiago taking it to court and fighting back. For that, and other reasons, I applaud you. And also to Xena who also has succeeded in fighting back against this person attacking her and her blog. (if I knew how to do it I would include some of those clapping hands right here).

    • Towerflower,
      I’ll email you instructions on the clapping hands.

      Happy wink

    • Towerflower,

      I’d like to think that one of the reasons why so many of his “supporters” going private is because of Santiago taking it to court and fighting back.

      Are they going private? HA! The less filth the better.

  7. scrodriguez,well done!

    There is no other way,cyberharrasers need to learn the hard
    way ,even is prison is the consecuences for their action.

  8. MurphysSpork

    Xena. Stay safe. 😉 And as always…Thank You.

    • This is one of my favorite songs in all of history! but it’s the one by Simon & Garfunkle with a background choir. I always wanted this to be my wedding song instead of the regular one.
      BTW. i always thought this was originally a gospel song for some reason, but while looking on youtube it says they wrote this song. but idk?
      And maybe church was just where i 1st heard it and why i remember the choir so much.
      (but dayum John Legend is a hell of a lot cuter 🙂

  9. Xena ,how are you? 🙂

    Judge Healey denied Michael Dunn’s motion for a change of venue.

    One down ,two more to go.

    • I don’t know if they will live stream voir dire of potential jurors, but do hope they live stream the trial.

  10. BTW. that clown said he couldn’t get to court cuz he couldn’t drive cuz of epilepsy, right?
    I’d wager good money that not only does he NOT have epilepsy ( that he’s lying and/or faking it to get SSI and all those GOV handouts), but that he does NOT even own a CAR! If you have epilepsy WTF are you doing with a car you can’t drive?
    he’s a compulsive liar and i forgot to mention that ‘car’ thing the last time but I’m dying to find out! i wish i could’ve been there and asked him that in court! lol

    basically I’d love for the judge to ask him flat out to provide proof that he has a DL and a car and then smack him with perjury or sanctions or even jail for lying so blatantly and causing you & the court’s time and money!

    BTW i wrote this hours ago and forgot to post comment! duh!!

    • BTW. that clown said he couldn’t get to court cuz he couldn’t drive cuz of epilepsy, right?

      Whatever way he used to get to San Fran to video in front of Twitter headquarters, is the way he should have used to make it to court.


    Just so people do not think that scrodriguez and others are blowing this out of proportion, I am including a screenshot of the harassers latest form of harassment that was posted last night, 9/11/14, on his gofundme page.

    This demonstrates not only how he attempts to circumvent the restraining order, but also how he accuses rodriguez of harassment when rodriguez has not made contact with the harasser. The harasser added the verbiage to the below. Please note how he is obsessed with attorneys Crump and Jackson and uses scrodriguez as a proxy to attack those lawyers.

    • Annie Cabani

      Looks like a violation of the restraining order.
      Maybe it’s already ripe for a little enforcement action?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      The beat goes on, beat goes on
      Rage keeps pounding a rhythm to gz’s brain
      La de da de de, la de rat a tat

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Seems to me that gz will eventually hurt someone It’s a pity he is on the loose and still possessing a gun.

        • scrodriguez

          I honestly believe GZ and the Victim scripted this event George is envious at the attention Police officer Wilson has gotten and the support as well…..

    • peni4yothot

      Hi towerflower, just as the cousin stated, people are afraid to come forth and file charges against him. What’s so powerful about this dude?

      • I don’t know, I know if it was me, I wouldn’t be intimidated by him in the least. I went down this road before with someone who tried to bully me into not pressing charges. I don’t intimidate easily. Plus with my firearm background I would take a stand to make sure he faced charges for his carelessness.

        • What is revealing in the updated version, Apperson is a licensed concealed gun owner; which clearly shows that not all with license will automatically revert to using their weapon just because, as fogen did/will.
          When the initial investigation was conducted, his cousin who wanted to remain anonymous; stated how he was aggressive/bully/manipulative. “Do you know who I am” as repeated to several he’s encountered, spells; a matter of time.
          Thx for the reply 🙂

    • Annie Cabani

      Road rage. Girlfriend rage. Wife and father-in-law rage. “Neighborhood Watch” (not) rage.

      That’s what I’d call a pattern. Seems to me there’s a mental health “professional” down there in the Gunshine State who isn’t very effective, and a police force that has a pattern of allowing and armed thug to go around terrorizing people willy-nilly. Just be sure to keep him there in St. Mary, folks – you DESERVE him!

    • George Zimmerman is pitiful. It does appear that George and the driver might know each other, because George appeared at the guy’s place of employment. Either that, or George stalked him.

    • Annie Cabani

      HLN apparently obtained at least “part” of the complainant’s 911 call. There were two “hispanics” in zimmerthug’s truck (which, BTW, has a Kel-Tec bumper sticker on it, according to the complainant). What a redneck LOSER!

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        The only thing I have a question about is when the dispatcher asked if gz’s car was gold in color, the caller said “yes”.

        Isn’t gz’s Honda Ridgeline silver?

        • scrodriguez

          its Magnetic Grey its in the video so I am not sure what he was thinking

  12. In September 2003, Zimmerman called police and reported that another motorist spat on him, according to reports, Zimmerman followed the man in his car until the police arrived. Daniel Osmun, the other driver, told police that Zimmerman was tailgating and that he spit his gum out the window “out of frustration.”

    Osum said that Zimmerman then pulled alongside of him, and the two argued. In a police report of the incident, Osum said “at one point, he thought Mr. Zimmerman was going to attack him.” No charges were filed against either man.

    He does have a history of following people he feels wrongs him.

  13. Reblogged this on Mysterious Observations and commented:
    Part 1 will be foresaken without part 2

    • scrodriguez informed me today that he is working on a part 3. The harasser filed for yet another restraining order about 2 weeks ago. The court denied it. Keeping with his demonstration of harassing the court, the harasser filed a notice of appeal in that case too. That’s 4 cases this year where he did not prevail, and 4 appeals, 1 in which has already been dismissed.

      • Excellent! I am sure DP’s antics can and would span many parts, even volumes! He is a source of endless astonishment and, even more shocking, though one might believe such an occurrence to be impossible, he is still embraced, nay mouth kissed, by all the other zimbots! That shows how much they embrace public nuisances! Coincidence? Nope! You strive to emulate those you cheer for!

        • Sad thing is none of them care about him just use him to do things they themselves wouldnt do and all it has done is lead him to file a frivolous claim or two or three only to end up with a nice legal paper trail that links all of them together.

          in other words when something does go down as a result they will all be looked into

          • It is amazing! He is such a discredit to zimbots, but maybe they just admire his antics! Win at all costs regardless of how sordid the method!

      • This is just out right insanity but as they have said he is the gift that keeps on giving

        • scrodriguez,
          I suppose that he forgot the videos he did about this blog that are libelous and intended to defame. He continues providing public evidence of his racial harassment.

          • scrodriguez

            I have a print out of his Youtube page along with videos that pertain to this blog and myself. so anything he tries to do I am prepared for it lies will not win when you have evidence and truth on your side and that has been proven time and time again in a court of law dealing with this low life

            • scrodriguez, I downloaded the videos. If he takes them down, it would be to his benefit. However, if he claims libel against you and/or this blog, those videos are evidence that he committed libel and racial harassment. He has already shown the court that when he lacks evidence to support his claims, and the court enters an order not to his favor, he harasses the appellate court with appeals.

              I know of a case in Illinois where the court, sue sponte, entered an order banning the individual from filing documents in the case without first being granted leave of the court. He, like the subject harasser, is a Sovereign Citizen.

          • scrodriguez

            I have the videos downloaded as well after having spoke to my attorney this is not a libel suit these are facts proven in a court of law. What I posted here is the truth and its also me exercising my 1st Amendment rights.
            How the hell can he even think this is defamation I have ever bit of defamation he has posted on his Donation page… he is selling wolf tickets again

            • scrodriguez. You documented your experience, before, during, and after court with the harasser. It’s documented in court and as they say in court, “the documents speak for themselves.”

              His documented history on the internet also speaks for itself. He didn’t do himself any favor when interviewing with that television news program about Ted Wafer. There is the video, and also his Ted Wafer Facebook page that clearly says he supported Wafer because;

              “Seeking Justice for the shooter of Renisha McBride who was merely charged to appease race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Read below.”

              In other words, he supports Ted Wafer because of race — not because of facts and evidence.

              The racial harasser, cyber-extortioner, knows his actions are in violation of civil rights. More proof? He has now deleted his “BGIwatch” blog.

    • Thanks for the reblog apparently there will be a 3rd installment as it just came to my attention that after his motion to re instate his Temporary Restraining order was denied after he failed to have a court of appeals sanction me for nonsense he has now made a 3rd attempt to obtain a restraining order as of Sept 15th.
      He filed a new case siting continued harassment post the June 2nd hearing, However he was denied a TRO instantly and is now appealing that ruling.
      Whats funny is during the hearing down here in July leading up to the hearing in each and every one of his responses and or motions he made no mention of continued harassment what so ever.
      I have not spoke to this man at all he knows it however this does provide us an opportunity to cut his legs off from under him. we are now going to meet him dead on and motion the court to hold him in contempt of a current RO and have him violated for his continued harassment. we also have a few other options I will not go into details until those are filed and granted.

  14. scrodriguez

    I was working on Part 3 and have to keep it on ice for a bit, I have filed 3 violations in the last week and a half. we are at the point in which I was contacted by the DA and went to meet with him today.
    I had no idea that this would turn into a criminal case but it appears that repeated violations are taken serious Especially when someone knows there is an order but continues to claim its non enforceable in other words his arrogance has bit him in the A**
    Anyhow handed the DA a stack of evidence today filled out a statement form in the next couple of weeks when we will both be getting summonsed to court.
    This time however he will be provided with a public defender because if found guilty he does face jail time probation and fines as well.
    Part 3 is in the works no doubt but I have to keep it on the shelf until this is finished.

    • scrodriguez,
      I completely understand. The cyber-extortionist is testing the judicial system. He’s someone who should be court ordered to never go online again neither be given access to a computer than has the personal information of others, such as in attorney offices. There are times when I think he’s addicted to harassing others.

      • scrodriguez

        The attorney has been informed let me say this he pushed so hard that a few of his own friends contacted my attorney and told them what he was doing and also informed my attorney that he had asked them to sign blank statement forms for the hearing.
        Walls are closing in, however he will have a public defender for the next hearing in court, and I am confident his arrogance will cause him to ignore his attorneys advise, he will be advised to say nothing.
        But the evidence is what the evidence is, he cant deny it, once his attorney sees that there is no explanation or justification to his acts he will likely advise him to take a plea deal take whats handed to him but to obey the order.
        as far as his career in that field, I dont see it happening he currently has a permanent restraining order against him the state will not grant him a license, and if he goes to jail for violating that order he will now have a criminal record.
        Anyways ill keep you posted. 🙂

        • let me say this he pushed so hard that a few of his own friends contacted my attorney and told them what he was doing and also informed my attorney that he had asked them to sign blank statement forms for the hearing.

          Ahhh. The life of a bully. A bully will eventually require that those following him or her do something dangerous, or illegal.

          I remember when Miss Filth submitted a comment here boasting about the subject person joining them. What she and the rest of their gang didn’t realize is that because the subject person has no restraints, he was bound to rely on them backing him up in illegal activity once he was in trouble.

          As I understand it now, most of his gang has abandoned him and the few who are continuing the activities can no longer depend on him to back them up.

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