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UPDATE: Darrien Hunt

No matter what the 911 caller said, the most relevant issue is that Darrien was shot in the back by the police. The police are trying to distract from that by relying on the so-called credibility of the 911 caller.

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UPDATE: 10-4-14 The audio recording of the 911 call that lead to the killing of a 22-year-old Utah man may contradict what cops initially said about the incident.

The Guardian reports that Saratoga Springs Police previously said they were called to a strip mall to investigate a “suspicious individual” carrying a sword. But the 911 call (which can be heard above) mentions nothing about Hunt being suspicious.

The caller said Hunt was “just walking” around the strip mall. The Guardian notes that, under Utah laws, Hunt would be legally allowed to carry a sword, even if it were real. The sword was a replica, according to Hunt’s family.

Police have said Hunt was killed after he “lunged” at officers after a confrontation outside a bank. But witnesses said Hunt was running away as shots were fired and the Hunt’s family lawyer said an independent autopsy showed the 22-year-old African-American was…

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