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Video From Shellie Zimmerman’s iPad Cannot Be Recovered

After filing for divorce, Shellie moved out the house she shared with George Zimmerman.  On September 9, 2013, George Zimmerman appeared at the home that he and Shellie rented from Shellie’s parents as Shellie was moving out her belongings.  An altercation took place.  As Shellie was recording the altercation with her iPad, George took it from Shellie, bent it across his knee, and using a pocket knife, took it apart and threw it to the ground.


George Zimmerman points and laughs after destroying Shellie’s iPad while still holding his pocket knife.
(Photo obtained from

George Zimmerman told police that he took the iPad from Shellie because she was using it to hit him on his back.

Although video captured George taking the iPad apart, Lake Mary police gave no statement on whether they asked George why he felt the need to destroy the iPad after it was no longer in Shellie’s hands.

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George Zimmerman In Contempt of Court?

Since the Lake Mary police can’t see the truth of George Zimmerman’s actions, it’s up to Kelly Sims, Shellie Zimmerman’s attorney, to bring George’s destructive actions before the court in the divorce case.