Since Verdict, George Feels “More Invincible”

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In an interview with ABC News, Shellie Zimmerman revealed that since he was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, that George feels “more invincible.” She stated that she believes George Zimmerman is making “reckless decisions” and that he was verbally abusive.


Shellie has filed for dissolution of marriage from the man who shot and killed unarmed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.  She and George Zimmerman have been separated since August 13, 2013.


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  1. It is only a matter of time before he hurts someone again or does something big and stupid. Mark my words.

  2. I just hope one day he’s seen for the asshat he really is.

  3. She is playing with fire. She needs to quietly tip toe on little cat feet away from this marriage. Asking for anything and going on talk shows is a huge mistake. He has no boundaries, conscience, or family to quiet him down. I mean she needs to ask for zero…no restraining order, no life ins. Policy, no splitting any future law suit wins. He’s not going to win that NBC suit anyway but regardless she will spend lawyer fees trying to collect and she is in serious danger of him killing her.

    I’m going to send a book titled The Gift OF FEAR to her attorney. She is putting herself in harms way big time.

    As for the dogs, if he doesn’t willingly give them to her she needs to not argue. She can call animal control and ask them to let her know if he turns them in so she can then and only then retrieve them. He doesn’t want them as he doesn’t have any care for anything other than George and he is a very very very very dangerous man.

    He will kill her as easily as he did Trayvon. For pity sakes, his vitals were NORMAL IMMEDIATELY after shooting a kid. That is a person who is not the least disturbed by killing another person.This was also demonstrated on Hannity when he said he would not change a thing and it was demonstrated in his police interview when Det. Serino was trying to get him to express some feeling…actually pushed for him to admit he was losing sleep or having nightmares.

    Hell, even at his not guilty verdict, he expressed zero emotion. And when Trayvon’s body was shown to jury, he casually looked at screen….never looked away or expressed any emotion.

    She was his pawn and that was all she was to him. He is being targeted by police now just as OJ was and that tension is building in him. How dare his “possession” speak poorly of his highness. He does not possess the simplest gratitude toward getting away with murder, it was his due as his anything he so desires. To refuse what he expects gets retribution by him.

  4. 2dogs……well said. She should be in stealth mode. In have the feeling she may be talking to the Feds and think this is your everyday garden variety divorce. Not on your life and not worth the risk going high profile.

    He’s the penultimate loser and for such a POS to act so high and mighty is absurd. Any normal person would be hiding under a rock after this. He’s off the scale…look at the video of his stop the other day….he’s the size of a house. Look at the pictures of his Kel – Tek tour. He’s the size he was when he was arrested, around 200. Are we to believe he lost 100 pounds from 7/13 to early August, them gained it all back within 3 weeks ??

    Noooooo Sirreeee. That Kel – Tek tour was last year, probably before his arrest was announced.

    Does this numb skull really think he has a fan base so big he’ll be able to play celebrity for years ? There is no possibility any of the Zidiots will fund his divorce when nary a single one could afford his own. His game is over. Her divorce papers show over 100K in debt. Hell, they owe over 33 K on 2 vehicles that aren’t worth 15 K between them now.

    All I can do is add this……………..

  5. George Zimmerman was just arrested in Lake Mary. No other details yet.

  6. AP is saying it was a domestic charge that he threatened possibly Shellie and her father with a gun.

  7. Channel 2 is saying that he put his hand on his gun and threatened the family. They also say he struck Shellie’s father. Right now he is being detained. She needs to get that restraining order and then the state can take away his license and guns.

  8. Late breaking news from Dr. Bao: Medical Examiner in Trayvon Martin Case Preparing $100M Lawsuit

    He says that he was prepared to show with science that Trayvon could not have been on top, but the question never came.

    • @Lonnie Starr.

      He says that he was prepared to show with science that Trayvon could not have been on top, but the question never came.

      Yesterday, I spent several hours watching Dr. Bao’s and Jeantel’s testimonies. As Dr. Bao began testifying on the path of the bullet, he looked up as though expecting a question allowing him to expound.

      Also, when he first mentioned that Trayvon could have lived 10 minutes after being shot, Don West objected on the basis of speculation. Judge Nelson sustained the objection after a Bar conference. When Don West cross-examined Dr. Bao, guess what he did? He brought up the same issue that he had objected to, and there was no objection from the State.

      • Yes, and Dr. Bao says that Trayvon was shot in the back. But I think what he meant to say was, that Trayvon could not have been on top when he was shot, because he found the bullet or it’s fragments, lodged in clotted blood, in the back of the chest cavity. When, if Trayvon had been on top, after the bullet and/or the fragments expended their energy, they should have settled to the bottom of the chest cavity, not to the back. But we’ll have to wait and see with the clarification will be.

        • @Lonnie Starr. Even Adam Pollock said that Zimmerman could not take that shot while on his back.

        • Two sides to a story

          I think the main thing that Dr. Bao points out is that the straight trajectory couldn’t be accomplished from the ground. LLMPapa demonstrated that pretty well too. And Fogen extends his arm in one interview and in the reconstruction – it would appear to me that Travyon was pulling away and perhaps both were standing or on their knees to get that straight trajectory – and an extended arm. It’s only in Fogen’s last round of stories does he try to make up an impossible scenario for reaching to the holster behind him and someone managing to pull the firearm and shoot it with a bent arm.

          • Yep… Working through the encounter using what evidence we have, and no magical BS, like frightened children suddenly turning into the Hulk, we can clearly imagine what really happened.

            Trayvon was moving north, attempting to escape gz’s clutches. gz was in hot pursuit and caught the tuckered out teen. When an untrained teen takes flight in fear, he will quickly expend all his reserves in one huff, holding nothing back by pacing himself. Once that happens and the muscles are filled with secondary sugar products, about 10 to 15 minutes rest are needed to “repay the oxygen debt”. Trayvon did not have that kind of time.

            So when gz caught up with him he was out of breath, all he could do was plead “Why are you following me for?” gz, on the other hand had paced himself and was therefore able to respond forcefully. Some action he performs causes Trayvon’s phone to disconnect from his ear buds and fall to the ground. I don’t think the phone was set on speakerphone, so I don’t think gz could have heard Rachel screaming “Trayvon… Trayvon”. The phone had fallen on wet grass, possible that water got in, or perhaps it was just another dropped call because of the one tower area service. Which kept dropping calls all day long.

            Could gz have simply followed the wires from Trayvon’s ears and grabbed the device? Yes, if so he’d know it was a cell phone and he’d terminate the call, then toss the phone to the side. Perhaps it’s gz grabbing the cell phone that prompts Trayvon to yell “get off, get off”, while twisting and trying to recover the phone from gz. Either way, gz almost immediately puts Trayvon in a painful grappling hold, and his terrified screams prompt Witness 11 to immediately start dialing 911. Her call connects just 30 seconds after Rachel’s call disconnects. Meaning that there is almost continuous coverage of these events.

            There is nothing in the background of the 911 call to even suggest that Trayvon ever had a superior position. All that is to be heard is gz in the superior position with Trayvon screaming in pain and fear. There is never any sounds of thrashing, bashing, smacking or punching. There are no sounds of a fight at all, and Trayvon was in no condition to fight at all with someone as big and strong and as well trained as gz was, thus there was no need for him to fire that fatal shot.

  9. Two sides to a story

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