After Stealing My Word Press Identity, Former Writer Threatens To Have This Blog “Shutdown”

I’m cross-posting here from the flightattendant blog because the threat made by Santiago Rodriguez pertains to this blog.

Santiago Came To Me Asking For Help

In May 2014, a man named David Piercy filed for a restraining order against Santiago Rodriguez.   The court granted Piercy a temporary restraining order against Santiago.   There was a hearing scheduled for a ruling on the permanent restraining order.  As I understand it, there were exchanges on Twitter where Santiago became aware that bloggers and others had allegedly been harassed by Piercy.  Someone pointed Santiago in my direction and he reached out to me.

Subsequently, Santiago asked that I put his name on the border of my blog, We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident, as a writer.   This is how it happened …

Santiago asked where he could find Piercy’s comments on my blog.  I had not approved those comments for public posting and told him so.  He asked if I could send him the comments, so I took a screenshot of two of them and sent them to Santiago.  I did not stop to think why Santiago would want that information because at the same time, he asked me if I knew of other bloggers who had been or were being harassed.

Before the hearing on the permanent restraining order,  Santiago contacted me and asked that I put his name on the border of my blog as a writer.  He said that his lawyer told him that he could not use the screenshots in the hearing because they were not sent to him and he was not associated with my blog. Santiago represented the request for being listed as writer for my blog as coming from his lawyer, and I agreed to put his name on my blog as a writer, but only if he was going to write.

(I have since learned that Santiago’s lawyer did not present any screenshots into evidence at that hearing.)

I opened We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident in August 2012.  I did not become acquainted with Santiago until May 2014.  Since he asked to be a writer for my blog, I thought he was somewhat familiar with writing and the blogging communities.  In the least, I thought he was familiar with this blog.  However, Santiago was absent from the blog.  He did not post comments.  He did not tweet links.  So, there was his name on the border of this blog as a writer, but he was totally absent and totally uninvolved.

In or about August 2014, I informed Santiago that I was removing his name from the border of my blog because he had not written anything.   He said that he was working on writing about his experience in the courts.  He said that the reason he had not written anything was because he had petitioned the court for a restraining order against Piercy, and wanted to wait until the case concluded.    Santiago’s first post was published in September 2014.  That is when he accepted the “Contributor” invitation that gave him access to the text box of the blog to write his own posts published under his own by-line, which he choose as “scrodriguez” .

What Santiago presented to me for publishing was approximately 10 pages long.  It was one sentence; no punctuation, nor upper case letters.  When I offered to teach him punctuation, he said that he knew but was too busy.   I separated the 10 pages of one sentence into 4 parts.   The parts were published between September 2014 and January 2015.  Santiago did not write any other posts for publishing during that time.

In January 2015, Santiago had another specific need.  He needed a local attorney, and I referred him to one who I’ve known since about calendar year 2000.  Santiago retained that attorney.  Thereafter, the attempted exploitation began.  There were many daily contentions with Santiago.  I thought that as I resisted his attempts to control how I manage my blogs, that he would eventually give-up and ride into the sunset.  But, he didn’t.  Instead, he became more aggressive.

Santiago Changed His Word Press Account To My Name.  He Captured My Gravatar and Placed It On His Account.

On the evening of November 22, 2015, I terminated Santiago’s writer privileges.  On the morning of November 23, 2015, Santiago began a campaign of attacking and defaming me, and also attacking others on Twitter who support my blogs.  While he was doing that on Twitter, he bombarded me with emails and comments to the Stop Cyber Harassment blog, many that contained threats.   That was when I heard him say for the first time that he asked to be a writer for my blog so that David Piercy could not submit comments  without violating the restraining order.

I discerned that Santiago was trying to take the position that his wanting to write for my blog was doing me a favor.  His reason is inconsistent with the restraining order itself.  I’m not a named protected party, neither is my blog.

Santiago’s attorney asked me to not post anything about what happened between Santiago and me and not to respond to Santiago’s harassment, which Santiago denied doing.

It was an unofficial gag order.  I remained silent about all of this until February 19, 2016 when Soroya Fambro misrepresented a screenshot of work product that only Santiago and I had access to.  Soroya attacked the integrity of my blogs, my reputation, and a person who supports me.

It was after I published the post on February 19, 2016 that I accidentally discovered that Santiago had changed his Word Press account to my name with a profile of “the1udontphukwith.”

When Santiago changed his Word Press account from “scrodriguez” to “Xena”, it changed the by-line on all of his posts to make it appear as if I had written them.  No one would know otherwise unless they hovered over the handle and saw the profile and knew that I would never have such a vile profile.

Word press gave me instructions on how to undo Santiago’s vandalism which you can read at this link.

The only thing that was not instructive was the idea that when terminating a writer’s privileges, that their names have to be replaced.  Towerflower was a writer for the blog.  Towerflower requested that her Contributor privileges be cancelled, and I complied with her request.  All of her posts still appear with her by-line.  As long as the writer retains their word press account as it was when they accepted the invitation that placed them in the system, their by-lines do not change.

To be clear, the only reason that Santiago’s by-line changed from “scrodriguez” to “Xena” is because he intentionally made that change to his Word Press account.

That wasn’t all.  Santiago also took my gravatar and placed it on his account.  The comments he posted on Word press blogs appeared with my gravatar. The “likes” he clicked on blogs appeared as my gravatar.  The “likes” he clicked here made it appear as if I was clicking “like” to my own posts.

I changed my gravatar to distinguish the gravatar with my comments from his comments and “likes”.   My new gravatar appeared next to Santiago’s comments within minutes.  I changed it again, and the change appeared next to his comments. That happened at least 5 times, morning, noon, and night.  Word Press looked into it.  Santiago was lurking, conducting surveillance on the blog, so each time I changed my gravatar, he took it and used it on his own account.  I spoke with Santiago’s attorney and forwarded him an email I received from Word Press who looked into Santiago’s Gravatar account and confirmed that he had collected each Gravatar photo that I used.  Each time I used a different photo, Santiago used it on his Gravatar account to continue impersonating me. His attorney recommended that I send Santiago a cease and desist saying, that Santiago would cry to him and he would tell him the right thing to do.

On March 3, 2016, via email, I sent Santiago a “cease and desist.”  He responded to that one email by sending me a slew of emails with his demands of what he wanted me to do before he agreed to stop impersonating me.   Among his negotiation offers was that he would stop using my gravatar and handle if I changed his by-line to my name.

His logic is liken to admitting that he stole the keys to my car, stole my car, and flattened the tires.  I found the car and replaced the tires, but he will only return my car keys if I agree to flatten my own tires.  So, he still gets what he wants before returning stolen property.

Santiago doesn’t understand how publishing works.  I recommended that he speak with an intellectual property attorney.

I then received a call from my attorney friend who was representing Santiago.  He asked if I could change Santiago’s by-line to “contributor”.  My response was that if Santiago wanted his by-line changed to “contributor” he could have done that himself instead of changing his account to my name.  I had corrected the mess he made, and wasn’t about to repeat the process over again to give him the by-line “contributor”.

Santiago’s attorney told me that Santiago said he stole my Word Press handle and gravatar because I tweeted a link to a post he wrote.  It was one of Santiago’s first posts about his experience in court and the restraining order.

The link was tweeted to Soroya.  Yes – I sure did tweet the link to her in response to her tweet that my blog is “all lies.”  I tweeted her the link to a post that Santiago wrote and asked, “You mean like this one?”   That occurred in December 2015.

After several more emails of veiled threats, mocking, and airing out things that he was angry about before I terminated his writer privileges, he agreed to stop using my gravatar and handle.  He also agreed to other terms of the cease and desist.  In September 2016, (on the day that my friend/Santiago’s attorney was getting married), Santiago breached the cease and desist.

I entered into an agreement with Santiago’s attorney that I would make his first 4 posts about his court experience private until after the contempt case was over, and if Santiago left me and my online friends alone.  Santiago continued his course of conduct by emailing others and direct messaging on Twitter.  He did not stop.  He has not stopped.

That was back in March 2016.  To the best of my knowledge, a final order was entered in the contempt case in January 2017.    Also in January 2017, Santiago opened another account on Twitter.  It’s a public account, and he uses it to harass, defame, threaten me and try to involve others.   He posts derogatory and untrue things about my son, who had nothing to do with what happened between us.  He has also gone after another person, accusing her of being me.

I learned that when taking a post off private, it re-publishes. I was not going to re-publish the posts, so I took them off private to requiring a password.  The next step to making the posts public is to remove the password.

It’s been over a year since Santiago changed his handle and took my gravatar to impersonate me across Word Press.  More than a year later, on March 30, 2017, Santiago tweeted the following:

His tweet should read, “Taking a blog administrator’s identity without their knowledge or consent so posts you wrote changes the by-line to their name, gives them the right to correct that action.”

Santiago setup his own Word Press account and consented to accepting Contributor privileges as a writer for my blog.  By doing so, he consented to having his own by-line when writing for the blog.  It would have remained that way had he not changed his account to impersonate me.  

One has to ask, why does Santiago not want to be identified as the writer of his own posts?

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  1. My dear … still have to read your post. Are you still dealing with this stuff? M’lord … hugs!!

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    • Horty,
      He is obsessed. Factually, had he not gone on his attack campaign starting November 23, 2015, none of this would be brought up. I was silent. It’s now April 2017, and he’s still at it and progressing.

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  2. I am terribly sorry to hear this. Your voice should NOT be slienced.

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    • Dreamer,
      It won’t. He has tried all sorts of threats and attacks. I keep on blogging.

      He has also contacted individuals on Twitter and tried persuading them to unfollow me and for some, to join in with his harassment. When they refused, he calls them names. He threatened one person with using a Facebook photo of her son and toddler granddaughter inappropriately if she did not sever her association with me.

      This has been going on since November 23, 2015, so there is much that I’ve not shared publicly.

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      • A lot of people have your back

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      • Dear Xena,

        Could this have anything to do as to why I cannot retweet your work. I have been only able to retweet on a couple of occasions but I have been blocked every other time.I can only click on “like.”

        I am so sorry about you having to deal with this ungrateful heel.

        Hugs, Gronda

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        • Gronda,
          The reason you are unable to retweet my tweets is because my Twitter account is protected. The reason my Twitter account is protected is to avoid, (as much as possible), harassers from engaging me. There was a few months when I thought it would be okay for me to make it public. Then Soroya Fambro came along. Even then, I would have made it public if not but for her lie that I tweeted to her first. That’s a partial truth. She requested approval to follow me. I approved her and tweeted like I always do to new followers, “Thanks for the follow.” She then went on a vile tangent.

          So, until this situation is resolved, I have to keep my Twitter account protected. Words cannot express my appreciation for those who come to the blog and tweet directly. Some copy and paste my tweets. I know that’s an inconvenience to them as opposed to retweeting.

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  3. So sorry you’ve had to deal with this for so long 😦

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  4. Sounds like stalking. Have you considered criminal charges? There may be a prosecutor willing to make case law in the new frontier.

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    • I won’t publicly post the options I’m taking and/or considering. I truly hoped he would move-on to positive things.


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    I am so sorry you have had to deal with all of that nonsense and threatening harassment, Xena.

    I just want to say how much I have always enjoyed and appreciated your blog. Your articles are very informative and well-researched

    You have great integrity and a beautiful heart…kind, compassionate, understanding and thoughtful. The world is a better place because of you!

    God bless you!

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    • Yahtzee,
      Thanks for your kind words. You give me too much credit for making the world a better place. It takes all of us to work towards that goal. Meanwhile, Santiago is on Twitter attacking two people who support me. He’s made-up things, and is alleging that I am someone else. He’s using links to Vicki Pate’s scribd account. Vicki Pate — the person who he claimed tried getting his wife fired from her job, and said he was going to sue. It just goes to show that he doesn’t care who he exploits.

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  6. crustyolemothman

    While at times it may be difficult to accept that the world is not full of people like Santiago and David P! They, while quite vocal are a very small minority that like to excuse their own miserable life by attempting to spread hate and non truths! Those of us who know and appreciate the good that you do not only on this blog, but in the real world as well, would never be swayed by a few low life’s who would attempt to drag you down to their level! Hang in there and keep on doing what you do best, and that is simply spreading love and good works by example and word!

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    • Mothman,

      “Hang in there and keep on doing what you do best, and that is simply spreading love and good works by example and word!”

      Thank you for your kind words, and for being here all these years.

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  7. Two sides to a story

    Good grief. I thought those two had long ridden their toxic ponies into the sunset. I’m so sorry you’re still dealing with this shizazz. Stay strong!

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    • Two sides!! Santiago and Piercy started going to court against one another in 2014, and here it is 2017 and the court finally entered a final order. Santiago is in debt for over $95K in legal fees, not counting the case in Washington state. He’s still on Twitter harassing people and Piercy, who he has a restraining order against.


  8. What the hell is wrong with this guy? He must be bored off his rocker, burned too many bridges to possibly continue with his own name, or be so rich he thinks he can do anything. Considering the Dump’s in office, maybe that’s not so far fetched a delusion to keep it up. Heavens, this is scary as hell and I hope he gets buried in court and loses his shirt. Never thought something like that could happen. I sure learned something tonight–thanks for passing on, though I’m sure it hurts to rehash it.

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    • ChattyIntrovert,
      He’s not rich — he’s been unemployed for years. In fact, he told me that he cannot get and start a job because he’ll have to take off work too much to attend court. In other words, he creates conditions so he has an excuse to stay unemployed.

      It doesn’t hurt to talk about it. The hurt was when I was silent. Then I learned that silence is something that abusers require so that their abuse stays secretive. Then of course, when I did speak out, he retaliated and said it was my fault that he retaliated.

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  9. Xena, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I agree with others comments about how good you are. Take care.

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    • Supabutterfly,
      Thanks for the reblog, dear friend. By the way, did you know that Santiago and Soroya are saying that we are the same person?


      • FUCK HIM AND HER. She thinks she’s beautiful and Santiago acts if he’s delusional.

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        • Supa,
          Be nice. 🙂 I pray for both of them. Hatred is like a cancer. It eats away at the soul. The situation for how Santiago and I met was motivated by hate — people knew Santiago’s character. He doxes. He uses vile language. He lies on people. He mocks. He attacks the family members of those he dislikes. He turns on friends and harasses them. Yet, they did not tell me these things until after November 23, 2015. They didn’t tell me because Santiago was taking Piercy to court, and they hate David Piercy more than they considered protecting me from Santiago.

          Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.

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  10. Xena, I am sorry that Santiago aka “TheHood” has continued with his course of conduct. He needs to focus on getting gainful employment and staying his malevolent ass off the internet.

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    • Supa,
      You might not know this, but Santiago threatened me via email that unless I stopped outing him as theHood, that he was going to forward my emails to Vicki Pate. Well, in October 2016, he followed-up on that threat. What he forwarded to her was information he asked me for to assist Denise Souriall in serving Vicki with her complaint and summons. Vicki forwarded it to Piercy, who then having my email address, emailed it to me. He posted it on imgur.

      So Santiago is now spreading rumors that Piercy is emailing me, while omitting that had he not followed-up on his threat, Piercy would not have my email address.

      No one is going to allow Santiago to exploit them, and people can see that what he is “distributing” is stuff written while he was thanking me for helping him, thanking me for referring him to a great lawyer, and had a paypal button on this blog for donations to his legal fund.

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  11. Having dealt with stalking in my world, I am truly sorry to hear this tale of what you are dealing with. I believe that when someone tips over into being so dangerously contentious and obsessive they are in a very dark place. Bringing light into the situation as you are doing is definitely needed. I am imagining giant golden scissors cutting away all the sticky energetic threads being sent your way by Santiago. May he find healing for whatever it is that is motivating his attacks. May you be freed from all connection and contact.
    Thank you for shining.
    Warm regards-

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    • Iris,
      Thanks so much for your comment and kind words. Your positive thoughts about the golden scissors and threads are already working. I’m not going to read his Twitter timeline and have asked others that if they do, to not report to me what he is tweeting. Those I’ve asked have thus far said that they are not reading him, nor those connected to him either. I join you in wishing him healing and deliverance. (((((Hugs)))))


  12. Hi baby girl. You know I have your back 100%. You have always helped me. I couldn’t even begin to do what you do. I believe in you, and the Trolls will get what they deserve. Maybe not soon but soon enough. Ok I am off to court myself. I’ll phone you later. I love you dear. Stay strong… HUGS. WE NEED YOU!!1

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    • Shyloh,
      I love you back. Here’s wishing you the best in court. I realize the attacks, false accusations, and threats that Santiago has thrown your way and even threats against your family. Your strength and standing for what is right are precious, precious qualities. Namaste.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Good Morning, Shyloh

      Thanks for all of your wonderful contributions over the years here and also for shining the light on important issues.

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  13. The truth will always prevail in the meantime we are your sacred friends, supporting you as you as you make an end to all his nonsense… much love and strength x barbara

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  14. chuquestaquenumber1

    You have my support. Tell me how I can help?

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    • Chuquest,
      Thanks so much. You have helped by offering to help. I don’t want anyone to get involved by engaging Santiago and feeding his predatory characteristic.

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  15. I think I’m still in shock over what he did to you. He and DP and GZ all deserve each other.

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    • Mindyme,
      I was in the process of replying to you and suddenly, the screen jumped and my reply disappeared. LOL! I guess I wasn’t suppose to flesh it out. In my opinion, Santiago is worst than DP. There was never a question of where DP stood and what he was doing and/or would do. Santiago on the other hand, played the role of being on the side of equality and equal justice for all. After he retained my attorney friend, he began showing his true colors, and it became progressively worst.


  16. This is sooooooooo sad!!! It’s amazing the nerve that some people have. You must know that you’re doing something positive because of all the resistance you’re getting especially from this moron. He apparently has nothing else to do. What I do love about this is your ability to stay on top of this mess. Keep on doing what you’re doing. That little lady named Karma has a way to make her visits in due season……….. AND to think, this is someone you embraced with open arms.

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    • Roach,
      What’s that saying, “No good deed goes unpunished”? In the past several days, a few of those who were motivated by hate and threw the person in my direction, have taken his position or parts of it, even as he denigrates them. See, a final order was entered in the contempt case in January of this year. That is when he also opened a public Twitter account to start his public attacks on me. His attacks include the lie that I tried or am trying to sabotage his case — a case where a final order was entered months ago.

      Those who believe his lie do not understand some things that are basic, common-sense. For example, there is no way to sabotage a case where the parties are represented by attorneys. Nothing gets before the court unless it’s through the attorneys. Well, he was represented by the attorney I referred him to. If he truly believes the lie he is promoting, it reflects back on him — why would he continue using a lawyer for 14 months after we parted ways, when I was the one who referred him to the attorney?

      If I hired an attorney and thought for one moment that the person referring the attorney to me was colluding with the opposing party, I would have discharged the attorney rather than complaining to him about purported “collusion.”

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      • Xena,
        What’s so sinister is that he probably had an agenda from the beginning and you were unaware. Also you never know who sent him. What he obviously does not realize is that he’s barking up the wrong tree. YOU are well equipped/have enough sopport to handle the likes of this insipid perpetrator who is obviously lonely and desires attention. If he keeps it up, the kind of attention that he will get….is much more than he’s bargaining for! 😙

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        • Roach,
          Thanks so much for your supportive words. It means a lot to me.


          “What’s so sinister is that he probably had an agenda from the beginning and you were unaware.

          What I’ve learned this year is that it’s his nature to get whatever he can to use later to try to control others. For example, if he finds out through casual conversation that a woman has a sick child who was kept home from school for 2 days, and he decides to harass her, he will threaten to report her to child protective services and add in 20 lies as to why her child was not in school. And, if he doesn’t get his way, he will make that call.

          ” Also you never know who sent him.?

          I do know. She has since told me that she had a talk with him before referring him to me and never thought that he would be disrespectful and do to me what she knows he has done to others. Although it was one person who referred him to me, others also experienced his evil and/or control characteristic, but didn’t tell me until after he went on his whisper smear campaign against me on Twitter.

          I have a promise — no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

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          • Hallelujah….and Amen!!!
            No one said the weapons wouldn’t form against you…….

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          • Roach,
            And Amen!
            Don’t be surprised if he comments to your blog or searches for you on Twitter and ask that you email him or give him your email address so he can give his side. He did that with one person, and rather than give his side, he launched an outright attack on her for supporting me.

            He went on Facebook and using her email address, found her Facebook page. He then taunted her by addressing her by her last name and making threats to use photos of her son and toddler granddaughter in an inappropriate manner. Then, he started alleging that she is me, and threatened to sue her.

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          • He can try that with me if he likes….BUT I don’t play fair in the schoolyard. lol
            I can teach him a trick or two.


          • Well Roach, it seems that he likes playing that game on women, so he might or might not show up at your internet door seeing that you are a man. Thus far, his game has not been successful. I think he forgets that I started blogging in 2012 so my reputation and online acquaintances didn’t begin when he came along.

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          • Yeah I really think he underestimated the force that you are!!!

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          • Roach, I don’t see myself as a force. I believe in the ways of faith, hope and love. Grace and compassion, are spiritual principles that I seek to walk-in daily. Progress. Blogging has opened the door for me to meet others with those same principles so if there’s any force, we are that together. Maybe that’s what he’s afraid of and why he wants so badly to see this blog disappear.

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          • If you were not a force to be reckoned with, he would have no need to bother you. That’s how evil works. There’s something that you are saying or doing that’s a threat to his evil ways. Fret not!!!

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          • Roach,
            My son has told me that when it comes to a man’s behavior, it takes another man’s perspective to discern it. All I can say about that is, you’re the man. 🙂

            Thank you so much, dear friend.

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          • Thanks Xena,
            Just hang in there!!!

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          • Roach,
            Bless your heart. Thanks for your support.

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  17. I will always have your back. I wish it would all stop. You are such a strong person. Love you always!namaste

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    • Shyloh,
      Words cannot express my appreciation for you. For tweeting links to my blog posts, Santiago and Soroya are lying, threatening, and harassing you and others. You are brave and strong for many reasons, but also because you endure their games. Namaste’


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