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Jury Hangs In The Retrial of Ray Tensing

Ray Tensing, the former University of Cincinnati police officer who fatally shot 43-year-old Sam DuBose in July 15, 2015, first went to trial for voluntary manslaughter and murder in 2016. That jury hung.  We followed that trial and you can read it here and here.

Tensing’s retrial began June 8, 2017.   The jury deliberated for more than 25 hours.  Today, the judge declared a mistrial.

Joe Deters, Hamilton County Prosecutor, said he will not comment until next week.

Jurors had questions during deliberations.  I am looking for those questions and if I locate them, I’ll post them in the comment section.


The DuBose family said in a statement through an attorney, “We are outraged that a second jury has now failed to convict Ray Tensing for the murder of our beloved Sam DuBose.” The family is demanding another retrial, the statement said. Read the rest of this entry

Officer Indicted For Murder In Cincinnati

Yesterday, the City of Cincinnati was preparing for disgruntled citizens to take to the street in response to the release of a police officer’s body cam video and a grand jury’s decision. The University of Cincinnati even closed its main campus in anticipation. But today, there will be no protests for an arrest in the killing of Samuel DuBose.


Samuel DuBose

On July 19, 2015, University of Cincinnati police Officer Ray Tensing pulled 43 year-old Samuel DuBose over for a traffic stop. Samuel was driving a green 1998 Honda Accord without a front license plate. Tensing shot DuBose in the head.

Officer Ray Tensing’s body camera captured the moment when he killed Samuel DuBose  With the release of the body cam video, also came an indictment for murder in what a prosecutor called a shooting that was “unwarranted” and “senseless.” Read the rest of this entry

Changes To The Illinois Constitution On The Ballot

voteYesterday, I received a pamphlet in the mail from the Illinois Secretary of State. It is addressed to “Residential Customer” and titled, “Proposed Amendments and Addition to The Illinois Constitution.” Of course, it captured my attention.

The introduction says,

“At the General Election to be held on the 4th of November, 2014, you will be called upon to adopt or reject the following proposed amendments to the Illinois Constitution. As required by law, I provide you with the following information.”

Wow!  To be fully informed, I read the 6 pages.

There is one proposed Amendment, and an addition to Article III which is titled, “Suffrage and Elections. Read the rest of this entry

Mark O’Mara Wants to Have An Honest Dialogue on Race? Cough!

Mark O’Mara telling America about race is like a man trying to tell a woman about labor pains. He cannot speak from experience.

Mysterious Observations

Closing Arguments Held In Zimmerman Trial

You remember Mark O’Mara, the attorney whose legal and courtroom theatrical skills convinced a 6 member jury that George Zimmerman was not guilty of murder or manslaughter for killing Trayvon Martin.  Yes, the character that gave us the notion that Trayvon Martin was not unarmed because he managed to weaponize the sidewalk. Young black youth are like McGiver that way, they can apparently arm themselves with any commonplace item in any environment!

Remember Mr. O’Mara’s dramatic 4 minutes of silence representing the time Martin had to run home.  Of course, that’s 4 minutes that Zimmerman had to return to his vehicle like he told the dispatcher he would and NW regulations stated he should never have left. What was he doing during that 4 minutes? Looking for a street sign? No, he was looking for Martin, what else would he be doing? Enjoying the rain? Zimmerman Ultimately Killed Martin Because Unknown Young…

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The Anniversary of the George Zimmerman Trial

George Zimmerman CNNThis coming Tuesday will be a year since several hundred potential jurors appeared for jury selection for the 2nd degree murder trial of George Zimmerman.  The process continued to actual selection and trial.  On July 13, 2013, 6 women acquitted Zimmerman for killing unarmed 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon lives onBecause Trayvon Martin lives in the hearts of many, we cannot forget discovery, pre-trial procedures, jury selection and the trial itself.  An important issue for the trial was who was screaming for help, the screams being captured in the background of a 911 call.  All experts concluded that the voice was NOT that of George Zimmerman, but the Honorable Judge Nelson who presided over the case, would not allow those experts to testify. Read the rest of this entry

Mark O’Mara Has Time For Private Practice

Some, most, or maybe all who read here are familiar with the name Mark O’Mara. O’Mara represented George Zimmerman in his second degree murder trial for killing unarmed 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

Mark O'Mara 1

Mark O’Mara

After his acquittal, George Zimmerman was retained by the police at the house that he rented and shared with his wife Shellie, who had filed for divorce and was moving out of the house. Mark O’Mara appeared at the house.

It was at or around that time when Mark O’Mara told the press that he no longer represented George and would not be representing him in the divorce case. Shortly thereafter, O’Mara announced that he was hired by CNN to give legal commentary.

Then came O’Mara’s announcement that George owes him $2.5 million.   There were pending motions for sanctions against the State left over from George’s 2nd degree murder trial. The motions were abandoned. Read the rest of this entry

Zimmerman Surrenders – No Sanction Hearing

The Orlando Sentinel reports that paperwork has been filed at the Seminole County criminal courthouse setting forth that Zimmerman says he is giving up his promised fight to make the state pay his legal bills and the hearing on sanctions based on allegations that the State violated rules of discovery.

George Zimmerman CNN

George Zimmerman

The docket sheet provides that on February 20, 2014, a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of Any Future Hearings and All Pending Issues was filed in Zimmerman’s criminal case.

Read the rest of this entry

Mark O’Mara Addresses Florida Bar Complaint

O'Mara West and ZimmermanAttorney Mark O’Mara has posted a response to the report that a complaint is under investigation by the Florida Bar regarding his handling of the George Zimmerman case.

In his statement, it appears that the complaint alleges ethic violations for O’Mara’s use of social media and raising funds for a client. Read the rest of this entry

Complaint Filed With Florida Bar Against Mark O’Mara

Mark O'Mara 1

Attorney Mark O’Mara


Rene Stutzman of the Orlando Sentinel reports that she has confirmed that a complaint has been filed with the Florida Bar alleging ethnic violations by Orlando attorney Mark O’Mara.  As of now, who filed the complaint and specific allegations are not known.  However, the Florida Bar has confirmed that its staff is investigating.  The complaint is related to Mark O’Mara’s handling of George Zimmerman criminal case. Read the rest of this entry

Confirmed – George Zimmerman Owes $2.5 Million to Lawyers

Why would Mark O’Mara expect for George Zimmerman to pay him now? 

George Zimmerman in court in Nov. 2013

On November 18, 2013, George Zimmerman was arrested on charges of felony aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief.  He filed an affidavit that he is indigent, alleging that he is unemployed, has $144 in cash, and is in debt for $2.5 million.  In that case, Zimmerman’s bail was set at $9,000.  Frank Taaffe told Nancy Grace that he posted the $900 bond.

In other words, Zimmerman’s legal defense fund does not have $900 to post the bond on his behalf.

Orlando Sentinel reports some things that bring clarity to George Zimmerman’s financial affidavit that he filed with the court.  Read the rest of this entry

Mark O’Mara Back In The Media Defending Zimmerman

lionIn her interview with Katie Couric, Shellie Zimmerman said that George “lied about a lot of things” and that he was like a “pacing lion.”

The world already heard from witnesses that after he killed 17 year-old, unarmed Trayvon Martin, that George Zimmerman was pacing like a lion.  Anyone with common sense and a memory also knows that Zimmerman lied about a lot of things, and that didn’t start on Feb. 26, 2012.  For instance, see the first video below. Read the rest of this entry

O’Mara Not Representing Zimmerman In Divorce

Hat tip to Mindyme62!

News4jax reports that O’Mara “drops George Zimmerman.”

O'Mara and George

Mark O’Mara and George Zimmerman during murder trial

O’Mara stated: “I am not representing George Zimmerman in his recent domestic altercation case or his impending divorce case,” O’Mara told CNN.

O’Mara made no mention of Zimmerman’s recent traffic ticket, which Zimmerman might pay without raising a challenge as to whether he was speeding.

We await to see what attorney is going to represent George Zimmerman in the divorce case.  Will George ask the public to donate money to pay his divorce attorney?

Recent news also reports that there is a video showing George locking the front door of the house where the altercation took place, and Shellie trying to enter that door.   George’s bodyguard has taken blame for the injury to Mr. Dean’s nose.


Why George Zimmerman Turned Down Citizens On Patrol

Perris new COP Burb2 WDuring George Zimmerman’s trial, witness Wendy Dorvial testified that she asked George Zimmerman if he wanted to be a volunteer member of Citizens on Patrol.  She testified that Zimmerman turned down her offer.  At closing argument, Mark O’Mara, defense attorney for George Zimmerman, argued that if Zimmerman was a wannabe cop, that he would have taken the offer to join Citizens on Patrol.  Mark O’Mara then proceeded to outright lie about the program saying that its volunteers get to act like cops.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement produced an abstract of Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.), taking a survey from counties using that program.  The abstract provides references, one in which is the National Association of Citizens on Patrol.

NACP has an extensive, informative website.  Along with describing its purpose and the benefit of being a volunteer in the community, it also provides accomplishments and the stories of volunteers.  What caught my attention in regards to George Zimmerman, is the following;

“As the name implies, Citizens On Patrol are Citizens who, after being screened, background checked, and trained by their local law enforcement agency, patrol their communities acting as “Eyes and Ears” for law enforcement.” 

The C.O.P. program provides vehicles with emergency lights.  Volunteers ride two per car.”

The national association also sets forth;

“C.O.P.’s do not take enforcement action, they only observe and report. Citizen Patrol Volunteers are not authorized to carry weapons and are encouraged to avoid physical contact. C.O.P.’s greatest weapon is their established bond with local law enforcement and their ability to communicate directly with them by radio or cellular phones using special dedicated phone numbers.”

While medical clearance and passing a criminal background check might concern Zimmerman copcarin meeting the qualifications, it’s two conditions of C.O.P. that immediately come to my attention that would cause Zimmerman to turn down Ms. Dorvial’s offer.  Those conditions are that volunteers work in twos, and they cannot carry weapons.

As Wendy Dorvial testified, there are distinct differences between neighborhood watch and C.O.P.  One is that volunteers with C.O.P. actually patrol.  In Neighbor Watch, residents are not supposed to do anything beyond their everyday activities.  Although Zimmerman was not supposed to patrol, he did.  At least one time, he used his dog as an excuse for seeing a suspicious person outside of Frank Taaffe’s house.   Anyone looking at the map for Retreat at Twin Lakes for where Zimmerman resided, where Frank Taaffe resides, and the location of the dog walk, can see there is no logical reason why Zimmerman would walk from his house to Frank Taaffe’s house to get to the dog walk.  Zimmerman did say that he walked his dog on the dog walk where he killed Trayvon.   That dog walk and Frank Taaffe’s house are in opposite directions.

Another distinct difference is that C.O.P. volunteers work in pairs.  It is logically safer to work in pairs when patrolling.   George Zimmerman patrolling alone, gave him opportunity to do what he wanted without witnesses.

An important distinction is that C.O.P. volunteers cannot carry weapons.  Zimmerman stated on Sean Hannity’s program that he carried his gun everywhere other than to work.  Having a conceal carry license does not give C.O.P. volunteers authority to carry weapons, anymore than employees working in an airport or courthouse with conceal carry permits cannot carry weapons at work.  Citizens on Patrol are not deputized.

In conclusion, George Zimmerman did not refuse volunteering for C.O.P. because he isn’t a cop wannabe.  Rather, George Zimmerman refused volunteering for C.O.P. because its rules of working in pairs, and not carrying weapons, were too restricting.

The following video contains testimony by Wendy Dorvial regarding C.O.P., and Mark O’Mara’s misrepresentation to the jury.

George Zimmerman Trial – Day 14

Closing argument for the defense, with rebuttal closing argument by the State.   The jury will receive instructions then start deliberations.

Croakerqueen123 had problems with the recording of the State’s rebuttal closing.  The next video is courtesy of Axiom Amnesia. The sound is not as good as the other videos.

Jury’s Question


George Zimmerman Trial – Day 13

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jury Instructions and Closing Arguments are scheduled for today.

Don West argues that the State pulled “a trick”

The first video is partial and doesn’t start from the actual beginning.

Audio cuts in and out because of the live streaming.

George Zimmerman Trial – Day 12

This morning, the Honorable Judge Debra Nelson granted the State’s Motions to prevent the entry of Trayvon Martin’s text phone messages.  The defense may use the animation during closing argument, but it will not be entered into evidence for the jury.

It is anticipated that closing arguments will begin tomorrow after one rebuttal witness for the State.

George Zimmerman Trial – Day 11



George Zimmerman Trial – Day 8

Wednesday – Day 8 of Trial

(Tons of thanks to croakerqueen123 for recording.)


George Zimmerman Trial – Day 7

Tuesday – Day 7 of trial.


George Zimmerman Trial – Day 6

Investigator Doris Singleton testified this morning.

This page shall be updated throughout the day as the videos are made available.  Another great big “thank you” to croakerqueen123 for her committed work.

Updated.  All videos of today’s proceeding are now available.


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