George Zimmerman Files Financial Affidavit in Divorce Case

According to a financial affidavit that George Zimmerman filed with the court in his divorce case, his legal defense fund has a current balance of $300, and he has $650 in his bank account.

George has no job, no health insurance, spends $350 a month for medical care, $200 a month on mental health counseling, and $100 on vacations.

George’s girlfriend Samantha, picked a winner.

Read the full story on the Orlando Sentinel.



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  1. “According to it, he spends $3,304 a month, despite having no income.”

    Must be nice…

  2. towerflower

    Over $3k in monthly expenses but no job, someone must be funding him. Cry me a river, $100 a month in vacations and no job… what everyone else does, quit spending and get a job. What a loser.

    • “quit spending and get a job.

      Sing it now, gz:

      • roderick2012

        Ba wa wa wa!!

        It’s too bad that George hasn’t done a hard day’s work in his miserable 30 years of life.

  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    I seriously doubt you can believe anything that murderer says.

  4. Well…..let’s see……um…….

    Uh…..about that fund………

    Sight for the donors:

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    George Zimmerman! The champion of the right! Don’t they have a problem with poor people? Normally!

  6. oh dear, oh dear … don’t they have a child on the way as well? this is pitiful.

  7. Tubs better sign up for ACA. About honeypot being preggers, someone (maybe on twitter) said she didn’t look pg in her May pix posted on her twitter. But she also tweeted she wanted to get her babies out safely. As plural.
    Thanks for the financial affidavit post, Xena! How does he spend 3k including vacation money when he has almost zilch in the bank. I’m guessing he draws disability for his ADHD and PTSD but that’s not anywhere close to 3k in Florida.

    I wish OS had been more specific. He’s not spending 3k with nothing coming in.

    • I can’t understand why she would still be around him after this:

    • Two sides to a story

      Maybe Samantha is footing the bills. Perhaps he did get some money for that first painting and coming to the end of it. Perhaps he just likes to exaggerate – oh no, not Fogen – hahahaha.

      • Two sides, that’s what I was thinking too.

        • Two sides to a story

          FogenSam would have to work and it seems she may be even more co-dependent than Shellie. Wonder what Shellie is doing these days.

          • no clue what shellie is up to, but she is undoubtedly better off, a million times better off. i will always consider her to be a battered/abused spouse and wish her good and well rid of the creep she married at such a young age. she has certainly shown some maturity and wisdom in keeping her face out of the news.

  8. Oh Xena….You put this in the wrong spot!! It should have gone under “Giggle of the Week”!! Is there anybody who believes this crap? I don’t know what therapist he is giving 200.00 a month to,but its not working….he is still CRAZY & a LIAR! Who in the hell spends $100.00 a month on vacations,but can’t pay rent? This KILLER is still making up stories that don’t make sense.I’m sure by now he is on govt assistance…..probly pregnant girlfriend too.

  9. …he spends $3,304 a month

    He spends $350 a month for medical care plus $200 a month for psychological, psychiatric or mental health counseling.

    He also spends $100 a month on vacations, he wrote.

    No doubt the Orlando Sentinel has a copy of this document. Why did the newspaper not mention the other monthly payments that caused his spending to total $3,304 a month?

    Did he, for instance, give the monthly cost of his annual fee for his safe deposit box? (Maybe, he doesn’t have a safety deposit box anymore.)

    • What other expenses could he have, he admits he pays no rent and relies on his supporters. Also $350 in medicals costs must be for his multiple mind altering meds that he takes. Something stinks here and I bet he is hiding money somewhere, we all know he isn’t above trying to hide money.

      • Two sides to a story

        Bro claims he sleeps around on sofas, but doesn’t sound plausible. Just like the miserable life he and Shellie were supposedly having in her father’s great big rental house.

        • towerflower

          Exactly, like none of his “supporters” don’t have a spare bedroom and he is always banned to the couch.

  10. He has $650 more in his bank account than I do.

  11. May 17, 2014 article:

    “George Zimmerman confesses: ‘My fat a– has no business owning a track jacket’:
    The infamous Florida watchman promised to tweet a very important confession Monday morning. He apologized to America for owning three of the running tops.

  12. Watching 20/20 now. Interview with Elliot Rodger’s dad.

  13. Trayvon, Trayvon, Trayvon,
    You have started movements to bring about change for the good.
    You have brought many caring hearts together to cry out for a better world.
    You will never be forgotten.
    You will always live on.
    May God bless you through eternity.

  14. Only $100 a month for a vacation!!!! That will get him an all you can eat buffet, and 2 nights at the local Roach Coach Motel. They will have to bring their own movies to watch.

    • Instead of taking a vacation every month, a decent American son should be taking that 100 bucks a month and helping his parents with their laundry bill. It’s a shame they have to stay in hiding with all the death threats they get, while Fogen gets to go on monthly vacations.

      • Where is the “like” button?

      • He has been on a vacation since he walked out of that courtroom a year ago. Doesn’t try to get a job, goes on media tours in Miami Beach. Paints at his leisure, tweets, etc. we know from Sam’s TL that his favorite places are the beach and other water sites. Going on monthly vacations are not the actions of a person hiding in fear.

        • I think he thought his life would be one big fatazz vacation of selling paintings, celebrity fighting, lawsuits, maybe books and even movies. While it doesn’t make up for all the damage he’s caused, the fact that he can’t get a job, win lawsuits, sell paintings and claims to be broke doesn’t make me feel bad. What makes me feel better is knowing karma is not done with him.

          • towerflower

            Funny you mentioned movies, Arias and Anthony had movies made of them before the ink was dry on the verdict forms and poor Z, he is so toxic that no one will touch him or cares about his life.

  15. Perhaps a little off topic, but is it? Does anyone know of any radical anti-black group located in the Tampa/St. Pete area? The funding for Zimmerman’s life style comes from some outside source, unless he has a good printing press, so where is it coming from? But along with the where comes a simple why would anyone provide money for Zimmerman, what could be the motive? Could the money he has access to for expenses be tied to the free pass he received for the murder of Trayvon? This all goes back to the question of who and why was this individual protected from laws that apply to normal people… This is another one of the things about the Zimmerman clan that does not add up to realistic when you look at it closely…

    • So many possibilities…..

      A few commenters under the Orlando Sentinel article shared their speculations:,0,7683811.story

      • Yahtzee, Are divorce documents such as the income and expense statements filed with the court publically accessible in Florida? If I were a judge, a person claiming over $3000.00 in monthly expenses with no visible income would immediately cause a red flag to be raised in my mind. Some speculated that Zimmerman was on disability, if so then he would have negligible medical expenses since the government would be providing his medical care… This individual is receiving funds from some source, unknown to us. I asked about the Tampa/St. Pete area for several reasons, first remember the seat belt/ window tint incident, wasn’t that in the general area, second reason, his attorney is located in Tampa, a destitute individual would not have the financial resources to travel that far frequently to see his attorney, even by auto… Perhaps if someone would look at the past client history of the attorney we might get a hint at who is supporting Zimmerman and why? At some point, the truth about who and why the Zimmerman clan is so protected and provided for will come to the surface, and I don’t think it will come about intentionally, but will instead come out of a secondary incident… Time will tell, I hope I have enough time left to see it happen…

        • Good questions, crazy1946…..and I think you are right that only time will tell.

        • Crazy, the speeding, window tint incident happened in Brevard County…..on the opposite coast. This is where the Kel-Tec factory is located. It is also the county where MOM was going to appear for an award and they were going to raffle off a Kel-Tec. Brevard County has Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Titusville, Vierra, and the Space Center as the major cities/attractions.

          • towerflower, thank you for the correction, my ancient brain must have went into a fog bank… perhaps if I bang it hard enough against the rock wall of my cave it will come out of the fog bank? 😦

          • towerflower

            Crazy, no worries. I live in the Central Florida area so I remember quite a bit about these stories since they make the evening news, the papers, the national news, etc.

  16. @crazy1946

    speaking from personal experience, there is no possible way that gz is receiving federal disability. the waiting period of 1 year since disability plus the 3+ years of application and appeals process has not expired. with a legitimate disability, it took me over 4 years to receive SSDI and state disability only covers 6 months at about 2/3s of your previous income with no medical benefits. once the SSDI claim has been resolved, even if it is the favor of the applicant, there is another year long waiting period before medicare becomes available.

    on a personal note — this period was agonizing for me. not only was i unable to work, our family of 4 had to manage to make do with only 1 income and medical bills were beyond unmanageable. my children were quite young at the time, hell, at 40, i even considered myself to be young. there is no way we could have survived this without generous help from my folks and a handful of dear friends.

    i do not see any way possible that he has any income or medical benefits through the social security admin. even if he did, the benefits would be nowhere near 3k a month and i doubt that given his work experience that he has put in enough cash into social security for him to even be eligible. i was ‘fortunate’ to have had 25 years of work experience, some of it at relatively high paying jobs. we all know that gz does not meet that criteria.

    • fauxy,

      I would think if he has no job or income, that under Obamacare, he would not have the pay for anything for medical? Even if he is getting SSDI, which I don’t think he would be getting more than $800 a month, he still would qualify for free medical. I think he is a liar.

      • sorry to be late in responding — while it is possible that he enrolled in the federal market exchange, florida opted out of expanding medicare for the poor. i have no idea if he has health insurance or not. the only thing i can guarantee is that there is no possible way for him to be earning disability benefits (either state of federal) at this time and thus, he cannot possibly be receiving medicare as a disabled person.

    • I knew better before running my mouth about disability!! But it seems whatever he needs…..he gets it & LIES to the public!
      Towerflower….I can not believe you live in central Florida~~~ has anybody driven by Sams duplex to see if GZ’s pick up truck is even there? I don’t believe he is BROKE,HOMELESS,etc.Don’t you remember O’smeara TRYING to get him called “INDIGENT” right out of the gate KNOWING what he had! I listened to some of the jailhouse calls lastnight & O’smeara knew about the money & passport all along.
      What happened to all of that money that went to GZ’s sister & brother in law.I don’t even know how you can spend 100 grand(from painting maybe) in just about 6 months.But I also remember us discussing all the money they went thru in such a short time before! Its money that most people could easily live on for a year! He is not paying attorneys from his DUHFENSE FUND & never has! Such dumbasses sending him money.
      Thanks for the EVERLY BROS!! I love them.My 90 yr old Mom still has all of my old records & thinks they are hers for some reason!! I don’t argue!

      • “My 90 yr old Mom still has all of my old records & thinks they are hers for some reason!! I don’t argue!”

        So funny!

        Sweet daughter not to argue….but you must miss getting to listen to them.

        Does she still play them on a record player?

        • Oh Yahtzee!! Yes she does still listen to all of the big collection,turning the music up & still dancing!! Thank God she lives out in the country or we would be getting her out of jail for disturbing the peace! Her all time favorite is Elvis & she has a whole room of his stuff.She has an impersonator that she goes to see once a week & makes his scarves for him & of course he pays her.I no longer have a turntable,so for now if I want to listen to my old records,I just go to her house.She only lives about 12 miles from me.

          • I love it!!

            She has a young spirit! So beautiful! And, still dancing!!

            In the 90’s I bought a Technic turntable that has a needle that is attached to the plastic lid. When I turn it on, it scans over the entire record and returns lighting up the number of bands. Then, if I wish, I can select which songs on the LP I want to listen to. I can even select repeat to continuously repeat the songs I selected.

            I love the sixties music, especially the acoustic guitar ones. 🙂

      • Marilyn, Yes, it’s true. I live in the Central Florida area. I don’t live in the area where she lives and I’ve never driven by Sam’s duplex for 2 reasons. 1. I don’t have the address, even though they’ve announced it on TV several times. 2. I don’t care to ever encounter them. He lives in his own self-imposed jail and he can stay there.

        I’ve wondered what I would say to him if I had the unfortunate experience to ever encounter him. He would love to “brag” on twitter how a person would walk up and talk about their support of him and I’ve thought about what, as a non-supporter, I would tell him.

  17. I imagine that gz is missing his loving, sweet donors that at first “hugged” him with their thousands of dollars. His former big “loves” realize that he is a negative poster-boy for them. How lonely and “empty” he must feel.

  18. Good Morning Xena. Not sure where I should put this ….but just a bit ago GZ´s defamation case has been dismissed. As it should have been!

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