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George Zimmerman Won’t Be Charged In Wine-Bottle Incident

George Zimmerman’s girlfriend has recanted.

 “While it is clear that the officers had probable cause to arrest Mr. Zimmerman which was affirmed by the circuit court judge at initial appearances, the subsequent recantation by the victim of her initial statement along with new documents provided by the victim and her attorney precludes my office from proceeding further,” State Attorney Phil Archer said.”

Zimmerman, 31, was arrested earlier this month and charged with aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon.   Previously, Zimmerman was arrested on domestic violence charges involving another woman, and in that case, his girl friend recanted her story.

Zimmerman appears to connect himself with women who are too afraid to proceed on charges.


Here’s the body cam video of Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Brittany Brunelle, reporting what happened with Zimmerman.

Oddly enough, Jackie and I were discussing in the comment section how Zimmerman might use blackmail to control his victims.  Listen to Brittany and see that is exactly what he threatened to do to her unless she did what he wanted.


Waiting On More Information About George Zimmerman’s Arrest

Trayvon Martin - dptm pic

Yeah Trayvon. We see you smiling.

On Friday, George Zimmerman was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, and domestic violence involving a weapon.  We have since learned that the weapon was a wine bottle.

On February 26 , 2012, George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman called the police non emergency number reporting a suspicious person.  Travyon was returning from a convenience store, walking to Brandi Green’s house, where he and his dad were staying.   Trayvon was unarmed.

Zimmerman abandoned his rental townhouse that same night, and did not return to work thereafter.

It was not until April 2012 that Zimmerman was charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

The weekend before his arrest, George Zimmerman opened a website and requested financial donations to a legal defense fund.  After his arrest, the money began pouring in.  Via the jail house telephone, he instructed his wife Shellie on transferring the money and paying off their debts.  At a subsequent bond hearing, George Zimmerman sat in court like a “potted palm” while his wife denied knowledge of the money.  George also kept hidden that he had a valid passport in a safety deposit box.

By motion of the State’s Attorney, Zimmerman’s bond was revoked.  He had a subsequent bond hearing where Judge Lester stated that he believed that if it was not for the ankle bracelet, that Zimmerman would have left the country with other people’s money.  Shellie was charged with perjury.

Around December 2012, George, Shellie, and Mark O’Mara were sued by a security firm for breach of contract and failure to pay.

On July 13, 2013, a jury of six women acquitted George Zimmerman.  Following his acquittal, Shellie appeared in court and entered a plea agreement on the perjury charges.  She then announced that she filed for divorce. Read the rest of this entry

George Zimmerman Arrested Again

Hat Tip to Towerflower.

Yes – I checked to make sure this wasn’t his arrest from 2013.  I even went directly to the Sheriff’s website and entered his name to be sure.

Zimmerman Jan 2014

George Zimmerman’s mugshot. January 2015


George Zimmerman was arrested Friday evening and has been charged with Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence, involving a weapon.

There’s no news on it yet, however.

As soon as something is published, we’ll update it here.


Zimmerman Will Not Face Trial For Domestic Violence

ABC News has just reported that State Attorney Phil Archer in Seminole County said he will not prosecute George Zimmerman.  In a statement SA Archer stated that Samantha Scheibe’s decision not to cooperate and the lack of other corroborating evidence made a successful prosecution unlikely.

Zimmerman prison garb

George Zimmerman

Zimmerman was charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief following a Nov. 18 incident at the central Florida house he shared with Scheibe.

If he felt invincible after being acquitted for murdering Trayvon Martin, this should really make him take flight and commit more crimes without any consequences.  It should make Jayne Weintraub happy too, since her legal fees will not accumulate like those of Mark O’Mara and Don West.  Whatever money Frank Taaffe has collected from donations for Zimmerman, can now be used to feed him.

George Zimmerman’s Other Woman

No, not Samantha, but Kimberly Smith.  Christi O’Connor reports that George sent Kimberly voice mails starting 4 weeks after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Christi writes:

George’s communications are a chronological map to his increasingly hopeless thinking you’ll find concerning.

George was texting Kim last night as she was talking with O’Connor. Read the rest of this entry

Samantha Scheibe Wants To Get Back With Zimmerman

Hat tip to Towerflower.

Samantha Scheibe

Samantha Scheibe

Samantha Scheibe, George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, wants the “no contact” order revoked.  She wants to get back with George.

Zimmerman’s lawyer filed the motion, that included an affidavit by Samantha that she “may have misspoken about certain facts.”  She also says Zimmerman never pointed a gun “at or toward me.” Scheibe now says that she will not help the state prosecute Zimmerman. Read the rest of this entry

George Zimmerman’s Guns

CNN reports that according to documents filed Monday in the recent domestic violence case, a search of the home that George Zimmerman shared with his girlfriend uncovered 5 weapons;

3 handguns

a 12-gauge shotgun

an AR-15 rifle.

Read the rest of this entry

George Zimmerman Arrested

I am just getting the details together and will post it later, but wanted to open this up for comments.

George Zimmerman is being held without bond, with arraignment tomorrow, so this will continuously be updated.


Zimmerman new mugshot

George Zimmerman’s recent mugshot

Funny thing.  Someone asked yesterday how Zimmerman was living, and I replied that he was probably living with a woman.  That was true – until today.  Tonight, George Zimmerman is behind bars.

At 12:30 p.m. Monday, Deputies received a call from 27-year-old Samantha Scheibe.

George Zimmerman was arrested near the intersection of Topfield Court and Bonnie Drive in Apopka, FL. Read the rest of this entry

Shellie Zimmerman’s Parents Have 4 Houses in Foreclosure

Zimmerman house

House that George and Shellie rented

Based on docket sheet entries, after the verdict in George Zimmerman’s case, and while Shellie was awaiting trial in her perjury case, her parents were also going to court.

Shellie Zimmerman’s parents apparently invested in property that they rented.  Of the four foreclosure cases, three are rental property, and one is for their own residence. Read the rest of this entry

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