George Zimmerman Arrested

I am just getting the details together and will post it later, but wanted to open this up for comments.

George Zimmerman is being held without bond, with arraignment tomorrow, so this will continuously be updated.


Zimmerman new mugshot

George Zimmerman’s recent mugshot

Funny thing.  Someone asked yesterday how Zimmerman was living, and I replied that he was probably living with a woman.  That was true – until today.  Tonight, George Zimmerman is behind bars.

At 12:30 p.m. Monday, Deputies received a call from 27-year-old Samantha Scheibe.

George Zimmerman was arrested near the intersection of Topfield Court and Bonnie Drive in Apopka, FL.

Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said Monday during a news conference in Sanford that Zimmerman is charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief.

“The victim indicated she and George Zimmerman were having a verbal dispute, and at that time, she alleged that he had broken a table, and at one point, pointed a long-barrel shotgun at her,” said Lemma.  “He actually pushed her out of the front of the residence and barricaded the door with furniture.”


Zimmerman arrested at the home of his girlfriend

Deputies say Zimmerman put his girlfriend out of the house and barricaded the front door by wedging furniture against the door before officers arrived.  His girlfriend was outside the home and gave deputies a key to get inside.

(Didn’t Shellie also allege that George locked the front door of the house they shared while she was moving her belongings, causing her to run to the garage where he also tried closing the garage door on her?)

When deputies arrived, they were able to open to door and push away the furniture.   Lemma says once deputies got inside, Zimmerman did not resist and was not armed.  He says investigators hope to search the home for any weapons.

Zimmerman was transported and booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility.  He is being held on no-bond status.  The Sheriff’s Office is also requesting electronic monitoring, should Zimmerman be released.  They said this is an extra step that law enforcement requests in domestic battery cases.

George Zimmerman called 911 after the police arrived.  He told dispatch that his girlfriend is pregnant with their child.  To hear the recording of his 911 call, click here.

According to George Zimmerman, Samantha had asked him to leave her house and she was packing his things.  Orlando Sentinel reports that according to the police report, Samantha said when she told Zimmerman that she was calling the police, he pointed the shotgun at her “and asked her if she really wanted to do that.”

Hat tip to Yahtzee.  Click here for the recording of Samantha’s 911 call.

Interesting that Samantha told the dispatcher, “He knows how to do this.  He knows how to play the game.”

Let’s roll back time.  In September when the police were called by Shellie Zimmerman, Samantha Scheibe was present.  Kelly Sims, Shellie’s attorney, identified Samantha as George’s girlfriend, but there were reports that Wes, George’s bodyguard, and Samantha, said they were all simply friends who had known each other since they were children.  Now, George says differently. Today, Samantha told the dispatcher and she and George have been together since August.

According to Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for attorney Mark O’Mara,  “Mark O’Mara is not representing George Zimmerman in today’s matter,” won’t represent him in any other new criminal complaints and “as such, it is not appropriate for him to make any comment.”

Click here for a copy of the police arrest record.


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  1. One of the happiest days of my life!!


  2. Thank you god! I hope one day these racist people will see what he really did to trayvon


  3. I just read he got into a physical altercation because his girlfriend said she’s pregnant


    • In the 911 call when asked what made them start fighting, she tells dispatcher “Because I asked him to leave.”

      You can hear the 911 at the link I posted above.


  4. Jueseppi B.

    You must be so happy.


    • I am sorry, but while it is good that a violent man is arrested and off the streets to commit no more harm, this arrest of George Zimmerman is not very satisfying for me.

      The sign on the Seminole Court building is STILL flashing out the message that it is OKAY to PROFILE, PURSUE, and KILL our innocent Black youth. And, there are too many hateful racists and gun nuts who are bowing to that neon sign!

      Our society and our justice system is SILENT and letting this CONTINUE to be the message!

      ”Fools”, said I, “You do not know
      Silence like a CANCER GROWS.
      Hear my words that I might teach you.
      Take my arms that I might reach you.
      But my words, like silent raindrops fell
      And echoed
      In the wells of silence.


    • You know, Jueseppi, I have mixed feelings. It’s been like watching the George Zimmerman wreck since the events of February 26, 2012 were reported. He’s been living on 4 flat tires driving on fumes since day one, so we can only expect the worst for him. Have you ever met or watched someone who you just knew will continue doing wrong because the consequences do not change their life? George’s life has not gotten any better or with his wrongdoing because his conditions were always bad.


      • Jueseppi B.

        I have no mixed feelings at all. Once he goes to prison, and eventually he will go to somebody’s prison….he won’t last a month, he will pull an Ariel Castro and half justice will be served.


        • Jueseppi. While he was awaiting trial and depressed with being unemployed, homeless and broke, I thought that George might off himself, then figured he was too much of a coward.

          I agree — George Zimmerman will eventually go to prison.

          You know, yesterday I was researching about the former cop who killed Oscar Grant because the feds opened a civil rights investigation in 2010 to see if they could charge him. The only thing I found is that the investigation is still ongoing. So, 3 years is not unusual and there is another case that I reported here where the feds took 5 years before charging.


          • Jueseppi B.

            Feds move way too slow for my satisfaction. To hell with not wanting to step on local toes. If locals botch the job or misuse their power, the DOJ needs to do their J.O.B.


          • It does look like the feds move slow, but then, going undercover, recording and taping, takes time. 🙂

            You know, the feds seldom bring one charge with one count. They’ll throw mail fraud in just on GP.


        • I say we start the “Bubba” jokes again….


          • Jueseppi B.

            I say we start the Ariel Castro comparisons…somebody give George a sheet…not to wear…..


  5. Two sides to a story

    I’m reading various things about the alleged pregnancy – that she told GZ she is but really isn’t. Or that it’s a rumor started by the media. R JR is spinning about everything being exaggerated by the media – no pregnancy, no witnesses, no guns, he says, but the police arrested GZ and the three charges have probable cause, so let’s hope they stick!


  6. Tubby tells the 911 dispatcher that his gf is pregnant. She doesn’t say this.


  7. From the following link that SG2 provided (police report):

    On Monday, November 18, 2013, at 12:30 p.m., I, D/S Nick DiPrenda, along with D/S Johnny Roldan, responded to 1308 Topfield Court, Apopka, Seminole County, Florida, in reference to a disturbance. While enroute, the Caller, Samantha Scheibe, advised dispatch that George Zimmerman was breaking items inside the residence. Scheibe, then advised that Zimmerman had threatened her with a firearm, then pushed her out of the residence.

    Upon arrival, contact was made with the Caller/Victim, Samantha Scheibe, who was standing outside. Scheibe stated that she and Zimmerman had become involved in a verbal dispute, and that she had asked him to leave. Zimmerman began packing his items, which included a Shotgun and a AR Assault Rifle, which he placed in a single carry case. Scheibe stated that Zimmerman “cocked the shotgun” prior to placing it in the case. Scheibe then began to carry out other items belonging to Zimmerman, placing them in the living room, and also outside the residence. Zimmerman became upset, at which time he removed the Shotgun from the case. Scheibe then advised Zimmerman that she was calling the Police because she was nervous about why he pulled out the Shotgun.

    Zimmerman then pointed the Shotgun at Scheibe for a minute, and asked her if she really wanted to do that. Scheibe stepped back, at which time Zimmerman smashed a glass coffee table, belonging to Scheibe, with the butt of the Shotgun. Zimmerman then told Scheibe to leave the residence. Scheibe began to walk to the front of the residence, at which time, Zimmerman smashed a pair of sunglasses belonging to Scheibe. Scheibe further advised that Zimmerman then pushed her from the side, out the front door, and locked the door.

    Scheibe also advised that Zimmerman refused to exit the residence, that he would speak to Law Enforcement by phone.

    Scheibe provided a key to the front door, at which time, myself, along with D/S Roldan, attempted to gain entry into the residence. The front door, which was blocked by unknown items, was forced open to allow entry. Once inside, contact was made with Zimmerman, at which time he was removed from the residence, and placed in investigative detention.
    Scheibe provided a verbal statement in which she advised that she was not sure whether the shotgun was loaded or not when it was pointed at her, and she was concerned for her safety. Scheibe also advised that she did not give Zimmerman permission to strike her, or break her property, and expressed her desire for prosecution.


  8. omg omg omg, can’t even read all of this right now but I gotta tell ya, after a brutal 9 hour shift at my day job, this is exactly what I needed to get a 2nd wind for my next job.. HA HA *Mindy Me does the happy dance*



  9. This needed to be said.

    lurker commented on Open Thread.

    in response to masonblue:

    Can it now be said that, despite all verbiage from Robt jr, O’Mara and the gaggle over at the treehouse, the great threat to George Zimmerman comes not from the NBBP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the liberal media, Spike Lee or innumerable black youths armed with deadly concrete sidewalks? The one unyielding threat to George Zimmerman is George Zimmerman himself. He has a penchant for over-the-top behavior stemming from a controlling personality and uncontrolled temper. The fact that Southern Institutional Racism allowed him to skate on murder has only deepened his denial of his own problems, which, it would appear, are many.


  10. Like

  11. Like

  12. Samantha’s 911 call.


    • Here is what I have transcribed so far:

      SAMANTHA SCHEIBE’s 911 call:

      SAMANTHA: Are you serious!?

      DISPATCHER: 911. Do you need police fire or medical?

      SAMANTHA: I need police right now.

      DISPATCHER: Okay what’s your address?

      SAMANTHA: You’re breaking something in MY house!

      DISPATCHER: Ma’am. Ma’am. What’s going on?

      SAMANTHA: He’s in my house breaking all my shit because I asked him to leave. He has his freaking gun breaking all of my stuff right now.


      SAMANTHA: I’m doing this again?? You just broke my glass table, you just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the fuck out!! This is not your house. No, get out of here!

      DISPATCHER: Okay, Where is his weapon at?

      SAMANTHA: He just put it down.

      DISPATCHER: Okay, and this is

      SAMANTHA: No, get out of my house! Do not push me out of my house!! Please get out of my house. Are you serious right now? Are you kidding me!! You’re going to push me out of my house?and lock me out.

      DISPATCHER: Okay, you’re outside now?

      SAMANTHA: Yeah, he locked me out of my house.

      DISPATCHER: Okay. I’ve got units on the way. Is there some place safe that you can step away from?

      SAMANTHA: He has everything of mine inside.

      DISPATCHER: Okay. I need you…I want you to step away from the door. Okay. I don’t want you anywhere near him. I know you’re frustrated

      SAMANTHA: He knows how to do this. He knows how to play this game.

      DISPATCHER: I need you to calm down. Okay?

      SAMANTHA: I’m next door.

      DISPATHCHER: Okay. If I was facing the house, are you in the house to the left or to the right?

      SAMATHA: To the left. truck in my driveway

      DISPATCHER: Okay, what happened today, what made you guys start fighting?

      SAMANTHA: I asked him to leave.

      DISPATCHER: Okay. Has he been drinking or anything?

      SAMANTHA: mm mm {no}…….. I think he was (?) out front.

      DISPATCHER: What’s he wearing?

      SAMANTHA: uh….dark jeans and a uh gray t-shirt.

      DISPATCHER: Okay. What kind of gun did he have?


      • SAMANTHA: He has this…the gun that he just smashed on my (?) was the Kel-Tech, the shotgun.

        DISPATCHER: It’s a shotgun or or is it a handgun?

        SAMANTHA: It’s a shotgun.

        DISPATCHER: Does he have it with him now?

        SAMANTHA: Well, he’s in my house. He has all of his guns inside (?He’s just unloaded? shotgun and it’s AR)He took that case to smash my table and smashed my sunglasses and smashed whatever the hell else he’s smashing there right now while I’m outside.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. He had a shotgun…. an AR 15?

        SAMANTHA: Yeah, and two handguns. I have my house key.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. I want you to stay away from the house right now until we get there. We need to see the situation. Are you injured?

        SAMANTHA: No.

        DISPATCHER: Did he put his hands on you or anything?

        SAMANTHA: He pushed me (? something about her cellphone will die in a minute)

        DISPATCHER: Okay. Your phone’s breaking up. What happened?

        SAMANTHA: I said my battery’s at 10% so I know it’s dying here in a minute.

        DISPATCHER: Okay.

        SAMANTHA: He just pushed me out the door. That’s all he did.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. And, you just asked him to leave, and that’s what made him upset? How long has he been staying there with you?

        SAMANTHA: Awhile, we’ve been together since August.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. Is anybody else in the house.

        SAMANTHA: Nope.

        DISPATCHER: And, his truck is parked outside?

        SAMANTHA: mm huh. Next to my car.

        DISPATCHER: And, he went back inside the house?

        SAMANTHA: Yeah. The doors are locked, and he’s inside.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. And, you’re still at the neighbor’s house?

        SAMANTHA: No, I am sitting outside. I didn’t get the neighbors involved.

        DISPATCHER: No..I want you

        SAMANTHA: But, yes. I’m staying outside her house. It’s a duplex.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. Stay with me for just a moment. We’ve got 3 units on the way. Have you gotten (?) for awhile?

        SAMANTHA: No, not really

        DISPATCHER: I’m not trying to mind your business.

        SAMANTHA: No. I know this will just probably make public and I’d rather not.

        DISPATCHER: I’m sorry.

        SAMANTHA:No. Don’t be sorry.

        DISPATCHER: And, you’re sure you’re not injured. He just pushed you out?

        SAMANTHA: I’m positive. One cop’s pulling up right now.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. Go ahead and talk to the officers.

        SAMANTHA: No, he hasn’t stopped yet.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. Let me know when he see’s you.

        SAMANTHA: All right. He sees me…stopping at my house. But, I’m not walking over there yet.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. Just wait until he (?)

        SAMANTHA: I don’t hear anything, but I don’t think he got anything to lose at this point.

        DISPATCHER: Okay. Just wait for the officer to (?) They’re probably going to talk to him first (?) as best as we can and make sure that, you know, it stays as calm as it can.

        SAMANTHA: Okay.

        DISPATCHER: Thank you.

        SAMANTHA: Thank you.


  13. Sheriff’s press conference


  14. George Zimmerman is on “Suicide Watch” in jail.


  15. kindheart101

    Well let me see now………

    It seems from the age of around 8 years old, Fluffernut started showing his true colors.

    * He abused his cousin, blatantly, while under the covers in the presence of other family members. According to her this continued for years.

    * After listening to jail house audio tapes between he and his sister, I wondered what their relationship was also.

    * He was accused of violence by his former girlfriend, and was served with a restraining order.

    * He was accused of violence by his estranged wife, against both her and her father.

    * He is now accused again with violence against this girlfriend.

    * And, talking about anger issues. How about when he got mad at his own mother and turned off her electricity, and left her virtually in the dark ……tell ya anything?

    Well, let’s move on.

    * How about the (2) private security jobs he lost because of being too aggressive? HMMMMMM

    * Or, the woman who claimed he tossed her across the room?

    * How about the police officer he fought with when he wanted to card his buddy at the bar?

    Still moving along……

    * Education? Eight years led to what? It didn’t lead to a Degree! It led to knowledge of the “Stand your Ground Laws,” and enough knowledge for Fluffernut and Daddy to keep him out of jail!

    * One of his Professors said he spoke of, and taught, the Stand your Ground Law to the class. Z was in that class. The Professor said: “By Zimmerman’s submitted papers, he understood what was taught.” Yet on Hannity, Z said he never heard of the law.

    Then we have Murder.

    * All you have to do is look at many factors leading up to the night he murdered Trayvon.

    * Racism posted on his My Space page. Lies about mentoring little black children.

    * All of the calls he made about blacks in his neighborhood.

    * His (2) tattoos……(1) that is gang related, and the other that is the name of his cousin, that he sexually abused, over his heart! (vomit!)

    In closing.

    * This is one sick MF that respects NO ONE, is racist, a murderer, feels entitled to do whatever he pleases, disrespects all women, kicks animals, lies……………….and has enough knowledge from (8) failed years of school (and Daddy) to slip under the radar!


    Just since July this maniac has been stopped for (2) traffic violations, made a disgusting appearance at a gun factory, is accused of accosting his wife and her father, is now accused of accosting his girlfriend, and………..has acquired a shotgun, assault weapon, and God only knows how many other firearms!


    RIP Trayvon.


    • @kindheart101. It’s so good to see you and read your astounding history of “The Life of George Zimmerman.”

      It reminded me of an LLMPapa video.


      • kindheart101

        Love it Xena!

        I felt like Christmas had arrived early when I heard he was behind bars again.

        Justice for Trayvon is only a matter of time. 🙂

        (Congrats on the “Most Influential Blogger”)


        • @kindheart101. Trayvon is watching. Having Zimmerman convicted and sentenced would not have revealed things that we know now and that others have some reaping to do. When you’re in eternity, time doesn’t matter.

          (Congrats on the “Most Influential Blogger”)

          Thank you!!! Couldn’t have done it without everyone who posts comments here. You inspire me. There are two more nominations that I’ve not posted yet because I have to pass it on to other blogs first — am getting the list together.


    • Outstanding post, kindheart.

      (Good to see you, my friend.)


    • Kindheart, so good to see your fonts! Thanksgiving/Christmas all in one when I heard about the “z” arrested. Bit by bit he’s self destructing. The cousin’s description of who he was/is; was totally on spot. She told officials that he is capable of confrontation/racism and that people were afraid to come forth about him. Remember she also mentioned that there was another family member but she wouldn’t reveal their name and had hoped that they would come forth with their information. The phone conversation between he/sister sounded like boundary discretion between them. Eerie.
      You mentioned Xena’s achievement of “Most Influential site”, Xena provides a whole lot of knowledge/inspiration/motivation for me. Kudo’s to Xena!



  16. LLMPapa has a new one!


  17. Hi My Dear Xena!!! Can this mean some prayers were answered? PLEASE tell me that some or all of these charges will STICK?? I had just read a few days ago where there was not enough evidence to charge him when the I Pad came back from being inspected.Could ANY of this help in that case at all? I am just so tired of him FLIPPING the SCRIPT on everything he does & gets away with it.I even saw that damn Frank Taffe idiot on TV singing the same song.Its ALL THE MEDIA’s FAULT & this woman LYING!! REALLY?? Give me a break! Thank You for posting all of this in one nice spot because I have had to read all over the internet.Now I can go back over it for a second time in case I missed something.GREAT JOB Honey…as USUAL!!


    • @Marilyn C. Always good to see you!

      I didn’t hear the news about Zimmerman’s arrest until 5 p.m. this evening and things have been happening quickly. I took a break to watch AC360 because he was having something about the arrest on his program, and fell asleep and didn’t see it. 🙂

      Arraignment is tomorrow. We’ll know whether Zimmerman is granted bail and probably too whether he will be appointed a public defender.


  18. I can see him playing a victim card dealing with the pregnancy story……with it going something like this……..”She told me she was pregnant! (holding back a fake tear), How could she lie to me like that? (sniff, sniff), Everyone knows how much I wanted to be a father and that I love my kids even if they haven’t been born yet! (in ref. to Hannity interview, more sniff, sniffs); how could she lie like that! I’m so devastated! (maybe that’s the reason he was placed on suicide watch)”

    He needs a new twist to his old story of always being assaulted first. Hopefully his luck has finally run out.


    • Ha! Great post, tower flower!


    • By golly, maybe even Seminole County LE folks are starting to notice a pattern in his stories! Who’d a thunk we’d witness THAT in our lifetimes?


    • Maybe she was pregnant — until she kept that appointment because she decided to put him out.


      • I was thinking the same thing but feared offending people, including our hostess.

        But maybe Florida does still have a couple of clinics operating (which would be more than my state [NC] at this point, I believe). So even if she is pregnant, she might not be for long – and maybe she did tell LiarKing that she’d “take care” of the kid on her own and he needed to just get his useless fat a$$ out of her house and life!


    • @towerflower. Absolutely!

      Zimmerman called the police on Trayvon, then used the call as a good will alibi. He called the police this time after they arrived to the house to give an alibi. When the dispatcher didn’t worship him, he postured the police as being mad because they were knocking on the door and windows. Watch him lie down the road and say he barricaded the door because the police were mad and not to keep his girlfriend out.


      • Hi Xena, he could also claim that he “had” to barricade it to keep her out while he packs the rest of his belongings. Since he’s going with the theme that she went crazy. This dude has turned the tables in all his affairs and manages to weasel out every conflict he creates.


        • @Peni4yothot. George is likely to tell every lie under the sun, but it’s my impression that the cops saw something giving them evidence to arrest him, or it would have been a he said, she said situation like it was in Sept. with Shellie.


          • peni4yothots

            Samantha told them about him choking her last week and having to sort through a barricade may be all they needed.
            ‘It’s all about the planet being his” psychologist (Jeff) on Al Sharpton describing fogens psyche. From rage to calm “Flat affect” not connecting with the world in a socially appropriate way. Manipulating the situation, doesn’t accept the reality of the world. Slowly unraveling Similar to a chameleon a changing personality. WOW, this guy is a danger and meds alone can’t help.
            He did the same with Trayvon, murdered and had normal vital signs. They need to watch that sociopathic closely.

            Congrats for most influential site and thanks for being here for us!


          • @peni4yothots. That psychologist hit the proverbial nail on the head, didn’t he?

            Congrats for most influential site and thanks for being here for us!

            Thank you, and thanks also for contributing your comments and supporting justice for Trayvon. No matter what other issues or subjects may be posted here, we were brought together because of our love for an innocent 17 year old who was murdered on a dark, cold, rainy night by George Zimmerman.


  19. We need to support the woman until she actually testifies against him. Do you think it might be in her interest if we don’t make this high profile for her sake in case he gets off again?


    • Hi CarolMae. I think that the woman knew this would be public because she said that to the dispatcher. She did the right thing to call the cops, and I’m pretty sure was doing the right thing by putting George out. I only wish she would have known better than to get involved with a married man and especially, George Zimmerman.


  20. Gag…..Taffee was on Nancy Grace talking about how the press hounds him and he was and is the victim—–in this case and every other one.


  21. Well, the press didn’t hound him on this one…….Freaking Frank the racist tank Taaffe called them to get his vile shit heard.


  22. George Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Samantha Scheibe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


  23. Raw video: Chopper 2 over the home where Zimmerman was arrested
    UPDATED 5:46 PM EST Nov 18, 2013

    Read more:

    You can check out videos at bottom of page.


  24. OK, Xena. My equal opportunity beliefs suggest that I post something here that I’ve already posted on the Leatherman blog. It’s hard to imagine why any woman would embark on a personal relationship with GZ. Tonight, I stumbled onto a web site where a guy (Michael George) struggles with the question of what kind of woman would date him. He doesn’t offer any definitive answer, of course. But he does post a very funny picture that speaks a thousand words.

    And on this note, I’ll say Goodnight….


  25. Like

    • Personally, I’d like to see a whole lot more than 3 years.
      (But if he’d be banned from gun ownership or possession for life, I’d be very delighted.)


  26. While George Zimmerman was getting thrown out of the house, breaking furniture, putting his girlfriend out and barricading the front door, Sybrina Fulton was speaking at Harvard Law School.


    • Isn’t that exactly what we could foresee from the first time we heard of Trayvon Martin and George What’s-His-Name … let me think … it’s partly an oxymoron….

      Hmmm, maybe I’ll remember later, but I hope not!


  27. So he did buy the Kel Tec 9 shotgun and had several other weapons as well.

    If I recall from domestic violence reading, if he’s released anytime soon, his next move would
    be to go back and have a confrontation with her, where in his rage he’s likely to kill again. I hope that won’t be the outcome in this case, but it is that way in many other DV cases.

    Perhaps this time they’ll put him away, they don’t need to risk another fiasco.


  28. No offense meant, but this is a far, far cry from “justice for Trayvon Martin.” That would have involved a timely arrest for an unnecessary killing of an unarmed minor, followed by an adequate investigation, then charges preferred by a local prosecutor and a fair trial before an impartial jury, whatever the verdict. And it’s unlikely that two million people would have needed to bear witness (and organize peaceful protests and petition drives) to that, present company included.

    Absent that, all we have seen is shame and tragedy compounded by travesty. And I’ll count some small measure of “satisfaction” if and when this loser is truly off the streets and in prison, not before. But even that is unlikely to be “justice.”


    • x2


    • No, in a way I see it for “justice for TM”, in the way that every time this person loses it and gets the cops called on him, it helps prove what we have all been saying all along. While he didn’t see justice through the verdict, we might see it down the road when he is finally held accountable for his actions.


  29. What a “COOKED GOOSE” caller to 911 sounds like:

    George Zimmerman’s 911 Call –

    George: Police.

    DISPATCHER: What’s the address?

    George: Um…(blocked) Yes.

    DISPATCHER: What’s your name, sir?

    George: (answer blocked)

    DISPATCHER: Okay. What’s going on there?

    George: My (?) girlfriend had uh, for the lack of a better word, gone crazy again.

    DISPATCHER: Your girlfriend?

    George: Yes.

    DISPATCHER: Okay. Where’s she now?

    George: Outside, with the police.

    DISPATCHER: Okay. The police is already there and…so why you calling? What happened?

    George: uh..I just want…everyone to know the truth.

    DISPATCHER: Okay. The officers can speak with you on scene.
    (KNOCKING on door in background.) Have you spoken with them?

    George: No. But they’re pretty upset I think.

    DISPATCHER: The officers are upset?

    George: Yeah, they’re banging on the door and the window.

    DISPATCHER: You’re not going to speak with them?

    George: I don’t have anything to say.

    DISPATCHER: Okay. Hold on one moment. I’m getting the information to the officer.


  30. Sharon Burney

    As a black woman, while not surprised that his true character continues to glare disrespectfully to mankind, it hurts to know that he was arrested immediately under these circumstances. The fact that justice moves swiftly if you are blonde with blue eyes and not at all if you are not, hurts to the core. It is a sad commentary on race relations in this country that it took protests and many months to get him arrested for murdering a young black teen, unprovoked, with witnesses, co- conspirators, and the backing of the police, legislature and judicial system that stood by watched, condoned and lied to support a modern day lynching of a young boy accused of being black.


    • Thank you, Sharon, for posting your excellent comment of TRUTH!


    • You are right Sharon, and it hurts me too. I’m hoping though that through this incident, perhaps people will start to see that. While it doesn’t make up for what was done to Trayvon, hopefully it will be a start.


    • Sharon…As a White Grandma my happiness was short lived because of what you said.My thoughts went straight to that Precious Child Trayvon & how we had to sign petitions,etc just for an arrest.This broke my heart into pieces.That is why we have to continue to work together to get things changed.Joined together we can do it.I shook hands with Kennedy on the day of his death & I don’t think he would be too happy with the way things STILL are today.


  31. George Zimmerman’s new lawyer: My client is doing ‘as well as can be expected’

    “The public defender’s office is handling George Zimmerman’s new domestic violence case.”,0,2347648.story


  32. Maybe, IF gz’s hearing is broadcast, WESH might have it. Here is a link to their live page:


  33. 9,000 bond, no contact with victim, no guns!


  34. doesn’t know where his passport is, but no travel outside US.


  35. he is fighting about wanting to go to the house himself to retrieve his belongings, court won’t budge….only a 3rd party with law enforcement can go to the home.


  36. New charge of assault came up where a week ago he physically attacked her and tried to strangle her.


  37. suicide watch was because he made claims to her–he did this with his ex fiancée too.


  38. must wear GPS tracking device.


  39. towerflower

    One minute the attorney for him claimed that he has close ties to the community and then when they don’t want a 3rd party to collect his belongings they claim he doesn’t have anyone to rely on to do this. So which is it Mr. Attorney? Wish the judge had picked that up.


  40. What a nice judge, to waive the cost for the ankle bracelet because George is indigent. *rolls my eyes*

    I wonder who will step up now with money to help him pay his bills, er I mean to not pay his bills.


    • @mindyme62. That ankle bracelet had George’s name on it, just waiting for him to return to claim it. LOL!


      • Right?? I wonder if he does the ‘suicide watch’ thing to avoid being in general population while he’s in jail?


        • towerflower

          No they did it because the girlfriend claimed that he threatened suicide. He did that with his ex fiancée also.


  41. towerflower

    Channel 6 here also reported that Shellie was finally able to serve him with the divorce papers. He was served at the jail.


  42. Good evening everyone. Had some problems getting my email today after sleeping all day long. (I missed everything.) Thanks for keeping things up-to-date. I’m going to catch up now.


  43. Y’all have probably seen this already, GZ leaving jail. Wonder who that is with him….


    • @mindyme62. I wonder too. Maybe the bondsman?

      The article said that Zimmerman’s family raised the bond money.

      Remember at trial that Mark Osterman said all proceeds from his book go into a Trust for George so he would have money after trial? Well, Osterman didn’t sell many books, did he? 🙂


  44. MSNBC, Politics Nation with Rev. Al Sharpton on now (5:54 CST) has psychologist coming on to discuss who is George Zimmerman.


  45. Juror B29 — who identifies herself as Maddy — tells TMZ, she always had a bad feeling about Zimmerman, despite finding him not guilty of murdering Trayvon … a verdict she begrudgingly reached through a strict interpretation of the law.

    Now, she says Zimmerman’s domestic violence arrest is proof he’s not freedom-worthy … “God is showing George’s true side … [George] is continuing to dig himself a bigger grave.”

    Read more:


    • roderick2012

      Maddy needs to keep her ignorant trap shut and have several seats.


      • @roderick2012. Donations to Maddy are still $685. Guy who offered her a job donated $575 of that. Taaffe used more to bail Zimmerman out than donations to her. That should cause Maddy to see that she was used, abused, and Zimmerman supporters don’t care.


  46. Like

    • That’s an impossible debt to pay off !

      How was he able to continue to incur such a debt?

      How did O’Mara and West allow it?


      • @Yahtzee. A good portion of the $2.5 million are legal fees and costs. Either O’Mara didn’t file the claim to have the State pay Zimmerman’s fees and costs, or he filed it and it was denied. I think they got their fill with George.


  47. Like

  48. towerflower

    Makes you wonder doesn’t it? MOM had that site showing the accounting for his defense and they kept making their needed monthly obligations. The only thing I was aware of was not paying his attorneys and the security firm.

    But $2.5Million? How does one get that far into debt in such a short period of time? He claims he has only $400 to his name and no truck. I wonder who owns his truck?


    • @towerflower. O’Mara and West are apparently not men of their word. They took on representing George pro bono. While they could look to George to cover costs, they should not look to have legal fees paid.

      The truck? The finance company owns the truck until it’s paid for. Maybe George says he no longer has it because the finance company has been looking for it to repossess — and now they know where to find it.


      • roderick2012

        O’Mara and West are apparently not men of their word. They took on representing George pro bono.

        I was guessing that Piglet owes each one $1 million and the rest was the debt he and Shellie ran up while they were together.

        I have no idea why they are charging George anything because he has no assets unless they are putting a ‘lien’ on any potential settlement from suing NBC.


        • @roderick2012.

          I have no idea why they are charging George anything because he has no assets unless they are putting a ‘lien’ on any potential settlement from suing NBC.

          Yeah, as well as liens on any profits from future publication or movie rights.


  49. towerflower

    Taffe is saying the girlfriend was in cahoots with Shellie who was in cahoots with the media to do him in. Saying that they are all bad women. What a joke.


    • @towerflower. I just watched Nancy Grace and heard Taaffe’s conspiracy theory. I hope George is living with him now. If so, we should see who goes to the hospital or is removed from Taaffe’s house in a body bag. Both are violent men with anger management problems.


  50. Via Nancy Grace. Frank Taaffe posted Zimmerman’s bond. He is now on smear campaign against Samantha.


  51. Will we have to go through this again? —


  52. Dedicated to Shellie and Samantha.


  53. Zimmerman’s Affidavit of Indigency. Has also been uploaded under “Documents” on the right-hand menu.

    Click to access affidavit_of_indigency.pdf


  54. Like

  55. (Administrators note:)
    The video players from news sites do not operate in Word Press.


  56. George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, described Zimmerman as alone, depressed and fascinated by guns in the days after after his acquittal on charges in connection with the death of Trayvon Martin.George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, described Zimmerman as alone, depressed and fascinated by guns in the days after after his acquittal on charges in connection with the death of Trayvon Martin.Scheibe and her mother, Hope Mason, spoke with Local 6 on and off through text messages and phone calls over the past three weeks as they talked about participating in an on camera interview aboutScheibe’s relationship with Zimmerman.That interview never materialized, but the conversations provided extensive details about the couple’s relationship and Zimmerman’s life after the verdict.Scheibe first entered the public eye as the mystery blonde seen in news helicopter video consoling George Zimmerman after that infamous iPad incident with his wife, Shellie.By the time of that September incident, Shellie had filed for divorce, and George Zimmerman had started dating Scheibe. Zimmerman eventually moved into her home.But soon, Scheibe said her relationship with Zimmerman decayed as he fought bouts of depression. She said she feared him, but said she stayed with him because she thought she could help him.By the end of October, Scheibe said she demanded that Zimmerman get professional help for depression. She claims that in response, Zimmerman moved all of her furniture, clothes and food out of her Seminole County home.“She’s scared is the bottom line,” Scheibe’s mother, Mason, wrote in a text message.Scheibe and her mother started to seek interviews with national media outlets. Mason said she hoped by Scheibe doing the interview, she would force Zimmerman to get help – and the attention would keep Scheibe safe.“Things have gotten hotter on her end. He has shown up two times already today to her house, so we need to make a move sooner than later so she stays safe,” Mason wrote in a text message.But soon after, Scheibe said she and Zimmerman apologized to one another, and he moved the furniture back in.But Scheibe said the relationship continued to be volatile. She said at times she feared for her life, and other times “everything was fine.”After one argument with Zimmerman, Scheibe said she went to her mother’s house to get away from him.While there, Mason said Scheibe’s daughter received a text message from George Zimmerman. Mason said that message was a still image from an intimate home video of Scheibe and Zimmerman.“He’s now threatened her in writing and even sent a portion of the video to her baby girl,” Mason wrote in a text message.But still Scheibe stayed with Zimmerman and the couple reunited.Just last Thursday, Mason was still seeking a national interview. But this time she was promising both George Zimmerman and Samantha Scheibe.That interview never happened, and just four days later, Scheibe called 911 saying Zimmerman had threatened with a gun.THE RELATIONSHIPSamantha Scheibe’s mother says her daughter did not hunt down George Zimmerman to create a relationship with the man found “not guilty” in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.Scheibe said she first met Zimmerman more than 12 years ago when she was in her late teens — before Zimmerman was married to Shellie. Scheibe says they dated for a short time.Even though their relationship didn’t work out at that time, Scheibe says she was a constant friend to George — and to Shellie — throughout their marriage.When the relationship between George and Shellie started to sour, Scheibe says she stepped in to “be there” for George as a friend, and it was during that time a romance began to kindle.She echoed a sentiment about Zimmerman that many testified about during his trial: George was a nice, warm man and would help you with whatever you needed help with.He was “Georgie,” she saidTRAYVON MARTIN SHOOTINGScheibe says George and Shellie’s relationship had soured by February 2012.On February 26 — the night of the shooting — she says Shellie and George had gotten into a heated argument. Shellie had left to spend the night elsewhere, and that’s why she wasn’t home when the shooting happened.Talk of divorce had already started, she says.THE TRIALDuring his murder trial, George and Shellie shared a home owned by Shellie’s parents in Lake Mary.While they arrived and departed the courthouse together everyday, Schiebe says they were not “a couple,” in the traditional sense. Shellie and George were living very separate lives, not speaking much even though they continued to live together, she says.Even though his parents testified on his behalf during the trial, George didn’t speak much with his parents, she says.AFTER THE VERDICTScheibe says after the jury returned a “not guilty” verdict on all charges stemming from the shooting of Trayvon Martin, George began to change.When the media fervor surrounding him went away, she and her mother say Zimmerman spiraled into what she calls a very deep depression. She said doctors prescribed medication to help him with the bouts of sadness and despair he was feeling, but he got to a point where he stopped taking it.She says George would spend days in bed, refusing to get up and refusing to take his medication. She claims the depression got worse.Scheibe says there was time when she walked into his bedroom, and she saw an empty bottle of sleeping pills on his sidetable. She claims he overdosed. She wasn’t able to revive him and watched his breathing.When he finally did wake up, he started crying and eventually put a gun inside his mouth, telling her he was ready to end it all. She says she talked him out of it.Scheibe says Zimmerman threatened to take his own life on more than one occasion, and she says the threats seem to come about when he was not one of the news headlines.She says she believes Zimmerman enjoyed the attention he was getting in the news, while also knowing he wasn’t able to carve out a “normal existence” if he was always a headline.Also after the verdict, Scheibe said Zimmerman formed an inseparable bond with his dog, Oso. Zimmerman wouldn’t go anywhere Oso couldn’t go at a moment’s notice, which is why he drove virtually everywhere he went, including Texas, where he again made headlines after being pulled over in a traffic stop by police.FIGHT WITH SHELLIEGeorge’s televised fight with his estranged wife Shellie happened on Sept. 9, 2013, at a home they had rented from her mother, Machelle Dean.Scheibe says she and Zimmerman had spent the morning at Kel Tec, a gun manufacturer in Cocoa. On their way back to the Orlando area, Scheibe says Zimmerman accessed the home surveillance cameras at the Lake Mary home belonging to her mother using an app on his phone. She says he saw Shellie was moving her things out, but she says she also say him moving things that belonged to him.That’s when they drove to the house, and the fight escalated, Scheibe said.Scheibe says she watched as Shellie hit George over the head repeatedly with her iPad. That’s when she said George took the iPad away from her, broke it over his knee and threw it to the ground.Scheibe claims George did have a gun on him that day, and it wasn’t in the trunk of his car.Scheibe refused to give police a statement that day, as reflected in the police report obtained by Local 6.No charges were ever filed, and the case was closed.ZIMMERMAN’S VERSION OF EVENTSAt his first appearance Tuesday on charges connected to the alleged domestic violence incident with Scheibe, Zimmerman’s lawyers said the first they had heard about the allegations that Zimmerman had suicidal thoughts was at the hearing.“I do not know if it’s true or not,” Jeff Dowdy of the Seminole County Public Defender’s Office said in response to a reporter’s question about Zimmerman’s alleged suicidal thoughts.In his 911 call during the Monday incident with Scheibe, Zimmerman said, Scheibe had “gone crazy on me.”Zimmerman told the dispatcher that he believed Scheibe was pregnant with their child. Seminole County Sheriff’s officials say Scheibe is not pregnant.Zimmerman said Scheibe was the one who smashed things in the house during the argument. “I guess she thought I was going to argue with her. But she’s pregnant. I’m not going to put her through that kind of stress,” Zimmerman saidInterview Samantha did with local 6


    • In other words, George Zimmerman is haunted day and night for killing an innocent, unarmed kid and lying about it. Trayvon is in eternity, but George is in a living hell of his own making.


  57. I despise this man… so from the interview Samantha gave local 6 we learn gorge only wanted to kill himself when the spotlight on him started to dissipate, and when he was no longer a headline in the news…what an attention whore and narcissist! I believe this man is a sociopath, with a personality disorder.


    • I don’t understand why they (Shellie and Samantha) find they have to give interviews with the news.


  58. In Martin death, attorney general says govt will soon announce whether to charge Zimmerman


    • willisnewton

      Read the wash post original story – they quote anonymous sources as saying charges are very unlikely to be filed given that racially motivated crimes would be difficult to prove on this case.

      It’s my strong impression that GZ never told anyone the whole truth about how he stalked the teen from the mail kiosk, following him with his moving car before trayvon ran off the roadway (twin trees lane) on fear and entree the cut through/ do walk area. This activity can and has been proven to have occurred; and had it been shown in court his guilt would have been established that this was not a justifiable homicide but rather the end result of an aggressive illegal stalking on George’s part. But proving it was solely motivated by racial animosity is an ardous and relatively impossible task absent a credible confession or taped admission of guilt.

      I’ll not speculate whether his suicidal impulses are chemical or guilt related, but a normal person in his shoes should feel remorse for murdering an unarmed teen and getting away with it based on obvious lies. My feelings are he’s a narcissist more than an outright sociopath, although he’s clearly a bit of both.


  59. Beginning at Timestamp 4:07

    “Michelle Alexander: “Zimmerman Mindset” Endangers Young Black”

    We speak with Michelle Alexander, a law professor at Ohio State University and author of the best-selling book, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.”

    Alexander says the biases that led to Martin’s death and let his killer go free are deeply embedded in U.S. society and in the criminal justice system itself: “The [Zimmerman mindset] that views black men and boys as a perpetual problem to be dealt with has infected our criminal justice system, infected our schools, has infected our politics in ways that have had disastrous consequences, birthing a prison system unprecedented in world history, and stripping millions of people of basic civil and human rights once they have been branded criminals and felons. It’s this mindset that some of us defined largely by race and class are unworthy of our basic care and concern and to be dealt with harshly, written off with impunity.”

    Begin at timestamp 4:07


  60. towerflower

    I put this over at the Professor’s site:

    Something just occurred to me and got me thinking. There has been some speculation that forgen is suffering from PTSD, even Samantha talks about his depression. It has come up on the HLN shows and even Taffee says this.

    Now why wouldn’t a man who suffered from PTSD get the mental health that he needs? The answer is if he does and the diagnosis comes up as PTSD then he would lose the ability to have his concealed license and he could never buy another gun. PTSD falls into being “mentally defective”. I believe he is well aware of this and as such refuses to be seen by a doctor.


    • @towerflower. You’re right on about George Zimmerman’s reason for not wanting a professional diagnosis for PTSD. However, if he is PTSD, it’s only because he could not talk his way out of being arrested and tried for murder. Other defendants go through the same process. Looking at George’s inability to provide for his basic needs, he would have been better off in jail while awaiting trial. Just imagine the money that would have saved in his defense fund.

      So the question is, what benefit was George served by being out on bail? What was he really free to do other than start an extra marital affair? Use the internet? Gain over 100 lbs.?


      • towerflower

        The one thing I would love to hear him or MOM explain is even though he tried a couple of times to have his bail modified to leave the confines of Seminole County and the state of Florida out of fear of his life; he stayed here and was even arrested in the same county he was confined to.


        • At the hearing to modify conditions of bond, O’Mara gave one reason as George would be able to leave Seminole County in order to work. Funny — he’s been able to go anywhere he pleases since July 14, 2013, but doesn’t have a job.


    • Omg I never thought of that! He probably does know this


  61. He thought he was invincible, yes? I guess he gotten more than a reality check because no bail was set, correct? Goes to show how he bullies others and demand respect, something police don’t even get much of anymore. His life will continuously be upside down. I bet the truth about Trayvon may come out during this trial.


    • Hey Brian!! He made bail yesterday — Frank Taaffe bailed him out.

      I bet the truth about Trayvon may come out during this trial.

      Don’t know, unless Sam testifies how George shows no remorse giving reason for why he would kill again.


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