George Zimmerman Arrested Again

Hat Tip to Towerflower.

Yes – I checked to make sure this wasn’t his arrest from 2013.  I even went directly to the Sheriff’s website and entered his name to be sure.

Zimmerman Jan 2014

George Zimmerman’s mugshot. January 2015


George Zimmerman was arrested Friday evening and has been charged with Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence, involving a weapon.

There’s no news on it yet, however.

As soon as something is published, we’ll update it here.


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  1. Well, I hope they lock him away.
    This is crazy.
    If this idiot isn’t a threat to society, then no one is!
    Thanks Xena

    • Lolypop,
      And just to think I was going to bed when towerflower’s comment came via email notification.

      Zimmerman is toxic. We’ve said that from the beginning.

      • Right Xena.
        He should have never gotten away with murdering Trayvon.
        6 women listened to his BS and lies and set him free.

        • Yet the Ice Cream Man says he is “unlucky with the ladies.” What a disgusting public statement to make. He should be taken to task for saying something so vile.

        • Lolypop,

          6 women listened to his BS and lies and set him free.

          It is my opinion, and I stand on it, that 5 women listened to the BS and lies of Juror B37, whose job was to lead them to acquit. I was convinced of that after watching and listening to O’Mara’s voir dire of Juror B37. It was confirmed for me after reading Lisa Bloom’s interview of Maddy.

          • I think that B37 should be charged with juror misconduct and sent to prison,
            along with the prosecutors and gz.
            This is just so unjustice.
            I’m still mad. Every time I see gz’s mug shots after he got away with murder.
            You think he dates B37?

            • Juror B37 is married to a lawyer. I think that when she received the summons for jury duty, and her husband connected with O’Mara.

            • REALLY??? Shouldn’t she have been disqualified?
              I didn’t think that was legal.

            • Lolypop,
              It’s the same juror who called peaceful protests “riots.” Many have asked how she got on the jury. I do remember that when prosecutors objected to her, O’Mara raised the argument that they were objecting to White females. Judge Nelson noted that the majority of those summoned for jury duty were White females, and if I remember correctly, she allowed the seating of Juror B37.

            • That shouldn’t be legal.

            • Lolypop,
              There are many things I question about that trial. The real harm came when the jury had a question about manslaughter. The judge and attorneys asked for a more specific question and rather than the jury foreperson doing that, they voted for acquittal instead. No jury should enter a decision if they don’t understand the law. The other harm came when Judge Nelson would not allow the initial aggressor portion of self-defense law in jury instructions.

            • No wonder I don’t trust the justice system.
              If ever I would have been asked to be a juror, they would have gotten an ear full before deciding to use me.

            • I’ve never been summoned for jury duty. Don’t know why. Depending on the type of case, I would love to sit as a juror, specifically if a civil case. Who would get an ear full from me would be other members of the jury as we deliberate. 🙂

            • And LOVE every minute of it!!! : )

  2. What do you wanna bet that he called 911 again so “his side” of the story is released.

  3. i just got up for no reason & checked twitter for No reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg please sock it to em until feds get his ass!!


    • Hey Shannon. I was getting ready to log-off and go to bed when I heard the email ding and saw that it was an email notification from towerflower. Since she’s an author here, I didn’t want to miss anything important that she might have sent. I’m glad that I took that moment because she provided the link to the jail inmates.

      I wonder who he committed domestic violence against this time?

      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, Domestic Violence, could be his parents, brother, current female friend or even Shelly. One good thing regardless, there goes his concealed carry permit, poor baby will have to fight people smaller than him with his own hands now instead of his metal male parts… I don’t think he will escape justice on this felony charge, hopefully the judge will remember the mandatory sentence called for when a gun is used in a felony…

        • Hey Mothman! I was just thinking about you. Good to see your fonts.

          I need to catch up on comments and the news. It looks as if nothing is yet reported on who he assaulted. My first thought was that it could be junior.

  4. And no bail… I can not wait to hear the details!!

    • The no bail is because he hasn’t had a bond hearing yet. That is scheduled for later today. A prosecutor will go before a judge and request a bail amount or no bail. George will be asked if he can afford a lawyer and if not, a public defender will be appointed. He will probably be in jail all weekend because I doubt that Frank Taaffe will bail him out like he did in 2013.

      I can’t wait to hear the details either. 🙂

      • crustyolemothman

        He is accused of Aggravated Assault with a weapon (gun?), which should be a felony. Did you notice that he was arrested in Lake Mary, the town he more or less insulted the Police Chief? He won’t simply walk away from this one, he picked the wrong place to commit the crime this time! Karma wins every time…

        • crustyolemothman

          Whoops, I forgot to add that it was Domestic Violence/Aggravated Assault with a weapon. My brain was quicker than my fingers once again or was it simply brain fade? Or perhaps my coffee is too weak? Or…

        • crusty….yes, it is a felony. They most likely confiscated his guns, like they did in the last DV charge. It will take a conviction on a felony or the DV conviction to permanently take away his Concealed license.

          • crustyolemothman

            Hopefully this new case will lead to a conviction. Even if he does not serve time in prison for the charge, if convicted, he will lose his right to carry or own and that to him will be a huge life changer. If that happens his next charge will be a federal charge of possession of a fire arm by a felon. Karma at work!

      • YEA! But what about his parents? Wonder if they are fed up with him as well. I can hear the song in my head.
        “Money, money money,” Don’t ask.

        • His parents are the ones who lied right along with Fogen and they are complicit in Fogen’s crime! They assisted their son in the murder of Trayvon Martin by helping their son walk away free for the murder of Trayvon Martin, an innocent kid who’s only crime, was crossing paths with this psycho devil. Fogen’s parents slanderized Trayvon Martin’s character, his memory, his parents and black people in general!! I hope they and all of their friends are miserable and tormented for the rest of their lives! They raised that POS despicable creature, that they call a son!

  5. Oh happy day! Fogen arrested again! woke up this morning to such good news! It was only a matter of time before his psychotic ass got in trouble again! He is a menace and a danger to society. He will kill again, mark my word!!

  6. HAHAHA Just work up. checked twitter saw oh Z got it again….. had to run over here. (PANTING) to see of you have all the news. NOPE. Now I have to go to work and must check back later ugh. This is great. Only if anything happens to him this time.

  7. I hope the jury that set this psycho free are able to sleep peacefully .

  8. Dreamer9177

    Zimmerman proved that he is a danger to society when he murdered Trayvon Martin. Of course, until he kills someone WHITE, nothing will be done to this piece of shit!

    • Dreamer9177, IMHO, if Zimmerman continues to get away with harming and threatening others, it won’t be long until he does that to a member of his family, or his entire family.

      Think about it — when all of them claimed being afraid and receiving threats, yet that they looooove each other. Instead of living in one household with security, they were all over the place, paying expenses separately. Zimmerman ran up a security bill over $20K that he was sued for. He and Shellie depended on her family to provide them with housing. It’s not as if there are 10 kids in the family. They are all adults. There’s a reason why his own parents don’t want him living with them.

  9. yahtzeebutterfly


    Thank you for alerting Xena to this gz news so that she could post it for us. I see now that news outlets are reporting the same info you provided us with and perhaps a local FL news channel will televise the bail hearing this morning.

    gz is scary.

    • I keep checking but there is no afternoon news and I don’t have cable for the constant news channel they provide but I’ll keep checking and post something when I see it.

  10. Well, well, well. What a surprise. NOT!!!! It was only a matter of time, but we ALL knew that. ❤ Love you Trayvon.

    • Rachael! (((hugs))) You’re right — it was only a matter of time. This comes just after the federal grand jury session closed in December too.

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    From WFTV’s page:

    Watch Live @ 9am: George Zimmerman court appearance

    • Oooh thanks!

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      It is LIVE now!

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Oh my gosh, Don West is there talking to him.

        • Funny thing about Don West showing up. I was just thinking the other day that if the grand jury indicted Zimmerman, the feds would advise him to get an attorney before they get an arrest warrant and unseal the indictment. West works as a federal public defender so he would be the one most likely for Zimmerman to call. Hope that I’m right, that West is back on the scene because Zimmerman has been indicted.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        So…gz cannot have any weapons (must be turned in by Tues.

        I could not hear the judge clearly…something about $5,000. Something about not going near the person he allegedly assaulted. Could not understand if he had to have a gps monitor or not.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Oh, and Don West represented him today.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            If there are any personal things at the place gz resides that belong to the person allegedly assaulted by him, gz is to box those things up and give them to Don West.

  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Judge sets George Zimmerman’s bond at $5K in aggravated assault arrest”

    Zimmerman, who was arrested Friday night in Lake Mary.

    The 31-year-old was booked around 9:45 p.m. on charges of aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon.

    According to Don West, Zimmerman’s attorney, his client threw a wine bottle during the incident.

    Zimmerman is prohibited from entering Volusia County and must surrender all firearms by Tuesday. He will also wear a GPS monitoring device.

    He is due back in court at 1:30 p.m. Feb. 17 in front of Judge Donna McIntosh.

    He surrendered peacefully a few minutes later and was charged with domestic violence, aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief.

  13. scrodriguez

    No matter the out come of this case its time to revoke his CWP for good

  14. Picked a bad day to sleep in, that’s for sure. My thoughts…..

    Tick, tick, tick tick, tick, tick, tick, tick tick, tick, tick, tick, tick tick, tick, tick, tick, tick tick, tick, tick,
    tick, tick tick, tick, tick, tick, tick tick, tick, tick, tick, tick tick, tick, tick, tick tick tick, tick, tick, tick,
    ………………………KA – BOOM !!!!!!!!!!

    Now the questions arise… he still friends with Peter Pan ? which one of the NBPP is posting a death threat ? does his bullet proof vest still fit ? will he be calling Barbra Walters again ? Is Robbie the Racist booking any interviews ?

    Now I read Don “The Ice Cream Man” West is representing him. Wowie Zowie !!! I thought that Circus was defunked, but his latest story will be debunked, because Fogen is a skunk.

    We were just talking yesterday that we hadn’t heard from this POS in since his pity party call.

    • LOL@racer. I love your sense of humor.

      • Let me add this………when does his beg site go up for this defense ?? I wonder what the Outhousers are saying about now ?? Let me guess…….She had it coming……and the always stated…………….he’s being picked on.

        • Racer,
          You know that George has a blog, right? There was so little activity that he removed the widget that keeps count of visits, and the only “supporter” that has a comment on it is Vicki Pate. All those “supporters” but just one comment, right? He can’t even get activity to his blog so chances of him getting donations now are slim as well.

          • He has a blog ?? Sooooooooo……why don’t we bombard his lying ass with comments. I mean, we’re allowed to after all. I did the math 2 years ago or so when it was proved that over 100K of his donations were from 3 entities and the math proved then he only had about 2000 people who donated. O’ Moron stated most were repeat donators and the average was $20.00 per. It turned out to be less than 100K at 20 per divided by at least 1/2.

            Soooooo, I’m guessing he’ll get less than say about $5.00.

            Be a real hoot if he threw the bottle at mommy…….if that’s the case, she’ll turn his electric off……….er, throw him out.

            • Racer, he can moderate comments so I’m pretty sure that he only approved for posting those comments that are positive towards him.

              When he opened his blog, I was notified on Twitter. I didn’t post/announce it because I figured that those supporting him should promote it on their blogs. Then too, I figured out that they wanted me to announce his blog because there are only three blogs remaining of his supporters and I think they might have the same 6 followers between them, so they would need a more active blog to announce it.

              He opened it in September, wrote 2 posts, and has not written anything since.

  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    Too bad a rage-monitoring device has not been invented. Would be great to have gz wear such a device along with the GPS monitoring device that gz has been ordered to wear.

  16. The Orlando Sentinel article: They also have video of the bond hearing for those, like me, who missed it.

    From what I got from the bond hearing……He has to stay out of Volusia County (which is next door to Seminole County where Lake Mary is located). His latest victim lives in Volusia County. The Judge ordered him to surrender his firearms and he has until Tuesday to turn them in. The DV charge happened at the Lake Mary address where he lives and as such the Judge didn’t order him to stay away from there and he didn’t require a GPS monitor, he just warned Z that he better not cross over the bridge (this is the St. John’s River which is the boundary between the two counties). Next court date is Feb. 17th.

    • yeah news said he assaulted a different woman this time. samatha is gone and hopefully telling the grand jury all about his admissions of hate& contempt toward a “group of ppl” that he wanted to run out of the neighborhood- like the hate crime that he committed.

  17. After viewing the booking sheet I have noticed George Zimmerman has a new tattoo on his arm that is in spanish and it reads “si vis pacem para bellum”

    This shows you the mindset he currently has the Translation is “if you want peace prepare for war”

    • thanks for the interpretation! so the cowardly child murdering slob thinks his pathetic tattoo will “prepare” his fat ass for war? I guess he missed the part about attacking women and children is for punks and sloppy bitches like himself.

      • LMBO Shannon How are you Happy New Year Tech is Latin not Spanish we say it a little different but you get the idea

      • I’m pretty sure if war breaks out on any front, he’s not volunteering for anything. In fact, he’ll be the fat pig running the other way, that is unless of course, nobody else is armed, them he’ll wait until somebody is heading back with snacks……….or is a female.

        Just wondering about that unborn child of his and Samantha’s he must love so much, or was that another round of lies.

        If you want peace…………start no shit. Words of Wisdom from racer and they maker far more sense that what the war mongers and Fogen say.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Here are the Google search results for the search Florida si vis pacem para bellum

      • yahtzee…..while this is the motto for a security training firm, I went to the licensing division for FL and he still does not have any type of security license.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Yes, I was aware of that during the trial.

          I kinda made that search wondering if gz had been influenced by a group in Florida that had that motto, but then found too many possibilities from shooting classes to security co. to whatever.

          He must have heard or seen that motto somewhere.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Grahase wrote this on Leatherman’s in December of 2012:

          Georges background is a little sketchy too. Gang-related tattoo, strange communiques with friends. In one of documents where his friend says they used to call him Tugboat, it goes further than that.

          His active Myspace page was under the name “DatNiggyTB”. TB, meaning Tugboat, apparently. I have scratched my head on the TB thinking – Trayvon Benjamin. Can not find when he started the MySpace page under that name. But he used it up to the very day he was arrested.

          In addition to “DatNiggyTB,” Zimmerman’s real name on the site was listed as the Latin proverb: ”Si vis pacem, Para bellum” which translates to “If you wish for peace, prepare for war.”

    • Two sides to a story

      Good gawd.

  18. Another interesting fact…..From the booking photo it show the incident location… is the home that mama and papa Z own……you know the one that they fled from because of the “danger” that they faced.

    • Yup and considering his own father stated in an interview he fears his son getting into a shoot out with FBI agents if they indict your assessment
      is spot on the money

  19. CNN report:

    “Whatever happened took place several days ago,” said West. “And, as far as I know, they have not been together for some time, certainly not since then.”

    Police first learned about it after coming “in contact with the (alleged) victim at a traffic stop,” Lake Mary police spokeswoman Bianca Gillett said.”

    “He was also told to surrender any weapons — with West saying he could turn them over to relatives, not necessarily police. ”

    I wonder what the truth is, because I sure don’t see that coming from Don West.

    • Actually the law says weapons must be turned over and recorded by the police or a state trooper or Sheriffs officer, No matter who, it has to be recorded and all serial numbers accounted for. So if he owns 4 weapons that are documented all 4 must be turned in. This is why they are registered in the 1st place….accountability.

      Like anyone charged with a crime gets to turn lethal weapons over to “dad” and that’s fine with the cops. Then the ex-wife turns up shot dead and “dad” says the guns never left his underwear drawer………..I have a vintage bridge for sale……….maybe I’ll e-bay it ?????

      West is wrong, not to mention a dipshit racist (pardon my French)

  20. And he is out on bond already, I wonder who posted it.

    • all he has to come up with is 10% plus the title to his truck or house or what ever I am sure West covered that expense

  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    Is gz divorced yet?

    • That’s a question I’ve not found an answer to. The court entered a default order dissolving the marriage. But then, George filed a motion to vacate the default and reopen to litigate distribution of debts. The last we heard, he filed a financial affidavit. I don’t know if the court vacating the default re-establishes the marriage. My first thought is that it doesn’t but simply retained jurisdiction to determine the distribution of debts.

  22. Yahtzee…..I don’t think so, from all appearances it is GZ who is delaying the process.

  23. More reports on the arrest will be released on Monday.

  24. The OS link above now has an interview that West gave. Says that he knows of no disagreement that led up to the bottle throwing—-so are you saying he just throws bottles at women for no reason? Also said that if convicted he faces 5 yrs in prison, 5 yrs probation and a $5,000 fine. Since no firearm was used there is no mandatory minimum.

  25. peni4yothot

    Wow, we have activist/protesters exercising their rights and jailed with bail amounts exceeding $15k for traffic tickets; yet a known killer and abuser escapes with low bail amounts and a ruler swat on the hand.
    Say what, Don West??? Hmmm…………..wasn’t he a former Federal attorney and now he’s back defending him?

  26. Two sides to a story

    Tick tock. One step at a time. There will be more.

  27. Sooooo, Mama and Papa Zim want Rosanne Barr to pay them for the value of their house that they abandoned due to her tweeting out the address —– but George is living there.

    They can’t all live together. Something is very wrong in that family’s dynamics.

  28. The many mugshots of George Zimmerman.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Looks as if the various photographers did not tell gz to say “Cheez-its”

      • Yahtzeebutterfly,
        You may have discovered the reason for the altercation — the girlfriend brought the wine but forgot the Cheez-its. LOL!

        • How we miss the obvious !! Not that it matters in court, but West admitted he’s guilty. He stated flat out Fogen threw a bottle…………..nuff said..!!!!!

          Ice cream for everyone I say !!!!!!! My treat.

        • yahtzeebutterfly


          Sounds about right. Low “Cheez-its” bloodlevel = rage

          • Maybeeeeeeee, he hasn’t had enough Root Beer Barrels since that was one of his fav’s when he was arrested in 2012.

  29. Zimmonster is a sociopath who continues with his self-destructed behavior. It been three years since he murdered Trayvon Martin. He continues to get himself in trouble. Someone better wake the hell up before this murderer kills someone else. Then they (the criminal justice system) will realize that he should had been lock up before. I hope those six bigot female jurors proud of themselves letting a murderer walk and continues with his violent behavior. Unfortunately, I won’t be surprised if the charges against him in this case will be dropped or he will once again walked free.

    • Daraasimms,
      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7!

      It was Shellie who said that George feels more invincible since he was acquitted. He felt invincible previously, and now he is very confident that he can do whatever he wants to others without consequences.

      Any grown man who has been unemployed for almost 3 years has to have problems. To make it worst, all those “supporters” he thought he had have not provided him with a job, housing, nothing! Apparently, he lives off women and abuses them.

  30. sidewinder50

    I hope there is proof and this girlfriend (who in their right mind would be a girlfriend to this pos) doesn’t drop the charges like the other two cases. How could someone prove a wine bottle was thrown at them? Especially when they didn’t arrest him for 4 days and he more than likely cleaned up any broken glass. I see he was charged with criminal mischief as well.

    • sidewinder50,

      How could someone prove a wine bottle was thrown at them?

      If she was standing by her car, there could be wind splatter on the car. There might have been wine on her clothes. If red wine, it might look like blood.

      George clean up the broken glass? Are you kidding? He thinks he’s a king. Seriously though, a news station said that it took several days for the Lake Mary police to catch-up with George, so he probably disappeared after throwing the wine bottle anticipating a knock on his door.

  31. Sooooooooo, assault and battery is the charge. That means, at least in most states, he didn’t throw a bottle of wine, he struck someone with a bottle of wine.

    Now…………was the bottle loaded or was Fogen loaded ?? Maybe he was loaded and the bottle was empty……..hey, just sayin’ ‘cuz, that could make a big difference in his defense.Did the bottle attack first ?? Did Fogen call the cops on a suspicious Thunderbird ?? or was it Wild Turkey ??

    Look, we’re liable to hear any bizarre story.

  32. ROFLOL!

  33. Josh Barro @jbarro 5h 5 hours ago

    Actual quote from George Zimmerman’s attorney: “It’s clear he hasn’t been very lucky with the ladies.”

    HA! But the sociopath is LUCKY w/judicial system, huh?!!

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Almost sounds as if West is blaming the ladies!

      gz has a history of mistreating women close to him.

      • Yeah, the ladies and a trial that ended over a year ago that has George in need of counseling, according to Vanilla Ice West. George made a decision on February 26, 2012 that changed his life. He has to live with that.

    • That is such a disgustingly vile thing to say. He really should be sanctioned for that, IMO.

      • peni4yothot

        It’s everyone fault except for the one who consistently is breaking the law. The “z factor”

        • I just to make everyone on here aware that I am a frequent Facebook blogger, and when the story about Fogen was posted? It received so many responses and none were supportive! Fogen was blasted by every single poster, black and white! They all called him a child murderer, a liar, racist, crazy and they all wanted to know why is he still alive?? Some blasted Angela Corey, the governor, Fogen’s former attorneys, the jury, his family, Robbie the racist in particular and the entire DA office for throwing this case, and for the lies told by his family!

          Fogen is not loved by anyone believe me!! His actions afterward his fake trial only proves to others that he is a lying psychopathic murderer, and everyone on FB stated that.

          • Debgirl, true. Zimmerman’s so-called supporters have dropped like flies hit with Raid. It has always been my observed opinion that they never supported George Zimmerman, the person, anyway. They used him as an excuse to denigrate Al Sharpton and the Black race. There were a few individuals who got involved because of stand your ground, but even they were run off by the mean-spirited, bigoted comments of Zimmerman’s other purported supporters.

            Thanks for informing us of what is happening on Facebook.

  34. Annie Cabani

    I don’t know, folks. I just hope there’s a whole lot more to this than we’re hearing so far.

    I have a hard time envisioning a felony conviction resulting from “throwing a wine bottle.” And if the CNN report in the video posted above is reliable, it makes it even harder to envision a felony conviction. I mean, if the assault with a deadly wine bottle occurred on Monday night but Zimmerthug couldn’t be “contacted” until Friday night – “partly” because an individual cop was off duty for a couple of days – what does that say about how serious the cops view the crime or how dangerous they perceive Zimmerthug?

    Add to that Don West’s immediate mention of “counseling” being appropriate at this juncture, and, well, the writing I’m seeing on the wall so far does not spell “karma.”

    • Hey Annie!
      One of the television stations said it took the Lake Mary Police several days to catch-up with Zimmerman, and that is why he was not arrested until Friday.

      Don West is trying to play to sympathy, IMHO. George might need counseling, but counseling is not a circumvention to sentencing for being found guilty for committing a crime. At this point, the Lake Mary police must be pretty embarrassed having George intimidate witnesses and/or lie his way out of things. They’ve been call at least twice on domestic violence calls involving George, and this makes the third. They were called once on a driver-stalker situation. This time, I’m hoping that they got their ducks in a row so George will go to trial.

      • I read that, about how he should get counseling. But wasn’t he already getting counseling? Isn’t that why he just happened to be in the same parking lot as the driver-stalkee’s work? 😉

        • Right Rachael. And, he said something about receiving free counseling in a television interview.

        • Annie Cabani

          Right, Rachael! I forgot about his “counseling” appointment in the driver-stalkee’s office complex.

          That would seem to prove that counseling has no effect on Zimmerthug … which is probably typical for sociopaths like him!

      • Annie Cabani

        This time, I’m hoping that they got their ducks in a row so George will go to trial.

        Me, too! Maybe the Lake Mary police are not only embarrassed but also disgusted with Zimmerthug by now, and recognizing him as the violent bum and thug that he is.

        • Annie, I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for reports. Since it took the Lake Mary police 4 days to catch up with George, and they questioned him, it seems that it is a case where the police found sufficient evidence to charge him.

          There is something rather suspicious too. The Feb. court date seems to be a long time to wait for a probable cause hearing.

    • crustyolemothman

      For once I agree with Don West, Zimmy does need counseling, but it should be provided to him at the tax payers expense, during a five year vacation within a prison in the state of Florida…

      • AMEN!

      • Annie Cabani

        Yes, his fellow inmates could offer some counseling that would be 100% more effective than what any mental health workers have been providing, I bet!

      • Mothman,

        For once I agree with Don West, Zimmy does need counseling, but it should be provided to him at the tax payers expense, during a five year vacation within a prison in the state of Florida…


    • Annie….I went through an incident in which a look-a-like air soft gun was pointed out my son and another friend. I had been out of town for a couple of days for a training seminar and when I came back I found out about the incident. I was informed that only I could press charges (still don’t understand that one) since my son was the one who witnessed it.

      I called the PD right away and was informed that I had to wait for almost 3 days until the original officer came back on duty. I was pissed, to say the least, for a couple of reasons… was they had to go to school with the ones who pointed the look-a-like and I wanted the PD to notify the school and I didn’t warm up to the idea that I had to wait for the original officer.

      From what I could gather from my own experience is that if an officer takes the original report and it happens to be his “Friday” then nothing happens, even if a party wants to file charges, until that original reporting officer comes back on duty. Naturally I believe that they do this with what they consider “minor” crimes.

      Even when the school resource officer got the confessions that they told me they needed, he wanted to, wait for it, wait until that officer came back on duty. Wrong thing to say to me. I demanded an arrest and that it be done right away and not delayed. Sometimes you have to make a few “threats”, like with me saying I would go to the papers, to accomplish it.

      • Annie Cabani

        Thanks for that insight, Towerflower – I can see why you were outraged! But it does help to know that that’s standard procedure, even if it seems an odd standard procedure.

  35. crustyolemothman

    Something to think about. With the knowledge by the DOJ of the possibility of a violent reaction should the FBI have to make an arrest (using the words of Z’s father about the gun fight if they attempted to arrest him) and the sudden appearance of Ice Cream Man in the court house to defend him in this case. Is it even remotely possible that an indictment has been issued or about to be, and this case has been set up as a way to prevent a blood bath? Of course, does anyone actually think he will surrender “all” of his guns? No, a coward like Z has to have his little steep penis with him at all times to actually feel like a man!

    • Annie Cabani

      You know, a cynical thought occurred to me: Could Zimmerthug be making these assaults on white folks (three women and one man) in order to DEFLECT any claims that his stalking and killing of Trayvon was race-based?

      • I seriously doubt it. I think he is just a total douchebag who picks on children – black children – and women. I seriously doubt any thought goes into it other than those are the only people he think he can get away with bullying.

    • Mothman,

      Is it even remotely possible that an indictment has been issued or about to be, and this case has been set up as a way to prevent a blood bath?

      IMHO, if anything, George has been drinking and no doubt is argumentative because his girlfriend, neither anyone else, can rescue him from the handwriting on the wall.

      The federal grand jury’s session ended in December. The U.S. Attorney knows whether they indicted George. If there was no indictment, they should have had a press conference and announced that by now. If there is an indictment, you know the routine. That is probably why Don West has entered the picture because he is a federal public defender. George would want a lawyer who has experience in the federal system to advise him.

      It is strange that West has been silent since July 13, 2013, and appears now while George still owes him money and after the federal grand jury’s session has closed.

      • Annie Cabani

        Yes, very strange. Remember how Don West’s daughter Molly was brutal to Zimmerthug in her twitter posts after the trial was over? She frequently tweeted to him what a loser and deadbeat he was – even suggesting, IMO, that he was a murderer but her dad got him off – and demanding that he pay his legal bills?

        • Annie,
          I didn’t know of that Twitter exchange. I didn’t open a Twitter account until after the verdict, in August 2013. As far as the blogs however, after George’s encounter with Shellie and her dad, some who had blogs supporting him deleted them. It’s one thing to support George under the guise of supporting self-defense, but something very different to support an adulterer caught on camera behaving aggressively and intentionally destroying his wife’s Ipad.

          • Annie Cabani

            Just FYI … The Twitter exchanges were actually well after the verdict. Also, I still don’t have any Twitter account, but if I see a Twitter handle or hashtag somewhere (like on this blog, for example) that seems of interest, I Google them and then I can view tweets associated with them! 🙂

          • Annie Cabani

            For example, see:

            (Hope it works!)

            • Annie,
              The link worked. What I don’t understand is, why is it that the Zimmerman’s believe that the media is responsible for George’s actions and words? The “real” George Zimmerman made himself known in his NEN call. No matter what he and/or his family said thereafter, that was the public’s first impression of him, and it sticks. We heard a profanity using George who admitted to following Trayvon, and then dubbed the dispatcher into agreeing to have the arriving cop call him to find out where he was.

      • If he was drinking I wonder if the various drugs he takes interacts with them…..I really wish someone would pee test him after these incidents.

        • Towerflower,
          Excellent! I would highly expect for there to be some interaction with the drugs and alcohol. Maybe during his next traffic stop a test will be conducted.

  36. Wow. The guy has *so many issues* with violence. Will someone finally put him away??

  37. Annie Cabani

    Hey, guys – over on the Leatherman blog Malisha started an excellent theory of what probably “went down” on Monday night. Dave and I added to her theory. Here’s the gist, as I see it now:

    1. Zimmerthug and foolish female were drinking. Zimmerthug gets abusive and ends up throwing a wine bottle at foolish female, who then sensibly leaves his house for her own safety. (Maybe she even said she’d report the incident to LE.)

    2. Zimmerthug calls the cops, to get his phoney story on record first. He tells the cops that SHE threw a bottle at HIM (or whatever story he settles on) and/or tells them that she’s been drinking and is driving home. He gives them her tag number and her likely route home.

    3. So foolish female gets pulled over by the cops on her way home. She tells the cops what really happened, and that probably makes a lot more sense than Zimmerthug’s story.

    4. But by the time the cops try to interview Zimmerthug, he’s long since bolted from mommy and daddy’s house – no blood alcohol test for HIM, thank you very much. He then makes himself scarce for several days, frustrating the cops’ efforts to “contact” him.

    Doesn’t that make perfect sense, knowing Zimmerthug’s ways? Check it out as it has actually evolved so far:

  38. OT…. I love these nearly transparent lavender Butterflies. So very Victorian…

    • Thanks for noticing the change of background. I’ve been experimenting since the holidays. The one now will probably stay up for quite sometime. Glad that you like it. 🙂

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