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George Zimmerman Trial – Day 10

Monday, July 8, 2013

Koppelli’s Gym owner, Adam Pollack, was arrested in March 2013 for attacking a woman and threatening to cut her fingers and toes off.   Pollack testified today that George Zimmerman joined his gym in 2010 and began training in “grabbling” then switched to boxing.  He testified that Zimmerman was trained in how to get free from being mounted, and how to protect his face from punches.  Zimmerman did not advance quickly because he was obese and had no previous athletic experience.



George Zimmerman Trial – Day 6

Investigator Doris Singleton testified this morning.

This page shall be updated throughout the day as the videos are made available.  Another great big “thank you” to croakerqueen123 for her committed work.

Updated.  All videos of today’s proceeding are now available.


“When I Walked Back Towards Him”

On the night that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, Detective Singleton interrogated George Zimmerman.   Zimmerman spoke about crossing the “T” and looking to see whether he could see the kid.  Zimmerman said that he did not see the kid.  That’s important to keep in mind.

Singleton continued and asked questions for Zimmerman’s actions as he was walking back from Retreat View Circle.  She asked Zimmerman where his cell phone was; was it in his pocket?  Did his cell phone get dropped?  Zimmerman answered “No.  I had it in my hand.  When he, I put it, when they said would you like the police officer to meet you … ”

Then Zimmerman goes into his version of the lie that he told the dispatcher that he would meet the arriving cop at his vehicle.  Zimmerman then says that he put his cell phone away.  What he says thereafter clearly proves that Zimmerman knew where Trayvon was before he ended his call with dispatch.

Credit goes to BlushedBrown for catching what George Zimmerman said to Singleton.

And some people do not believe that the State’s Probable Cause Affidavit is supported by evidence?  Just listen ….


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