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Adam Pollock Saved George Zimmerman’s Life

George Zimmerman told Adam Pollock that he helped save his life.

Adam Pollock, the 43-year-old owner of Kokopelli’s Gym in Longwood, Fla. where Zimmerman trained in grappling and boxing, was arrested March 11, 2013 and awaits trial on charges of battery and assault.  His next hearing is scheduled for September 17, 2013 at 9 a.m.

Adam Pollock and George Zimmerman have several things in common.

1.  Pollock lied to the police, and only admitted to seeing the victim, Tina Mangiardi, after police told they obtained surveillance footage of him following her out of the gym that day.  Pollock also denied touching Mangiardi until police told him that one reason he was being arrested is because of marks on Mangiardi’s arm.

2.  Pollock claims that he might have slapped the victim and put his hand on her neck, but it was in self-defense.

Also like George Zimmerman, since his arrest, Pollock appears clean-shaven.


BeforeAdam Pollock's March 11, 2013 Mugshot

Adam Pollock’s March 11, 2013 Mugshot

Adam Pollock in court in July 2013.

Adam Pollock in court in July 2013.









George Zimmerman, Feb. 26, 2012

George Zimmerman, Feb. 26, 2012


George Zimmerman in court, April 20, 2012

George Zimmerman in court, April 20, 2012











Since the verdict in the George Zimmerman case, Pollock appeared on the Dr. Drew program on HLN.  He revealed that his testimony describing Zimmerman as “soft” was actually hearsay, stated by another trainer.  How is it possible for a man to describe another man as “soft” unless they have had physical contact with each other?

The Department of Justice might do well to interview that trainer, in addition to others attending Kokopelli’s Gym when Zimmerman attended.  He just might have gotten the reputation for being “soft” the Friday or Saturday before the Sunday that he killed Trayvon Martin.

In the following video, Pollock tells the Dr. Drew panel that George Zimmerman thanked him for saving his life, and accredited that to Pollock teaching him how to “shrimp.”   It shows that if Zimmerman was able to “shrimp,” that Trayvon could not have punched him about his head and face.  According to George Zimmerman, “shrimping” saved his life.  Since shrimping saved Zimmerman’s life, killing Trayvon Martin did not.



George Zimmerman Trial – Day 10

Monday, July 8, 2013

Koppelli’s Gym owner, Adam Pollack, was arrested in March 2013 for attacking a woman and threatening to cut her fingers and toes off.   Pollack testified today that George Zimmerman joined his gym in 2010 and began training in “grabbling” then switched to boxing.  He testified that Zimmerman was trained in how to get free from being mounted, and how to protect his face from punches.  Zimmerman did not advance quickly because he was obese and had no previous athletic experience.



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