When I first heard the screams on the 911 call, I questioned whether George Zimmerman (GZ) used a cop take-down technique on Trayvon Martin.  The screams recorded on the 911 tape were not only screams for help.  They are cries of pain and just before the shot, we can hear screams of “No!  Noooo!” Then I read a Reuter’s article that reports Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s dad, saying of the photo shown to him by a detective of the Sanford Police Department;

“It was Trayvon, dead at the scene – his eyes rolled back, a tear on his cheek, saliva coming from his mouth. “


That is the face of a person who was crying, who was afraid, who was in pain.   That is the face that applies to the screams heard on the 911 call.

George Zimmerman Had Experience To Cause Others Physical Pain

An unnamed former co-worker told the New York Daily News that GZ was paid under-the-table for providing security for illegal house parties between 2001 and 2005, but was let go because his anger issues “became a liability.”  We know that he was arrested for attacking an undercover law enforcement officer.

GZ is a former bouncer.  He wanted to be a cop.  Former cop and current U.S. Air Marshall, Mark Osterman, was GZ’s mentor.  He taught GZ how to shoot.

GZ attended a community volunteer law enforcement academy where civilians get to see the work of law enforcement.

Put this together, and they give reason to believe that GZ was exposed to, and maybe even trained and practiced, police restraint and take-down techniques.

Since many are of the opinion that GZ is a cop wannabee, why stop with pursuing, terminology he uses, and carrying a gun while on neighborhood watch?  Why not also include self-defense, disarming, taking down, and restraining “suspects”?

Frederick Leatherman’s Law Blog presents an excellent post on “Dueling Witnesses.”  Written by a poster whose handle/name is Patricia, it questions whether GZ twisted Trayvon Martin’s arm or wrist.  http://frederickleatherman.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/zimmerman-witnesses-practicum-by-patricia-with-update-on-character-assassination-efforts/

It is Frederick Leatherman’s blog and Patricia’s contribution that inspired this post.  It would be somewhat disrespectful to take up this much space on another’s blog in the comment section.   The videos posted here are in consideration that GZ could have applied a wrist lock (which he told Serino that he did), and also because having Trayvon in a wrist lock, it would have protected his holstered gun from being taken by Trayvon.

Witnesses saw “wrestling.”  At any time, either person could be on the top of the other.  Thus, it is not my position to say that Trayvon was never on top of GZ.  Lab reports provide that Trayvon did not punch GZ, neither place his hands over GZ’s nose or mouth.  So, let’s place Trayvon on top of GZ, and see what could have possibly happened consistent also with the evidence of the bullet hole in Trayvon’s clothes, as compared to where the bullet entered his chest.

Lab reports for trace elements provide that debris was found on GZ’s left shoe.  From the photos taken of GZ the night that he killed Trayvon, grass can be seen on the toe of GZ’s left boot.  Debris was found on Trayvon’s shoes, sweatshirt, and hoodie.  Although GZ is left-handed, he conceal carried on his right-side.  His re-enactment provides that GZ indeed reached for his gun on his right-side. When watching the following videos, I respectfully ask that this is kept in mind.   It appears that the side where the gun is not holstered is important when restraining a person.

DeeDee stated that it sounded like someone pushed Trayvon, and she heard Trayvon say “Get off.  Get off.”   GZ was carrying a tactical flashlight.  In none of his interviews, neither his re-enactment, does he mention when and why he dropped the tactical flashlight.  While GZ states that the altercation started at the “T”, about 40 feet South of that location is the crime scene.  Crime scene photos and markers provide that the tactical flashlight was found near Trayvon’s body in the grass.   GZ would have us believe that while stumbling, getting his head bashed on the sidewalk, and while doing the shimmy onto the grass, that he held onto his tactical flashlight.  It is my suggestion that GZ only let go of that tactical flashlight to take Trayvon down to the ground as Trayvon cried out in pain.   He next drew his gun and in response, Trayvon cried “Noooo!!!  Noooo!!”

After one resident shouted out that he was calling 911, GZ shot Trayvon Martin.  It is my opinion that GZ shot Trayvon because his screams brought attention to them.

When no weapon is involved, a person can still take an assailant down and remove themselves.

In his interview with Sean Hannity, GZ says that he was scared and nervous. Why?

ZIMMERMAN:  “I also thought the police were going to come and see me with the firearm and shoot me. I mean, I was terrified.”


It is my opinion that GZ was scared and nervous that the police would arrive and see him with his firearm while Trayvon was screaming out in pain, and for help.   Why?  Because GZ claims that he holstered his gun after shooting Trayvon Martin.

  1. hinkster4ever

    Wow! Ty, very powerful information. I am so glad you did this.


  2. Very informative thanks for your post


  3. @hinkster4ever and Brown. Thanks for visiting and your comments. There are yet more dots to be connected.


  4. Great work, I found a real life video on youtube months back and the screams were so similar to Trayvon´s it was really eerie. I have been for a while pretty sold on the idea Zimmerman had Tray in a hold and this further confirms it.


    • @gbrbsb. Here’s hoping that at the immunity hearing or trial, forensics will prove by the debris on Trayvon’s clothes and shoes that GZ indeed took Trayvon down, and kept him down until he could aim a shot, straight front to back.


  5. Xena,
    Thanks for posting these videos.
    That’s exactly what I believe!
    From the sounds of Trayvon crying in pain and forensics from the debris on Trayvons cloths, I believe in the second video, when that cop say’s now you put the handcuffs on him is when Zimmerman shot him in the heart.
    It’s so maddening!


  6. Hi Xena,
    ::waving at Loly :: 🙂

    You have mail


  7. :: waving back:: JB.
    I was just at the Mission. Keeping up with you 2 is a job. lol
    BUT, I love it!!!

    We have You Tube on the TV and thought I would try and get Liar Roberts’s interview,
    so I can just lay back and cuss the TV out!!! LOL
    It drives me crazier to think supposedly SMART people actually believe the Pinno Keyo Twins. The same people that knew George Anthony and Kronk were lying REALLY believe these clowns, REALLY????
    I really think that the trace evidence will prove a take down. I’ve thought it ever since I believe Xena showed a demonstration from you tube before.
    My husband thinks so too.
    After all eveidence we’ve heard, as many 911 calls, it just about proves it. Zimmerman didn’t know a lot of this was on the 911 calls. YET the lies fly. He was screaming???> Oh, Sure and the idiots that believe it was George, must be as good at lying as they are.
    See you at the Mission later.
    You and Xena keep me jumping!! lol


  8. “It is my opinion that GZ was scared and nervous that the police would arrive and see him with his firearm while Trayvon was screaming out in pain, and for help. Why? Because GZ claims that he holstered his gun after shooting Trayvon Martin.”

    RIGHT. Furthermore, George would NOT have holstered his gun if he really did NOT know that Trayvon was dead. Imagine. He would have stood up (NOT lunged on the back of the body) and held out his pistol in both hands like they do on TV and said: DON’T MOVE OR I’LL SHOOT.

    I think he SHOT Martin while he was on top and Martin was on his back on the ground. Then George turned him OVER to see if the bullet had exited (and it would have been an “UH OH” if it had), and sat on his back to make sure he couldn’t move any more until he died. He knew that after the first shot, there were witnesses.


    • Malisha, it’s a painful scene to understand, isn’t it? Yet, it is most likely exactly what happened. One thing I’ve considered is that GZ got on Trayvon’s back to reach around to the wound keeping his actions camouflaged in the dark from witnesses. I do not believe that all the blood on GZ’s face and hands was his own. He was too cooperative in having the EMT’s clean him up without first getting swaps to test for Trayvon’s DNA that would have resulted from taking a repeated beating on the head and face. Trayvon’s blood on GZ’s jacket cuff didn’t get there because GZ attempted to give Trayvon CPR. I agree that GZ shot Trayvon while Trayvon was on his back. The ME concluded that the shot was straight, front to back.


  9. Hi Xena,
    I thought I’d mosey on over.. 😎 I’m so glad you wrote an entire on this subject. Your article is very compelling and well written. It’s quite possible Georgie used this maneuver because those screams are of pain.
    You said:

    An unnamed former co-worker told the New York Daily News that GZ was paid under-the-table for providing security for illegal house parties between 2001 and 2005, but was let go because his anger issues “became a liability.” We know that he was arrested for attacking an undercover law enforcement officer

    BTW, that statement has been confirmed by Zim’s own words to Singleton in the CVSA video. Hmm.. Now what did Osterman say? He’s never known GZ to get into a fight? LOL I’ve never known of a bouncer who was afraid of a fight. So much for that..
    Good stuff Xena.. I’ll be back!


    • Hey JB!!! Always happy to see your fonts. Osterman never knew GZ to be in a fight because GZ kept that part of his life secret from his BFF. GZ played Osterman to get what he wanted from their friendship, just like the fake baseball player conned Osterman. Osterman appears to be a person who likes to be looked up to — important. GZ played him like a piano.


  10. It’s all so hard to digest. I could not figure out why the screams would sound like he was in pain and then the terrified pleas for his life. It makes sense now.


  11. Any idea what the debris and where it was found on Trayvon and Zimmerman?

    Visually looking, Zimmerman has no grass stains or mud stains on his jacket or pants, although one of the officers stated “appeared to be”. Considering he claimed to have Trayvon sitting on him and that he was doing the swerve, his jacket back should have grass smear stains as well as mud stains and he has none by the hi def photos from police.


    • Any idea what the debris and where it was found on Trayvon and Zimmerman?

      Debris was found on Trayvon’s hoodie, sweatshirt, socks, and both shoes. The lab report does not say what type of debris.

      Debris was found ONLY on GZ’s left boot.

      If it is true that GZ did the shimmy sufficient to raise his jacket, he should have had debris on the bottom of his shirt. He did not.

      If you haven’t already, you might want to read the following. GZ’s claims are almost an exact mirror of Orr’s claims. The State prevailed at Orr’s immunity hearing. One of their arguments was that Orr’s clothing lacked debris evidencing that he was pinned on his back. That is also a good argument for the State in GZ’s case.

      In the police video, many have mentioned seeing the cop touch GZ’s back and then wipe his hand as though he touched something wet. That is understandable since it was raining. Had it been more than water, I am sure that the cop would not have turned around and wiped his hand on his pants as he did. Additionally, there is no way the cops would have touched GZ without protective gloves had GZ had blood on him.



      • towerflower

        Another thing to consider is what did the cops destroy, even if was an accident. In Osterman’s book, GZ tells Osterman that he overhears one of the officers tell the paramedics “Clean him up good if I’m going to take him to the station. I don’t want him bleeding on the inside of the car.”

        Osterman goes on to say what this means. After every shift, officers have to turn their car over to the next shift and the car has to be clean and ready. Did an officer clean him up beyond the paramedics, by brushing off his back and pants to avoid having to clean a car? After all some of the cops at the scene had already told Osterman they thought it was a “clean” shooting so did they end up destroying evidence because of their assumptions?


  12. I totally understand the argument and the point, just was not sure of the forensics of the debris.

    Thanks =)

    Actually, if Zimmerman was allegedly shimmying with someone sitting on him, he should have grass smear stains, that would have embedded into the clothing.

    I know from experience because I played sports as a kid and used to get grass stains all over my clothes, especially from sliding on grass.


  13. I really believe GZ held Trayvon in some painful way. He said it, Serino just defined it. Just like when GZ said he was just ‘walking in the same direction’ and Serino said ‘that’s following”.
    Why else would Tray be screaming the way he was? if GZ wasn’t holding him, he woulda been running away.
    And since GZ is a constant liar, and he had the nerve to sit up there with that filthy smirk on his stupid face (the one i got this uncontrollable urge to literally kick his teeth in) when he said “no” he had never heard of the SYG law before the murder, he obviously has practiced those cop moves just like the ones you posted! He did! i know it will be proved in court!


    • Shannoninmiami, I’m so sorry your comment was held in moderation. WordPress does not always operate like it should. Thanks for commenting. I agree, and also keep in mind that Zimmermeth said why he was purportedly yelling for help — not to call the cops but for someone to help him restrain Trayvon. That logically means that he wanted to DETAIN Trayvon. Anyone getting their ass beat within an inch of their life would yell for help to — call the cops — get a rock — use your patio chair and hit him over the head — but not “Don’t call 911. Help me restrain this guy.” It really reveals Zimmermeth’s motivation. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. It’s all God’s plan.


      • OMG! i just asked about God’s plan 5 seconds ago!!LOLOL

        and OMG you are so right about what you just said about what he DIDN’T ASK FOR!!
        see, he keeps giving us all the evidence against him!! I just couldn’t be more thankful for his honest stupidity!! Thanks GZ!


        • LOL!! When Zimmermeth said it was God’s plan, he made God a party in the case and totally misrepresented God. God is loving and forgiving, but he’s not going to stand by and be blamed for Zimmermeth’s evil decisions and behavior. Just look at what has happened to George! He is toxic to his family and 2 friends (Oliver and Taaffe) as well as his wife. I suppose he tells them that their unemployment and living like vagabonds is all God’s plan too. Based on Junior’s “my family is not racist” tutor, he’s not too happy with God’s plan.


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