Did Trayvon Martin Call 911?

George Zimmerman

On March 27, 2012, ABC News affiliates reported that 17 yr. old Trayvon Martin called 911 seconds before he was shot to death by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida.  The news report stated that the 911 recording captured George Zimmerman’s voice in the background, and that the FBI is enhancing the audio of the 911 call to determine what Zimmerman is saying to Trayvon. Later, that published report was removed from the internet – but not before someone saved it.

People have wondered if it’s true that Trayvon called 911 while he struggled to get away from George Zimmerman’s grip seconds before Zimmerman fired a hollow point bullet into Trayvon’s heart.

Later, the ABC affiliate said that the reporter misspoke, and that the 911 audio he was alluding to was a 911 call made by an ear-witness in the gated community where Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, (GZ).  Hence, we now know that the 911 call where GZ is heard speaking to Trayvon in the background is a call made by a resident/witness.   Those are witnesses number 11 and Jeremy, witness 20.

Emphasis:  There was an effort to identify the voice of the person screaming for help.   THIS ENHANCEMENT IS NOT TO DETERMINE THAT VOICE.  It’s to determine the words spoken by George Zimmerman to Trayvon Martin.

Listening to the audio of that call is like listening to a 4-piece band all playing different songs.  There is the 911 operator; the woman on the phone with the 911 operator; the husband telling his wife to tell 911 to hurry up; and the screams of pain and help in the background.  Each voice is playing a different song.  After figuring out what song each instrument is playing and listening to the audio again, you find that there is a 5th instrument.

No wonder the public did not notice this previously!  Other than GZ’s non-emergency call reporting a suspicious person, the public had not heard his voice.  GZ has since made sure that the public knows his voice – from his first bond hearing; to his jailhouse phone recordings; to his interview with Sean Hannity; to his website; his has made his voice known.

In the background of the 911 call of Witness 11, the instrument is now identified as that of George Zimmerman.  He is not screaming.  He is talking.  His words are difficult to make-out with the exception of one word that he almost shouts.  That word is “fuck.”  Could this be what Mark Osterman was actually referring to in his Fox interview when saying that the FBI confirmed, “by a 90 to 95% match,” that the voice captured on a 911 call during the altercation is Zimmerman’s?

Just as GZ has appropriated Trayvon’s cries for help to himself, he appropriated his words to Trayvon, making it reasonable to believe that it was GZ who cupped his hands over Trayvon’s mouth while saying, “Shut the fuck up.”  That in fact, GZ does a Freudian slip during his re-enactment when stating, regarding Trayvon, “… he put his hand on his nose, no on my nose …” (At 9 minutes 20 seconds of the 12 minute, 27 second re-enactment video.)

George Zimmerman’s voice is captured in the background of the 911 call at 7:16:48-49.  Also keep in mind that the audio released to the public redacts the caller’s personal information as the agonizing screams for help are heard in the background.  George Zimmerman’s voice might also be heard during those redacted moments.

The State Prosecutors know the evidence they have to convict GZ.   Make no mistake about it.  Let the immunity hearing begin!

The 911 call of witness number 11:

All audio recordings of witness statements are on manybuddies’ Youtube Channel.


Sources for ABC News report:




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  1. CherokeeNative

    Great post Xena. I have no doubt that the prosecution already knows what GZ is saying and hopefully, they will be able to decipher some of Trayvon’s as well. This SOB is going down – it just isn’t happening fast enough. Keep up the great work – well worth the read.

    • CherokeeNative. Welcome and thank you. The more I think about what the special investigators knew before filing the information and affidavit charging GZ with 2nd degree murder, the more excited I become. GZ’s phone records will not be released to the public, but must hold some valuable information for the prosecution. You’re right and I wish things were happening faster too, but look at it from GZ’s standpoint. He’ll be homeless and broke with a GPS ankle bracelet tracking his every move for another year or longer. 🙂

    • Hi CherokeeNative:

      What I don’t understand is this: I am GZ (thank god I am not)! I know that I murdered this boy in cold blood and tried to cover up my crime with the assistance of my cop buddies, and my god-father Norm Wolfinger and I know that they can no longer cover for me since this case went national! I also know by now that my 911 calls were taped and the FBI and the prosecution has heard them. Hell, I even heard them! I was there and I know what I said to this boy! I also know that the FBI have the equipment to filter out all of the BS and these law enforcement authorities have heard me on these tapes interrogating this boy, and this boy screaming and I know that they will find out that it is not me screaming.

      They also must know that soon enough they will find out about Jeremy, his lady, John and whoever was complicit in this crime with me. It is over for me. Even my supporters have deserted me except for a few die hard racists! I will confess and allocute to the court and beg for a plea deal and hope that Angela Corey will give me 15 years to live instead of the 25.

      I know that GZ is a mentally ill, depraved man but even he must know that we are not all stupid and the jury will see through his lies. Why doesn’t his attorney ask for a PLEA???

  2. Its skipping along at the right pace..We dont need a rush to Judgement…We have the best part of another year before this gets to trial…If it get to trial..?By that I can forsee any an all crazyness as this zimmerman production altered reality show lumgers on…I can see a PLEA..25yrs..I can see a FLEE…Coward realises the weight of evidence an tries to skip the States for his favourate place Mexico..Can see him hauled back in jail for another breach..Can forsee a slam dunk conviction at trial….One thing I cannot see is another blatantly guilty defendant walking free in Florida.

  3. ShannonInMiami

    god, i can’t hear GZ clearly because it’s too hard to keep playing back the recording and hearing poor Tray’s voice. That pic you posted above is THE REAL GEORGE ZIMMERMAN! It’s horrifying his was the last face Tray saw before he was murdered. I do believe i heard Tray call for his Mom in this particular recording too, but i can’t listen to it again right now. Did you hear him say Mom too?
    Xena, thank you very much for your work here and on Leatherman. Your comments are always insightful and interesting, my friends Skylight and Sweetie Pie look forward to them every day!!

    • Hi ShannonInMiami: Great post Shannon! Having a son that age, and remembering that the same year I gave birth to my only son…..proudly showing him to my family friends and older toddler daughters, Sybrina was showing Trayvon around to her family, friends and his older brother and she was so very happy I am sure! Dee Dee called Trayvon a Momma’s boy! ::SMILE::

      I cannot contain my rage and anger which is seething inside of me right now! I cannot listen to that boy screaming for his Mom! I cannot imagine how she feels hearing her baby boy, screaming for her and asking her to help him like he has done in the past, when he may have had a scrapped kneee or was sick in pain. Yes, I heard MOM clear as day, and he was also saying, “I’m begging you!” What kind of depraved, demented sick monster, is GZ? Then he has the nerve to say this was “God’s plan?” The only plan God has for his punk a$$ is the next 25 years in the State Pen!

    • Just think: TM may have seen GZ and he was the last human being that he saw on this earth before he was shot, however, the last human being GZ will see as he is let out of the courtroom when he is sentenced is Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, who look so much like TM and when they give their respective victim impact statements? I hope they make him look at them as they tell him to go straight to hell! I know they are God fearing people, and I am too, but I have to forsake that and not turn the other cheek in this circumstance! SORRY! I love God, but if he had murdered my son, God help me, he would be a dead man and take me straight to prison afterwards!

      • @Deborah. I know how you feel. It’s actually my faith that;
        1. Knows that things rooted in lies, and lies promoted, sends negative energy that makes the person’s life worst. Remember, it was the money of donors that resulted in ShelLIE being charged with perjury.

        2. Believes in reaping and sowing. Even now, Zimmermeth might be breathing, but his actions have taken his life. And — it — ain’t — over — until everything GZ has planted is out of the ground. GZ has failed to weed his garden of life and the weeds are choking his every thought and decision.

        3. Good overcomes evil. Tracy and Sybrina did the right thing by obtaining Legal Counsel. They demonstrate dignity that puts GZ’s family and friends to shame. They weather the storm of denigration and lies about them, and continue to present themselves in a dignified and respectful manner.

        Faith, hope and love, and the greater of these is love. I can’t love Zimmermeth, so direct all that love to Trayvon’s parents and the prosecutors. Justice for Trayvon.

        • @ Xena: Thanks Xena! You know I just got to your post now! I am just so busy and so tired after my days of seeing patients. Thanks for reminding me about where my blessings flow and to put this in God’s hands as my dad would say! Unfortunately, I let my temper get the best of me. I become so angry sometimes and engage in trash talk of what I would do if this had happened to any of my kids and I know darn well, I would not engage in any behavior of vengence. Sometimes I forget my faith in God but I have to remember that God is in charge! I grew up in the church (dad was a minister, mom was an evangelist) and I have to let God direct me and see me thru this. GZ mocks God, but from GZ’s lips to God’s ears, God has a plan and his plan for him to do 25 yrs in the State Pen!

          Yes, to witness the dignity and courage of Tracy and Sybrina as they weather the storm and not let these distractions consume them. They don’t care what is said about them. They don’t care what they call them. They don’t even let what is said about their son because they know it isn’t true. This is all being done with the help of Satan, to break them down and to bring them down but they won’t be brought down because God is on their side and God is in charge and vengence is mind says the lord. I cry for them and pray for them because it is their faith that sustains them thru this entire tragedy. Thru the evilness, ugliness, and deameaning things said about them, they hold their head high and continue to walk with God as he see’s them thru the storm unlike the Z family and their supporters and “friends” who continue to throw mud, and spew their racist rhetoric daily.

  4. Shannon, I enjoy your comments and those of your friends as well. I humbly thank you all.

    I have not heard the word “Mom” in the audio. I do hear “I’m begging you” at the beginning of the call. Strange that GZ never stated that he said anything other than “help me.” He probably never dreamed that his voice and Trayvon’s screams would be recorded.

    • @Xena: I know it is difficult to have to listen to TM’s screams but listen closely. He screams, “MOM!” “Help me Mom!” In addition to, “Get off, get off!” “I’m begging you…….!” I have also asked the GZ idiots why GZ has NEVER stated any of this and of course I receive no answer from them. They are either tone deaf or know the truth and won’t admit it. i vote for the ladder!

      GZ has never told Det. Serrino or Singleton about any of this exchange. As much as he loves to run his mouth, why would he leave out this dialogue? Also, if he was the one allegedly “screaming” why would he not say, ‘I was so scared, I was screaming for my Mommy, and I was begging for my life” which would be total BS because why would he be screaming for his life??? Why would TM be interrogating him? He cannot do this without explaining what he did, and who was there.

      If GZ revealed any of this, he would have to explain what actually transpired. GZ also stated that TM said this after he shot him, “You got me!” That was not captured on the 911 call either. He never in his dreams like you stated, imagined any of this being captured by that 911 call, and Jeremy must have been outside to have captured this so very clearly. When that tape is played in court, I expect him to sit there like the potted plant he is and stare into space while the jury looks at him. I hope his family and friends are humiliated as well!

      • I can clearly hear “I’m begging you” stated twice.

        No, GZ never stated that he said those things. But then too, in all his stories about being knocked down, straddled, and having his head bashed, not once does he mention when he dropped his key chain or tactical flashlight. He does not mention Trayvon’s cell phone either. If it came out of Trayvon’s pocket, then Trayvon was not on top of Zimmermeth waging consistent whip-ass on him.

  5. I can hear “fuck” as well…I can’t make anything else from what is believed to be GZ. That was Trayvon screaming…his voice cracks slightly at one or two points. That’s a teen voice…I dont understand how anyone could think otherwise.

    • Nayoluv. Welcome! Thanks for the comment and your witness to hearing GZ say “fuck” in the background of that audio. You are correct. The voice screaming is Trayvon’s. Funny, but GZ says he yelled “help me” and doesn’t say that he spoke any other words in that screaming tone. Yet, there are clearly other words screamed. Not once did GZ say that he spoke anything to Trayvon, which is highly unlikely if you think you are being killed. Most sane people beg for their life.

      • GZ also never stated to Detective Serrion or Singleton that he shouted to TM, “i’m begging you! Help me Mom!” Why in the hell would he be begging Trayvon Martin? Did he have the Ice Tea and Skittles in his hand ready to hit him with it?

  6. It is sooooo painful to listen to the audio of the screams. One question who voice is that at
    TCR 07:16:55;26, right before the gunshot? It is very clear and it sounds like “help” and it sounds like zimmerman . This sound is not as dominating and painful as the screams. This also proved to “me” that zimmerman was not the one who was screaming in pain. I just found your blog but I do follow your work on Mr. Leatherman blogs. You guys are awesome. I read because I am not as keen as you all are on law. But it is refreshing to know that you all spend your precious and valuable time on this cause.

    • Welcome He Ran, and thanks for the comment. I too heard a “help,” very faint, after the long “Nooooo” and just before the shot. It did not sound like Trayvon neither GZ. If it was Trayvon, then he was certainly out of breath from the previous scream, yet not giving up on the trust that help would come. Justice for Trayvon. May he R.I.P.

      • Xena: Remember Dee Dee stated that Trayvon stated to her that he was tired after running and he was not going to run any longer. He was most likely out of breathe poor thing.

  7. thank you for helping to get the truth out. … i only hope it is heard by the people who will be making the decisions

    • Nathaniel, welcome and thanks for the comment. It is my impression that the people making the decisions already know. The prosecutors have entered many things in discovery without explanation, such as the M&I Bank vid and the clubhouse vids. They know what they see on them and how they will use them at the immunity hearing. Know what? If O’Mara does know, he will find out.

  8. Awesome!! I’ve read your posts at the Professor’s blog but just wanted to chime in and say thank you for your dedication to pursuing justice for Trayvon and his wonderful family.

    • BigBoi!!! Welcome and thanks. Don’t be a stranger. Justice for Trayvon and hugs to his wonderful family. Tracy said they are God-fearing people. I would like to remind them that God doesn’t bring us to anything that He can’t get us through.

  9. Devout Player Hater

    Zimmerman brought about any of his alleged injuries when he decided to ‘run’ after Trayvon. Zimmerman already had in his mind before he ‘ran’ after Trayvon that Trayvon was ‘suspicious’, ‘up to no good’ and ‘had his hands in his waistband’ but despite believing all of that, he gets out of his truck, and over the advice of the dispatcher, proceeds to ‘run’ after Trayvon.Under those circumstances, Zimmerman could never hope to claim self-defense when, after all, he placed himself into the circumstances that led to any of his purported injuries. Nobody told him to go ‘running’ after Trayvon, he chose to do that at his own free-will and at his own risk, and he can not now complain that he was in fear for his life when he claimed to have been ‘attacked’ by the very person that he ‘ran’ behind. That doesn’t make sense at all. It would be fool-hearted to suggest that Zimmerman should be entitled to self-defense when he knowingly and willfully took the assumption of risk, Volenti Non Fit Injuria when he chose to ‘run’ behind Trayvon.

    Similarily, if a person crosses a barrier into a leopard cage to retrieve a smouldering cigarette gets mauled by the leopard, under the law, he would be prevented from suing based on the volenti maxim doctrine.

    Assumption of Risk, Volenti Non Fit Injuria or Volentix Maxim are legal doctrines that bar Zimmerman from claiming self-defense under the circumstances that led to him shooting and killing Trayvon Martin.

  10. Xena you hear GZ @ 7:16:52, he says “keep still” or “keep him still”

  11. Excellent work as usual. Are you available for interviews?

    • Interviews?? Why would anyone want to interview me? I suppose if the reason is a good one, I would consider it.

  12. after the shot someone comes in the room out of breath and says “Oh My God! “it is not Jeremy

  13. Everybody knows that it’s a dangerous undertaking to run behind anybody that you don’t know on a late rainy night, and Zimmerman certainly knew it unless the medication interferred with his ability to rationale. Trayvon had every reason to be frightened by a grown 28 year old man running up from behind him on a late rainy night and Zimmerman can’t complain if Trayvon turned around and knocked the cowboy shit out of him for running up from behind him because as far Trayvon knew, Zimmerman was trying to jump him or rob him, and he had a divine right to defend himself by any means necessary, even if it meant taking that can of Arizona Watermelon drink and wacking him upside the head. As I said before, Try running up from behind a police officer on a late rainy night but before you do so, make sure your burial insurance is paid up.

    Angela Corey charged Zimmerman for violating Florida’s Second Degree Murder statute and for no other reason. There’s nothing malicious about GZ’s prosecution. He is the one that chose to take the law into his own hands and so he must live with that decision.

    (Edited by Administrator to avoid confusion)

    • That’s right, Devout. GZ is a liar. The vids from Twin Lakes show someone with a flashlight looking INSIDE of buildings! That someone was no doubt George Zimmerman. Is he gonna claim he was looking for addresses inside of buildings? Or is he gonna claim that someone besides him had a flashlight that night and THEY were the ones caught on tape? GZ is toast.

      • Please check out the video’s of Trent Sawyer on Youtube. He has done such a good job with the video’s at Twin Lakes and identifying GZ as the man with the flashlight. He also states that GZ had accomplices that night. One of the witnesses states that their was a man with a white shirt on top of TM? That definitely was not GZ but maybe his accomplice? The accomplice who hauled his butt out of their once they heard the gunshot go off?

        • I’ve followed the accomplice arguments, but won’t go so far to say that someone else was involved in killing Trayvon. IMO, Osterman saw Trayvon enter the community and called GZ. The second set of headlights that some see in the clubhouse vid that pulls off right after the gunshot might be Osterman. The prosecution has GZ’s phone records and the M&I Bank vid. Both are entered into discovery. IMO, Shellie was in the truck with GZ. He catches himself in his re-enactment to prevent involving her in his actions before he left the truck. In an interview on Fox, Papa Zim said that GZ and Shellie always go grocery shopping on Sunday evening, and GZ said the same in his Hannity interview.

          So now we come to the white shirt. IMO, it might be John, the same person who discussed what type of bullet GZ fired and took the pics with his IPhone. I don’t want to draw any conclusions of John’s possible involvement being malicious. He may have been seen on top of Trayvon checking for vitals as GZ didn’t have common human decency to do so and in fact, did not want anyone to call 911 so EMT’s would arrive sooner. His basis was that he had already called 911. Yeah. A non-emergency call before he shot Trayvon in the heart.

        • Could it have been his besty the violent drunkard Frank Taaffe? he stated in one of the interviews that is where he was when he spotted the “suspicious” character. guess he hasn’t really taken a good long hard look at what a loser both he and frank are to be making judments about someone elses character. IMO he’s just a little big man with low self esteem and bully issues, thought he’d be a hero in his community appointing himself judge jury and executioner. I also wondered if he’d been drinking with his meds maybe made him feel 10 feet tall and bullet-proof JMHO

          • Hi Cecelia.

            I also wondered if he’d been drinking with his meds maybe made him feel 10 feet tall and bullet-proof JMHO

            Oh, I highly suspect that GZ had been drinking that evening. He had a reason for not wanting to go to the hospital for treatment of LIFE-THREATENING injuries, right? LOL. His blood would have been drawn — couldn’t have that.

            Could it have been his besty the violent drunkard Frank Taaffe?

            I distinctly hear GZ’s voice in the background of that call and WHILE Trayvon is screaming for help and cries out in pain. GZ could not be talking and screaming at the same time. It is my impression that Serino also recognized GZ’s voice cursing at Trayvon and that is why he gave GZ opportunity during his 2/29 interview to say it was not him screaming. What GZ did say was that it didn’t sound like him.

            • Xena:

              “Oh, I highly suspect that GZ had been drinking that evening. He had a reason for not wanting to go to the hospital for treatment of LIFE-THREATENING injuries, right? LOL. His blood would have been drawn — couldn’t have that.”

              I think this is why he also refused to see an ENT after his PA suggested it. I don’t believe his nose was broken. Even his own report says “Likely Broken”. It was better for him to have everyone assume that his nose was broken then to have a definitive answer.

              All he ever did was “repeat” things that others said to him. He told the PA that the paramedics said his nose was broken yet the paramedic report only states a nose injury. She writes what he says done and he continues repeating what he wants others to believe.

            • You make an excellent point about GZ repeating what others said to him, even when he embellishes. I’m not sure how the EMTs and paramedic make decisions in Sanford, but any break anywhere on the body should result in a decision to take the patient to the hospital.

  14. I’m one who hears mamma in there somewhere – don’t know the exact place right now, but after I heard that, I was shattered. All I could picture was my own son and it just tore me up.

    • Welcome Rachael! You spoke volumes when saying you thought about your own son. You see, when a parent hears their child scream, they have a reaction. If this proceeds to trial, I hope that Sybrina and Papa Zim are sitting in the courtroom so the jury can see their reactions when that tape is played. ShelLIE too, although she might be serving time when GZ’s trial rolls around.

      • I agree Rachael and Xena!

        To hear his last cries is so disturbing and I can’t EVEN imagine how the Martins must feel. It tears my heart out.
        When I heard his brother, Zimmerman and his Father say it was Zimmerman I thought what in the hell do you think our brains are made of???
        His brother said that George sounded just like him. DO WHAT???
        AND his Dad heard him cry like that before???

        NO way!! That is absolutely the just ONE of the biggest lies and worst.
        And the Zimmerman fans believe this crock. EVEN if I thought in anyway like they do, I would be embarressed to say such stupid things, along with their hate. Unbelievable!

        I can’t imagine how my life would be if I heard my child cry out like that in his/her
        last breath. The first things that people want to know if anything terrible like that happened to their child, was it fast, did they suffer? AND here they have it forever in their mind.
        So very very sad and ABSOLUTELY senseless

        • Know what? If I screamed for help out of fear of losing my life, and were asked to duplicate those screams, the emotions of that event would be in my voice. Not once have I ever known anyone to recount a life-threatening experience without getting choked up, and/or fighting back tears or actually crying — other than Zimmermeth. When he shouted “help me” for the voice exemplar, it was a joke.

          • Xena: On Youtube, someone post a video/tape of GZ saying, “Help!” He sounds like a pig sqealing! Where TM’s voice is frighening and he sounds like a teen, GZ sounds nothing like him in comparison.

          • @Xena, he sound just like a sick dog with his help me, help me. I want this SOB and POS to really suffer for what he did to an innocent child. the very same thing goes for his family as well as his legion of racist fans. he even has fans over at the Caylee daily of all places. they don’t seem to care that like Caylee, Trayvon was a child to. I just don’t understand some of the people in this country. but I can tell you, there are a lot of hypocrites over on that site as well.

            • The truth is, the hypocrites cannot change the evidence and the evidence is against, and shall convict, George M. Zimmerman of 2nd degree murder. Okay, let me see if I can offer something to make you smile.

            • @ladystclaire, among other things, Zimmermeth is a failure. His lies shall also fail him. Did you see him at his last two court hearings? He looks awful. His attorneys ignored him, and O’Mara apparently didn’t increase his allowance so he could buy a new suit that fits him. Things are not going well for Zimmermeth. I also suspect that ShelLIE is no longer with him. It is better for him to live and suffer, than die and leave his cares and worries behind.

    • he was a kid in trouble who knew he was about to die.if he screamed for his mother that’s natural for a kid in that situation.

  15. Those calls are still so difficult for me to listen to. Just knowing that Trayvon was in such fear of his young life just tears me to pieces! I still can not believe that he put that kid through terror and all for his self pleasure. We know that Zimmerman has no feelings because every cop that he spoke to that night and the next morning told him that he would have nightmares and not be able to sleep thinking about it. Never once did George agree, in fact the idiot had the nerve to ask Singleton how she slept the night he murdered Trayvon!!! He had that freaking grin on his face too. He also made some off the wall comments to her about earning respect from people as if Trayvon did not confoirm to his self conceived authority and the end result was shooting him. There is this sinister chuckle from him as he holds the unnecessary small talk with the investigator. I am sure that she picked up on his lack of emotion during what would have been a terrible event for someone even if the person was committing a crime! I have a strong dislike for George, his family, his friends and those that sit behind their computers supporting him with their racist comments.

    • @Nellie Nell, I have nothing but pure hatred for Zimmerman, his family and his attorneys. he is definitely the “MOST HATED MAN IN AMERICA!” I think I can go so far as to say that he is the “MOST HATED MAN IN THE WORLD,” because people the world over are still watching this case.

  16. Nellie Nell,

    “I have a strong dislike for George, his family, his friends and those that sit behind their computers supporting him with their racist comments.”

    Exactly the way that I feel!
    It’s hard enough hearing the cries of a seventeen year old just seconds before his last breath
    and the COLD comments I’ve heard enough of them. They make me shiver.
    I’ve heard Trayvon being 17 HE was a man because he could go into the military, YET he can’t smoke, drink or gamble legally.
    Something is wrong with this picture!!!
    He HAD just turned 17 also.

    I don’t care if he was 99, what GZ did was murder an innocent person for absolutely no reason.
    I hope he gets life in prison because he doesn’t deserve to walk the streets a free man.
    The whiners can cry all that they want to.
    I WONDER what they would be doing IF it were their CHILD!!!

    • I’ve heard Trayvon being 17 HE was a man because he could go into the military,

      That is one of the Zimbots’ arguments of ignorance. A 17 yr old can only enlist in the U.S. military with approval of a legal guardian or parent. No 17 yr old can enter into a lawfully binding contract.

      The States have emancipation laws, for one reason, to prevent defendants from raising those same types of arguments. Statutes such as statutory rape and child sexual abuse would be overcome with the accused saying “I thought she was older.” “She looked older.” “Wearing a size 34 bra makes her a woman.”

      Think of that lame logic — “Yeah, I killed her, but I thought she was older.”

      HA! I suppose there are convicted men in jail now arguing that same crap with their cell mates. They have depraved minds and so does GZ’s fans if they think for one minute that such a defense will acquit GZ.

    • @lolypop, Love you and I also love your comment! it’s a real blessing to know that there is a united front standing with Tracy, Sybrina and Jahvaris in our quest to get Justice for Trayvon.n like you, I would like to know how these racist bigots would feel if this were their child who Zimmerman murdered. if not Zimmerman, they can still lose a loved one and maybe even a child to murder by someone else. “THERE BUT BY THE GRACE OF GOD GO I.” words to live by for those who support the murderer of a child!

  17. Absolutely Xena!!

    Remember the so called “apology” in court,GZ said he tought Trayvon was about his age (LIE) as if that would make a parent feel better!

    • Yes, GZ lied on the stand, and later lied to America on Hannity’s program. Under oath to tell the truth, GZ said he didn’t know if Trayvon had a weapon. On Hannity’s, he said that Trayvon reaching in his waistband was a bluff.

      Who in their right mind chases behind a person who they think is armed with a weapon? IMO, Trayvon never reached in his waistband. GZ made that up hoping that the arriving cop would shoot Trayvon on sight.

      George Zimmerman has a depraved mind.

    • @Lolypop, he hadn’t heard of SYG but, he was well aware of the statue of 10 extra years tacked on to a prison for killing a minor with a gun. that is why he came up with the “I DIDN’T KNOW HOW OLD HE WAS LIE.” he knew that he stands a chance of serving 25 +10 to life for the crime he committed. his ass is going to get pinched big time for this and, his boys in Va. must be happy for him.

  18. I don’t understand how a person can actually smile, knowing what happened. I believe if I was in the situation, all seriousness will be in my head, because I would know, if convicted, I could die in prison from other inmates.


    • It’s so obvious to me too Jessica, and the tears, yes, I cannot listen to the tape once the cries start.

      Brian, GZ has lied so much I honestly believe he believes his own lies.

    • I hear you Jessica. My youngest is a boy and he is the same age as of TM. He cannot stand to hear the 911 tapes. He cannot fathom how anyone can murder a teenager like him. He cannot understand how this man actually stood their and shot a boy who cried and begged for his life. I have explained to my son, that GZ is a socio-path and these people have no conscious, nor do they feel that any rules applies to them. I then hug my older girls and my son and I tell them that I love them. I think about Sybrina Fulton and her son’s father, Tracy Martin, and I pray for them every day. I cannot imagine who they go on with their homes so empty. Not hearing the laughter and the banter of Trayvon any longer. GZ destroyed that. For that, he has forfeited his life in this world.

      • Deborah, me too, I have twins that are 17. The void of soul within this man Zimmerman and anyone who would help him is absolute proof he is a sociopath. He justifies his behavior and actions through belief in his own lies.

        For the family of Trayvon Martin to have to live everyday without him, to know his life was taken senselessly, to be deprived of his love and future life with him, is the most horrible thing any family/parent should have to go through.

      • @Deborah Garner-Moore, I so agree with you and as far as listening to that 911 tape with the cries of an innocent child on it, I can’t listen to it either. I also can’t tolerate reading about him sitting his FAT STINKING ASS” on that child’s back. IMO he should have been charged with Murder one and the state should have sought the dp for him as well. for the crime he committed as well as his actions, George Zimmerman was under charged I would be willing to push the plunger on his lethal injection at no charge for the state of Florida!

    • @Jessica, Trayvon actually died with a tear on one of his cheeks. this is so so sad and, how anybody in this country or the world, can support this POLS IS BEYOND ME. IMO, Zimmerman isn’t long for this world himself if you ask me. he is definitely going to the hoosegow and his reputation as well as his crime has preceded him and, he is a marked poor excuse of a man!

  20. Hey everybody, LOOK @HOW STRAIGHT ZIMMERMAN’S BROKEN NOSE IS! I haven’t read anything about him having surgery for his “BROKEN NOSE!” I sure would like to know what he finds so funny to be laughing about in court. I want to see him smile like that when his sentence is handed down. more than likely he will $h!t his pants when the clerk reads his “GUILTY” verdict.

    • If George’s nose was broken, it was because he pushed it hard trying to get it back in place after it grew so long.

  21. he was also crying when he died. you know how a kid’s voice cracks when they cry you can hear it on that call.

    • @Kelly Payne. Welcome to Blackbutterfly7.

      Yes, the photo of Trayvon’s death face, shown to Tracy Martin, had a tear on his cheek.

      George Zimmerman only said that he cried out “help” and “help me,” yet there are more words screamed out that were captured on that call. Two experts have decided that the screams were not George Zimmerman’s voice. I hope that prosecutors have them testify.

  22. The soldiers who stormed the beaches in Normandy, France in 1944 were shot at by machine guns on the cliffs ahead of them. The survivors 50 years later still recalled how their lost brothers-at-arms died crying out for their mothers. Poor Trayvon, he felt the same as they did. Lost in the battle against armed prejudice.

    Let’s change our world so this doesn’t happen again.