Happy New Year 2016 And Year Recap

Happy-New-Year-Photos-Pictures-Images 6I love when Word Press sends out the annual report.  It gives me opportunity to wish everyone a happy New Year, express my appreciation, and recap the year.

Subscribed followers increased this year, and I want to thank them for their support.  It’s at a number now where I don’t get around to each of their blogs to check them out, but I do make good-faith efforts and resolve that in the coming year, I will spend time on the week-ends visiting the blogs of new subscribed followers.

We have been nominated for another award, and I plan to officially accept it in the coming days.

Last year, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Steve Harvey linked to this blog.  This year, snopes linked to this blog to support what they reported, and Wikipedia linked to it when discussing what they should publish about an issue.  Wikipedia also linked to my other blog, flightattendantfailures, which reports investigative pieces regarding people on the internet who threaten  others with harm because of race, and/or their work in activism. 

In July last year, the options were changed here so that comments could only be submitted through a Word Press account.  Word Press now allows for logging-in to comment through Facebook or Twitter accounts.   Since selecting that option, spam and harassing comments have been reduced by an estimated 99 percent.

This was a trying year for me.  There have been many distractions.  One major distraction has been removed and in the coming year, I’m looking forward to directing my energy to blogging more.   You might have noticed that although the URL is the same, the title of this blog was changed to “We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident” with the subline, “that all men are created equal.”  That best describes our focus.

The following is the Word Press annual report for this blog.

May the New Year bring you joy, energy, excellent health, and peace.  May all of your needs be met.

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 130,000 times in 2015. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it.

See the full report here.


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  1. Congrats, sweet friend!! 🙂

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  2. Congrats on your well deserved good news and for your exceptional numbers!!! Onda

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Happy New Year, Xena!

    Congratulations on your super report from WordPress.

    I loved reading:

    The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 130,000 times in 2015. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it.

    So cool!

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  4. chuquestaquenumber1

    Congratulations on another well deserved honor. Keep up the efforts. Your supporters myself included will do our best to combat injustice and racists.

    2015 recap.
    Good. Daniel Holtzclaw convicted of rape. For too long white men especially cops have raped black females with no punishment.

    University of Missouri Black students fight against racism.

    President Obama being able to get things he wanted accomplished. In spite of unnecessary hatred,blocking,vitriol etc.

    The black women that made sure Daniel Holtzclaw got arrested and convicted. More importantly their voices and trauma got respected.

    BGI accusations not true. Whenever a police officer was killed,no one here applauded. All victims of unjustly killings were memorialized here. Black,White,Asian,Mentally ill,etc.

    Bad. Racism still in effect. Tamir Rice,Sandra Bland,The Black Ohio couple and the countless police victims killers not being punished.

    War on Cops. This tagline became another way for people to be racist towards Black people. If a cop shooter/killer Was black,President Obama,Rev Sharpton,Black Lives Matter,Minister Farrakhan were all responsible. When a white cop killer/shooter struck it became an aberration,a fluke,a tragedy but nothing enhanced by anti cop rhetoric.
    Selective usage of words.

    Only Muslims are terrorists not Dylan Scott Roof,Robert Louis Dear,Noah Harpman,Craig Hicks. The German wings pilot.

    Only blacks are engaging a War on Cops not Kevin Daigle,Robert Louis Dear,Raymond Kmetz, Ray Allen Shelter,Kelly Jo Ivey.

    The rise of Donald trump in politics.

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    • Chuquest,
      That’s a really good recap. Thanks.

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    • Chuquest,
      April 14, 2013. It would have been my mom’s birthday. It was also the day that you posted a comment about the significance of the Dooley case decision and Zimmerman’s upcoming trial. Know it or not, you are very significant in motivating me to continue blogging. You mentioned the racial differences of the suspects. So dear friend, I thank you for the wake-up call. I thank you for making the coffee. I woke me up when smelling it. I thank you for bringing out the biases in the judicial system when the same law is applied to cases but the race of the victims are different.

      Thank you again. Trayvon Martin is who brought us together. Just to think more than 3 years later, we continue the struggle for equality and justice together. Keep making those wake-up calls.


  5. Dear Xena … did you include the link to the “annual report” in this post? I don’t seem to find it … maybe you missed it? If not …. I apologize!! Hugs …. 🙂


  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    So much work needs to be done in the New Year in the cause of social justice. Injustice is unacceptable and needs to be eliminated. Inequality is unacceptable and needs to be eliminated. Racial bigotry within the power structure is unacceptable and needs to be eliminated.

    The work is challenging and requires a commitment of steadfast determination to do all that can be done to right the wrongs and to better our society.

    Every generation has heard the call and the challenge to get involved this struggle.

    In the 1960’s a Creedence Clearwater Revival song titled Don’t Look Now put out the challenge to its listeners to end their apathy to what was then occurring in our country. At timestamp 20:22 of the musical documentary Fortunate Sons,Creedence Clearwater Revival,one of the band’s member stated

    When they said “Don’t look now, it ain’t you or me,” it was a challenge to look at yourself. And, most of us refused to get involved with the dirty work of humanity. Since I realize I don’t have any answers for it, the best thing I can do is at least point it out and say “There it is.” Maybe someone else will hear the song and say, “Wow. That’s something that needs to be taken care of.”

    Who will take the coal from the mine?
    Who will take the salt from the earth?
    Who’ll take the leaf and grow it to a tree?
    Don’t look now, it ain’t you or me.

    Who will work the field with his hands?
    Who will put his back to the plough?
    Who’ll take the mountain and give it to the sea?
    Don’t look now, it ain’t you or me.

    Don’t look now, someone’s done your starvin’
    Don’t look now, someone’s done your prayin’
    Who will make the shoes for your feet?
    Who will make the clothes that you wear?

    Who’ll take the promise that you don’t have to keep?
    Don’t look now, it ain’t you or me.

    Don’t look now, someone’s done your starvin’
    Don’t look now, someone’s done your prayin’

    Who will take the coal from the mines?
    Who will take the salt from the earth?
    Who’ll take the promise that you don’t have to keep?
    Don’t look now, it ain’t you or me.

    So many individuals DID take up the challenge and took to the streets in protest and to advocate for civil rights and equality and push back to end Jim Crow.

    Today, many are carrying signs to remind us that to be silent is to be in agreement with the wrongs we are witnessing in our country.

    I hear the call. I will respond and continue to advocate for equal justice and push back against racial hate and bigotry. May there be thousands upon thousands of others who will do the same in the New Year.

    Right now I have the inspirational songs “Carry It On” and “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize” playing in my head.

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    • crustyolemothman

      Yahtzee, what inspiring words to read going into the new year! I truly hope many people embrace the thoughts and actions called for in your post. I have often thought that we need to distribute hearing aids to many of our fellow citizens who fail to acknowledge the winds of change in this nation. Keep on being one of the many inspirational people involved in the discussions about inequality in our nation and at some point the deaf will suddenly hear! 🙂

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I really appreciate your comments, Mothman.

        Your thoughts inspire me to continue my hope that we make a difference.

        Thanks for all you do.


  7. crustyolemothman

    Xena, Thanks once again for providing a place of hope and encouragement to many of us who look up to and respect your leadership in seeking real change in the way each and all of our fellow citizens are treated. Words can not do justice to your positive attitude and encouraging words. My you have a wonderful and productive 2016!

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    • Mothman,
      Happy New Year!

      I don’t know how to feel about the use of the word “leadership.” All I do is report — blog, with an occasional opinion piece and posts of encouragement. But I still thank you for your kind words, and being a part of what this blog successful. As I posted to Chuquest, Trayvon Martin is who brought us together. His death is not in vain. We are still here more than 3 years later bringing the bigger picture.


  8. Happy New Year and congratulations!
    I know you’re really busy but you’ll have to attend to your latest nomination. Check it out on my site.
    Peace and increase in 2016!!!


    • Hey Roach! Happy New Year to you too. A congratulations goes out to you for the award you received. I’ll accept. Thank you so much.

      “Peace and increase in 2016!!!”

      I like that. 🙂


  9. Sorry to hear that it’s been a challenging year, but your blog is clearly growing in success! Excited to hear this and wishing you an even bigger and better 2016 🙂


    • Hey Eurobrat! Thanks for the good wishes, and the same to you. By the way, I don’t know if you read it previously, but Kindheart101 is no longer online. She feel in love with your blog and sends her love to all.


  10. Happy New Year Everyone!


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