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Happy New Year 2018

May you have a year of blessings! 

May America practice equality for all!

Happy New Year 2016 And Year Recap

Happy-New-Year-Photos-Pictures-Images 6I love when Word Press sends out the annual report.  It gives me opportunity to wish everyone a happy New Year, express my appreciation, and recap the year.

Subscribed followers increased this year, and I want to thank them for their support.  It’s at a number now where I don’t get around to each of their blogs to check them out, but I do make good-faith efforts and resolve that in the coming year, I will spend time on the week-ends visiting the blogs of new subscribed followers.

We have been nominated for another award, and I plan to officially accept it in the coming days.

Last year, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Steve Harvey linked to this blog.  This year, snopes linked to this blog to support what they reported, and Wikipedia linked to it when discussing what they should publish about an issue.  Wikipedia also linked to my other blog, flightattendantfailures, which reports investigative pieces regarding people on the internet who threaten  others with harm because of race, and/or their work in activism.  Read the rest of this entry

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