Tamir Rice – Justice NOT Served

There is a judge that gave an unbiased opinion on what the officers should and should not be charged with. I don’t think that the grand jury was presented with that opinion. Thanks for remembering Tamir.


This is not the blog I planned for today. However, I lived in Cleveland, OH for twenty five years. My late husband was an engineer at Channel 8 TV where I got this breaking news.

Cleveland is a city that is trying hard to improve itself and it has in many ways. However, Cleveland is in Cuyahoga County and the FBI has unearthed corruption more than once. Elected officials are at this moment in time doing time for graft, corruption and a variety of other crimes.

I was still living there when Tamir Rice was shot to death. It was winter and there was snow on the ground. Tamir was a twelve year old child who was playing with a toy gun. As children have for generations, he was playing cops and robbers or cowboys or some scenario in his imagination that will we never know about.

A man saw…

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  2. This the same old cover up game perpetrated by the usage of the grand jury system. There is no way those on the grand jury were going to override a prosecutor’s recommendation,” Not to charge” the offending officer. Ever since Trayvon Martin, we have been witnesses to how the judicial system is biased towards protecting the police officers or those pretending to be. This is so wrong!

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    • “Ever since Trayvon Martin, we have been witnesses to how the judicial system is biased…”

      Yes !! Now……..how many happened before that that we don’t know about ??

      This is pure unadulterated BS. The cops were afraid ?? but they pulled up 6 feet from someone they thought was dangerous. My dad was a cop and I can tell you they broke every procedure there is and probably some not even written yet.

      Then there is the common sense factor…….or lack thereof.

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    • Gronda,
      This year, prosecutors who want to protect the accused have been publicly exposed. For years, I’ve know how prosecutors refuse to investigate cases. The bias goes back much further than 2012. Remember what happened with Rodney King? Even after charging the officers, the jury set them free.

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  3. NavyDad0007

    This sickens me a child can’t even play in the park in peace

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    • Sickening doesn’t even come close to me…… When I was a kid, all of my friends and I would play “Army” in the 20 or so acres of woods behind our house, which was twp, the HS property.

      The toy guns we had back in the early to mid 60’s (I was born in 55) were so realistic looking, and that’s why there are toy gun laws now, such as the orange barrel tip. In fact, I had a “BAR” that was so real, it had an electric motor in the magazine that tripped a small metal hammer on a piece of some type of fiber board that sounded like a real BAR….and it was loud !!

      Imagine playing with that in this day in age.

      My point is that no one ever bothered us kids playing “shoot the Nazi’s” I am pretty sure there were some of us as old as 12 as well.

      Sickening………….and then some.

      What is wrong with any cop who pulls up next to a kid and opens fire before the car even comes to a stop ?? Is this for real ?????

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  4. Thoroughly saddened and disgusted by this outcome

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  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Not only did this cop shoot Tamir within 2 seconds of the cruiser pulling up right next to Tamir, but this cop made no effort to offer CPR and medical aid himself which might have saved Tamir’s life.

    A municipal judge saw this case for what it was and that the cop should have been charged.

    This should have gone to trial and been decided be a jury.

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    Substitute “toy gun” for “BB gun” in editorial cartoon below:

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  9. As a reminder, this is the probable cause decision entered by a judge in Ohio.

    Click to access judgment-entry-on-tamir-rice-case.pdf

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  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    You can watch the videotaped interview of the attorney for the Rice family from today at this link:


  11. Two sides to a story

    I don’t understand the fascism and brutality in this country any more.


    • Hey Two Sides.
      It’s easily understood. This country was built by spilling the blood of others who were perceived as being different. It started with the slaughter of Native Americans. Then, it went the way of capitalism, which essentially means that money is the god of the people to justify kidnapping people from their native land and forcing them to work for free.

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  12. Hat Tip to Jueseppi. Some might find some of the words offensive, but the man makes good points.

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  13. I was driving when I heard the news say that and I yelled out, “Are they kidding!? Unbelievable!”

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  15. Although the grand jury failed to indict Loehmann and Garmback, they will face a new administrative review. The investigative committee which includes civilians will begin all over, starting with the calls to 911. City Council member Jeffrey Johnson announced that he would ask the council to seek local charges of negligent homicide, the most serious charge that can be sought under city law. Conviction would mean only six months in jail, but the process would allow for another full review of the shooting. In addition to reviewing the conduct of the two officers, the Cleveland Police Department’s Critical Incident Review Committee will also determine whether the 911 call taker and dispatcher should face disciplinary charges.


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  16. yahtzeebutterfly

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  17. roderick2012

    Cops Simply Arrest White Woman Who Brandished A BB Gun And Dared Them To Shoot Her

    The woman yelled ‘Boom boom boom’ and ‘Shoot me!’ at officers while brandishing a realistic BB gun.

    A 66-year-old white woman was recently arrested outside the Torrington Police Department in Connecticut, after pointing a BB gun at officers and daring them to shoot her.

    WFSB reports that before encountering the police officers, Elaine Rothenberg had confronted two civilians and asked them if they were cops. Rothenberg then “took a position in front of a doorway where police enter and exit” and raised the BB gun “in a shooting stance.” Per WFSB:

    Rothenberg yelled about hating the cops and stated “what are you doing, shoot me!” and “what are you scared?” She raised the gun and pointed it at officers yelling “boom boom boom.”

    After eventually dropping the gun, Rothenberg was taken into custody and arrested. She was charged with “second-degree breach of peace, first-degree threatening, 7 counts of reckless endangerment and interfering with police,” according to reports.

    Rothenberg had evidently purchased the BB gun the same day she was arrested because it “looked real.”



    • Roderick,
      Sounds like she wanted suicide by cop. She might not have taken into consideration that the Torrington, CT police would give her privilege because of her age and the color of the skin.


      • roderick2012


        Well the cops’ restraint seems to depend on the color of the ‘suspect’.


        • Yeah Roderick. That too.


          • roderick2012

            I’m sure she could have been most of the cops’ mom or grandma *wink,wink*


          • Roderick,
            Biases,, prejudices, and favoritism. It has no place in authoritative positions, and is deadly when those in such positions can use guns. I’m glad that the woman was arrested without injury. And, I’m also glad that it happened so we have yet another case of comparison for how people are treated differently.


  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    Happy New Year everyone!

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