Open Discussion – Potpourri – December 3, 2015

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small;

There is lots of news.

This afternoon, officials began identifying the 14 victims of the San Bernardino mass shooting. The Huffington Post has posted the information. One victim leaves behind 6 children.

The New York Times is keeping a running format on investigation updates.

blue butterflies
Also this afternoon, Twitter suspended George Zimmerman’s account. It appears that he was in a relationship with a woman in Kentucky, and they broke up. Zimmerman went on a revenge-porn campaign, posting nude photos of her on Twitter along with her address and phone number. The Daily Dot has screenshots and the story.

blue butterflies

For Thanksgiving, my cable provider gave free service to premium channels. I was able to watch 3 ½ minutes, 10 Bullets, the documentary about the life, killing, and death of Jordan Davis. The movie is REAL and greatly put together. It is one of the best documentaries I’ve seen, putting it right beside Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.

blue butterflies

We are following the trial of William Porter, the first Baltimore police officer to stand trial in the death of Freddie Gray. As always, Yahtzee is doing a fantastic job keeping us up-to-date. (She is so humbled, and I know she will hate me for saying this, but she deserves recognition for being the right-hand person when it comes to following trials.)

blue butterfliesWhat’s on your mind?

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  1. So it’s official Fogen isn’t capable of attracting “normal” girls ??? To be honest, not one girl I know has naked pictures of herself readily available………..uhhhhh, that is, at least where they are less than 2 months old and laying on a white blanket……..being posed by a proud mom and dad.

    This mass shooting defies imagination. I am at a complete loos other than offering my prayers and thoughts for the victims and the families. One shooter was a woman which makes this even more horrific. I haven’t been able to read as much as is already known but I am stunned.

    Needless to say some NRA nut will say “…..if all the people in the conference center were armed, they’d all be alive and blah, blah…….insane blah.

    The really sad part is, well………besides the fact that the shooters had over 3,000 rounds, is that there are way to many guns out there already. I hope you gun manufactures and lobbyists are happy now……………you ruined it for everyone.

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    • Hey Racer! Well, Don West agrees with you that George is not very lucky with women.

      I am weakened by the shootings in CA. So many of the victims are disabled. So, if the NRA thinks it would be good for them to have weapons — well ….

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      • I hear ya…..BUT…………….”luck” has nothing to do with it. Being a good at heart has a lot to do with it…………lets see…….understanding, loving, compassionate, hard working, generous, forgiving, helpfulness and some other positive traits as well.

        I’m pretty sure taking a girl on a 1st date “Dutch Treat” then to a gun range……….ehhhhh, not so much.

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        • Hey Racer,
          It seems that Zimmerman baits women on the promise of money. The Appellate Court affirmed the judgment that dismissed his complaint against NBC, so his girlfriend must have realized that she was destined to financially support a grown man with no chance of hitting the killer-lottery. Like JHA said, Zimmerman lost his Twitter and his chances for money.

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          • Yep……can you spell…U-L-T-I-M-A-T-E L-O-S-E-R

            I’m betting he is in the news again soon……………and it won’t be pretty.

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            • You know Racer, I have the same feeling. In fact, I told several people that we might be hearing more news about Zimmerman in January, and it won’t be pretty.

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  2. NavyDad0007

    They finally suspended George Zimmerman today he’s disgusting.

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    • Somebody should do more than suspend his privileges. He claims Heather stole a gun from him…….right, like he’d allow that to happen. I would be willing to bet there is no police report of any of his guns being stolen. Lets face facts…………..he’d be all over the internet on that one.

      I find it funny how he stills has the barb to Reuters about the law like he’s a lawyer.

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      • crustyolemothman

        racer, Perhaps we should start a Go Fund account for funds allowing Heather to sue the Zimmerhead… Get it into a court far away from Don West and force Zimmerhead to actually come up with some money to defend his actions….

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        • That gets my vote.

          It’s amazing that this dirtball, scumsucking, wasteoid can’t get an job and at least make at attempt to be a productive member of society.

          Noooooooooooooooo…he still preys on others, then turns on them.

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    • Hey NavyDad! He revealed his vindictive side. I suppose that since he wasn’t suspended for tweeting the photo of Trayvon’s dead body, that he thought he could get away with revenge-porn.

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  3. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced its “shortlist” of 2016 Academy Awards nominees for Best Documentary and “3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets” advanced toward a nomination. The critically acclaimed film about the last three and a half minutes in the life of Florida teenager Jordan Davis becomes one of fifteen semi-finalists (out of 124 film entries submitted) in the category.

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Live on Trayvon!

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      This video was published on Apr 4, 2012 with this comment from the artist:

      ….I had a Dream of Trayvon Martin. I had a conversation with him and he said to me: “Let Everyone Know That I’m Going Home” ….completely compelled I drew this at 4am after waking up in a cold sweat. ….take care of him Pops…. (I just want Trayvon’s family to somehow get this to bring comfort in knowing that he is HOME with GOD.)

      ~Trayvon Martin Tribute Drawing by: DJ-XTC (Charles-P)

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    • That caused me to cry a little. Trayvon was scared and didn’t know why he had been followed, and why Zimmerman would want to kill him.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I know. Me, too.

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        • This still chills me knowing what we know and what Trayvon must have been going through. I can see having a car accident where someone runs a stop light and hits your car and you’re stunned and injured, but you know it was an accident.

          Being Fogenized for no reason nor fault of your own can only be terrifying. Then we come to see this dirt ball has a history to this very day of screwing with everyone he crosses paths with.

          What ever happened to Sam being pregnant ?? Oh…….they lied ?? Did he think he could post a begsite for that as well. Now he’s torturing some girl 1,000 miles away ??


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  5. crustyolemothman

    Finally a sensible gun law proposed, but has as much chance of passing as a snow ball in July, too bad, it does make a lot of sense! Read the article and you will understand why it makes so much sense, then read the comments and realize why it will never make it into law!

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    • Mothman, I did not know that Missouri ranks first for gun deaths of toddlers. GEEZ! Thanks for the link. It’s an interesting Bill, but like the article said, is unlikely to be voted into law.

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    • Oh that’s right! He was on Twitter promising to pay back his financial supporters with interest. The next day, the Appellate Court affirmed the dismissal of his suit. They didn’t even bother to write an opinion — just that the judgment of the lower court was affirmed. Maybe he had promised his girlfriend money and losing the appeal is what caused the breakup.


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    • yahtzeebutterfly

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    • So she now lives in FL but has a TN registered car. Funny he didn’t file a complaint for her not registering her car in FL…………what with all that legal knowledge he has and all.

      Wait……… bad, he missed the DMV class, which was the day after the SYG class…..
      …..or was it the day before. No matter, he’s a blithering idiot no matter what comes out of his mouth.

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    • On a funny and kind of related note, it’s funny in this computer real time age that anyone screwing with someone, like Fogen does, he doesn’t realize that anyone, like a police officer, could be looking over the harassed persons shoulder……or at their cell phone.

      This happened to us back in 2012. Our godson and his family decided to get involved with a biker gang and within 6 months he committed suicide……or was shot at very close range. A long story, but after the biker funeral……a story in itself, we elected to stay away. The youngest son started calling every 2 minutes threatening us. Well…..he said we better stay friends “or else” Hmmmmmm ???

      Anyway, I called the police one evening after enough calls and while I was telling the officer what was going on, and the hundreds of caller ID signatures, the guy calls and starts on me. I had the speaker phone on so the officer could hear. Man, what an obscene earful that cop got. So after about 20 or so threats on our lives, the officer started talking and well, it got ugly after that.

      I’m that straight arrow, law abiding citizen who will do something like that……..not make threats, but call the cops when, well………… get the picture.

      Amazing how stupid people can be…………but, that’s just me.

      Maybe we need another 10 things we’ll never hear from Fogen list again.

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      • That’s an interesting story, Racer. I’ve heard similar stories. A most interesting one is, you know how you can redirect a phone number to another phone number? Well, a friend was being harassed and redirected the person’s phone number to a detective’s phone. The guy making the calls was SHOCKED. You should have heard him try to make up stories about what he meant. LOL!

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  7. yahtzeebutterfly


    I love the wreaths you placed here with the pretty red bows!


  8. It appears that there is finally a woman who is willing to stand up to Georgie. She has filed a restraining order against him but it has yet to be served to him..,..,looks like he may be trying to avoid being served. It appears that he was lucky in the revenge porn tweets because the tweets were graphic enough….they were cropped to avoid showing her nipples which would’ve gotten him in trouble. Fl has a revenge porn law that went into effect in October but the definition of what is porn is what is saving him from the charge.

    She could still file a civil case.

    Heather has given an interview and her story is similar to his other women…..smooth talker, when she tried to leave he cries and convinces her to give him another chance. When she does leave for good it gets ugly, name calling, etc. She said she never stole from him and the gun she has was a birthday gift from him. What a guy, obviously someone who “doesn’t say it with flowers” or a bracelet but buys a gun for them.

    Z had doxed a man in Kentucky a couple of months back accusing him of not paying child support and I’m wondering if it was Heather’s ex and the father of her child.

    He posted Trayon’s dead body and bragged about his death and didn’t get suspended. He doxed a man in Kentucky and posted his workplace and phone number and didn’t get suspended. It finally took the photos of Heather but it should’ve have happened sooner, shame on Twitter.

    As it was pointed out to me by a friend, her restraining order might contain a no gun clause which could finally disarm Z and explain why he is avoiding being served.

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    • Oh Snap! To leave him with no guns would be the ultimate slap in the face.


    • Towerflower,
      Great seeing you.

      “What a guy, obviously someone who “doesn’t say it with flowers” or a bracelet but buys a gun for them.”

      I never understood that. I had friends whose husband gave them household items for their birthday. My husband did that one time. I took it back to the store for a cash return, and bought myself a nice dress, with shoes to match. From that year on I got cash for my birthday. LOL!


    • Who said he “bought” her a gun for her birthday? He has no job, no regular income. I suspect he just gave her one of his guns he got from some idiot who gave it to him.
      If his restraining order is for DV he definitely loses his guns. But I’m not sure about what she’s gonna get her’s for. Maybe if the RO doesn’t involve violence they don’t take the guns away? But I sure hope he does lose them. It would be great to see that attitude adjustment. Can you imagine his argument to judge as to why he needs a gun, y’know since all the black ppl, like Apperson, have been knocking themselves out trying to get to him! Lmao


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Happy Hanukkah. Wishing a warm family time to those celebrating.


  10. I’m really out of it today, folks. Please forgive my absence. I’m going to take medicine, get some rest, and try to catch-up later.


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Supreme Court won’t review laws banning assault weapons”


    By its inaction, the court has left in place lower court rulings that allow restrictions on carrying a weapon outside the home, among other things, and on the kinds of guns that can be prohibited.

    The decision that the Supreme Court decided not to review came from a divided panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit. That ruling noted a statement in the Heller decision that said legislatures retained the ability to prohibit “dangerous and unusual” weapons, and Judge Frank Easterbrook said the guns Highland Park banned qualified.


  12. chuquestaquenumber1

    Last week 9 cops were shot in Colorado,Pennsylvania,Nebraska and Maryland. 2 killed.ALL the cop shooters were white men. The people who promote a War on Cops campaign were very silent. Sherriff Clarke and Ret Inv Houck who always on tv when a black person is accused of killing a cop were on t.v.condemning that black person .Also how Black Lives Matter,Pres Obama Rev Sharpton are responsible for this assault on police.These 2 were on t.v. they chose not to talk about the tragedy of these 9 cops shot. This is of no surprise to me because they don’t have the same outrage for White cop killers. This kind of attitude cheapens the lives of the police officers they claim to represent.


    • Chuquest,
      They don’t have the same outrage because it doesn’t agree with their “war on cops” propaganda that is intended to harm the Black Lives Matter movement and destroy the “BGI.”

      “This kind of attitude cheapens the lives of the police officers they claim to represent.”



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