The Death of Freddie Gray – William Porter On Trial

The jury has been seated; opening statements were made, and the prosecution’s first witness was called.

William PorterThe trial of Baltimore police officer William Porter is underway.

No cameras or computers are allowed inside the courtroom. We will follow trial as best we can through Twitter and other sources and post it in the comment section. At the end of each trial day, I will attempt to obtain a video that recaps the day’s trial.

The below video recaps today’s hearing.



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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Kevin Rector ‏@RectorSun
    First state witness today was another academy instructor, to discuss training Porter received for transport of detainees.

    Chris Gordon ‏@ChrisGordonNews

    Witness John Bilheimer, trained Ofc. Wm Porter at academy in 2012 in departmental vehicle procedure.

    Curriculum states prisoner should be secured in a seat belt on a case by case basis “so as not to place oneself in danger”

    Training material states “we do not transport injured people. We contact the medic.”

    Defense asks about in service training since academy, Bilheimer is unaware of any

    Bilheimer testifies person who has custody of prisoner, the wagon operator, is responsible for his well-being.

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Robert Lang ‏@Reporterroblang

    UPDATE: At Ofc. #WilliamPorter trial Capt. Bartness talks about he wrote new policies and procedures including seat belt policy

    Chris Gordon ‏@ChrisGordonNews

    BPD Capt Martin Bartness reads 4/3/15 persons in police custody: Members shall ensure the safety of the detainee … Including med attention

    Defense asks: “wouldn’t it be fair to say policy & procedure is not the BPD’s top priority?”

    Defense notes 6 policy changes 4/3; 80 pg email attachment. Capt. Bartness unaware of way to see if Ofc. Porter opened it.

    Policy email sent 4/9; Bartness unaware if policy read at roll call before 4/12.

    Defense: rescinding of former ’97 policy “buried” on page 14 of new policy.

    Robert Lang ‏@Reporterroblang

    UPDATE: Capt. Bartness under cross-exam says there was no way to tell if Ofc. #WilliamPOrter read email with seatbelt policy 80 page email


  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Gordon ‏@ChrisGordonNews

    Crime lab tech Jennifer Anderson says she photographed police van at western district lot 4/12. Was not told to collect bio samples.

    Jury to view police van this afternoon.

    Sheryl Stolberg ‏@sherylstolberg
    Court spokesman in #Portertrial: Jury will view van where #FreddieGray was injured in private. Reporters pushing 4 access. Judge has denied. ‏

    Laurel Wamsley ‏@laurelwamsley
    The van where #FreddieGray was shackled being towed into the courthouse garage, likely for viewing by jurors.

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    • The jurors are going to see the van. That is good because it will give them Freddie’s perspective.

      Yahtzee, thanks so much for keeping us up-to-date.

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Chris Gordon ‏@ChrisGordonNews
    Jury viewed van that transported #FreddieGray Van not introduced as evidence. Jury asked no questions during viewing. @nbcwashington

    Freddie Grays mother crying escorted from Courtroom as Prosecutors show 2 videos of #FreddieGray screaming as he’s arrested and shackled

    Chris Gordon Retweeted
    NBCWashington ‏@nbcwashington 1h 1 hour ago
    Judge calls recess as mother of #FreddieGray escorted from court crying after cellphone videos of arrest shown.

    P. Kenneth Burns ‏@PKBNews

    Two cell phone videos and CCTV footage was shown; Brandon Ross, who shot one of the two videos, is on the stand. #PorterTrial</em

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV

    Brandon Ross points out Officer Porter in video as he arrived on scene of #FreddieGray arrest. #PorterTrial

    Sheryl Stolberg ‏@sherylstolberg

    #Portertrial: Brandon Ross, friend of #FreddieGray who took cell phone video, testifies. In video of arrest, Ross screams “That ain’t cool.”

    Brandon Ross, friend of #FreddieGray, also left courtroom crying, moments after Freddie’s mom escorted out. Judge called a recess.

    Brandon Ross, friend with #FreddieGray when he was arrested, back on witness stand now. Said they were “like brothers.” #Portertrial.

    #Portertrial: Defense to Brandon Ross: “Is there anywhere in that video where Officer Porter lays a finger on #FreddieGray?” Ross: “No.”

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV

    Ross said he never saw transport van shaking but heard screams from vehicle. #PorterTrial #FreddieGray

    Brandon Ross admitted under cross that he and Ofc Porter knew each other.

    Mike Hellgren @HellgrenWJZ
    Officer Teel conducted interview with Porter about what happened @cbsbaltimore #PorterTrial #FreddieGray

    You can read Teel/Porter questioning here …

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV 4m 4 minutes ago
    #PorterTrial ended for day a little after 4pm with Det Syreeta Teel on stand. She is one of the internal affairs detectives on case

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  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    From 5 hours ago:
    Allison Bourg ‏@abourg_abc2 5h5 hours ago
    Testimony from several more witnesses, including BPD crime lab technician. Jury expected to view van this afternoon #PorterTrial


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Excerpt from article linked below:

      Officer Jennifer Anderson, a crime lab technician for the department, testified about taking pictures of the van in which Gray was injured at the Western District station, and several of those photographs were entered into evidence.

      Murtha asked Anderson whether she was told the van was a crime scene at the time, or whether she needed to take pictures simply because an investigation was under way. She said she was told it was an investigation.

      He also asked her if she took any biological samples from the back of the van, of anything like blood or hair. She said she did not.

      Bledsoe asked her if she did not because the police detective leading the investigation at the scene didn’t tell her to do so. She responded affirmatively.

      The state also brought to the stand Kevin Marcus, a CCTV technician for the city’s camera network. Marcus testified to how the 700-camera network functions. The defense asked him no questions.

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  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    This article has courtroom sketches by an artist observer of the trial:


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV 11m 11 minutes ago
    Teel testified that in phone conversation with Porter he said #FreddieGray advised he couldn’t breathe and wanted medical helpTeel said she asked

    Ofc Porter to come into HQ for questioning. There was no threat of legal action or disciplinary action if he refused

    Teel testified Porter was advised of his Miranda Rights and his law enforcement officers bill of rights #PorterTrial

    Teel testified Porter read over both and signed forms understanding his rights before giving statements #PorterTrial

    Robert Lang ‏@Reporterroblang 12m 12 minutes ago
    UPDATE: In tradio transmission Ofc. Porter responds to backup and meets van at Druid Hill & Dauphin

    UPDATE: Jury heard radio transmissions from #FreddeiGray arrest. As van approcahes Druid Hill & Dauphin. Ofc. Goodson requests backup

    UPDATE: Det. Teel said she contacted Ofc. Porter on April 15 (Wed.) by cell pohone. He described what happened when reached van.

    Jury in #PorterTrial heard radio transmission of #FreddieGray arrest.


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Robert Lang ‏@Reporterroblang
    UPDATE: Jury has seen video of Ofc. #WilliamPorter interview with Internal affairs Det. Syreeta Teel & other officer

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV
    Jury in #PorterTrial heard radio transmission of #FreddieGray arrest.

    First interview with Porter was about 45 min second was about 10 minutes. #PorterTrial

    Officer Porter said he helped #FreddieGray up from floor onto seat of van. Porter asked Gray if he needed medic. Gray said yes

    Officer Porter said in statement he told Officer Goodson #FreddieGray asked for medic. Medic never called Gray not seat belted in

    Officer Porter said in statement medic not called because transport van could take #FreddieGray there.

    UPDATE Porter says he saw two white officers, whom he could not identifiy drag Freddie Gray into van. Porter said he was doing crowd control

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV
    Porter said he called for medic when for #FreddieGray when he was unresponsive at Western District headquarters

    Sheryl Stolberg ‏@sherylstolberg
    “Oh sh–, we need to call for a medic.” — #OfficerPorter, to internal investigators, in hour-long videotaped interview in #FreddieGray case
    “Oh sh–, we need to call for a medic” — #OfficerPorter, when he sees #FreddieGray inside van at police station, on video played at trial

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV
    Porter said in statement #FreddieGray was not initially cooperative adding “there’s always a scene when #FreddieGray gets arrested

    Robert Lang ‏@Reporterroblang
    UPDATE: Porter responds to Ofc. Goodson’s request at van stop at Druid Hill & Dauphin. Said “I recognized Freddie Gray lying on van floor.”

    UPDATE: Porter said He told Ofc. Goodson Gray needed a medic, but Goodson said he had to call ambulance.”

    UPDATE: Porter said he thought Gray had an “adrenaline dump” lethargic after chase w/ police and arrest.

    UPDATE: Porter appeared calm in answering internal affairs questions

    UPDATE: By time van gets to Western District, second suspect (Donta Allen Arrest) after Allen unloaded Porter checks on Gray

    UPDATE: At station Porter says he called Gray’s name no response. Porter said to Goodson “Oh s**t we need a medic”

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  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Robert Lang ‏@Reporterroblang
    UPDATE: Porter said medic took him to Shock Trauma.

    UPDATE: Porter told deterctive at no time did he see Gray cooperate w/ police, they forced him into van. At no time seat belted

    UPDATE: Court should be back with more of Det. Teel, but again I cannot verify. Judge had called for 5 min. break.

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    • “cooperate” amazing how these officer think…..they made a false arrest of a person that broke no law, they broke his neck, denied him medical care, then they whine he would not “cooperate”……..

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  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    A bit of background on Ofc. Porter from this May 2015 article excerpt:

    Like Freddie Gray, Baltimore police officer William Porter is a 25-year-old who grew up in the city. But while Gray’s life in Sandtown-Winchester on the west side was marked by a number of arrests, Porter was a straight-arrow east-sider who became a cop and who still lives with his parents near Loyola University Maryland.

    On April 12, however, the two men’s paths crossed at Dolphin Street and Druid Hill Avenue in Gray’s part of town. That’s where Porter met the police van carrying Gray and helped the driver check on his passenger. Now Porter is among the six officers facing charges in Gray’s death.


  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV
    Under cross Teel said Ofc Porter was believed to be a witness in #FreddieGray case

    Teel testified in #PorterTrial that officer Porter was helpful, cooperative and did not appear invasive during statements.

    Under Cross, Teel agreed with Porter’s attorneys that Porter reported to Ofc Goodson and Sgt Alicia White that #FreddieGray asked for medic

    Under cross, Teel said there was no evidence #FreddieGray was tased despite people shouting that in videos

    Teel agreed with Ofc Porter’s attorneys that he was the one to call medics w/in seconds of seeing #FreddieGray in distress at west district

    #PorterTrial in recess until 145pm

    Robert Lang ‏@Reporterroblang
    UPDATE: Defense asks Teel how long did it take for POrter to resond to request for help at Druid Hill & Dauphin. Answer 4 sec.

    UPDATE: Teel is shown her notes, from her 1st call with POrter on April 13th. Notes shows she was asking about response to Baker & Dauphin.

    UPDATE: Defense aske Teel if Baker & Dauphin interesect. She answers they don’t.

    UPDATE: On Redirect, Det. Teel is asked about noting Baker & Dauphin in earlier notes. Asked if that is a mistake. Teel says yes.

    UPDATE: Teel was asked on prosecution redirect if detectives sometimes make mistakes in notes, she says “yes”

    UPDATE: On Cross Exam, Teel was asked if she knew Ofc. Goodson, the van driver. She says yes. Notes he is more experienced than Porter

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  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV 22m

    UM law prof Doug Colbert said it’s too early to tell which side benefits for Porter’s video statements #PorterTrial

    “Now we know why Porter’s attorneys said he will testify,” Colbert said. “He gave a full statement to investigators.” #PorterTrial

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  15. (The video was removed by the user)

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    • it is a strange system where the admission YES he asked for a medic more than once, YES he was non responsive later, and NO i did not call for a medic, and ANYBODY could claim that helps the defense? that was an admission that the officer did NOT follow the procedure and call for medical care, which when first was asked for could have been life saving……”denial” of medicare care immediately could be the ultimate cause of death, since not moving Freddy and having medics deal with him, could have stabilized his injury, as opposed to hauling him around and making the initial injury worse….also any claim that he was NOT injured BEFORE being dragged to the van is strange to me, he clearly had already suffered a spinal injury and was NOT able to use his legs…..

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      • Bill,
        I think that the reason the prosecution places the injury to have happened in the van, is because there was talk that someone recorded the initial contact with Freddie and the police and asked on the video how could they expect him to walk after being “tazed like that.”

        It’s a horrible thing to be sick and confined, and the only people around to provide help ignore your pleas.

        I totally agree with you about the admissions, but playing the video for the jury gives me shades of nightmare from the Zimmerman trial and what the prosecution seemed to have learned from that during the Dunn trial.

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        • there is no question to me that the prosecution threw the fogen case on purpose……the single fact that Martin had NO MARKS on his knuckles or dna from fogen is PROOF he did NOT punch fogen even one time and they never even mentioned that in the trial…..the always never showed how it was NOT possible for fogen to even touch his gun from the position he claimed to be in at the time…..he claimed Martin had his knees on his arms and was pounding him with his fists…..with knees on arms fogen couldnt move them to reach for the gun……..and with knees NOT on the arms but on the ground instead then Martins legs BLOCKED access to the gun.

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          • Bill,
            The prosecution in Zimmerman’s case did have testimony from Adam Pollock that Zimmerman could not make that shot on his back. They also had testimony that blood DNA not belonging to Zimmerman nor Trayvon was found on the back of Zimmerman’s jacket. That indicated, at least to me, that George had been in a fight before he saw Trayvon — maybe that Saturday — and that is what led to him and Shellie having a disagreement and her leaving. Considering that at least 3 out of 6 jurors first thought he was guilty, the verdict then turns to focus away from the prosecution’s behavior to the jurors. I wrote a post on that for 3chicspolitico, including a breakdown of B37’s voir dire. It is my opinion that without her on the jury, Zimmerman would have been found guilty of manslaughter.

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          • ty for that i agree…….juror37 was a plant……..are the 3chicspolitico from alabama? i have spoken on radio with some females from a tea party group with that or a very similar name?

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          • 3chicspolitico are in different states. Here’s a link to the article I wrote back in July 2013.


  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    NBCWashington ‏@nbcwashington
    In re-cross, Teel says Porter held #FreddieGray in life-saving position, keeping airway open, as Novak called for medic.

    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV
    Dr. Carol Allan asst medical examiner with office of chief medical examiner’s office testifying in #PorterTrial

    Allen said she was given word of death of #FreddieGray from shock trauma doctors who said he suffered cardiac arrest while in police custody

    Allen said spinal cord injury was suspected #FreddieGray #PorterTrial

    Allen said autopsy was “information overload” and chaotic situation with about a half dozen BPD members in office

    Allen said everyone in autopsy room offered a little different details #PorterTrial

    Jury saw a photo of #FreddieGray spinal cord

    Allen was allowed to testify as expert witness over defense objections.

    Allen said she has been with the OCME since 2003 and has done more than 4800 autopsies

    Allen also described #FreddieGray external injuries including a lacerated abrasion on right temple and abrasion on right temple

    Allen added #FreddieGray had hematoma on the left side of the base of his skull

    Allan said #FreddieGray had damaged bones removed and plates placed inside from surgery but could tell there was damage

    Dr. Allan testified #FreddieGray dies of a neck injury and ruled his death a homicide. #PorterTrial

    Dr. Allan’s autopsy report was entered into evidence in #PorterTrial

    Allan said #FreddieGray suffered fractured at C4-C5 vertebrae #PorterTrial

    Allan testified that Gray’s neck fracture was an unstable injury exacerbated by ligament damage #PorterTrial

    Allan testified that a neck fracture at C4-C5 could lead to everything below the site of injury to non-functional #PorterTrial

    Allan said that with the type of fracture #FreddieGray suffered would impact his diaphragm, his ability to breath and he would suffocate

    Robert Lang ‏@Reporterroblang
    UPDATE: Dr. Allan showing jury MRI pix of #FreddieGray spinal column. She says it was “kinked” between two sections.

    According to Dr. Allan Cause of Death for #FreddieGray Neck injury (NOT BACK) Manner of Death: Homicide

    UPDATE: Expect Dr. Allan’s testimony to continue Monday.

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  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    These people are doing an outstanding job reporting on the Porter trial. (I recommend that you read their postings on Twitter.)

    Kevin Rector ‏@RectorSun

    Brian Kuebler ‏@BrianfromABC2
    Allison Bourg ‏@abourg_abc2

    Justin Fenton ‏@justin_fenton

    #BaltimoreTrial ‏@BaltimoreTrial

    Saliqa ‏@saliqaWBAL
    Robert Lang ‏@Reporterroblang
    Ron Snyder ‏@SnyderWBALTV

    Chris Gordon ‏@ChrisGordonNews

    Sheryl Stolberg ‏@sherylstolberg

    Laurel Wamsley ‏@laurelwamsley

    P. Kenneth Burns ‏@PKBNews

    (I will continue to post links to their news articles/videos when I am able to locate them.)


  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    Excerpt from this link:

    Juror No. 8 was replaced with Alternate No. 1 because of a medical emergency. It was not known when the emergency occurred.

    Four black women, three black men, three white women and two white men now comprise the jury.

    Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Carol Allan is being cross-examined Monday by the defense. She began testifying on Friday.


  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    Morning update article line. (Testimony this morning from ass’t. ME Dr. Carol Allan.)


    • what previous surgery? are they allowing the defense to just LIE? the claim Gray had a neck surgery a week or so before the arrest is 100% FALSE……..also the claim the Gray hurt himself was NEVER made to police by the other guy in the van, how can defense even mention that lie?


  20. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Freddie Gray case: 5 points from Monday morning testimony in the William Porter trial”


  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Assistant medical examiner explains why Gray’s death was ruled homicide”

    (includes news video)


  22. yahtzeebutterfly

    “State failed to tell defense that Freddie Gray complained of prior back problems, judge rules”


    BALTIMORE – Prosecutors failed to disclose that Freddie Gray complained of back problems the month before he suffered a fatal spinal injury in police custody, a judge ruled Monday in the trial of one of six officers charged in Gray’s arrest and death.

    Judge Barry G. Williams said the defense would be allowed to use the information, but stopped short of dismissing the case, declaring a mistrial or striking the testimony of the state’s medical expert as defense attorneys had wanted.

    Defense attorneys said they received information from Baltimore police on Saturday that Gray told an officer in March 2015 that he had injured his back or had a bad back and was sitting awkwardly in a chair. Prosecutors said in court that an assistant state’s attorney had received the information previously, but the attorney was not part of the team working the Gray case and did not share the information with those attorneys.

    “The state had a duty to disclose this information,” Williams said.

    The ruling, out of the presence of the jury, came during the second week of the trial of police officer William G. Porter, the first of the six officers to go to trial in the case.


    • Ooookay. So, if person has a pre-existing condition, it means that they are not owed a duty of care? Does the Baltimore police only need to seat-belt those who have no pre-existing medical problems? The defense is using distraction. I hope that at closing, the prosecution addresses that.


    • kicking and banging on the van? how would porter know that? the police are simply trained liars.


      • Bill,
        Porter, like Zimmerman and some others, must have a gift of clairvoyance. They can read the thoughts of their victims, say what they did, and what they planned to do. Heck! Porter even read Freddie’s mind to say that he was pretending to need medical care.


  23. Medical Expert Says Faster Medical Attention Could Have Saved Freddie Gray


  24. yahtzeebutterfly

    “State rests case in trial of Officer William Porter”

    (I think WBAL will be adding more to this article.)


    • Yahtzee, thanks for the update. I read about 2 weeks ago that the prosecution challenged that the defense planned to present 28 character witnesses. I don’t know what the judge decided, but it seems as if that’s the only witness that the defense can bring on other than Porter.

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  25. The state’s last witness before prosecutors rested their case was a criminal justice professor. Michael Lyman of Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, testified that it is the responsibility of all officers, not just a van’s driver, to make sure prisoners are buckled into seat belts “so they can’t move around, fall down or injure themselves.”

    Lyman said buckling prisoners in is important because “their freedom has been taken away from them and they have no ability to take care of themselves.”

    It goes along with something that Bill commented earlier. Freddie was helpless in that van. He was owed a duty of care.

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