WCTV Reports On A Cyber-Harrassing Blogger

We’ve seen it over and over again. When law enforcement releases information to the media, written autopsy reports are included, but never autopsy photos. We get the drawings of a body showing wounds, but not actual photos. At trial is where the autopsy photos are shown to the jury. When those trials are live-streamed, the public seldom sees the autopsy photos because they are not nice. Medical examiners explain the autopsy. The photos are not left to the opinions of lay people.

That however, did not stop a blogger from not only obtaining autopsy photos, but also giving her opinion about what they show and challenging the mother of the dead teen to prove her wrong.

The video on the link for WCTV reports that they reached out to the blogger, but have not received a response. I urge you to watch the video. It includes an interview with Kendrick’s mom. Jackie Johnston, Kendrick’s mom, told WCTV that she blocked the person with the blog on Twitter after constant harassment, and doesn’t know why the person is attacking her family. Maybe Blackbutterfly7 can tell her why.

17-year old Kendrick Johnson was found dead on January 11, 2013, in the Lowndes High School gymnasium in the State of Georgia. His body was rolled up in a gym mat. A preliminary investigation and autopsy concluded that the death was accidental. Johnson’s family had a private pathologist conduct another autopsy which concluded that Kendrick died from blunt force trauma. Most people first hearing about the case, and seeing the photos of the gym and the mats, realized that Kendrick’s body could not “fall” into a tightly rolled up gym mat that was closely placed beside other gym mats.

WCTV reports:

“Valdosta, GA – On January 14th 2013, three days after Kendrick Johnson was found inside a rolled up gym mat at Lowndes High School, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations did an autopsy on the teen’s body. Jackie Johnson says last Thursday, those autopsy reports showed up on the website Re-News it, a blog that anonymously posts evidence and theories on national stories, what else they found, came as a shock.”

photo 21It’s only anonymous to those who have not been harassed and threatened by the cyber-extortionist cult. The blogger is Vicki Pate, sometimes spelled “Viki Pate” and on Twitter, now spelled “Vickie Pate.”

Pate got the autopsy photos and claimed that attorney Benjamin Crump lied about the independent autopsy. She is associated with others who publicly announce their mission against the Black Grievance Industry, which they refer to as the “BGI.”

(Edited to include additional information.)

Since posting this yesterday, the subject person, or someone with her permission is scrubbing the source links/pages. Therefore, the following is added to support how the author of what WCTV reports as “anonymous” is known and not anonymous to those knowing her history.

Before she launched Re-newsit, she posted on Radio Newz Blog as Vicki Pate.  They maintain a blogroll that includes the following (highlighting added for emphasis):

Vicky's listing

In May 2012, she posted on Radio Newz Blog as Vicki Pate.  After launching Re-Newsit, she cross posted from Radio Newz Blog to Re-Newsit under the by-line Vicki Pate.

Radio Newz

As described below, it was around the time that the “vetting” mission team came about, (legally known as unlawful doxing), that Vicki began using Renewsit as a defamation and racial harassment website.

Those embracing the “BGI” conspiracy first began with a specific intent to use coercion, intimidation, threats, slander, and interference, to deprive their targets of constitutional rights, including the right of freedom of speech and freedom to associate with others regardless of race. The conspirators then expanded to misrepresent that minorities who exercise their constitutional right to petition the government for redress of grievances are “BGI.”

Please join me as we look back to learn the agenda of the blogger who obtained Kendrick Johnson’s autopsy photos.

photo 22Pate’s first actual post on Renewsit was in October 2012. As of today, she has 2 subscribers to her blog’s Twitter feed.

Shortly after October 2012, another blog was launched and to get attention and hopefully subscribers, folks tag-teamed each other. The following is posted on The Conservative Treehouse. Jordan2222 had posted comments on the blog he is asking about.

photo 1 BGI conspiracyphoto 2









 photo 3

Tag-teaming was demonstrated in several ways, and it became obvious in their tweets, and in their filthy, threatening comments sent to blogs.  The one or two people who harassed in blog comments, pointed and linked to the blogs of Thacker and Pate so that their target victims could read the lies and filth that was being posted about them.

Mike Thacker had several blogs that he has since deleted, and one that was suspended by Word Press for violation of their Terms of Service. Thacker subsequently opened a website where he outright said that he wanted the “BGI” “stopped” and “silenced.”

Thacker's Intro

Watching this blog for something to criticize, he evidently became envious of our creating and sharing awards, and countered with the following;

photo 4

Several months ago, he deleted that website. Please keep in mind that this person lurked here on this blog. It’s an important piece of this puzzle.

One of his associates, who we refer to as Mr. Stalker, David Piercy, also opened a blog where he posted its mission;

photo 5

Mr. Stalker David Piercy wants a career as a paralegal and must have considered that his “BGI” blog might be discovered, so he deleted it several weeks ago.  As of last night, his other blog, Captainlongschlongsilver, was still up, although he has not posted anything to it since around July 2013. Here’s a screenshot of titles of his last posts. They indicate that he did not support George Zimmerman but rather — oh, you’ll get the picture.

photo 6Now, please take a look at those who posted comments on Mr. Stalker’s David Piercy’s blog.

photo 7

Do you recognize the handle of a commenter? “V.P. Re-News It.”  That is Pate.

The following was posted on Diwataman’s blog. It insinuates that everyone who blogged and/or did videos supporting justice for Trayvon Martin, were working for the “Scheme Team.” For those unfamiliar, the “Scheme Team” consists of attorneys Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson, and Daryl Parks, who represented Trayvon Martin’s parents.

photo 8photo 9

(Sorry for the duplicated sentenced.  It  sometimes happens when having to take 2 screenshots to get the entire content.)

Let’s fast forward to October  1, 2013.   Please pay careful attention to where she asks, “How can we get Crump and Jackson out of practicing law?”

photo 10photo 11

There were blogs that supported justice for Trayvon that, after the verdict in Zimmerman’s case, the bloggers no longer posted.  This blog, and Leatherman’s blog, continued being active.  As of November 2013, we were still here advocating equal justice for all, for peace and love to rule our hearts and minds, and to live by the Golden Rule.  This person commented to “VP” who is Pate.

photo 12

Notice the word “Chumpster”?  That is one of several nicknames they use for attorney Benjamin Crump.

Around October 10, 2013, Kendrick’s parents released information that they enlisted the help of Florida attorney, Benjamin Crump. I posted about it on this blog. Immediately, the cyber-extortionists/BGI conspiracy theorists jumped on it. In other words, it had been 10 months since Kendrick died, and the cyber-extortionists/BGI conspiracy theorists were not interested in what happened to Kendrick Johnson until they learned that Benjamin Crump was representing Kendrick’s parents.

Continuing their effort to find a way to get Benjamin Crump disbarred, Mr. Stalker David Piercy posted on Thacker’s now deleted blog that someone should report attorney Crump to the Georgia Bar Association for practicing law without a license.

On December 4, 2013, I posted the following:

photo 13

The next day, on December 5, 2013, Mr. Stalker David Piercy posted the following on Nettles’ blog.

photo 14

(Note: The green highlight is because I searched for “Crump” and it was highlighted when I took the screenshot. The highlighting  is not in the original comment)

The plot thickens. The next month, January 2014, Pate had a guest  blogger. (The link was provided. However, since the publishing of this article, the link returns a message “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.”) It has been said that Rumpole2 lives in New Zealand. I do not know if that’s true, but seeing how he spells some words indicates that he is not American. Rumpole2 wrote an article for Vicki’s blog where he spoke about the “BGI.”

photo 15

dJust after the WCTV article was tweeted out, Pate (or someone with her permission), deleted some of the autopsy photos, leaving the one photo of Kendrick’s face. deleted the page with the autopsy photoseleted the page with the autopsy photos.  However, there is another source that supports that Pate did obtain the autopsy photos. That source is none other than her “guest blogger,” Rumpole2.

photo 16photo 17

Notice the date of his comment: May 20, 2014. However, in Rumpole2’s forum, “Re-Newsit” posted in February that she had received the autopsy photos, and began to start the rumor that they were not the same as the autopsy photos released by Benjamin Crump. (Please note that Benjamin Crump, nor any other source, ever publicly released Kendrick’s autopsy photos. What they released was a photo of Kendrick’s face after he was dead. It could have been taken in the funeral home for all we know. )

Additionally, “Re-Newsit” reveals that she “repeatedly” contacted Kendrick’s mother asking where the “real photo was and why it differed from what the ME [medical examiner] had.”

photo 18

I spoke with a professional in courts and the law about the above, first reminding him of the cyber-extortionist cult and that this concerned them. Based on their reputation of being dishonest, his first question was, can anyone be sure that Pate did not make false autopsy photos? I told him that I saw one photo of a body face down, with cuts to both sides and on each side of the neck. However, the head and face were not revealed so there is no way of really knowing if it was an autopsy photo of Kendrick. My friend stated that since their agenda involving the autopsy photos includes ruining the reputation of Benjamin Crump, making false autopsy photos would give her an excuse to harass Kendrick’s mom and  cast doubt that Benjamin Crump is being truthful about the photos of Kendrick’s face when his body was found.

(This game is not very different than what they tried during Zimmerman’s case when accusing attorney Crump of altering the recording of his interview with Rachel Jeantel, the young lady who was on the phone with Trayvon as he was being followed and confronted by George Zimmerman.)

My professional friend also stated that if the autopsy photos are real, that the person making them available to “Renewsit” violated law, and there should be charges not only for that violation but also for mail and wire fraud. If the photos are false, “Renewsit” might have committed evidence tampering and civil fraud.

So, there we have it. The agenda of the cyber-extortionists/BGI conspiracy theorists is not to ferret out facts over the cause of Kendrick Johnson’s death but rather, to “stop” and “silence” the “BGI.” What the cyber-extortionists do is because of race, and intended to violate the constitutional civil rights of what they call “savages” and “knuckledraggers” .

photo 19photo 20

 By the way, I have links to where all of the screenshots are located (or in the case of Thacker’s blogs and website, where they were located), but I didn’t want to embed them all here for several reasons.  One, I don’t want to drive traffic to their sites and two, the comments might be mysteriously deleted, only leaving these screenshots as evidence that they existed.

If you can copy and save this page, please do so, as the cyber-extortionists might try to have Word Press delete this blog in retribution for my posting this.  It won’t be the first time.  Mr. Stalker  David Piercy previously tried getting Word Press to delete this blog by filing malicious copyright complaints.  They have already managed to get a person fired from their job, and by misrepresenting that a live-streamer in Ferguson, MO is filtering money to “Hamas,” has gotten his funding sites suspended.


For more on this, see Frederick Leatherman’s law blog.

Update, July 2015:

Just after I posted this, Vicki Pate went on a retribution mission, and she colluded with others including Mr. Stalker who was angry at a writer for this blog because a California court granted the writer a restraining order against Mr. Stalker David Piercy.

To make a long story short, most of Vicki’s slander against me and a writer of this blog has been removed by the hosting sources.   When Blogger removed the pages from her blog, in January 2015, she  reached out to a person to have him dox people,  beginning with a writer for this blog.   The person known as “The Canadian” then reached out to the new guy to have him dox and blog about people she alleged harassed her on Twitter.  That new guy did not know that those he sought to rescue have a history of lies, evil, and manipulating characteristics.

A person has filed a lawsuit against Vicki for defamation, and to avoid service of summons and the complaint, Vicki has left the State of Texas.  Because she wanted so badly for me to know something that she was doing against me and this blog,  she placed evidence of her whereabouts in my lap and the information has been given to attorneys representing people who have filed suit against Vicki but who have been unable to serve her.

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  2. Just when you think they can’t go any lower… Seems if the truth would serve their cause they would use it. Obviously it doesn’t.

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  3. Done, page saved.


  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Autopsy photographs should never be made public.


  5. Hey Jackie! I was reading some Georgia statutes and it appears that other than the immediate family, (and in the case of homicide) prosecutors and defense attorneys, autopsy photos can only be released to others by order of the court. Since Kendrick’s death is under federal investigation, any “leak” that is intended to challenge evidence should be investigated.


  6. scrodriguez

    This is the same person who lied on a sworn affidavit on behalf of Mr. Stalker I can send you a copy of that if you like this woman claimed I threatened to send a package to her house? Pfft… She is nuts.

    Anyhow we have forwarded her information to Kendricks family & attorneys. For some there is only one way they will ever learn


    • scrodriguez,
      Two birds of a feather — they thought it was court tv and she wouldn’t need to appear in court and be cross-examined. Plus, her affidavit sounded more like she was complaining of you harassing her than her supporting Mr. Stalker’s lies, yet it was not her petition nor in her jurisdiction. What is funny too is that she claimed in her affidavit that she has screenshots, while Mr. Stalker filed a motion so that screenshots could not be entered into evidence. Perry Masons they are not.


      • scrodriguez

        I know right, But we already know she didnt fill out that affidavit he filled it out I am sure he forged her signature as well


        • Well, he was desperate, having no evidence to support his petition and including parties in it who do not reside with him. LOL! When he stepped over the line and said that attorneys Crump and Jackson were behind harassing him, also conveyed to the judge that Mr. Stalker’s petition was not filed in good-faith. Restraining orders cannot be used to conduct “discovery” for what Mr. Stalker wanted. He did it for show and to gather supporters — and he lost.


    • I would love a copy of her affidavit, if you don’t mind.


  7. They still at it? Jeez …. Wow!!


  8. This is very distressing news. Cyber harassment is so wrong. Adults have no reason to bully. Childhood is over. They need to grow up. Hugs, Barbara


    • Hey Miss Rebel! 🙂
      It is distressing, especially when a mom has lost her son and ends up being harassed about autopsy photos as a proxy for harassing her attorney. It demonstrates the ugliness of hate.

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  9. Hi again Xena. This probably isnt best to post so its fine if you dont— but I cant help noticing the very STRONG resemblance of Nettles and Dr Rex (who btw has always seemed a sweetheart to me)???


    • Hi Renahv,
      No comparison between the two. Nettles is in Canada, Dr. Rex isn’t. Dr. Rex is a dear friend who has a heart for equality, love, and peace. Also, I think she’s cute. 🙂 Nettles has been around much longer, having been banned from blogs and chased out of others before starting her own. They are different on the outside, and inside.

      Also, although I have no evidence that Nettles was involved, Thacker and a person using the handle Jaded Justice set Dr. Rex up on Twitter, and subsequently threatened her that unless she stopped associating with me, that they would misrepresent a comment she posted to report her to the Florida medical licensing board.


      • Thanks for helping me out of confusion on that. I KNEW it couldnt Really be the Dr Rex I read here (& on her own blog too:), but both their avatar pics looked so dang much alike! To me it looked almost like the Drs pic photoshopped with longer hair. My sincerest & strongest apologies to Dr Rex!!

        Nettles & Co. are sad & despicable & I hope karma scores some points very soon 😦



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  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    I just finished reading your article, Xena, and am horrified by the cyber harassers tactics!

    Their BGI stuff is nonsense!


    • Yahtzeebutterfly, it is horrifying. I wanted to, and hoped that I clearly showed the thread. They are like a terrorist organization. Having two non-American citizens speak such hatred and be so negatively opinionated about race, should get the attention of Homeland Security.


      • Two sides to a story

        Thanks for the extensive post. These folks should be observed and discussed and I hope WordPress doesn’t give you a hard time. These crude cyberbullies bring it on themselves. Update on Diwataman – he opened a WordPress blog called whiteskinnedman. Bet you can guess what that’s all about. : /


        • Two sides to a story

          PS – all the usual players are there!


        • Hey Two sides! As much as DP tried to get Word Press to give me a hard time, Word Press knows a duck when it sees one. LOL! He was so desperate trying to accomplish what he boasted to his buddies that he was doing, that he even filed a copyright infringement complaint on his own gravatar that is included when he submits comments.

          As far as Diwataman, yeah, he’s all about White Supremacy but I can give him this much — I’ve not known him to harass neither disparage any bloggers. I might not agree and like his ideologies, but he minds his own business, (as far as I know). Miss Filth did use his handle in comments that she sent to blogs, but her writing is characteristic of herself.


          • Two sides to a story

            **he even filed a copyright infringement complaint on his own gravatar that is included when he submits comments** LOL.

            True, Diwataman does mind his own business, but he welcomes the cyberbully gang to his blog.

            By the way, yes it’s true that Rumpole (STL livestreamer Bassem Masri calls him Rumple on Twitter, LOL) is in NZ. Those you mention plus Rumple have a little international hate ring going, along with AEK in Canada. He tends to mind his business up to a certain point as well, but this group definitely touch base on Twitter.

            AEK was trying to get back into the Conservative Treestump’s good graces about a month or so ago by trying to post there, then demanding to know why her posts weren’t going up at CT by tweeting to the CT Twitter account, but Sundance wasn’t having any of it and ignored her. Her blog is still up but she’s not posted much for months – she seems to relish Twitter more now, where she gets her jollies digging at STL protestors, reporters, and Livestreamers. I get the impression that crew are at least a little nervous about the DOJ investigation of GZ and possibly their own extensive trail of doodoo online.


          • “By the way, yes it’s true that Rumpole (STL livestreamer Bassem Masri calls him Rumple on Twitter, LOL) is in NZ.”

            2sides, thanks for clarifying this. I saw where Bassem’s name was removed from donation/contribution and wondered if this was pertaining to this group. (as mentioned in Xena’s blog)

            These folks have been around for some time now, it seems. (Conservative treehouse and it’s branches.) SPLC probably has them on their radar (??)


          • Two sides,
            If I remember correctly, when Sundance closed the daily Zimmerman threads and suggested that people go to Diwataman’s blog, Diwatawan was not happy about it. He didn’t want to take time to moderate comments and neither posted new articles frequently, and that is why he allowed Nettles to run her own thread on his blog for a time. What I found really interesting about Sundance’s suggestion however, was that he did not recommend other blogs, such as the one by DP, the Hoff, nor Re-Newsit.

            By the way, yes it’s true that Rumpole (STL livestreamer Bassem Masri calls him Rumple on Twitter, LOL) is in NZ. Those you mention plus Rumple have a little international hate ring going, along with AEK in Canada.

            So, we do have two non-Americans who reside in other countries, stirring the flames to harm American citizens because of the color of their skin. I get a smile every now and then when others re-tweet or copy the Canadian’s tweets, because, for example, the other day she said something about the DOJ wanting the Black vote. She doesn’t know that DOJ officials are appointed — not elected.

            Her blog is still up but she’s not posted much for months – she seems to relish Twitter more now,

            You mean, the 3 month long open discussion thread?

            I get the impression that crew are at least a little nervous about the DOJ investigation of GZ and possibly their own extensive trail of doodoo online.

            Right, and they have no knowledge that in the United States, there is federal law that protects constitutional rights, including civil rights, and that the federal government did not surrender its jurisdiction to the State of Florida. But hey! — when they have people in New Zealand and Canada telling them what to believe …. Oh — and let’s not forget the person studying to be a paralegal who cited a federal bankruptcy case to support his argument that a state court judge should place a stay in a closed restraining order case.


          • The Canadian made a comment about how SD wouldn’t hire any democrat or have lunch with her……as if a Canada has the Democratic party of the US up there, lol. He didn’t want to meet with her because he didn’t like her, I doubt foreign politics had anything to do with it. lol.

            She shows her ignorance about the US on a constant basis.

            Her ignorance of the latest lie by the Ferguson PD is also showing. The police admitted to the FAA that they asked for the no-fly zone to keep the press out not because that there was any danger to the flying public. She’s retweeting old stories about how a helicopter was “shot” at but the police have now admitted that no damage was ever done to one of their helicopters…..so with no damage then how do you know it was shot at?

            No-fly zones are not easy to get for just anything and usually it has to be requested for safety of overflying aircraft, security, or the safety of LE aircraft (I’ve seen so many news helos in one area that they got in the way of the LE helo trying to do their job but in the case of Ferguson this wasn’t the reason)…….the FAA started no-fly zones over large sports events and gatherings to prevent any possible terrorist attacks from the air. There are no-fly zones given over large fires, presidential movement, and shuttle launches


          • Towerflower, what can we say? People who are ignorant of procedures in the U.S., our politics, and even our states’ rights, should not voice opinions such as she does, IMHO. She should really consider blogging on what is happening in her corner of Canada, promoting her volunteer activity in the homeless shelter, advocate for the homeless, and maybe give interviewing tips to those searching for employment since she says that she works in Human Resources.


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    • Mysteryquest,
      Thanks for the reblog. If she was so sure that what she did was right, and she has a good and lawful defense, she would not have scrubbed the photos, and Rumpole’s article that I embedded above, from her blog.


      • Whew, trying to catch up here Xena – this is really incredible! I’ve been lurking around the last 4-5 hours here. Question, when you mention “she would not have scrubbed the photos” are you talking about the autopsy photos?




  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    A Sunday Wish

    May there be a song that reaches ALL hearts,
    That inspires kindness toward others,
    That lifts all spirits with love and joy,
    That leads to a feeling of brotherhood,
    That causes gratitude for diversity,
    That brings peace and understanding,
    That ushers in the dawn of a better world!


  15. crustyolemothman

    This article is off topic, however it is so heart breaking and so revealing that it would be well worth your time to read and think about…



    • Wow! Craig Deeds is a man hurting on many levels. Reading that article, a part of my heart was set-aside for him and his family.


  16. Wow talk about butthurt! that shitbag vicki has been harassing me on twitter for days now! she’s desperate to defend her sick pathetic hobby of harassing mothers of murdered children! AS IF!! I’ve begun to wonder if she may be a wannabe killer herself. It’s like she lives vicariously through the killers of black children she defends.

    there was this guy who kidnapped and killed a girl then terrorized her parents for years by calling them and telling them how he killed her. then he wanted to kidnap her sister. but they finally caught him before he did it.
    that’s who she reminds me of. I cant think of another reason anyone would try to torture a dead kid’s parents?! how classless! who does that?? well there are others she hangs around with who harass victims on twitter but I don’t know of anyone else actually using autopsy photos of the children to do so.


    • Shannon,
      Regarding the autopsy photos, I read the order of the court. The “case file” does not include autopsy photos. It does say that the case file is to be released to the parties who petitioned the court — not anyone else. Those autopsy photos have not been released to the public, so Vicki-Renewsit had to obtain them in some other manner. The order of the court was signed October 30, 2013. Vicki admitted to receiving an autopsy photo “sent” to her in February 2014.

      She has a way of using her own comments to preference documents to lead people to believe what she says the document contains. That’s a form of cultism and brainwashing.

      She also admitted to contacting Kendricks mom “repeatedly” asking about an autopsy photo. Kendrick’s family lost a 17-year old under suspicious circumstances. They had to exhume his body for an independent autopsy and then be shocked that his body was stuffed with newspaper. Anyone badgering Kendrick’s mom or any other family member about autopsy photos is bound to cause them extreme emotional distress. Vicky can post/voice her opinion that Kendrick died by accident, but what she cannot lawfully do is step into the shoes of the FBI to investigate.


      • yep, the autopsy pics are allover the web now bc she posted them. it’s sad bc ppl don’t understand what they show & are dreaming up all kinds of horrific scenarios. his parents are handling it far better than I would. I think they’re trying show that no matter what anyone does to them, it’s nothing compared to what their baby went thru. they’re trying to be strong but someone someday is gonna snap. those idiots are gonna mess around with the wrong victim’s parent, someone like me and end up on the autopsy table themselves.


        • Shannon, I hope that nothing harmful ever happens to your child or anyone’s children. When I think of the parents, including but not limited to Kendrick’s, Michael’s, Jordan’s, Renisha’s, Ethan’s and Trayvon’s, I don’t know how they hold up. They all did something very important, which was to get legal counsel. The grief of the families is enough without having to deal with the business that comes with it.

          Rather than someone snapping on the “BGI” conspiracy theorists, think about their history. They have established a reputation for themselves that has impugned their credibility. People who do what they do end up being their own destruction.


  17. ladystclaire

    Shouldn’t this person, be in some serious trouble over this? It seems to me, that she should be! These people have gotten away, with far too much now.


    • Ladystclaire,
      IMHO, since there is a federal investigation, any “independent” investigator who did what Vicki did might just be in serious trouble. Even the news source that petitioned the court for release of Kendrick’s case file did not release any information. They had sense.

      Rather than her issuing an apology, she is making excuses.


  18. ladystclaire

    BTW, looking at the above screenshots that you posted, these people are dangerous and, they need to be stopped!


    • They are dangerous in that they are liars who believe a conspiracy that they use to justify harming others through any means. They are dangerous because they use anything to do harm in the name of retribution, which is a characteristic of “common law” used by Sovereign Citizens, in which Mr. Stalker admits to being.

      The screenshots posted are about a third of what I have gathered and also given to law enforcement over the years.


  19. peni4yothot

    Bassem Masri @bassem_masri · 2h 2 hours ago

    @ChristineDByers RTs @Nettles18 a known #Ferguson troll who put out personal info of protesters jeopardizing safety

    Ha, Nettles on Ferguson tweets known as a troll.


    • Peni,
      They are pretty brazen tweeting out where witnesses and others work and their residential addresses, even when they get the information wrong. They think because it’s “public information” that they obtained from the internet, that it’s okay to pass it around with suggestions of what people should do with the information.

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      • peni4yothot

        Someone called them out on twitter and gave their real names/location and history of doxing TM witnesses etc.
        One tweet awhile back, told trolls they’re in the little league to sit down and shut up.
        Very interesting world-twitter.

        The legion “Anonymous” hacked the Mayor of Ferguson/his family bank accounts and put police information names/addresses/numbers out.

        This legion was responsible for FBI/WH hacking and taking several China govt internets offline.

        So, I see now why they told the little trolls to sit down. Uhmp………..


        • Peni,
          LOL! They are also in the little league because most of the personal info they have is not for the individual(s) they are doxing. They have alleged several names as my “real” name with no proof. I think at times they get the city and state where a person resides, order the local book, close their eyes and pick whatever name their finger falls on. I remember when Vicki Pate was doxing Trent Sawyer. She found an arrest record for a Trent Sawyer in the State of Florida. He was not convicted but she omitted that from her leading headline. The Trent Sawyer she was trying to dox lives in the State of Tennessee and has never lived in Florida. And, that is why people mostly ignore them.

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      • hope this link will work. It’s the one I referred to in the stl newspaper.



  20. There’s much argument by Renewsit regarding the order of court releasing information, but that was released to CNN as an intervenor and was according to Georgia law. Georgia law allows the release of “written information” and “Limited disclosure to bona fide credentialed press members.” Renewsit is not CNN, neither did she petition the court as a “bona fide credentialed press member.”



  21. Rumpole is Julian Batt of Auckland New Zealand.


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