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  1. kindheart101

    And what exactly is Freedom? How does one achieve it? Why do we fight for it?

    I have my own opinion. To take advantage of, or hurt someone, is a learned behavior. No one is born hating a person of another color, or wanting to bring harm to anyone.

    I have been used, and hurt, a lot in my life. And the result? It made me very forgiving, and a much stronger person.

    I will fight for human rights, and against all injustice until I take my last breath.

    And I will do that standing by the side of good people like all of you, to hold me up, in our fight for justice. 🙂

    • Kindheart, you asked a profound question; “What is freedom.”

      I think that people first come to recognize it when they see others do things but are told that they can’t. Things such as work at a job they qualify for; live in a house they can afford; be treated with dignity and respect the same as others, etc. When they see differences, the question comes up, “Why not?”


      • kindheart101



      • kindheart101

        My heart breaks daily my friend.

        I ask why, daily, that some people try to take freedom away from others?

        Murders, Killings, Power………….

        And the way some people talk. They equate color to gangs, killing, thugs…..

        I cry. I hurt for Trayvon, Michael……….I hurt for all of them …..

        All we can do is try to prove they were MURDERED, UNLAWFULLY, and have Justice served.

        But believe me, I have FAITH!!!!!!!!!! If not on earth, they will pay………..come judgement day.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Beautiful, Kindheart!


      • kindheart101

        Thank you for all the information you give us Yahtzee.

        I am proud to stand by your side in the fight for freedom.

  2. Absolutely! We should all glow.

  3. Thank you for reminding us that we must fight to have what each of us defines as freedom.

    • kindheart101

      You would be very afraid if I told you about things that I know of what happened to suppress freedom my friend.

      But as I’ve said………..I believe the final judgement is yet to come.

      People may be sentenced on earth……But GOD help them afterwards………

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