Michael Dunn Retrial – Day 4

Jordan-Davis-21We continue following the 1st degree murder retrial of Michael Dunn. Trial is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. EDT.

Judge Healey instructed the defense to have at least one witness for this afternoon.  He expects for the prosecution to rest its case.  If things go like they did last time, the defense might take a day and a half, followed by the prosecution conducting a rebuttal.

The defense plans on calling Michael Knox, who is a reconstruction consultant.  He reconstructs car accidents.  If you’re not familiar with Michael Knox, during Zimmerman’s trial, LLMPapa did a series of videos proving Knox wrong regarding how Trayvon Martin was shot.  Rather than use garments, Knox used cardboard in his reconstruction.  Our BlushedBrown wrote about it on this blog.

This time, Knox did not go on television showing his reconstruction.  Judge Healey has ruled that Knox cannot use animation at trial.  We’ll have to wait and see if Knox comes to court with cardboard representing the SUV, its rear seat, and Jordan Davis.  Actually, we’ll have to wait and see whether Judge Healey allows Knox to testify as an “expert.”

Live stream can be accessed at the following:

Wild About Trial

Court Chatter


Videos of today’s hearing will be embedded here as they become available.  A HUGE “thank you” to Croaker Queen for taping the trial.

If you have been unable to follow the trial and want to catch-up, just click “Justice for Jordan Davis” in the top menu.  The posts will appear in order with the most recent date first.  Click on the title for the complete post with videos from that day.


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  1. crustyolemothman

    Good morning! So far the state has done a better job than last time, let’s hope they continue and the jury is actually listening to the evidence and not paying much attention to the attempts of the defense to confuse and deflect from the facts of the case. Unless things change, Dunn will have no choice but to take the stand in his own defense, I wonder if he will match Rhonda in tears? I keep waiting for the letters to come into evidence, and if they are as racist as some have said, should help in gaining a conviction this time.. Fingers and toes crossed…

    • i agree with you, crusty. the state is doing its job, although i think they did well last time, this is far more thorough. specifically, i can think of corey asking a number of witnesses if they saw jordan’s hat (indicating he was out of either the truck itself or just the window). they did not do this last time. that hat on a 5’11” frame would have been noticeable. those who did not see it are all independent witnesses with nothing to gain by telling falsehoods.

      i have noticed a number of other tactics which were clearly designed to bring out a more thorough picture of the events and am pleased. this, of course, in no way guarantees any verdict, but if the state has done it’s best, it is all i can ask from them.

  2. good morning!

  3. for the record — already hating on ms waffa house’s line of questioning on the credentials of the medical examiner. her questions are rude and insulting.

    • yup, she was such a raving bitch that she did not want the toxicology results discussed which proved there were no drugs or alcohol in jordan’s system. she’d have preferred the jury to just draw their own conclusions because jordan is, you know, black. what an evil shrew.

      • crustyolemothman

        fauxmccoy, Yet she will attempt to downplay the alcohol that her client consumed before and after the murder! Isn’t it a ridiculous pattern of thought that would assume that use of an intoxicating substance by a victim is bad but for the murderer it is acceptable?

      • The doctor is good.
        I think it says something to the jury that the defense tried to keep it out, that Jordan Davis didn’t have any drugs or alcohol, don’t you?
        What hypocrites!! It’s OK that dunce had them. Double standard!!
        I’m sure that they didn’t check dunce for alcohol.

        I believe this doctor is the first examiner that I’ve listened to all of the way without getting bored.
        With her pictures and discriptions of everything, someone is asking for a dummy?
        I know the prosecutors used it last time and it didn’t help.
        Also, off track maybe, but HOW did the juror that was dismissed ever get on the jury in the first place?
        You know he’s talked to others on the jury too.
        Is he the one that was caught on camera?

  4. crustyolemothman

    Can you for just one moment imagine the feeling that Jordan’s parents are having listening to this discussion of the injuries to their child? What a horrible ordeal for any parent to have to sit thru…

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    ActionNewsJax . @ActionNewsJax · 1m
    JUST IN: Read the transcript of Saturday’s emergency sidebar to dismiss #DunnTrial Juror #4:

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Here it is without your having to go through the article link to find pdf link:


    • this dude is obviously uptight at losing his position as a juror. i find his version of facts to be unbelievable and am glad he’s gone. no one with real credibility would try to argue with a potential dismissal; his doing so indicates an ulterior motive to me.

      thanks for bringing that article into the mix here, yahtzee.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        YVW, fauxmccoy.

      • This line of his says it all………..

        “…the stakes for Mr. Dunn and for the defendant’s — or the victim’s family.”

        So Jordan Davis is now a defendant……damn and I thought he was a murder victim.
        Those pesky racists and those fatal slips ‘o the old tongue.

        • Racer, I am SHOCKED that the defense argued to keep that juror. They were not thinking about juror impartiality at all!

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Great catch, racer!

        • ding,ding,ding — we have a winner, folks!

          (i had noticed that as well. the whole scene with this dude stunk as bad as his 400 pound sweaty thighs on a hot and humid florida day)

  6. just want to say that i love this ME. she is smart, articulate and can think circles around this defense attorney.

    • “it is not a yes or no question” dr. simons

      i love her even more. also her statement that the jury has a right to know that the ME is an independent investigator in the process. she is definitely not intimidated. love her!

    • Annie Cabani

      I agree!

  7. crustyolemothman

    As far as the rectangular abrasion, I would suggest it was caused by the seat belt retainer toward the middle of the seat… Not by anything on the door or door frame…

    • Exactly.

      • crustyolemothman

        peni4yothot, I said that from experience.. Ouch… The can and will inflict a painful bruise if one sits upon them…

        • Me too crusty, that’s why I agreed with ya. One occasion as I disconnected the belt; it pop the crap out of my face. Those straps are exactly cottony soft, either. 🙂

    • Now that’s an ugly thought…..I’ll bet PhuckingFogenPhoole is thinking just about now………..Damn…..so close!!

    • Since Moron O’ Mara brought a chunk of sidewalk in to court, which was a joke, why not rub a seat belt across his lawyers forehead and lets see what kind of abrasion that leaves……just sayin’

  8. I’ve missed something…….I thought they proved in the first trial that the child safety locks for the rear doors were engaged, making it impossible for Jordan to open the door and get out. Now in the defense’s attempt to get the charges dropped they said they proved this was not true.

    Did they prove that the child locks were not engaged or that they were broken?

    • no, they have not. defense is operating on assumptions.

      • crustyolemothman

        Actually the investigators have stated that in the photo’s of the doors the locks are disengaged. However, even if they were not functioning the wounds on Jordan’s body could not have been made with the door open.. So the child safety locks are not really an important issue…

        • i do agree with you that there is no way the injuries could have occurred if the door were open. i will maintain though that in spite of pictures taken after the event, there is no proof that child locks were or were not on at the time of the shooting. if they were malfunctioning, it is possible to prove that, but no one has.

    • crustyolemothman

      towerflower, the child safety locks being on or off is really just a straw that the defense is grasping at! So far the defense has used almost a whole bale of straws and might need to order a few more before the end of the trial…

  9. Two sides to a story

    I haven’t followed the retrial as closely, but it seems to be going much faster, as in fewer days – ?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Hi two sides,

      I will be watching the court video tapes tonight.

      I can’t remember how many days the first trial lasted.

      Leslie Coursey has been tweeting from the courtroom today at this link:


      A few of her most recent tweets:
      Simons excused. Subject to recall. STATE RESTS ITS CASE.

      Def. moves for acquittal. Saying not premeditated.

      Motion for acquittal DENIED.

      Spotted at the Courthouse: @StrollaLaw , atty for #MichaelDunn in first trial.

      • Yahtzeebutterfly and Two Sides,
        The first trial was 6 days. I didn’t remember that off hand. I actually went to the top menu under “Justice for Jordan” and scrolled down until I reached the day for when the case was sent to the jury. It’s a good thing that I put the day of trial in the titles. LOL!

        • Two sides to a story

          Thanks, Xena. Six days is pretty darn fast. No wonder the retrial is rolling along!

      • Two sides to a story

        Thanks, Yahtzee. So Done got himself a new attorney for this trial. Good luck with that. {sarc}

  10. Good afternoon everyone. Sorry. I had something that took me away from watching the trial this morning. Are they on lunch break now?

  11. OT: Has anyone heard about a second case the grand jury hearing evidence re: Darren Wilson? (uh, keep in mind this is what fox news is reporting)


    • i read about that one dont see how an officer can go onto private property without a warrant when they have NOT observed a crime in progress?

      • peni4yothot

        ….and get an award for doing so, go figure. It seems LE rewards wrongful/illegal behavior by their officers than they do the decent police who are really trying to build community relationships.

    • Peni.
      I read the link. Thanks. The reporter did not include the procedural reason. Here’s the pertinent part;

      A judge approved the request by county prosecutors Monday in a case involving a drug suspect arrested in 2013 by officer Darren Wilson. The man’s attorney wants the drug distribution charge dismissed because he doesn’t expect Wilson, who did not attend the hearing, to show up in court.

      Arresting officers can take a report to the State’s Attorney who then files an “information” setting forth probable cause. The person is arrested and there is a probable cause hearing. If there is enough evidence, the judge orders that the person is arrested and the case proceeds to trial.

      The alternative to making an arrest, filing an “information” and having a probable cause hearing, is to seek an indictment from the grand jury.

      The article does not say if the up coming hearing is a probable cause hearing or a pre-trial hearing. Since Wilson must be the State’s star witness in that case, there is no case without his testimony. The defendant’s attorney wants the case dismissed on the basis that he doesn’t expect Wilson to appear at the hearing.

      The State does not want to the charges dismissed so it’s only option is to have the grand jury indict.

      So the headline is correct, but somewhat leaves it open for readers to think it’s about Wilson when it fact, it’s about the man who Wilson arrested.

  12. state better damn well object to these exhibits as they have no relation to what actually took place.

    • you go, mr. guy!

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      defense diagram of vehicles is off….Jetta parking is angled away from Durange = incorrect

      The hoods of both cars are not aligned = incorrect

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        diagrams not allowed in….Judge sustains Guy’s objection to those 6 diagram sketches

        • with Dunn and the Durango both leaving the lot it’s hard to prove how each vehicle was sitting when the shots were fired, it’s all speculation in my opinion. Too many variables. But if anyone is interested a Durango is 193.5″ long and the Jetta 168.1″ with a difference of 25.4″ between them in length.

          • crustyolemothman

            towerflower, Because you seem to have the dimensions of the Durango available, could you see if the height from the floor in the backseat to the roof would allow a normal pump shotgun (12 ga) to be stood upright, I ask this because the limited space per the photo’s, seems to give very little space to place a shotgun on the floor and still have a place to put ones feet. I don’t think any full size shotgun could possibly fit in the rear with two occupants and be moved around easily..

          • totally agree, towerflower. defense lawyer wants to take for gospel the testimony that the front seats were ‘aligned’ and i don’t think that can be an accurate depiction of anything.

          • Crusty….that I don’t have…..I did an internet search for the length of the vehicles. If I knew someone who had a Durango I would measure it myself.

          • About alignment…..just from my own experience…..I own a Honda Civic and a pickup truck. I will not pull the Honda all the way forward because the front end of the car will scrape up against the parking blocks (whatever you call those things) and I will pull the pickup all the way forward until the tires hit them. The pickup sits higher and I don’t have to worry about the front end hitting them. This will also ensure that the longer pickup is fully in the space while I don’t have to worry about the shorter Honda.

      • the only thing that would portray the actual parking position of either vehicle would be a verifiable photo at the time. all else is speculative bullshit.

  13. UPDATE
    Huge “Thank You” to Yahtzeebutterfly for the transcript from Saturday morning’s sidebar regarding the dismissal of a juror. I’ve add it to “Documents” on the right side-border, titled “Dunn Juror Dismissed – Transcript.”

  14. UPDATE

    Just embedded videos of this morning’s hearing.

  15. Defense, Re: Photographs taken by Jacksonville law enforcement. Too bad her client didn’t stay at the scene to take photographs. Then she could argue about which ones are best. (snark)

  16. “Is” “Are” “was” “wasn’t” “has” “have” Get the tenses correct already, Knox.

  17. i will once again plug this device — the google chromecast for $35 smackers — it is the best way to use the chrome browser to broadcast any video you are watching onto your TV. you can then minimize chrome and use another browser for keeping up with twitter, this blog or other items of interest. the chromecast device can also be used to cast video from any android phone or tablet, once again, freeing your computer for other uses. (also, you then have the bigger/better audio/visual system you can afford 😀

    • sorry about this enormous picture — all i had posted was a link :/ have never had this happen before 😦

      • Faux,
        What picture? I was looking on the Admin side for it to see the size and if it could be reduced, but I don’t see an enormous picture.

    • I removed the link. When you embed an Amazon link, it shows the advertisement. There is no way to reduce it that I know of because it’s a link and not an actual photo that Word Press allows to be scaled. If anyone is interested, it’s on Amazon as “Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player.”

      • Slow down, ya move to fast
        Ya got to make the moment last
        Just steppin, down the trail trail
        Look at Duuhhn, and he ain’t groovin’ !

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        Duuuhhn’s a groanin, he just can’t stop
        The evidence, it’s just to hot…so
        It’s lookin’ bad for him
        Da, da, da, da, da, da…..ain’t that groovy

    • Annie Cabani

      Thanks, faux. But unfortunately, I don’t quite understand. Do you mean we can buy a device for around $35 that can broadcast a video from our computers to our TVs? That sounds pretty amazing, for sure.

      I bought a Netgear “Push2TV” a while ago, but I cannot get it to work, even though my laptop is WiDi capable. It’s been very frustrating, to say the least! I’ll definitely look into the Google Chromecast.

      But I’m quite distrustful of Google in general, due to its tracking my searches and broadcasting them back at me forever after. That’s been a very tangible problem after I’ve searched for gifts for my husband, and then Google splashes all kinds of related advertisement junk that my husband can plainly see when he passes by or looks over my shoulder! I just wanna yell at my screen: “FU GOOGLE!” (I’ve set my Google settings to NOT show “personalized ads,” and it seems to work for a little while … but then it reverts without my permission.)

      Any additional advice in this regard that you may have and care to share will be given my full attention! Thanks again, faux.

      • Thanks, faux. But unfortunately, I don’t quite understand. Do you mean we can buy a device for around $35 that can broadcast a video from our computers to our TVs? That sounds pretty amazing, for sure.

        YES! it’s cheap, easy and really cool. you do have to download the accompanying ‘chromecast’ software. after you download the software, you use the program to connect to your TV and an additional icon shows up on youtube videos as well as the chrome toolbar that you click to start broadcasting to your TV. i’ve had this for about a year and love it. i’ve even got my 76 year old mom hooked and if she can use it, anyone can. 😀

  18. Vic Micolucci – WJXT ‏tweets that Knox’s firm was been paid $6,500 to consult for Michael Dunn trial and reconstruct the scene.

  19. O/T Papa Zim tells GQ magazine about George,

    “He’s worried,” Bob Zimmerman said, “that if FBI agents come and kick in his door, he’s probably gonna shoot a few of them.”

    Papa Zim and George must be thinking about SWAT when they conduct drug raids. (Hmmm)

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Just think…if gz were in prison now, he would not have to worry about that.

    • crustyolemothman

      Xena, It sounds as if Papa Zim is expecting this to happen… the shooter will be reported to have committed suicide before they could subdue him.. That seems to be the latest fad in police arrests where shooting is involved…

      • Mothman,
        There was just a case (I think in Texas) where Swat broke into a home, the homeowner killed one and shot (IIRC) 2 others but in the area of their bullet proof vests. The homeowner has been charged with murder and is looking at the death penalty. By the way, no drugs were found in his house.

    • so in other words, george sleeps in a recliner facing the front door and is thoroughly armed at all times. whatta guy!

    • And saying he won’t fly because he might have to turn over his ID to a black person……nothing racist there, right Jr? Not to mention their stupid codes…..brown: pull out your guns and black: start firing away.

    • What’s up this this ?? Oh….my bad, sounds like a warning, and maybe, just maybe, Fogen is feeling some heat.

      And why the hell is Papa Z in GQ ? Are they making it a new thing to dredge shit from the gutter ??

      • It was basically a Jr. interview, with dinner with mama and papa—on GQ of course.

      • Racer, if the Zims are victims, it’s because of their own doing. Junior came on media and gave George’s story. Papa met with investigators and instructed them on what to tell the public and to not arrest George. Gracie lost her government job because she assisted Shellie and George in transferring donations to keep the amounts secretive and just maybe, help George leave the country while he out on bail.

        George’s job told him that they needed a doctor’s statement and police report. Remember, he told them that he had been mugged. He effectively abandoned his job. Shellie didn’t have a job.

        Had they not interfered, kept their mouths shut, and not denigrated Trayvon, maybe people would have some empathy and compassion. If their own friends did not and are not helping them, why should the public?

        Papa Zim has probably been told that his suit against Rosanne Barr is not sending him to the bank. He no doubt was paid for the GQ interview which is fine. Now, let him find more magazines willing to interview him because his book certainly didn’t turn out to be a best seller for him. Maybe, just maybe, the Zim family will get a clue — people do not like them.

        • Yep Xena, this is a stroll down memory lane ! The only thing I didn’t know was that Gracie lost her job for assisting fraudulent $$ movement. Damn that is good news, even though I’m a year behind on that one.

          The “I was mugged story” was a hoot. That didn’t last long did it ??

          Maybe the dog ate his dr.s note………..or Big Boi ?

          I just see Trayvon, Jordan, Kendrick, Renisha, Mike and the other victims of these racist shit heads taking a break from a pick up basketball game in Heaven and laughing at the FogenPhooles !! I bet even St. Peter is saying “Okay……it’s not right to gloat about this but……………..Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!! They sure have it coming. Okay…….Trayvon……1 if 1 from the foul line…….wait…this is Heaven, there’s no fouls here. Scores tied at 3,054,008………Mike, bring it in………

          i guess they don’t miss shots in a perfect world ????

          • Racer,
            It’s been a long time, but I remember reading in one of Papa Zim’s print interviews after GZ’s bond was revoked that he said Gracie lost her government job because of her involvement transferring the money.

            Well, look at it this way — Ferguson will hire anyone onto their police force. George and Gracie should apply. Even Junior.

            I still remember the dream I had about Trayvon. Karma isn’t finished with George yet.

            Michael and Jordan? They’re writing music and Trayvon is giving his opinion. 🙂

        • Yes, the writing is on the wall with the Barr suit. One of the reasons why it was kicked out of Federal court was the amount they were seeking didn’t qualify. The GQ article was limited to their expense paid out…..dinner for interview since they backed out on taking the reporter to the home. They refused to pay out to talk to Z who wanted some hotel time. They have become a family of gifters taking advantage of anyone.

          • Towerflower,
            I’ve not followed up to look to see if the Barr suit was re-filed in the State court for about a month now. The last time that I did, it had not been re-filed.

            HA! George is no celebrity. No media, print or otherwise, is going to pay him for an interview. The only time people are interested in hearing about him is when he comes into contact with law enforcement. There’s always hope that he will be shown for the person he really is during an arrest.

    • Xena,”NBC News has reported that federal charges against Zimmerman are unlikely”

      When and where anyone told NBC anything about it?

      Old cot and family are trying to find anything from the DOJ and creating
      noises to not avail.

      The child killer won’t have any time time to shoot any FBI agent,
      they are professionals and they know they are dealing with a rat.


      • Joseph,

        When and where anyone told NBC anything about it?

        NBC reported that because the feds did not put GZ in handcuffs right after the verdict was read in the State’s case. Many people made the mistake of thinking that the FBI closed their investigation after they released those interviews. What they don’t know is that the FBI does not limit investigations to interviewing people who know the person being investigated. There was a case (reported on this blog) where the FBI took 5 years before indicting a couple for committing a hate-crime.

        The child killer won’t have any time time to shoot any FBI agent,
        they are professionals and they know they are dealing with a rat.

        Now that you’ve said that, I’m wondering if Papa Zim put that out as a wolf-call intimidation to the FBI?

        • “Now that you’ve said that, I’m wondering if Papa Zim put that out as a wolf-call intimidation to the FBI?”

          That’s exactly what I think. Do they really think because a threat was made, it’s over ??

          Not hardly, they’ll just surround the place and be a little more careful………..oh, and bring more tear gas.

          • Racer,

            Not hardly, they’ll just surround the place and be a little more careful………..oh, and bring more tear gas.

            LOL! They probably have a tracking device in his truck, and a camera on the dog’s collar so they know when GZ goes to the bathroom, how long he stays inside, and how many sheets of toilet paper he uses.

  20. praying that this knox dweeb is pulverized on cross exam. what a dullard and working with preposterous suppositions.

    this would be the ‘dazzle ’em with bullshit’ portion of the event.

    • Faux,

      praying that this knox dweeb is pulverized on cross exam

      ABSOLUTELY! According to Knox, a bullet that Dunn shot as the SUV was backing up could have hit Jordan in his right side. He’s actually giving the jury more options to consider, and I hope that prosecutors drill him on that.

  21. knox not even taking into account how far out of car dunn was and what the angles of his shoulders, elbows and wrists. this is all bullshit.

  22. I have to step away and don’t know if I’ll be able to watch cross of Knox. 😦

  23. crustyolemothman

    The stupidity of these racist fools is sickening.. Here we go with the super human attributes of the black child.. he’s outside the car, gets shot in both legs, yet with a single bound he is able to leap into the car, close the car door, and then lay to the left to be shot once again in the upper torso. Does anybody actually believe what this fool is telling the jury? If I recall correctly it was established in the first trial that the Jetta was not even with the front door and was in fact almost in line with the rear door. Dunn said at that time he was not to the front of the parking space…

    • crustyolemothman

      Hopefully the Prosecution will ask why they assume that the Jetta was pulled all the way to the front of the parking space???

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Steven Smith in the first trial said that both cars were pulled up to the sidewalk with their hoods facing the store.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          But, I don;t think Steven Smith compared how equally they were parked with regard to their headlights.

    • “…. he’s outside the car, gets shot in both legs, yet with a single bound he is able to leap into the car, close the car door, …”

      I’m sure the state will rip this up. If so, how do the bullet holes appear in the door. The bullets are accounted for in Jordan’s body……..magic bullets I assume?

      What morons….and this ain’t Dallas.

      • I was watching Part 7 video from today. Knox said that he thought the first bullet hit Jordan in the side and the next 2 hit him in the leg and groin, but he wasn’t sure of the order. Guy asked Knox that if Jordan was getting out of the SUV, wouldn’t he be face/chest first? Knox hemmed and hawed a bit and said no, that Jordan might have been getting out another way. Then came the back and forth where Knox finally admitted that he could not say that Jordan’s feet ever hit the ground. They went back and forth come more about the angles of the bullets.

        What Guy effectively conveyed to the jury is according to Knox, the first bullet disabled Jordan and he leaned to the side, but Dunn shot again, and again, and again, and again, and ……

        So, either way it goes, the State has shown the jury intent.

  24. BAM!!! pulverizing begun!

  25. Annie Cabani

    Rip him apart, Mr. Guy!

    • crustyolemothman

      If Knox wasn’t such a pompous a$$, I would almost feel sorry for him… He looks like a skunk about to be run over by a truck…

      • in his reenactment of the sitting position in the seat it seems to me knox is saying the victim was pulling his torso AWAY as in trying to avoid the shots………knox looked really sad about the feet on the ground BS……..his “opinion” is getting back inside the car which clearly implies being outside, yet he cant place either foot on the ground????? so his opinion he cant back with the factual evidence……his “opinion” appears to be what whoever is paying him desires it to be.

  26. still disappointed that guy overlooked all the variables of dunn’s body position. too bad ME was not sitting beside him, she’d have known.

    • Annie Cabani

      Bummer, too, that Corey never got back to her “socializing with teenagers” question to the old fart lady who was being so resistive to Corey’s questions (to the point that even the judge said: We still haven’t gotten an answer, so let’s try one more time!”).

      • well, yes, but overall with these witnesses, i think she made her point. they are mommy and daddy’s friends, they do not really know dunn and don’t know shit about the court case in which they are appearing … (also, that they are old and easily confused, which they all demonstrated themselves).

    • Remember when Duuuhhhnn demonstrated this for the jury during the 1st trial ?? Unless he takes the stand, it makes almost no difference what Knox says. It’s almost hearsay. Someone must put the story out there, which is why his police interview won’t be introduced unless he testifies, just like the love of his life never hearing about a gun.

      If he doesn’t, the trajectories, by law, must be accepted almost uncontested since the one who created those trajectories never contests them. I don’t think he’ll have the balls to take the stand because he has to know the steamroller is not going to be gentle.

      If he doesn’t take the stand the Judge can’t even tell the jury they must consider self defense since this is never brought up by anyone. If the state shows his interviews, the defense doesn’t even need to present it’s case and just make the closing that there was self defense because he said it to the cops BUT……

      Why didn’t he file a SYG Motion ??? His claim was that Jordan was getting out of the car. He’d have had a much better chance taking that road last year.

      He’s screwed…..

      • this is true — no dunn testimony, no self defense instruction. as nuts as florida trials strike me, i don’t think the jury would just assume self defense without instruction or testimony and let dunn off the hook.

        xena also made a very good point in that in absence of mention of the first trial, dunn appears like a madman pumping 10 shots into a vehicle just for jordan. of course, he is a madman, but that is beside the point.

  27. I have to make a call 3:30 my time and expect for it to last about an hour. As soon afterwards, I’ll check for videos. Justice for Jordan!

  28. Annie Cabani

    Did John Guy get enough to trash Knox? I couldn’t tell (I’m mufti-tasking here).

    • crustyolemothman

      Annie Cabani, IMO yes he did, he had him stammering and acting confused and the look in his eyes was pure panic, so yes he did…

    • he recanted portions of his own report on the stand. impeached himself. that has got to count for something.

  29. … and did you instruct mr dunn how to fly into federally protected air space?? 😛

    • I forgot about that one. Said he was lost and confused……calling BS on that one. He lived close enough to the Space Center to know exactly what the area looked like. It’s hard to miss the VAB building. But like the weekend flyers that go out of those private fly-in communities…….they don’t like to talk to Air Traffic to keep them out of trouble.

      • at some point, i just start to lose it when the defense is at the bat. i’m glad xena doesn’t mind sharing a little space with me, else my neighbors might be calling the cops on the barely dressed, screaming maniac on my lawn that looks a lot like me 😀

        yeah, dunn’s an idiot and an abusive jerk in addition to all that killing stuff.

        • Faux,

          i’m glad xena doesn’t mind sharing a little space with me,…

          Use all the space you need. 🙂 The last thing I want to do is jump on a plane at the last minute to bail you out of jail. LOL!

    • Forgot about that one…..seems to me the state needs to blurt out that only terrorists do that.

  30. door officially opened to character evidence…. BAM!!!

    • Annie Cabani

      Do you know whether the State has evidence of bad character?
      That could get interesting….

      • oooh yeah. he’s got multiple DUIs, a wife or two who could testify to spousal abuse and racist ramblings in letters he has written while in jail. a triple crown winner.

  31. official old fart #3, friend of mikey’s posh mommy and daddy to act as character witness. vomit.

  32. Annie Cabani

    State needs to ask these character witnesses if they’d ever seen Dunn around African American teenagers or loud music.

    (Maybe they did, and i missed it?)

  33. Annie Cabani

    “I was here last time” the old white guy (Fred Thompson?) said. SMDH.


  34. It’s pretty sad and says a lot when the only character witnesses you have are your parent’s friends. Where are his neighbors, employees, last ex-wife (not the one who just testified)? Seems they would have more of an idea how he was in daily life then the weekend flyers.

    • Annie Cabani

      And wasn’t Dunn estranged from his son – the one who got married that day? How did that ex-wife supposedly know what was going on in Dunn’s life if he was estranged from their mutual son? Was she making sh*t up on the stand?

  35. sidewinder50

    Notable to me Dunn’s ex-wife states at wedding dinner Dunn was sitting at table beside speakers hearing loudly the ‘wide range of music’.

    • Annie Cabani

      I wonder if that’s a “new recollection” on her part – as in, since the last trial?

  36. crustyolemothman

    I think the testimony of Dunn will be what actually should cause the jury to vote to convict, or if nothing else will prove what an aggressively controlling person he is… I hope they let Mr. Guy cross examine him, if they do Dunn is done… as in stick a fork in… I think the prosecution has done a much better job this time, and the only way the jury will fail to convict is if they had made up their minds before the trial began…

    • Annie Cabani

      I think the prosecution has done a much better job this time….

      That’s so good to hear, Crusty! [Sigh of relief.]

      (I didn’t watch any of the first trial. I’ve seen just snippets of this one, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen.)

  37. UPDATE

    All videos from today’s hearing have now been embedded above.

  38. Dumpsters,bushes and uncharacteristic witnesses that’s the defense, a lot of frou·frou .

    I watched the defense expert seating an uncomfortable position like something was bothering him,a lot heavy breathing , it was so fun to look how desperate he was
    to finish the grilling by John Guy. 🙂

  39. this is all sounding so great for the State! Thanks for all of the work everyone has put into this!!

  40. I just watched the cross-examination of Knox. Man! Did he bumble and ramble!

    Now, I need everyone’s input on the following, (can’t really articulate it). What I see is the defense bringing on Knox, and because of that, he opens the door to address the bullet holes in the SUV where the bullets did not come into contact with Jordan. Keeping in mind that this trial is ONLY about Jordan and not the other kids in the SUV, if you were on the jury, and did not know of the first trial and convictions, what would you think?

    A. That Dunn continued firing at the SUV with intention to kill Jordan?

    B. That Dunn continued firing at the SUV with intention to kill the other guys who had not threatened him?

    C. That Dunn didn’t care who he killed?

    Would this be enough to prove intent to convict him of 1st degree murder?

  41. peni4yothot

    Ooh, good questions Xena. I’d say all three however I lean to C. I believe the initial shots were toward Jordan’s door for disagreeing with the Dunn, then as shots fired the Durango began moving and the Dunn lost it; continued shooting at the vehicle. Had the front doors not had the extra panel, two would have gotten shot. When he was shooting as the Durango fled to next plaza; and the driver not ducked, a third victim.

    • Peni,
      Thanks! Since this jury is not trying Dunn for attempted murder, it doesn’t look good that he continued shooting. I suspect that during closing, the State if going to present it in a way so that everything Dunn did is going to be contributed to his killing Jordan.

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        I think you are right.

        I’d like to add that I feel that Dunn, who fled the scene, was hoping that no one was able to copy his license plate numbers down. From the news the next morning, both he and Rhonda knew that he had killed Jordan Davis, yet Dunn did not go to the police. This tells me that he knew he was guilty but hoped he would not be discovered. He feared he would be charged. This also tells me that he made up the false excuse of being in fear for his life (and shot Jordan in self defense) ONLY AFTER he was located by his car tag info.

        The only people in fear for their lives were those with Jordan Davis.

        It is obvious that they tried to back out quickly and get away to safety from the crazed Dunn who was shooting at their car….a madman who starting shooting simply because he did not like the way Jordan talked to him. Dunn opened fire immediately after saying, “You are not going to talk to me that way.” Dunn was silencing Jordan’s mouth by shooting at and killing Jordan.

        Dunn was definitely focused on Jordan.

        • Yahtzeebutterfly,

          I’d like to add that I feel that Dunn, who fled the scene, was hoping that no one was able to copy his license plate numbers down.

          For sure. Then, he holds detectives at fault for not searching beyond the Gate parking lot for a shotgun that only he saw, but didn’t report, until after he was captured and taken to the police station.

          I wonder what his story would have been had the detectives said that there was outside video for the Gate’s parking lot?

          • yahtzeebutterfly


            I wonder what his story would have been had the detectives said that there was outside video for the Gate’s parking lot?”

            Whatever he would have said would have begun with a BIG gulp.

          • butterflydreamer2

            I agree, he thought he got away with it, otherwise he would have called 911 after leaving. He never attempted to call even after he was aware he killed Jordon.

            I see that the ME nor knox discussed the shots to the rear of the Durango. Can someone fill me in to as why?

            Mr Knox’s story of the door being open makes no sense. There would be no way that Jordon could have been anywhere outside the door and make it inside the door and close the door with the rapid shots from the gun. No go. Mr Knox wants us to believe he did not read the witness testimony or have any knowledge of it. I call that another bullshit story. He states his opinion is there is no way the door was closed based upon the trajectory, yet gives no explanation to how Jordon was able to be anywhere outside the door and manage to end up inside with the door closed. Not important my ass, if you cant explain how that occurred, your $6500 opinion means nada. If you can’t make your story fit, your opinion is worth shit.

  42. Good people, butterflies, caterpillars, and crusty old moths,
    It’s been a long day. I’m going to open a new thread for tomorrow’s hearing then turn in so I will be fresh and hopefully able to watch all day.

    See ya in the morning. Justice for Jordan!

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