Michael Dunn Retrial – Day 5

jordan-davis4It is day 5 of the retrial of Michael Dunn for 1st degree murder.  Court ended yesterday with the defense bringing on character witnesses.   Then, the judge and attorneys started going over jury instructions.

Dunn’s previous trial took 6 days, and that included the state’s rebuttal case.  Today, we just might hear from Dunn.

Here are the links to watch live stream:

Wild About Trial

Court Chatter


As videos become available, I will embed them here.

Thanks for watching with us, and for your comments and discussion.

Justice For Jordan!

Day 5 – Part 1


Day 5 – Part 2


Day 5 – Part 3


Day 5 – Part 4


Day 5 – Part 5


Day 5 – Part 6


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  1. am going to take a little nap and hopefully join y’all in time to see dunn self destruct on the stand.

    peace out,

  2. I am so ready for this to be over, and for the family of Jordan Davis to have the verdict they deserve. Guilty.

  3. dunn sworn in — here we go!!

  4. crustyolemothman

    One little point that the defense photo of the parking spot, the high curb to the right of Dunn would have caused him to park to the extreme left side of the parking spot to allow Rhonda (in high heels) to get out of the car. I hope the prosecution noticed this, it destroys totally the defense experts theory of how close the vehicles were to each other… The door to the Durango could not have been opened…

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    For reference (in comment under news4jax.com live streaming):

    WJXT’s Jamie: 

    Michael Dunn Police Interview



  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Guy beginning cross examination.

  7. dunn now has impeached himself — may the jurors have their ears wide open! he’s telling all kinds of stories about how he told rhonda all about the mystery gun he saw.

    mr guy — go for the jugular (just a piece of advice)

  8. i kind of think mr guy is enjoying this. he’s doing a great job.

  9. crustyolemothman

    Per his testimony, unless there is a ringer on the jury, Dunn is done… He has had to back up and change his words too many times to be believed… Toast…

  10. Good morning everyone! I overslept. It’s now 10 a.m. my time. Wild About Trial has the flag scene that they generally have when court is on break. So, I missed Dunn’s testimony and cross? 😦

  11. here we go!!!!! rebut away ms wolfsen and ms rouer!

  12. crustyolemothman

    It would seem that Dunn did not socialize with anyone about his own age. It seems the only people he did socialize with is the friends of his parents. Strange person to say the least.

  13. Comments are being submitted by folks who either haven’t watched the trial to know the evidence, or are intentionally trying to divert. To those doing so: We are not here to catch you up on everything that has been introduced at trial just to argue against your theories. Take your theories and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine — please. Thank you.

    To all others, you won’t read those comments here because I will not approve them for posting.

  14. Jury is taking a lunch break. Attorneys and Judge Healey are going over jury instructions. The jury might go into deliberations today.

    • I’ve just watched Done’s testimony and the closing. How anyone can vote not guilty on this is beyond me.

  15. I missed it! Hopefully someone will post Dunn’s testimony.

    • Towerflower,
      I just embedded the video above. 🙂

    • crustyolemothman

      towerflower, watch his face and body language very carefully, his anger at Mr. Guys questions is almost boiling over. I know the jury, being much closer and able to see the subtle changes in his demeanor must have noticed it as well… His arrogance toward Mr. Guy is not as well hidden as he thinks, and if he had a gun available, there probably would have been another shooting victim as well…

  16. crustyolemothman

    IMO, from watching the defense attorney’s and Dunn at the defense table, it would seem that Dunn is pretty much attempting to call the shots this time, unlike when Strola was defending him. I think this is hurting him more than he realizes. Even with the last witness he was caught in another lie, he did not mention the shooting prior to going to his house, he did not ask him to contact the police in his behalf as he had attempted to imply in his testimony. He has been caught up in his own web of deceit so many times in this trial, that like I said before, if there is not a ringer on the jury, he will not walk… I do predict however that it will be a conviction of 2nd degree murder and not 1st degree, not because the state has not proven the case, but simply a matter of sympathy from the jury when it comes to a verdict of 1st degree murder…

    • Two sides to a story

      Talk about shooting yourself in the foot . . . we can be glad he’s sealing his new fate.

  17. Speaks volumes!

    • I wonder if it was this neighbor? I wonder why he wasn’t called as a rebuttal witness as to Dunn’s character.

    • Oh WOW!

      • Have you ever met a person who pries into your life, career, etc. and then discover that the person does not live according to law, and only wants your friendship to ask for “favors” to intervene so they won’t have legal consequences? I think that’s the type of person Dunn is, and why his neighbors preferred to avoid him.

    • i’m not surprised. it appeared that he could barely contain his disgust while on the stand. think about it, dunn USED this guy and his position and lied on him.

      • Faux,
        I knew a man who reminds me of Dunn, in regards to his attitude and how he mistreats acquaintances. He was eventually convicted of a felony.

        • even worse, i have a cousin who reminds me of him … southern, slightly older at this point. total right winger, on his 4th wife, programmer, about the same size, pilot — the similarities go on and on.

          i have some serious ill will toward my cuz for other reasons, but i’d be happy to take a ball bat to either if they even looked at me funny.

  18. this rebuttal case is fanfuckingtastic! i am very pleased.

  19. Watching Dunn’s interview now playing in court, and remembering Knox’s testimony that he believes the first shot is what hit Jordan in his side, it would be impossible for Jordan to then put his legs inside the SUV and close the door.

    • crustyolemothman

      Xena, You forget the super powers that all black male’s possess, they can even after receiving a lethal shot continue to function perfectly until they are actually ready to lay down and die… Or it seems to be the way some people see them…

  20. The defense is misleading. On the night that Dunn killed Jordan, the only suspect was Dunn. There was no reason to search anyone else.

  21. The defense’s argument is that because Tommy, Tevin, etc. are Black, that they should have been profiled and treated as suspects when all witnesses saw the man in the Jetta shooting.

    • Ummmmmmmmmm…..if Jordan had an inflatable gun, it would have popped when the 1st bullet hit it……he’s lying.

  22. Wooohooo! The state has rested its rebuttal. We are going to closing arguments!

  23. crustyolemothman

    It should be interesting to hear how the defense attorney pleads for his freedom. Will she start out saying this poor man has been punished enough already, he has lost his girl friend, and his new boy friend is not treating him with the respect he deserves? I really don’t think Dunn even yet is truly sorry he murdered a child, and in his mind the kid deserved it because he had the gall to speak to him rudely… I only hope this jury is willing to put him in a place where, if he desires to harm another person, they will be much more his equal… This man IMO is not capable of rehabilitation…

  24. CNN Allegedly Comped an Outrageous Hotel Bill for George Zimmerman.

    From GQ:

    The Zimmermans seized on their brief stint of subsidized luxury. They ran up a big room-service bill, cleaned out the minibars, got their clothes laundered, made several trips to the spa, treated a party of ten to dinner at the hotel restaurant, and bought swag—from bracelets to bath fizzies—at the gift shop.

    The result was a $3,600 tab presented to Robert at the end of the stay. He sent it to a CNN producer who then supposedly told Robert, “You and your brother are evil!” (Mediaite has requested comment from CNN on the matter.)

    Robert said he then had a near panic attack.

    It gets both better and worse, emphasis added:

    Unconsoled, Robert called the only person he could think of: [HLN’s] Dr. Drew, who’d been kind to him when he went on Drew’s TV show shortly before George’s trial. He reached a producer, who told him Dr. Drew wasn’t available. But the guy was nice, at least. He stayed on the phone awhile and talked Robert down. Eventually CNN agreed to pay the bill, and the next morning Robert returned the only purchases he could: a bottle of Mercedes-Benz cologne and a Ritz-Carlton wallet that George had bought him to say thanks.


    • Two sides to a story

      Another good argument pointing toward Z being a sociopath or narcissist. He couldn’t even be grateful for the hotel stay and thrifty, but instead had to take advantage of the situation, considering himself a celebrity and worthy of luxuries.

      • Two sides to a story,the wannabe Peruvians after the murder converted
        themselves freeloaders without rights,despicable mooches raiding mini bars
        and gulping food with other people money.

        Probably Ohaha directed them to the interview with CNN.

  25. Closing arguments started a minute ago.

  26. I can’t imagine what Jordan’s parents are feeling at this moment.

  27. The States’ closing is bringing it this time!

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Fabulous closing by State….all points brought home with great clarity!

      • Yes! This time, they used Dunn’s words against him when he said that Jordan was diving back into the SUV when he shot. If that were true, Jordan was no threat. Their comparison of testimony was excellent, and I like the way Wolfson addressed the “$6,500 consultant” and that his opinion was based on “assumptions.” They left no stone unturned this time.

        And now, I could use a nap. LOL!

  28. oh gawd — defense closing argument just begun and i already want a barf bucket.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


    • faux, I don’t know why, when all evidence is against the defendant, that the attorney repeat the same lies that have been proven lies.

      Oh, oh. Dunn’s attorney is now bringing up race. She went there — trying to argue that Jordan threatened Dunn because of race.

      • and that GASP! cursing was involved.

        i hate to break it to her, but even though it may be called an ‘f-bomb’ there is no explosive involved, as opposed to a 9mm.

  29. So, her only defense for Dunn is that all witnesses are lying.

  30. hananea (aka waffa house) — oh yeah and all the black folks lied. SMDH

    • oh wait, i was premature. it was rhonda’s fault.

      why do i feel like i’m viewing the end of every scooby doo episode?

  31. oh gawd — now jordan’s friends did not call 911 fast enough. oh, yeah, they had something to hide according to waffle house.

  32. Que clase de marrana es esta abogada! I can’t stand that woman!

  33. crustyolemothman

    One can only wonder if she actually believes the BS that she is slinging? Everyone at the scene was at fault but Dunn! Dunn really didn’t flee the scene, he only repositioned himself in a better spot to give the facts to the PD…

  34. She keeping babbling because she knows jurors are looking at her on disbelief.

    Mr nuts vs Dr Simon,she overreach her little hands 🙂

    • She keeping babbling because she knows jurors are looking at her on disbelief.

      That’s a good point. I’ve heard it said before that when people go on and on and on all over the place, it’s because they believe their audience isn’t “getting it.”

      • She is back to the child killer “honesty” wash ,rinse ,repeat
        and confuse is her only defense she can offer to her client.

        • crustyolemothman

          Joseph Norton, One thing keeps coming back to me that Dunn said in the police interview. He made the statement that with all he had going on in his life that killing someone was the last thing he needed. Ok, sorry but this makes me question what bad thing was going on in his life, and could that have factored into his rash of anger that led up to the murder?

          • crustyolemothman,exactly normal people in general avoid rash decisions that
            can affect their life forever and committing crimes(murder) is out of question
            without financial gain.

            Who he want to deceive? Probably her lawyer,tubby and Ohaha.

    • ahhh, mr. norton, i have missed you. i love your way with words.

      • Hello fauxmccoy! Missing you too! I’m very happy for your Crome thingy 🙂
        I use something similar with my Iphone+(Air Play)+XBMC 🙂

        Did you read about tubby latest adventures?

        • yeah, i heard about him. my peace of mind requires that i do not get too worked up over he and his antics. i do know that it’s only a matter of time before he either shoots someone else or picks the wrong person to bully. as much as i do not want anyone else to be hurt by his actions, that day cannot come soon enough.

  35. She’s really taking testimony out of context. I hope the jurors are not stupid and realize that.

    • crustyolemothman

      Xena, Agreed, but were right back to the only defense that they can offer for Dunn, and that is to confuse the jury so much they can’t reach any sort of verdict… I’m not really sure that she is not just speaking to hear her self talk…

    • YES! i am finding this to be disgusting. the one thing she keeps doing is taking one statement in evidence (e.g. jordan’s left arm on the seat back behind leland) and pretending that the situation remains static. it’s nuts. she is claiming that jordan could not have been in the position that dr. simons claims (which makes all the sense in the world) because jordan’s arm was on the seat back — as if that arm never moved throughout the event. there were many other examples — oh, that the front seats of both cars are perfectly aligned because tevin testified as such. i cannot recall anyone else even being asked or anyone else confirming. but to waffa, it’s a fact, even though she wants to disregard all else tevin has to say.

      • crustyolemothman


        “the front seats of both cars are perfectly aligned”

        Actually, the angle of the first three shots indicates that Dunn’s seating position was probably some what aligned with the center post. If you doubt that, sit in your car with the seat all the way to the back and hold your pistol with a two handed grip and stick it out of the window and see what angle you can reach, you will not be able to point the gun at the SUV at the angle that was required if the vehicle’s were aligned seat to seat. Just simply can not be done, unless your arms are made of rubber…

        • next time my SUV is parked next to a jetta, i’ll ask them if i can sit in their car and shoot at mine 😛

          while you may be right, in absence of photos, i would not take anyone’s word for it. there are simply to many variables. car lengths, window lengths, distance between vehicles, angle of two vehicles toward the curb/each other, shooter’s position (in the car? how far out? fully seated or up on knees? bend of hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists). i want photos if i am going to accept as fact as the situation cannot be recreated in any way based on anyone’s statement although the basic laws of physics will always apply.

          • crustyolemothman

            fauxmccoy, I found a used Jetta on a used car lot and tried it. I never thought about taking photo’s to document it however, shame on me? I actually was not as concerned about anyone taking it as a statement of absolute fact, only attempting to point out that most of us do not flex to the degree necessary to hold their arms out the window and aim at the angle necessary to make the holes in the Durango. Sorry for the confusion… Perhaps next week when I go to town I can take my camera and a toy gun to take photo’s..

            • oh, do not bother. it would be so much more fun for me to just find a jetta and ask the owner if i can shoot my own car. dunn seems a bit creaky for a guy his age, that should translate fairly well as i am the same age and disabled. maybe it’s better to get my bro who is his height to do it, but he is only 40 and still pretty flexible … he also has a 2 door toyota camry. who knows what kind of fun we might have! 😉

  36. gaaaahhhhh!!! i’ve got to go pick up kids from school… just as this wench finishes up and guy is up at bat. phone is set up with an app to continue broadcasting, but reception is sketchy. 😦

  37. Her words are showing that she is not sure that her hysterical babbling created
    the desired effect 🙂

  38. FINALLY! She shut up. I was kinda hoping that Judge Healey would wait until the morning to let the State do rebuttal argument but he’s getting that done tonight.

  39. Two sides to a story

    I love listening to Guy – always visualize Kevin Costner.

    • crustyolemothman

      Two sides to a story, Every time I hear Mr. Guy speak, I think of the movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington… Guy for the senate from Florida?

      • he is apparently up for a judgeship very soon. would be sad to lose him as a prosecutor, but i certainly wish him well.

      • Two sides to a story

        I can’t speak for Guy’s politics, so I don’t know if I’d endorse him or not. But he might be as good an actor as Costner, who knows!


    I have an emergency that I need to tend to. It shouldn’t take long — maybe an hour. I just updated the videos and there should be one or two more coming that concludes the defense’s closing and the state’s rebuttal closing.

    If you should post a comment that tells you it went to moderation, do not worry as I will check that queue first when I return.

    Question — would you like an open discussion thread for tonight to post on other things as well as the trial today?

  41. Question — would you like an open discussion thread for tonight to post on other things as well as the trial today?


    Me thinks she was running the clock for the judge send jurors to their hotel
    with her yapping in their mind.

    Her closing was worse than the lawyer defending Theodore Wafer.

    I think she will be shock 🙂 All that yapping for nothing.

    She emphasized a little too much her client “character” and “self defense”
    against an indefensible teen,the majority of gun owners are responsible
    gun owners and avoid conflict,case in point ,the guy that tubby confronted
    is a licensed gun owner and avoid the confrontation with tubby.

    It’s true;actions speak loudly than words….. Excellent introduction by John Guy!

  42. crustyolemothman

    Xena: O/T, but perhaps you might want to read this article. Could this explain the problem you are having with your browser? I don’t know, but you might read this and think about it.


    • Oh — thanks Mothman. It makes me happy to know that you remembered. Think the problem is resolved. At least, it’s been resolved since I did it, which was update Java. Since I did that, there have been no more Flash crashes.

      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, You probably don’t realize just how much you are missed when you are not able to be here, so I think that just about any one of us would be willing to do what ever it takes to ensure you are here with us. You are needed and appreciated more than words could express. 🙂

        • Mothman,
          When I’m not able to be here, I miss you guys too. I like what I do from writing to managing the admin side. My body is healing from sinus infection, AGAIN, so I’m sleeping pretty sound and long. There have been some personal business, but other than things such as sleeping and eating, my schedule looks clear — at least for today. 🙂

  43. Annie Cabani

    WOW! Just watched John Guy’s final closing argument.

    I saw parts of Ms. Wolfson’s and the defense counsel’s closings, but not their entirety. Very competent, both, I thought (as nauseating as the defense’s closing was ….).

    But John Guy HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!! Kudos to Mr. Guy!

  44. Didn’t Dunn when asked about shooting at the door by Guy, say absolutely!!!!
    He was shooting at the door and Jordan just happened to be the one on the other side????

  45. How did this help him, he was going back home to talk to a detective that could vouch for him, in a way? There were going to be lies about him? REALLY??
    Yet he didn’t know that he actually murdered someone?
    I have a hard time believing that he didn’t know someone was murdered until the morning.
    Don’t they have the nightly news where they were?

  46. Also he had a hard time remembering cop cars going south when he was going north, but he remembers the garbage can at the door of the station and the ice machine to the left?
    Well, I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but just had to visit here tonight before going to bed! : )

    • Lolypop,
      Sorry for the late reply. Dunn is not credible. Had he truly believed his life was in danger, he would have called the cops, period. He was hoping that he would not be discovered and in the alternative, that he could get favoritism with LE where he lived to advocate his innocence for him. He said that as much when testifying that he wanted to talk to his neighbor and get his story out so it would not be “4 to 1.” I don’t know who he thought the 4th person would be since Jordan was dead.

      • Xena,
        He knew and was proud of his self.
        Isn’t that just the craps? He was ALWAYS so worried about Rhonda,BS.
        But, not that he murdered some one?? BS!!
        What a joke. He worried about no one but himself.
        So thankfful the jury saw right through him.

  47. butterflydreamer2

    Mr Guy has a way with words, reminds me of Keith Morrison from Dateline

  48. looks like we have a verdict

  49. fuckin A
    guilty, 1st degree, suck it dunn

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