Department Of Justice Orders Ferguson Police To Stop Wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ Bracelets

I also read that the DOJ informed the Ferguson police that not wearing their name tags was a violation of Ferguson Police Dept. rules, and to start wearing them.

The Fifth Column

State Troopers watching a protest in Ferguson, MO. | CREDIT: AP/CHARLIE RIEDEL

Think Progress

A Department of Justice letter sent to the Police Chief Tom Jackson of Ferguson, Missouri on Friday instructed all officers to stop wearing “I Am Darren Wilson” bracelets. Another letter issued on Tuesday ordered members of the police department to wear readable name plates, after officers were seen wearing unidentifiable tags or none at all.

Protests have not stopped in Ferguson since officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was unarmed, in August. And in response to civil unrest, which gained steam again after Brown’s memorial was burned to the ground on Tuesday, and the use of the slogan “I Am Mike Brown,” officers were photographed wearing the bracelets supporting the officer who killed him.

The DOJ letter sent to Jackson explained that the bracelets contributed to an “us versus them” mentality and…

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  1. roderick2012

    I guess this is as close as the DOJ will get to indicting Darren Wilson.

    The best they can do is whine about the pigs wearing bracelets supporting the killer pig?


    • Roderick, it’s that Civil War thing you know, about the states having their rights and the federal government having to give them a chance to voluntarily correct constitutional violations before stepping in. (sigh)

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        From 1871 to 1872 the Joint Select Committee of Congress took testimony “to inquire into the ‘Condition of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States” regarding the KKK and other violence against Black Americans. (13 volumes).

        Result? The volumes just sat on shelves when the inquiry was over.

        Interesting paragraph on juries in a country in Alabama from one of my volumes of these ( Vol. 2, p.751):

        Huntsville, Alabama, October 11, 1871
        (William Shapard sworn and examined)

        Committee Member Buckley:
        Is it difficult for grand juries to find bills against such men as commit crimes in your county?

        I will state this: It has been twenty years since I have looked over the law in regard to the selection of juries.

        I have frequently seen jurors in the box there and noticed around the community what sort of men were on the juries, and I would rather play a game of seven-up with the best gambler in the world, with one hand tied behind me and both eyes put out, for my chance to win a stake, than to try to get a jury there that I would call an impartial one now.

  2. The danger of no knock SWAT raids is real. Now, a man who had no drugs in his home is charged with capital murder for protecting his home.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      He was protecting his home and family members from UNIDENTIFIED intruders with guns = self defense.

      • Yep. And the report that he was dealing drugs was false. People are using law enforcement as proxy to harm and kill innocent people — the same with Campbell in Wal-Mart.

      • butterflydreamer2


        I agree…..Even though an UNIDENTIFIED intruder broke into our house with no gun, the officers told us had my husband had a gun and shot him, it would be self defense.

        Even Fogen knowing Travon did not have a gun, chose to get out of his truck, follow him, kill him, a got away claiming self defense.

        This is wrong, had the police taken the time to investigate the information instead of depending on hearsay this would not have occurred. That and their racial biases, cause believe it or not, not all black men are drug dealers, and that they (the officers)
        may well be responsible for the death of one of their own based upon that perception.

  3. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think is a slap on the wrist and the end of the DOJ investigation. I read into this that the FPD cannot wear these bracelets in a blatant “in your face” to the citizenry.

    It clearly sends a “…mess with us and you’re next” message which is against all police policy anywhere in the country. I read into it that the DOJ is just getting started and this is just the 1st step. They might as well have a sign in front of the FPD building that says…

    “We shoot to kill… reason needed
    Have a nice day”

    The police are not allowed to have take a stance like they have with Wilson under investigation. Not a single soul, other than some female friend of Wilson’s has asserted anything about self defense. Not even a police report…..WTFIUWTS ??

    • Racer,
      I agree. The police are suppose to have a close relationship with each other so there is no “friendly fire” and there is team work. However, they were hired to “serve and protect” the public. “I Am Darren Wilson” says exactly what? Like you say, it conveys what Darren Wilson did;

      “We shoot to kill… reason needed
      Have a nice day”

      As you probably already know, the feds are patient and at times, allow violations so they can have as many nails as necessary to nail the coffin shut when they do take action.

      • Hey Xena…..Yes, I know the Feds take their time and allow the bad guys to make every mistake possible.

        Maybe that’s why Fogen’s investigation is still active. Hmmmmm ? Isn’t he about due to try and steal the limelight…………..the bastard.

        • Racer,

          Maybe that’s why Fogen’s investigation is still active. Hmmmmm ?

          Several months ago, I predicted that we will hear he’s been indicted in December this year. I’m still of that impression.

          During his trial, I said many times that it is God’s plan that George Zimmerman is convicted for 2nd degree murder and spend the rest of his life in prison. It was not given to me as to when, or whom. I pray there is not another “whom” but still, that impression has not left me either.

    • Annie Cabani

      “Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think is a slap on the wrist and the end of the DOJ investigation.”

      Racer, I think you’re absolutely correct. I think the DOJ views these matters as needing IMMEDIATE correction – i.e., as too important to wait for conclusion of their investigation. In fact, the DOJ confirms that your view is correct, in the first sentence of their September 23 (name plates) letter:

      When we met at the outset of our investigation, we noted that, where appropriate, we would inform you of any concerns that we discovered during our investigation that warrant your immediate attention.

      I’m very pleasantly surprised that the DOJ is taking some prompt – and public – action. Not only does it publicly announce that citizen complaints are valid (and these specific ones are urgent), it also publicly rebukes the FPD’s professionalism at the simplest, most fundamental level: how they present themselves for public duty.

  4. Annie Cabani

    Huff Po provides copies of the letters.

    Here’s the bracelet letter:

    • Thanks Annie!

    • Annie,
      Some weeks ago, someone tweeted that the officers removed their name badges to prevent Anonymous from getting their names. So, in order to be fair, Anonymous should request rosters with the names of each officer on duty per shift. 🙂

      • peni4yothot

        Hubby asked me if their new name plates read, “Ofc. Go Eff Yourself” (St. Ann cop response when asked his name)

        He caught me off guard with that one.

        • yahtzeebutterfly


          I remember fired Ofc. GoFyourself. He was really itching to do something with his gun.

          • peni4yothot

            He was a mental spasm during his five minute debut, weapon in hand and “I’ll shoot you”


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            For those of you who did not see the live-stream video clip of “Ofc. GoFyourself”, here it is:

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        How about us all writing a limerick everyone?

        First line:

        There was an ofc. named GoFYourself…..

        • kindheart101

          There was an officer named GoFYourself….
          his morals sat upon a shelf.
          No civic duty did he know,
          his tarnished badge was just a show.

          He walked the streets to taunt and tease,
          and bring the public to their knees.
          So as time passed, everyone knew,
          there’s just one thing they all must do.

          Go Get a Mirror…….and hold it High,
          every time this cop dares walk by!
          Then as he turns to look at you,
          GoFYourself is all he’ll view!


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Oh my gosh, kindheart

            I am laughing so hard over the ending LOL!!! 😀

            You are amazing with you great poetic talent. Fantastic poem!!!

            ((( APPLAUSE! )))

          • You’re killing me……..!!!! Killing me I say !!!!!

          • butterflydreamer2

            And that is real poetic justice!!!!

            • kindheart101

              🙂 Butterflydreamer.

              I am a firm believer in “what goes around, comes around” and also “you get what you give”.

              That Idiot Officer telling people to “Go F Yourself” should be made to wear a sign saying exactly that, and stood in front of a mirror for the rest of his life.

          • that was GREAT!!

        • kindheart101

          🙂 🙂 Yahtzee. LOL

  5. Two sides to a story

    I’m Darren Wilson – they’re not too bright eh? Kinda like Z supporters. They oughta think things through a little more.

    • Hey Two sides! They prey on intimidation and fear. In other words, they are terrorists and as you say, like Z supporters.

    • “…think…” Really….asking a bit much from them aren’t you ??

      You have a great sense of humor !! Think……??

      This crap with the bracelets is a joke. HTF is he the victim……

  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Protestors were told last night that they had to keep moving, and so today:
    deray mckesson @deray · 49m
    Protest. Bikes. Watch. The movement lives. #ferguson

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      deray mckesson @deray · 58m
      Protesters report that the police have come already to say that we must continue to walk, no standing still. PD.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Xena, you can remove this video clip now, please….it is beginning to do a number on my eyes. 🙂

  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    Livestreaming across from Ferguson PD Headquarters:

  8. Darren Wilson shot a kid
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig
    He hides his face
    A true disgrace
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig

    Darren Wilson killed a kid
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig
    A pig will roast
    of this, no boast
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig

    Darren Wilson, shot a kid
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig
    No where in sight
    What is his plight
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig

    Darren Wilson, killed a kid
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig
    His cronies all say
    “I am he”
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig

    Darren Wilson, shot a kid
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig
    Pigs all wallow in filth for sure
    His lies are shallow, of this we’re sure
    Darren Wilson, a pig for sure

    Darren Wilson, killed a kid
    Darren Wilson, for sure a pig
    What was the cause, we all pause
    There was no cause, there was no cause
    Darren Wilson, a pig for sure

    So rest young Mike, as we all pause
    Recall you life, and we applaud
    You have these friends, this noble cause
    We will not stop we will not pause
    So rest young Mike, you are our cause

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      We will not stop we will not pause
      So rest young Mike, you are our cause

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

      • These racist pigs, makes no never mind to us, Fogen, Wilson, Duuhhnnnn, Wafer, all of them, we’ll keep on keeping on and make everyone aware it’s a crime to be shooting unarmed people and especially kids, no matter their race.

    • kindheart101

      Perfect Racer……….just flat out perfect.

      So rest young Mike, you are our cause…….:)

    • Awesome!!

  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray · 10m
    I can see no solution other than the disbanding of the #Ferguson PD. It is unlikely that this force will ever be trusted again.

  10. I didn’t know this.
    It is so totally childish and rediculous for the “officers” to act like this.
    If they’re all Darren Wilson, then charge them all with murder.
    I’m actually stunned, speechless and confused as to who is supposed to be protecting us.

  11. If what is being reported is true, Ferguson police department is outright violating the protesters’ constitutional rights. They purportedly made arrests and promised to release those arrested if the rest of the protesters remained quiet. That’s a form of extortion.

  12. From LLMPapa;

  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    “County police chief admits officers broke Ferguson 5-second protest rule”
    POSTED 6:43 PM, SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

    • Seems pretty obvious that Mike Brown broke no rules, let alone committed any crimes yet the FPD is wrought with this stuff……I just don’t get it ?? Hmmm, must be me.

  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    Slate @Slate · 8h
    Ferguson police are still not all wearing ID, even after two Justice Department orders:

  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    This photo link above shows a map marking how far the WH intruder got into the White House.

  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Town Hall meetings Tuesday will address Ferguson communication issues”

    Ferguson’s Mayor and City Council have announced the time and locations for Town Hall meetings that will be held Tuesday, September 30. The meetings will specifically address communication between Ferguson residents and leaders.

    All Ferguson residents are invited to attend. Both meetings will run from 5:00-7:00pm. One will be held at the First Baptist Church of Ferguson located at 333 N. Florissant. The other will be held at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish, located at 17 Hawkesbury Drive.

    Meetings are also planned for three upcoming Tuesdays, October 7, October 21, and November 4.

  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Ferguson Demands High Fees To Turn Over City Files”
    Sep. 29, 2014 6:14 PM

  18. You guys and gals know me enough that I keep saying “Why can’t we all just get along” So this happened to me today. As I was driving home from a customers with a truck load of 1952 Ford parts, I saw 3 black kids on the shoulder of the road, 2 of them, one holding a bike upright, one next to him and one kid lying on the ground with one knee up with his leg bent.

    As I drove by at about 40 mph, it looked like the kid that was down was hurt, so I made a right and went down a parking lot area that is between the row houses and the street/sidewalk. I asked them if they were alright. I was about 40 – 50 feet from them. The 2 kids who were standing looked at me like I was “out of place” I asked again and they really didn’t answer me, so I got out and walked over and they were just getting the one who was down up. He looked like he was dazed. I again asked if they need help and one of them said to the effect “…..(fell?) off the the bike” I asked them “Did someone run you over…….with a car?” and they all looked like “…damn dude… got good eyes”

    I again asked if they need help and that I have a first aid kit in my truck, just as I saw the downed kid had an abrasion on his left forearm starting at the elbow. I kept walking and at this point they relaxed and I again told them I’ll get them help. One of them said a guy swerved over and forced the 2 who were on the bike (one was walking) to go down. One of them was unhurt. One of them then said something I’ll cherish forever to the effect that a white guy cared enough to stop and stay there until he was sure they were ok. The one who went down gave me a funny little laugh, stuck his arms out, gave me a hug one only gets from a son then joked and said “…, I’ll probably need a Percoset in about an hour……”

    When the one one kid made the “..white guy..” remark, I said “Dude, we’re all brothers, I have a son you’re age” They appeared to be 14 – 16. I then said “You guys don’t think I’d just drive by and not stop?” to which they were a little startled….but pleasantly.

    So, to David Piercy, FogenPhoole and all those racist dimwits, I stand on my stance that we can all get along and we all need to start a conversation with people of all races in the grocery line, at the gas pump, in the bank line. I do it all the time and it warms my heart as every time I wind up with a nice conversation, a little joke, a little fun every time.

    • Racer,
      Thank you for allowing your kind heart to lead your steps.

      You make an excellent point about communicating with others wherever we go. Some people do not know how, or are too afraid of rejection. At times, it all it takes is saying “Hello.”

      What you shared reminded me of a video by Gerald Dimmit. I’ve shared it previously many moons ago. You might remember it. He speaks about an experience he had as a child and talks about looking into the soul rather than the covering.

      • I remember this. I marveled at the “wise Jedi Yoda” hoodie. Perfect !!

        And it’s true that Trayvon will go down with MLK and President O’Bama. For all the BS from Fogen, Robbie the Racist, Papa Z and the rest, nowhere is there any legitimate support, no marches, no protests…….nothing but filth from the small number of minions.

        Hmmmmmmmm maybe there’s something to that ?? Maybe.

        • Racer,

          Hmmmmmmmm maybe there’s something to that ?? Maybe.

          Someone on Twitter said that they searched to see if any of GZ’s supporters were tweeting about the most recent article and defending GZ. She found nothing. What was found, is that his supporters have turned their attention to Ferguson, MO. One, who is not in the U.S. nor a U.S. citizen, is contacting elected officials asking questions.

          Just goes to show, and as we have always said — they never supported GZ. What they supported was the idea that an unarmed Black kid could be murdered, and the non-Black who killed him could claim self-defense and get away with it.

          Now, they’re on to the next case involving an unarmed Black kid and their self-defense mantras.

          Meanwhile, the Zimmerman’s are unemployed, homeless, and broke with dirty laundry.

    • kindheart101

      You know what Racer? With all the years I worked in hospice, I never one time heard anyone who needed blood ask what color person it came from.

      It’s just too bad it’s not the norm for everyone to respond like you did. I’m sure those young men will never forget you. 🙂

      • I remember a sermon at Church that had a skit acted out with it about a car accident, the 1st responders, the blood donors and it was incredible and left most in tears.

        It was a white racist who crashed, the 1st responders were a Hispanic male and an Asian girl. The blood donor was black. There was an All in the family episode along those lines as I recall.

        Yep, if those pesky racists would only “…get it…”

        • kindheart101

          You caught me just before I logged off to start cooking for your BBQ……….

          Seasoned collards with ham hocks……….pulled pork……….homemade pecan pie……………………………………….

        • You mentioned ALL in the Family and I went on a Youtube search for a certain episode from 1974. It was a favorite in my family.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Racer and kindheart

      I have appreciated how both of you have shared your personal experiences this week.

      You both have me thinking of the song “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand.”

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        and also….


        • You guys are so incredible. You always seem to find the right song, poem or story.
          I’m thrilled everyone here is so together. BBQ at my house…..anytime after 1:00 !!

      • kindheart101

        That’s so sweet Yahtzee. (And I love that song)

        I would always hope that anyone, from the smallest child, to teen, or adult, would always find me approachable if they needed help.

  19. I just have to say again…..You’d have to be brain dead to think anyone with a double digit IQ would take the stance that Darren Wilson isn’t anything short of a murdering thug.

    I don’t give a hoot about that “…lets see all the evidence” That’s about as good an argument as “….lets get all the names of the Jews before we jump to conclusions….hey, Hitler was just misunderstood”

    The excited utterance of the construction worker, who from out of the area, and white, who said “…..he had his f%$#in hands up” is all we need to know……oh, and the location of the entrance wounds. Once again, there’s those pesky facts muddying everything up.

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