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An Uneasy And Fearful Society – A Comment By Two Sides To A Story

In response to “Silence and Shame after Charleston,” written by Padre Steve’s World that I reblogged, Two Sides To A Story commented.  It is a profound comment.  She gave me permission to post it separately.

Written by Two Sides To A Story

Heartbreaking subject. But despite public figures avoiding the topic in order to not offend supporters, there’s still lots of fertile discussion online in blogs like yours and in social media. And there’s plenty of cyber-fistfights and name-slinging too, so proceed with caution!

The people that disturb me as much as outright racists are a surprising number of people who think they’re not racist but deny that there’s a problem any more – they’re “sick of racism” and so they think never mentioning race fixes the situation despite the facts. Basically they seem invested in denying that white privilege exists in spite of how challenging white lives are, and that a great deal of racism is embedded in our institutions and justice system. We’re seeing the latter as a light has been shined on law enforcement to reveal corruption and racism within the ranks. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Veterans Day – 2014

veterans dayVeterans Day is an official United States holiday that honors people who have served in the armed forces.  It coincides with the holidays celebrated in other parts of the world that mark the end of hostilities of World War I.

To honor our veterans and active duty personnel, some restaurants provide free meals. Some of these Veterans Day free meals are nationwide but some are only at participating locations.

The below is a partial list of restaurants honoring our veterans and those on active duty. Read the rest of this entry

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