What A Difference A Dash Cam Video Makes. Remember Marcus Jeter?

Under the post about the killing of Keith Scott, I mentioned a case where the commands of officers did not match with what the suspect was doing.  I conducted searches here on the blog, as well as Google, because I thought I had written about the incident around late 2014 or early 2015.

I did find a comment posted in January 2015, so the case was discussed at some point on this blog, but it might have been in the comment section rather than an actual post.

So, here it is.

Before I go further, I want to say that this is not a general accusation that all members of law enforcement are dishonest.  Rather, this case is one of many that causes citizens to question the honesty of what officers say was happening when giving commands.  a

Or, as New Jersey Superior Court Judge Ronald Wigler stated when sentencing one of the officers in this case,

“The public has to have confidence in their police departments.” 

It was June 7, 2012.  Police responded to a domestic-related call at the Bloomfield, New Jersey home of Marcus Jeter.  Marcus’ girlfriend lived in the house, and it was his girlfriend’s sister who called 911 alleging that Marcus threw his girlfriend’s cell phone down a staircase during a verbal dispute.

No one was arrested. No charges were filed.

Marcus left his house and was driving down Garden State Parkway while a cruiser with two officers followed him.  They pulled Marcus over with guns drawn, and began shouting commands, including that he stop resisting and stop trying to take an officer’s gun.

Marcus was beaten, dragged from his car and assaulted.  He was charged with eluding, attempting to disarm a police officer, resisting arrest and aggravated assault.


The dash cam video that police did not turn over to prosecutors and the defense , shows Marcus sitting with his hands up as the officer commanded Marcus to stop trying to take his gun.

Another officer, Orlando Trinidad, arrived.  He entered in a direction towards Marcus car, even hitting it.  The dash cam video given to Marcus’ attorney shows the officers hitting and kicking Marcus to allegedly get Marcus to cooperate. The officers stood in a position so that Marcus is not seen, or barely seen.   Trinidad beat Marcus about his head.  He gave a statement that he only struck Marcus because he heard a fellow officer shout that Marcus had his gun, or was trying to take his gun.

In an internal investigation, the officers were cleared of all wrongdoing.

Based on the dash cam video from officer Sean Courter’s car, and Trinidad’s statement, Marcus was sure that he was going to jail.   Marcus insisted that while Courter was shouting to stop reaching for his gun, to show his hands, and stop resisting, that he was sitting behind the steering wheel with his hands up.  Even Marcus’ attorney didn’t believe Marcus.  Indeed, the officers only used physical force because Marcus was disobeying their commands, and doing what they alleged, right?

Then Marcus remembered that Trinidad’s car was facing the windshield of his own car.   If it had dash cam, it would show exactly what Marcus was doing while the officers were giving commands to stop going for an officer’s gun, show his hands, and stop resisting.

The police didn’t turn the dash cam video from Trinidad’s car over to Marcus’ attorney nor prosecutors. Marcus’ attorney only obtained it by filing a public request.  After watching the dash cam video from Trinidad’s car, Marcus attorney believed him, and filed a lawsuit on his behalf.  Upon showing the second dash cam video to prosecutors, they dropped all charges against Marcus – charges that could have sent Marcus to prison for 5 years.

The story doesn’t end with Marcus being cleared of charges.  Prosecutors used the dash cam video from Trinidad’s car and filed charges against all three of the officers.  They were charged with official misconduct, conspiracy, tampering with records, and false swearing.  Trinidad was also charged with aggravated assault for striking Marcus.


Convicted, former officers Courter and Trinidad.

Courter and Trinidad had jury trials.  In November 2015, an Essex County jury convicted them.

Albert Sutterlin, the third officer, retired.  In October 2013, he plead guilty to falsifying or tampering with records.  Under a plea agreement with prosecutors, Sutterlin testified at the trial of Courter and Trinidad, and was sentenced to two years of probation.

In January 2016, Trinidad was sentenced to 5-years in prison.   In February 2016, Courter was sentenced to 5-years in state prison with a 5-year period of parole ineligibility.  He received 110 days of credit for time served.

Courter’s Sentencing, (he did not apologize for his actions);


Ultimately, what this case shows is that Marcus could have been killed, and the officers would have gotten away with it because with Marcus dead, no one would have known of the existence of the other dash cam video other than the offending officers.

From June 7, 2012 until February 2016, there is lots of news about this incident, the trials, and sentence hearings.  I’ve listed just several sources below.

As a side-note (because I remembered this case when discussing videos of the killing of Keith Scott), it caused me to think of Keith’s wife’s statement that he doesn’t have a gun.  There’s something about the English language that is mysterious yet wonderful.  For example, people hear, “He doesn’t have a gun” and interpret it to mean “He doesn’t own a gun” and they paint the wife’s statement as a blatant lie with the production of a gun.  Going by her actual words, it is reasonable to believe that Keith’s wife did not see him with a gun in his hands.

About the videos — where is the video that shows a sequence of removing the gun from Keith’s person?

If there is body cam video that shows that, it needs to be released.  If not, controversy, distrust, and theories of a gun being planted will continue.   I’ll conclude this with a statement by Michael Curry, president of the NAACP’s Boston branch;

“If you don’t have public trust, then we don’t believe your version of the story,”


NJ.com report

Another NJ.com report

ABC report


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  1. Dear Xena, The body cam makes a huge difference but there has to be accountability when there is no video because it wasn’t working; the officer didn’t have it on him or it was turned off. Also, as you mentioned the police can CYA by acting out a part.

    The police were trying to frame the story about the death of Keith Lamont by police. While the released videos are not clear as to what he had in his hand, it does put the lie regarding his behavior, He is not acting out but he is simply standing with his arms down’ Also the videos show no gun on the ground as the leaked police photo does.

    In my mind, the police have already lost credibility.

    Black Lives Matter, Gronda

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      “He is not acting out but he is simply standing with his arms down.”

      Exactly. What I saw was that Keith was calmly walking backwards very slowly and then
      simply stood still with his arms down in a nonthreatening stance.

  2. Two sides to a story

    Dash cams and vest cameras should make everyone honest, but only if LE agencies are honest in using them. Adding cameras to an agenda with no real reform = the kinda stuff we see in NC with Keith Scott. Thank goodness we also have citizens with cell phones. Derek Jeter was lucky there was no withholding or erasing of the dash cam video in his case. Astounding, actually, that video was used in his case to convict cops.

    No one will be safe until all LE agencies act with integrity and expect honesty and accountability of their officers. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Expect dishonesty from any agency who plays around with dash cam and vest camera video.

  3. I just love the set up by yelling something that is not true……”….stop reaching for my gun”

    I say…………….Bite Me.

    • same thing as yelling drop the gun at a person that has no gun…….now after the fact police can continue the LIE saying well this shows we “thought” he had a gun……..there are many videos like this out there folks.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        And, when you hear a voice from the police helicopter comment that Terrence Crutcher was not following commands, you know that “not following commands” is an excuse regularly used. I mean, how in the world when they were up in the helicopter did they have any idea about what Ofc. Shelby might have been saying to Terrence?

        One example that I have seen in videos is a handcuffed person lying perfectly face down on the ground being commanded to “stop resisting.”

        • i stopped watching the videos because there were so many, that it upsets me to some degree……having sense i understand the police say IF they claim they feared you it is LEGAL for them to kill you………no threat, no weapon just the officer stating i was afraid = LEGAL under their policy.

      • Exactly……I’ll say it again, my dad was a cop for almost 30 years and I saw both sides of the coin. In retrospect, some of the dinner conversations were appalling. He did a lot of good community things to be sure, but the racist stuff………unreal.

        Keep in mind that there are many videos like this…….but how many incidents were not recorded and prior to the early 90’s, never, for the most part.

        And the Donald says he has the solution to the high crime rate in black neighborhoods. His policy of “..stop and frisk at will” is a crime and a violation of constitutional rights.

        • agreed stop and frisk is 100% illegal under our constitution…….and that leaves me with nobody to vote for in this election…….

          • BINGO !!! that’s what I say. If it wasn’t almost Oct. I start a campaign right now. You can be my running mate (or visa versa) since you seem to have a lot of common sense, which I might add, it really common anymore.

            • yahtzeebutterfly

            • my father wanted me to be a lawyer very badly….i told him you and the rest of the family made that not possible for me, why? because you taught me to be HONEST and tell the truth something lawyers DONT DO….as to politics i have never been elected to anything because of that same reason HONESTY……i lived my life my way have a very loving wife and grandkids and a 100% clean record, and was checked thoroughly by the FBI in 1972 when they did a background check for my top secret/crypto security clearance in the USAF……those offspring and their children are why i am here i want them to be able to enjoy FREEDOM……..and i fear we are witnessing the END of that concept here now……..

          • Actually stop and frisk went before the supreme court in 1968, with the legacy of Terry v. Ohio, which held that stopping and frisking was constitutionally permissible under certain conditions. What Judge Scheindlin’s decision stopped was the New York policy of stop and frisk which centered solely on the color of one’s skin. . She said that changes to the way the New York Police Department employed the practice were needed to ensure that the street stops were carried out in a manner that “protects the rights and liberties of all New Yorkers, while still providing much needed police protection.”

            So it was the racial profiling that stopped it and not the practice of.

  4. Oops. Didn’t Putney say there was more video? What good are body cams if they are not turned on? The Chicago Tribune reports that’s a violation of department policy.

    • i suspect his camera will show clearly NO gun and also will show no aid rendered immediately as claimed(other cams already show that) and could show some of the tampering with evidence from a better angle.

      • Bill,
        Yep, which is why they are now saying it wasn’t turned on until after Keith was shot. How convenient for them.

  5. It is so hard to get people to do the right thing even they, and everyone around them know it is wrong. They need as well to put cameras on prison guards because much goes on when they think no one is watching. Even when they do things that cause a death there are rarely any repercussions. Sometimes people need to be “helped” to know the right and wrong thing to do.

    • SonniQ,
      It could be that some people know right from wrong, but choose to do wrong. I’m learning that some people who are disrespectful of others also disrespect life. I agree regarding prison guards.

      • Yes, that is true, just like some people wallow in negativity. it is the way they are and don’t want to change it.

        • SonniQ,
          Your comment reminded me of something my mom used to say; “The yeast has already risen in them.” One of the most difficult things for people who are negative, and those who choose to do wrong to do, is to look within themselves. It’s more common for them to blame others for their attitudes, their choices, and even who they are.

          • That hits the nail on the head. I just put a post on my watch and whirl blog that says this very thing. I found two lists that when I read them carefully it is hard to not apply to oneself. I put up one list and there is another I will put up next. Let me know what you think.

  6. Officer Trinidad so arrogant he goes on TV furthering his lies. Listen to this POS recite the ol “i was so scared” BS!
    These two slobs have done this kinda shit to so many ppl, so many times that its just natural to them. They’ve convinced themselves that their excuses are facts BECAUSE THEY SAY IT IS!
    This violent superiority is litterally ingrained into them and they are entitled to do what they want.
    The other cop in the video you posted at his sentencing is disgusting. I hope they both get the same treatment in prison by tons of bigger badder asses than they thought they were w/gun & badge over the countless helpless victims they’ve attacked 🙂

    • Hey Shannon! You know, at Trinidad’s trial he blamed the other officers for shouting that Marcus was going for an officer’s gun as reason for why he physically assaulted Marcus. Heaven forbid if those other officers gave Trinidad gave clear shot. After seeing Courter’s attitude at his sentence hearing, I could not help but wonder if he was also setting up Trinidad, who I read already had a truck load of complains against him for using excessive force.

      At least the citizens of New Jersey won’t have to worry about those cops on their streets. When they get out of prison, they can apply for a position with law enforcement in Ferguson, or Chicago, or Tulsa — maybe even Arizona.

  7. wow fox news just showed a guy sitting on a bench in a train station with 2 officers standing by him they say he was told to leave and became “combative”…the video shows him only standing up and immediately being beaten severely with a baton……

    • Hey Bill! I found a news article that might be the incident you mention. http://abc13.com/news/man-allegedly-beaten-by-metro-police-released-from-jail/1515566/

      The officers have been suspended. The video is shocking. Some folks no doubt think that a badge gives them authority to brutalize others.

      • that literally hurts my fucking feelings!!! I WANNA SCREAM AND CRY and worse.
        That black cops acts as if that couldn’t be him…
        As a matter of fact it could be the white cop too because the more they have gotten away with it the more they’ve gotten emboldened and the more ppl they’ve got to exert power over.

      • that is the one i saw……law abiding citizens need to wake up……a person with limited hearing breaking no law may not hear an officer say “come over here” and suddenly 2 officers are attacking them for “not complying” i have a very bad back and balance problems at the age of 65, there is NO WAY i could possibly walk a toe to toe stepping straight line which means i would fail a field sobriety test and i havent had even one beer in years and take no drugs other than caffeine……….physical assault and battery of innocent citizens happens daily all across this nation.

      • this one shows how catch 22 works with compliance….you are sitting and told by police to leave, but you know standing up to leave will be seen as being combative, so your choice stand up and get assaulted or sit still and be assaulted your choice.

        • Bill,
          It indeed shows the Catch-22. That is why I questioned how is a person suppose to put a gun down when they are sitting in their car? If they stick it out of the window, it can be alleged that they pointed it. If they put it down inside the vehicle and get out of the car with their arms at their side, it can still be alleged that they are pointing a gun. If they have their hands up in the air and then take a position to be frisked by laying their hands on the vehicle, it can be alleged that they were reaching through a closed window for a non-existent gun. If they are asked for their license and registration and reach above the visor, they are shot on suspicion of going for a gun. In one case, an elderly man got out of his vehicle with a walking cane that the cop mistook for a rifle, and shot the driver.

  8. Xena you said:

    “As a side-note (because I remembered this case when discussing videos of the killing of Keith Scott), it caused me to think of Keith’s wife’s statement that he doesn’t have a gun. There’s something about the English language that is mysterious yet wonderful. For example, people hear, “He doesn’t have a gun” and interpret it to mean “He doesn’t own a gun” and they paint the wife’s statement as a blatant lie with the production of a gun. Going by her actual words, it is reasonable to believe that Keith’s wife did not see him with a gun in his hands.”

    I had to go back and view her video but when she is saying this he is sitting in the car. So once again we need her to explain her comments. If he was out of the car and got back in before she started filming that might explain it but it doesn’t mean he didn’t have access to a gun once back in the vehicle which she can’t see when she says those words.

    • YOU please explain how the frame by frame video shows he had NO GUN IN HIS HAND please………rather than parsing her words with a fine tooth comb how about pointing out any moment when he was a threat on any level? and YOU explain how come the gun in the picture is NOT in any of the videos????? this is the part where I fear leaving the area of civility with you, your defense of the clear acts of these officers….demanding the victim explain himself while giving the officers a 100% pass.

      • I’m sorry Bill, this kind of goes back to the previous thread in which Xena excused some things because they might have happened before the filming started and she had also told me that Mrs. Scott’s attorney probably has her on orders not to talk and without her explaining there will always be questions.

        As to the video, I’m not convinced. The video is too grainy and shadowy. You just can’t tell for sure…….it’s ok, you and others believe he didn’t have one in his hands and I, right now, am not convinced either way. You just can’t tell for sure. But we now know the gun has been traced to Scott. It was stolen by another in a home break-in and the burglar admitted to the ATF that he sold it to Scott. BUT IF he did have a gun and refused to drop it then he was a threat to those officers. Stepping back does not eliminate that threat and keeping his hands at his sides does not eliminate the threat IF he had a gun in his hand, it takes just a fraction of a second to raise the hand and start to fire.

        I do not always defend cops, but I do have a family member who is one and I will go to them about police procedures. I have gotten into many an argument with them when we do disagree.

        • Towerflower,

          “I’m sorry Bill, this kind of goes back to the previous thread in which Xena excused some things ….

          What did i excuse?

          • Xena….from this:

            Me: ” Under state law he must immediately ID himself as a concealed carry and let them know where. This was not done.

            You: “We don’t know that. What we do know, based on Putney, is that at the time the officer observed Keith in his vehicle with a joint, THEN a gun, he was in plain clothes. That doesn’t give Keith any reason to ID himself and tell the man anything since nothing indicated that he was anymore than a regular civilian.”

            Me: ““I don’t think she was talking to the cops because she says Keith’s name first then there isn’t a pause before she says don’t do it. Why say your husband’s name if talking to the cops?”

            You: “At least the wife is alive and can explain what she meant when saying those words. Chances are that her attorney has told her not to defend against assumptions of what she meant unless and until there is a charge and trial.”

            I’m sorry but it sees like if it isn’t on tape then we are to assume that it didn’t happen or another lied. We do know that when the cops returned they were wearing vests that ID’d themselves as law enforcement…..that is on tape. When I said this was not done in the first comment it appears that Mr. Scott never said a word…..if he did say anything it hasn’t been reported.

            • Towerflower,

              You: “We don’t know that. What we do know, based on Putney, is that at the time the officer observed Keith in his vehicle with a joint, THEN a gun, he was in plain clothes. That doesn’t give Keith any reason to ID himself and tell the man anything since nothing indicated that he was anymore than a regular civilian.”

              Exactly! Keith had no reason to tell guys in civilian clothes anything. When they returned, it appears that they took cover on the side of the other truck. With all that yelling they were doing at him, do you think that Keith could talk over them and be heard? His wife was talking to the officers, and they paid her absolutely no attention.

        • Towerflower,
          Do you know when the ATF talked to the burglar about selling Keith the gun?

          Did you see the officer behind Keith’s truck? He had a clear view, and a clear shot if Keith was indeed carrying a gun. Why didn’t he fire?

          Well, well. It appears that in this case, there was absolutely nothing Keith could have done to the satisfaction of those who say they can’t see.

          • None of the articles I found say when the home break-in happened or when the burglar was caught. They all only say the ATF interviewed the burglar and he said he sold the gun to MR. Scott.

            • Towerflower, maybe a reporter will ask the right questions to get the right answers. If the ATF knew who the burglar sold the stolen gun to before September 20, 2016, why did they not do something about it then?

            • I did a little research on the process……if a person loses or has a firearm stolen, they are to report it to the ATF. The ATF doesn’t investigate the burglary but it appears they enter it into a data base.

              The police departments routinely contact the ATF when a firearm is used in a crime or shooting.

              If it was known that the burglar was caught I have to wonder if the police questioned him about the stolen gun and tried to track down the person who bought it. But it appears the ATF gets involved after the fact in tracing the gun.

              Like you said they need a reporter to ask the right questions.

            • Towerflower…..to your 10:57 post. I had a pistol stolen from a friends house when my wife and I were on our honeymoon and my friend & his wife were on a business vacation. He said leave your guns LOCKED in my safe, which turned out to be his wife’s underwear drawer. His daughter had an unauthorized party and my historic Walther PPK was stolen. I reported it the the police in the Twp where they lived and amazingly, it was recovered about 6 years later.

              I just had a local officer here who I’m rebuilding an engine for and I asked him about this. He stated to his knowledge if a gun is stolen you only need to inform the local police, at least in NJ, which is what I did. They share in real time info of weapons registered, sold, stolen and documented to be used in crimes with a number of agencies.

              Not to be argumentative, but is there a law about notifying the ATF ??

            • Towerflower,
              Thanks for the research. I wonder if citizens know this, or should it be presumed that local law enforcement does that?

              There was once a time when Saturday night specials and revolvers sold on the street had the serial numbers filed off. I don’t suppose that the new and improved killing machines now allow that.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      What I see is that the videos show no gun in his hand.

    • Towerflower,

      “I had to go back and view her video but when she is saying this he is sitting in the car.”

      Right. Which reasonably means she did not see him with a gun, saying “He doesn’t have a gun.”

      Here’s my concern and why I prefer relying on the videos rather than what Putney is saying that his officers stated. We plainly see in the case of Marcus Jeter that the officer outright lied when saying that Marcus was going for his gun.

      So, people hear an officer shouting at Keith “Put down the gun!” We hear Keith’s’ wife say, “He doesn’t have a gun.”

      What lengths should anyone go through to try to determine the credibility of either party? Is that the limit to how we decide, or should we also rely on the video of Keith walking backwards with his hands down on both sides?

      • i also hear clearly DISDAIN in her voice when saying he doesnt have a gun as if that LIE is absurd mr. officer.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          That’s the way I hear it, too.

        • Bill,
          ABSOLUTELY! It was like saying, “stop telling him to put the gun down. He has no gun. “

          • this thread should be mandatory for all JURIES and grand juries to see before starting cases……the notion that the police are honest has been utterly destroyed by a few officers and the many that cover for them.

            • Bill,
              This thread has been excellent discussion because of your participation, and the participation of others.

              People are not infallible, and that includes those who carry guns as part of their job. They are humans, and humans are always capable of making mistakes. You know, in medical malpractice cases, it requires a medical practitioner to say that the one sued was negligent, or not properly trained, etc. Maybe this nation needs retired LE’s to become expert witnesses — if they dare.

            • Xena ty for the kind words, i enjoy the search for the truth and find usually the simplest answer tends to be correct…as example IF he had a gun in his hand there is ample video that when taken frame by frame would SHOW that gun, the video shows NO GUN, so at that point you have to assume he had no gun when he was outside the car, which in turn means the entire story by police is a fabrication and deliberate attempt at obstruction of justice and a conspiracy among all involved including the chief.

            • Bill,

              “…as example IF he had a gun in his hand there is ample video that when taken frame by frame would SHOW that gun, the video shows NO GUN,…

              That’s it! People are distracted, probably because they argue disagreements in their personal lives based on their being better than the other person, who hit whom first, who cheated first, lied first, didn’t flush the toilet first.

              This case is one of using deadly force. The reason given to us is that Keith had a gun in his hand that he pointed at the officers. The video does not show that.

              When Keith was shot, he raised his right hand to his chest. When you have time, watch the video again because I don’t see a gun dropping, and the way that Keith clenches his chest makes it highly unlikely that he did so with a gun in his hand.

          • I’m not starting a fight……but can anyone explain how the gun traced back to Scott if he had no gun?

            • Towerflower,
              Some take the position that Keith had no gun. Others take the position that he had a gun, but did not have it in his hands when he exited his vehicle. It’s not the either-or option that you say.

              With the latest news that the gun was stolen but without knowing when the burglar told the ATF who he sold it to, it raises more questions that cast suspicion on where that particular gun came from when it appeared on the scene.

            • YES i can, his dna and prints were submitted as coming from the gun and it was easy to trace because they knew its history and already had possession of it……..they sure “traced” it FAST and i bet they may even have a copy of a receipt the burglar wrote out when he sold the gun…..easy to take his prints and blood at the scene and say they came from the GUN rather then his body………the tens of thousands of cases across this country already in doubt are PROOF the crime labs tend to “find” the result the officers desire.

  9. I remember when you first did this story……so sad that no one believed him, not even his own attorney. I do agree that not all cops are fine, outstanding officers. Some are down right evil. I think every department should have dash and body cams. The quality of them also needs to be the highest available and to be able to have night vision or low light capabilities.

  10. Sadly, it’s a shame and infuriating the deception that people engage in at the expense of others. Some of my best friends are cops and they are laid back and awesome. No complaints. And then I’ve met others that are a pimple of irritation on a hemorrhoid filled *ss cheek. Ugh. The lack of moral/ethic/empathic/honesty filter is something I will never ever understand. We need to continue to point out, reprimand, and remove as many despicable people as we can

    • I feel bad just writing this comment. It makes my insides ache at any discord

    • My late husband was once on the force, and even after he changed jobs, my house was filled with cops who came over to grill burgers, shoot pool, play poker, eat pizza, etc. It’s difficult for them to have a social life outside of members of the force. They walk on eggshells with others, always expecting to be asked for favors. I also know a few former police chiefs — they are all retired now.

      A drawn gun pointed at anyone changes the atmosphere and escalates. Citizens are taught to believe that a gun pointed at them is a threat. It is also taught that a person should never draw a gun unless they intend to pull the trigger. These beliefs embedded in our brains are suppose to change now based on who is pointing the gun. Our brains do not calculate that quickly. A drawn gun is always a threat.

      This is why I can understand why Marcus said he did not get out of his vehicle. Yes, he disobeyed the commands to come out because a gun was pointed at his head.

      • I totally agree!!

      • Xena…..we had this conversation before. My dad was a cop and for the most part, all his beer drinking friends were cops or anyone who they could benefit from.

        Stupid stuff like……the director of public safety, an elected position, my dads best friend, had a .25 cal pistol he got from one of the cops who stole it from the evidence room. One late evening, while a bunch of them were in a bar, he was playing with it and it went off and the bullet went through his thigh and lodge in his foot.

        So hop – a – long and the gang had to find a dr. in town to sew him up without reporting a gunshot would to the state, highly illegal, at 3 AM.

        Okay…….it’s local crap…….that is, until his foot was so infected, he was hospitalized leading to a dr. in the hospital asking where the 2 gunshot wounds came from.

        Just how many felonies did they commit…….

        An illegal search (how the gun was found, and it was legally registered)
        Stolen evidence
        False swearing (at least 20 counts)
        Unlawful possession of a firearm
        Discharging a firearm in a public place
        Bribing a dr.
        Failure to report a gunshot
        Failure to report a gunshot victim
        Unlawful disposal of a firearm

        And they wonder why we has trust issues.

        That was back about 1975

        2 years ago in my town, less than a mile from where I’m sitting, a white cop pulled into a park up the road, got out, pulled his pistol and fired a round into the windshield, then radios in he was fired at by a black guy and gave a detailed description.

        Well, the County Sheriff investigates gunshots……………..opppppppsss. The rookie forgot about that one. Ohhhhhh, and the lone shot went into the headrest……he didn’t get hit……..where he had been sitting was full of glass, impossible if he’d been in the car, his pistol was missing a round…..yep……my tax dollars hard at work.

        Trust………………tell me about it, and I’m a 60 year old white dude.

        • Well Racer,
          Some stories. Yeah — that broken glass in the driver’s seat is a sure give away. LOL!

          I have my share of them too. We don’t want to get into the number of Chicago police officers who come to motorcycle clubs where drugs are used in the open. They go into a back room, come out with money, and go about their business. That is one reason why they don’t stop the gangs who deal the drugs. That’s a condition that is so far rooted in Chicago that it will never end.

          • Back in the late 60’s a Philly mobster lived in town. Every time the police got wind of an investigation the mobster would “take a vacation for a few months” and nobody saw him, not informants, not govt witnesses…..nobody. Then the wind would die down and there he’d be.

            Finally the Feds sent an undercover agent in and man was this a good job. As good as Donnie Brasco. The town was looking to add a new dispatcher and lo and behold, that day an applicant shows up with a mile long resume. He’s hired, hell, he was so good, my dad took him fishing in the Delaware Bay countless times with us talking all that cop stuff. The dir. of public safety…….the one with the gunshot wounds, owned a vacant building up from his house that had been a small marine store. They renovated the retail store into a real cool apt and he had it for very low rent.

            Ohhhhh, about 2 years go by and the dispatcher resigns and the arrests begin about an hour later. We called him “Farkel” for some reason, but he was an FBI agent and he had the goods on the mobster, several town officials, a few citizens and a couple of cops. The mobster was later found in the trunk of a stolen car at a restaurant called “Ponzio’s” I’d just bet he started talking………but what do I know.

  11. bottom line in the Jeter case the chief and prosecutor KNEW he was innocent, they had proof the officers were LYING, yet they had full intention to send this man to prison for a long time…………that is SCARY to any rational law abiding citizen…….

    • Bill,
      I did wonder why the prosecutors could not get that additional dash cam video. They no doubt relied on the police department who told them it didn’t exist, and when Marcus’ attorney did obtain it, the prosecutors’ willingness to charge and prosecute the three officers was probably because of their pride — they had been hoodwinked.

      • the effort you give in searching for the facts is greatly appreciated, my search skills are limited and the more of these i learn about the worse i fear for our country.

        • Bill,
          I wish that I had more time, or didn’t have the need to eat and sleep. LOL!

          There was another officer involved shooting last night in California. I don’t have the energy to piece all the reports together to post it now. (sigh)

          At times, I run writer’s marathons researching and am then too tired the next day to write-it up. By the time I’m prepared to write-it up, something else has happened on the subject.

          I too fear for our country. There’s something about the “united” in the United States that is upside down. All states have their own laws, and all municipalities within states operate differently. That is part of the problem with so many police forces having different rules and procedures, and even those change without any notice to the public.

          Still, I hold on to hope, faith and love as being principles in which there is no law against, natural or spiritual.

          Thanks for being a part of what gives me hope.

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