The Killing of Keith Lamont Scott

Subtitled; How CharlotteMecklenburg Chief of Police Kerr Putney Has Messed Up.

The citizens of Charlotte, North Carolina, have no trust in Putney’s inconsistent representations.

There are times when it’s best to be quiet rather than exert one-side of a story to the public. Putney has shown that he accepts whatever his officers say and therefore, cannot be any part of an impartial investigation.


Keith Lamont Scott

Keith Lamont Scott was killed on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  There are so many conflicting points of view and reports that they make the head spin.

On September 22, 2016, Keith’s family was shown dash cam video.  The attorney for the family stated that the video shows that Keith was walking with both arms at his side, and no gun present.   Police Chief Kerr Putney refused to release the dash cam video to the public.

Keith’s wife took cell phone video and released it to the public yesterday.  News sources and social media arm-chair sleuths gave their opinions on what the video shows.  There was lots of jumping to conclusions because the cell phone video shows an officer standing at the passenger side window of a truck.  Some analyzing that video said that the officer would have been able to see that Keith was holding a gun by standing at that window of Keith’s truck.

police-shootNow, we learn that the officer was not standing at Keith’s truck, but he was standing at a truck parked on the opposite side of the street from where Keith was parked.

On the cell phone video, we hear an officer shouting for Keith to put down the gun.  On the dash cam video, Keith comes out of his truck and walks backwards with both arms at his side.  His hands are holding nothing.

It has not yet been explained how a person sitting in a car is to drop a gun when putting it out of the window can lead to the same assumption that it is being pointed with intent to fire.

Then, there are photos that show no gun on the ground after Keith was shot, then what appears to be a gun on the ground after Keith was shot.  There are arguments that the gun was planted.

Now, we learn that Keith might have had an ankle-holster.  It is possible that after Keith was shot and handcuffed, that he was searched and the gun removed by officers from the ankle-holster and tossed by the curb by the officers.  That would also explain Putney’s report that Keith’s DNA was on the gun.  Neither the released dash cam nor body cam videos show the officers removing a gun from Keith’s body, ankle or otherwise.

The body cam video shows an officer who has clear view of Keith getting out of his truck, and that officer apparently did not perceive a threat to fire his weapon.  Keith was walking backwards with both arms at his sides, and made no motions with either arm.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police chief Police Chief Kerr Putney pauses before answering a question during a news conference after a second night of violence following Tuesday's fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, N.C. Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016.    Putney plans to show video of an officer shooting Scott to the slain man's family, but the video won't be immediately released to the public. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police chief Kerr Putney (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Chief Kerr Putney first came out and presented the officers’ side as fact.  He said that Keith refused to drop a gun.  Then, Putney said that the dash cam video does not show Keith holding a gun.

First reports were that a plain clothes officer was serving a warrant in that area, and mistook Keith for the person named in the warrant.  Today in releasing the video, Putney said that the officers were distracted when seeing Keith with marijuana and a gun.  Putney also said that Keith was wanted and could not legally carry a weapon.  Later in the press conference, Putney said that he was not saying that Keith was legally prohibited from having a weapon.

Also today, Putney fielded a question that brought up the issue of constitutional search and seizure.   His response raises questions about police discretion.


This is the marijuana joint that Putney says his officers saw, but did not see Keith smoking.

After Putney stated that marijuana was found in the car, he was asked if the officers observed Keith smoking marijuana and if that was the only crime that Keith was committing. Putney responded that the first thing the officers saw was the marijuana.  Putney also said that he did not say Keith was smoking marijuana, but was in possession of marijuana.  He felt that the officers used discretion when deciding that marijuana and a gun was a public safety issue that took priority over serving the warrant for a person other than Keith.

Misinformation or Deliberate Lies?

On September 21, 2016, Fox News reported on an “exclusive interview” with Chief Putney.  They wrote:

“Scott was shot and killed after an officer observed him exiting his car with a handgun. The officer approached Scott’s vehicle and told him to drop the weapon.

After exiting the vehicle once more, Scott was still brandishing the handgun.

At that time, Scott continued to disobey “clear, verbal commands” and the officer mortally wounded Scott. Both men involved were black.”

Their report makes it sound as if Keith exited his vehicle twice.  However, the released dash cam, nor the body cam video shows that.   Putney needs to release that video, (if it exists), to support his interview statements with Megyn Kelly. You can watch the videos compiled of the dash cam and body cam and decide if you see any Black officers in position to fire his weapon on Keith.

The New York Times reports;

“William Barber II, the president of the North Carolina chapter of the N.A.A.C.P., said in an interview on Saturday that the release of the two videos was not sufficient. He called for the full release of all police videos of the incident, and demanded a federal investigation.

He noted that neither he, nor anyone else in the public, was in possession of all of the facts in the case. But he also said that neither the possession of marijuana nor the possession of a gun should warrant “a death sentence.”

Some sources are already comparing a possible trial with that of the trial of Randall Kerrick, charged with manslaughter for killing Jonathan Ferrell.  The Guardian interviewed a juror in the trial of Charlotte police officer Randall Kerrick.  The jury dead-locked.  The interview presents that some members of the jury asked what Jonathan did to justify Kerrick using deadly force when other officers on the scene did not think deadly force was necessary.  That interview raises questions of why Putney will not say how many officers fired their weapons, killing Keith Scott.

Press Conference



Dash Cam and Body Cam Video

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    • Mr. Militant, thanks for the reblog, dear friend.

      • Good evening, wish I were reblogging a more pleasant post from you. I do hope you’re enjoying the first Autumn weekend of the season.

        • Mr. Militant,
          Believe it or not, I was thinking about blogging something encouraging. Then, I watched Putney’s press conference, felt sick to my stomach, and thought if I waited any longer to blog about this and he says something later, that documenting all of his inconsistencies would probably take me days instead of hours.

  1. This is off-topic, but I’m putting it here as a head’s up. White Supremacists often retaliate by spreading false reports.

  2. I’ve watched both videos and he didn’t have a gun in his hand and wasn’t threatening anyone, he didn’t have time to threaten anyone they shot him about 3 seconds after he got out of his car. The only “Threat” was, he was a Big Black Man.

    • Jim,
      I just can’t figure out the logic used to justify shooting Keith. Putney has said that the officer seeing the marijuana and gun returned to his vehicle and got his bullet-proof vest. Now, I realize that bullets can end up hitting places on the body that aren’t protected, but knowing that your chest is protected should mean that it gives you time to wait until you see a real, actual threat before pulling the trigger. I don’t understand all the killing, and I wish it would stop.

      • Wait for a real Threat? What a Concept. I must have missed the part where possession of Pot was a Death Penalty offense and isn’t N Carolina an “Open Carry” State for guns, which he didn’t have in his hand anyway? So much for the 2nd Amendment the Cons always are ranting about.

        • Jim,
          Yes. N.C. is an open carry state. That means that even if Keith was holding a gun with his arms down, he could legally that. I’ve watched that part of the video numerous times and do not see him raising either hand. I am still asking why that officer would shout for Keith to put the gun down while Keith was sitting in his truck. Where was he suppose to put it down?

          • It’s kinda hard to “Put the Gun Down” when you don’t have a gun in your hand.

            • Jim,
              ((Gulp)) That’s a truth.

              You might remember, (I blogged about it but don’t remember the man’s name), of a case where a cop was shouting “Put the gun down.” The man was in his car with his hands up. His attorney filed a FOIA to get the dashcam video of a cruiser that entered the street towards the man’s car, and that video showed that the man had his hands in air while the cop was shouting “put the gun down.”

  3. And thought I had already heard the dumbest statement this year. THIS quote from Chief Putney takes the cake: “I never said ‘full transparency.’ I said ‘transparency,’ and transparency’s in the eye of the beholder.”

    What?! “I never said full transparency.” He doesn’t know the definition of the word transparency! You can’t trust anything that he says.

    • The Warner,

      “You can’t trust anything that he says.”

      You’re right. Chief Putney is an embarrassment. He consistently contradicts himself, is not impartial, and has absolutely no compassion for Keith’s family. The mayor should immediately remove him.

      • Agreed. I wonder how people who uphold wrong sleep at night.

        • Their sleep probably comes after drinking a bottle of alcohol. Two weeks after the officer in the link was found drunk, passed out in his truck with an open bottle and a gun on the ground outside of his truck, he beat up a “suspect” so bad that it required screws to hold his eye socket in place. The man has filed a lawsuit. If you have time, please read the articles. The Chief of Police has given the officer a second chance and rehired him.

          • Wow. He got a second chance to police people with a FIREARM after that?! Fast food restaurants have better judgement when it comes to rehiring. Jesus!

            • Yep, The Warner. And, the charges for DUI, open liquor and his personal gun on the ground, were all dropped.

              I saw a man convicted and sentenced to prison for DUI when the car he was in wasn’t running but was being pulled by another car. The judge said that Illinois law does not define when a motor vehicle is not a motor vehicle because of it being disabled, or the engine turned off, as long as a person is behind the wheel.

              But here we have a cop, passed out behind the wheel, and it’s different treatment.

              That’s not the worst. Another cop, Oda Poole, has killed at least three unarmed Black men. He was fired back around 2009, then rehired and placed on administrative leave, then fired again but is still fighting to get his job back.

              The message is loud and clear to citizens —- those with power and authority make whatever decisions they want. It’s personal for them. Fairness, consistency, and justice has nothing to do with their decisions.

            • If it’s this dangerous to be Black in 2016, I can only imagine what it was like for my parents and Grandparents. 😐

            • TheWarner,
              I think back to when I was a child listening to the old men in the corner newspaper stand. Those men consisted of Blacks, those of Puerto Rican descent, and Jews. This was back in the 1950’s, and the one thing I learned from them, compared with today, is that no one actually believed they were free. That’s why they knew that in some parts of town, or in other states, to be home or in their own neighbors after dark. They knew not to laugh in public for fear of being accused of being intoxicated. They knew to always walk close to the street curb and not close to houses so they would not be accused of casing houses to break-in.

              See now, all Americans believe we are free, and we are free to do what other Americans do regardless of the color of our skin. What we find is that many of us are still judged by those in authoritative positions as if this is Poland during the Nazi takeover, or during Jim Crow, or even the Prohibition era.

              That’s the problem. People are deceived into thinking they are free, when all are not. There is a different set of rules and standards for people of color.

      • the chief should be arrested today for obstruction of justice…..his entire story has changed in a few days, friday he claimed all of the evidence had been turned over and he could NOT release any video because he no longer had them, then one day later he releases some of them…….also his original story was the police saw the man outside his car with a gun and then he got back into the car…..NO mention of any marijuana at all……….

        • Bill,
          Thanks for bringing out Putney’s additional inconsistencies. I remember the original story being that a plain clothes officer mistook Keith for a man he was to serve with a warrant. As of yesterday, Putney painted a different story by painting Keith differently.

          Now it seems that Putney is going to play games with when he will release all the video because the law in NC changes on Oct. 1st.

  4. yahtzeebutterfly

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

  6. North Carolina is an open-carry state. I’m not sure about the relevancy of whether or not the cops planted a gun. Unless they can show that Keith had the gun in his hand and positioned to fire, then he was not a threat.

  7. This is why the videos should have been released asap. I am surprised by the police chief’s dissembling on the facts. The police facts do not match what is seen on the videos.Alas, the police are creating their own facts, Gronda

  8. While cops hate video, I suspect that they love audio. Because then it’s possible to shout “Drop the gun” enough times to make listeners believe that there actually was a gun. Likewise, when six cops pile on a suspect and beat the crap out of him or her, it’s vital to keep yelling “Stop resisting!” in the confident hope that outsiders who hear this will believe there actually was resistance.
    These phrases are like magic spells that invoke protection from the Cop Gods and immunity from prosecution on earth. But if the possibility arises of being held liable for their murderous acts, it’s time to deploy the most powerful magic spell of all, “I feared for my life.”
    Yes, blue lives matter too of course. But the policy of preemptively killing every civilian they encounter, is not the key to preserving those lives.

    • Pat,
      Preach it! I looked for, but have not yet found, the post I did on a case where the cop was shouting commands such as “Put down the gun” and “stop resisting.” There was another cruiser that entered facing the man’s car. His attorney had to file a FOIA to get that dashcam video. That video shows that while the cop at the car was shouting those commands, the driver was sitting still with his hands in the air.

      Those are the cases that impugn the integrity of law enforcement, causing the majority of the public to question their stories.

  9. They say he was rolling a joint and holding a gun…. I think that would take three hands, not two… That’s why they pulled him over.

    • roderick2012

      Actually he was parked and waiting to to pick up his son after the bus dropped him off.

      • Yeah seems fishy how they said he was rolling a joint and holding a gun…

        • roderick2012

          It’s typical when you lie. You add to the lie because you know you’re lying and you’re trying to convince people you’re telling the truth.

          Just like George Zimmerman did.

        • roderick2012

          I haven’t seen the video but I have read comments that the blunt looks as if 3/4 of it had been smoked before he was shot so yeah..

          • Roderick,
            A photo of the “blunt” is in the post. It looks like it was taken in the palm of a hand.

  10. roderick2012

    Former St. Louis police officer charged with first-degree murder for 2011 shooting

    • Roderick,
      Thanks for the link. All this time, all these years.

      • roderick2012

        Frame By Frame Review Of Keith Scott Video;Race Soldier Planted The Gun

        Good night all. Enjoy the video.

        I need to get some sleep for the long workweek ahead.

        Xena, as always thank you for this forum.

        • Roderick,
          Here’s wishing you a wonderful workweek! Thanks for sharing the video. I watched it. What bothers me is that there is no sequence showing the removal of the gun from Keith’s body.

        • excellent work and TY for the effort……this also means the chief of police is involved in this conspiracy to cover up a murder.

          • roderick2012

            It’s not my work, my friend. It was from a youtube channel that I frequent.

            If you visit that same channel there is a video of two witnesses who claim that a white officer shot Keith and not the black officer who has taken responsibility.

            If it’s true my only guess is that the officer who shot Scott had some questionable shoots in the past and the police department didn’t want the extra scrutiny.

  11. I think most people are confused as to what “Open Carry” is. Open carry means you can have the weapon holstered in a visible way….front, side or rear holster, or in the case of a long rifle in a sling slung over the back but in all cases the firearm is visible. Open carry does not require any permit in North Carolina but a permit is needed to purchase a handgun.

    North Carolina also requires a permit for concealed carry. Concealed carry is when you carry a firearm in a way the is not visible to the public…..under the shirt holsters, ankle holsters, etc.

    What is not permitted in any state with Open Carry is the brandishing of a firearm… other words you can’t just walk around with it in your hands. North Carolina has a law called “Going Armed to the Terror of the People” which basically says you can’t arm yourself to create terror in others. It is a misdemeanor to brandish a firearm.

    It is also illegal to have a firearm in your possession while using an illegal substance i.e. pot.

    Now as to this case…..first we don’t have all body cam videos released from what I understand and I heard the officer who shot Scott was not wearing one. On the dashcam video from the car you see an officer at the 52 mark who might be a black man or it could be the shadows. I also can’t see any officer, white, black, purple or green, agreeing to have his name released to media and the public as the shooter if he wasn’t the shooter knowing that people will dive into their background with a fine tooth comb. Not to mention threats to themselves and their families. So if the PD says a black officer fired the shoots that killed Scott, I believe that.

    Next, the gun isn’t there and now is…….when securing the suspect and yes they will handcuff a suspect they just shot……the gun might have been too close to Scott and it was kicked or shoved away from Scott to ensure he doesn’t reach for it. You will also notice in the videos of one officer who is standing in the area where the gun turns up….he does not leave this spot…..not until Scott is handcuffed and deemed safe (no threat). I believe he is standing guard over the gun.

    Now, if Scott was wearing an ankle holster this means he needed a concealed carry permit in North Carolina since the holster makes it a concealed item under his pants leg. Under state law he must immediately ID himself as a concealed carry and let them know where. This was not done. The video is also difficult to determine if there was anything in his hands especially since the gun at the scene was not that large. We do know that he was told numerous times to drop the gun.

    Now what I have a problem with is if you don’t have a gun then why the ankle holster? People just don’t go around wearing holsters and not have the gun that goes in one.

    I have also seen his wife’s video in which after she has told them he doesn’t have a gun and he suffers from a TBI, she then screams “Keith, Don’t do it!” She says this a couple of times if I’m not mistaken and I have to wonder don’t do what? Did she know he did have a gun and was afraid he would pull it? In a tense situation I wonder how many cops knew that a TBI meant he had a traumatic brain injury? I would also question why anyone who is suffering from a TBI would be in possession of a firearm.

    Finally, if Scott did have a gun in his hands, it makes him a threat especially when he is ignoring orders to drop it. It takes on a fraction of a second to raise the arm and start firing it so it didn’t make one bit of difference that North Carolina was an open carry state. He was brandishing a gun, ignoring orders to drop it and was a threat.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Good to see you, towerflower 🙂

      “You will also notice in the videos of one officer who is standing in the area where the gun turns up….he does not leave this spot…..not until Scott is handcuffed and deemed safe (no threat). I believe he is standing guard over the gun.”

      And, turn up it magically did. It is not there when officer in red approaches where Keith is lying on the ground. See the top right photo in this group:

      (I have been using the shadow of the pole as well as Keith’s feet as locational frames of reference.)

      I did not see any officer move, kick or slide a black object as they were down handcuffing Keith as he lay moaning and dying.

      However, I did see black gloves being tossed to the ground between the Black officer and the White officer in red.

    • i think she was yelling at the police DONT DO IT…..

    • Hey Towerflower;

      ” Under state law he must immediately ID himself as a concealed carry and let them know where. This was not done.

      We don’t know that. What we do know, based on Putney, is that at the time the officer observed Keith in his vehicle with a joint, THEN a gun, he was in plain clothes. That doesn’t give Keith any reason to ID himself and tell the man anything since nothing indicated that he was anymore than a regular civilian.

      • The cops may have been in regular clothes but every cop in the filming appears to have a police vest on which states they are police.

        • Towerflower,
          Putney has stated that after the officers saw the marijuana and the gun, they went to their vehicles and got their vests. That’s one. Two: they took cover behind a truck. We do not know if Keith was able to visually see if they were police. It’s reasonable that he didn’t know until the cop cars arrived. It was not as if they were talking to him — they talked at him.

          • Omg i never thought of that!
            The thing that really killed me was watching the dashcam video. Visually it was like a team of hunters, the guy in red just seemed so into it, like it was a game. they surrounded Keith sitting alone in his own car, hadn’t put his hands on anyone & as far as i know hadnt said anything to anyone. Did they even talk to him?? Becuz all i saw was hysterical men screaming & cursing with their guns pointed at a man sitting alone in his car. They were sneaking around & more were coming & the man’s wife is there trying to tell them to stop, trying to speak kindly to her husband, obviously trying to calm him. But who knows what he could hear at the time. And did they actually ram his car too? There’s video that said they did. But i didn’t notice.
            And then the man gets out, even tho i really don’t think i could have forced my body to physically move. I would’ve been terrified & i seriously don’t think its natural for a human body to move deliberately towards perceived danger. Like removing yourself from a sort of safe place, a car, toward ppl who are going to actually kill you.

            • Shannon,
              If anyone points a gun at me, I will freeze, then faint. If it’s the cops and they are giving commands between the time that I freeze and faint, I won’t have time to obey them before I faint. They can say that I refused to obey their commands, but the truth is that my body was shutting down to faint.

    • Towerflower,

      “I would also question why anyone who is suffering from a TBI would be in possession of a firearm.”

      Because they pick their child up in an area where you can sit in your vehicle minding your own business, and strange men walk up to cars and look in????

      • This is something I would like to see changed in the firearm laws. Keith Scott aside, I do have a problem with a person who has suffered a serious brain injury being about to purchase a firearm unless a doctor can show that the person doesn’t suffer any issues that may cause a problem with a gun.

        Some have suggested that Mr. Scott may not have understood the commands of the officer, couldn’t handle the situation and acted out, acted opposite of what was asked.

        IF anyone who suffered a TBI has issues like that then they shouldn’t be in possession of a firearm. If a person cannot process a situation clearly and react in what would be considered a normal reaction due to their TBI then how can you expect them to act rationally when they are in possession of a gun?

        I’m sorry but we can agree to disagree on that one……living in an area where and being fearful of strange men walking up to you is an accident waiting to happen when you have a TBI victim and a gun involved.

        But also from what I have read, Scott was also a convicted felon and should never been in possession of a firearm.

    • My problem is this; the police have the burden to prove they were right to kill this man.
      So far they haven’t even tried. The chief’s pressers have been obviously inconsistent.

      This story seems illogical in the most basic sense:
      The cops supposedly on their way to serve a warrant, (still won’t say who or what it was for) but happen upon Scott, who distracted them by smoking a dub & waving a gun around?? Really?? Who does that?

      So they will have us believe they “observe Scott” being all dangerous but they all run back and get their outfits on before they deal with him?
      This “dangerous guy smoking a joint AND waving a gun” but they GO AWAY to put on their vests that they should’ve had on if they were there to serve a warrant? Or no?
      What warrant is so serious that they have to go out and get the guy but not serious enough to put their vests on for?

      Also, if they had time to change clothes, they had time to put on their body cam. Period.

      As for their evidence photos of gun & holster & joint, they never showed that to the family before they released it several days afterwards. After the wife released hers.
      They never mentioned any of that before.
      They’re playing games with a death and that’s not professional. If the Chief isn’t professional and forthcoming i have no reason to believe him.

      There’s nothing i see in the videos that prove the police account(s).
      There’s no gun in Scott’s hand when he was shot as far as i see.
      If there was no gun, there was no reason to shoot him. In fact, there’s lawyers arguing even if he did have a gun in his hand, they still did not have a right to shoot him because he had not fired or aimed it at anyone. This is per the laws in that state apparently.
      Of course i may have misheard or misunderstood all that.

      I’m at a point where if it’s not recorded it didn’t happen. Police have lied & misrepresented even what video shows. They’ve changed their stories. They have no problem coming up with OUTRAGEOUS lies even with 20 witnesses. (Re MikeBrown)


      • You make a bunch of good points. It’s terribly hard not to be suspicious when the 5th story like this comes around – or the 10th one or the 100th one.

        I can’t find the link now, I think it just came out a couple of days ago, where an ex-cop tells all about the art and science of making weapons magically appear out of thin air.

        Several years ago I spent a long time in close study of one very long and complicated wrongful conviction case. The effect was like visiting the sausage factory. I’ve seen how the sausage is made, and I can’t unsee it. Every news story I read, a parallel narrative runs alongside in my head. I can see a lot of possibilities for other ways the incident could have happened, and of course, I always have a bunch of questions because the thing just doesn’t smell right. It smells like rotting carcasses that weren’t made into sausage quick enough.
        It’s all too easy, sometimes, to sound like a paranoid crank.
        Then you find out they did something even worse than you imagined.

      • Shannon……just trying to get the facts straight……did the police say they didn’t have their vests on? That they left to go get them and then come back? I can’t speak for N. Carolina cops but cops here in Florida still wear their police vests when serving a warrant to ID themselves as a cop even if they are in “civilian” clothers.

  12. a point about the holster, note the dried blood on it and how it appears to be 3 FINGERS put that blood there, it clearly was NOT dripped or run down the holster…..3 smudges located where 3 fingers touching it would be……i think the glove dropping and picking and dropping and picking up is one officer getting a glove with the victims blood on it to the other officer with the throw down stuff to apply to the drop gun and holster.

    • Good catch, Bill. It’s kinda like Zimmerman had 5 trails with each of his boo-boo’s, indicating the running of bloody fingers down the back of his head.

      Let me see if I understand correctly ….
      It is possible that the officer with the gloves on came in contact with Keith’s blood, and took the gun out of holster thereby transferring the blood to the holster.

  13. Bill Taylor she first says “Keith don’t let them break the windows, come on out of the car.” And then says Keith don’t you do it, get out of the car. Don’t do it, Keith, Keith, don’t you do it. Then gun fire.

    I don’t think she was talking to the cops because she says Keith’s name first then there isn’t a pause before she says don’t do it. Why say your husband’s name if talking to the cops?

    The wife was filming the whole time… was in broad daylight with other witnesses. I find it difficult to believe that an officer gets a throw down gun, gets blood from Scott’s wound/s, smears it on the gun and then put it on the ground all within sight of others. Also they would now also put the gun in Scott’s hand and wrap his fingers around it so that his fingerprints could be found…..something that doesn’t show up in film…..not to mention his hands are handcuffed right away behind his back and in full view of all.

    So to add to this conspiracy you would need every cop on the scene to agree and now a crime lab would also now be in on it. When you keep adding on people involved you have a greater chance of someone getting spilling the beans of the conspiracy.

    Transfer or selling a handgun in North Carolina requires the permit paperwork and it would be interesting to see where this gun came from. As of now, I haven’t seen the history of the gun.

    Also I haven’t seen a police photo of the holster yet….do you have a link?

    • for the civility of this forum i will end my end of this now………there is no picture of the gun on any video = the gun was PLACED by police that is FACT.

      • Bill,
        Please don’t leave. You have freedom here to share your opinion just as others do. You’ve been an avid supporter and contributor of comments.

        • at times i will stop commenting on many threads, i am a real conservative, a rational person that looks at each issue as it comes and seeks the truth… straightforward comments are offensive to many folks on either left or right side…..i stay out of the politics usually to void offending anyone……one comment though most “liberal: sites allow me to post while most “conservative sites ban me……most often for opposing their blatant racism……but to me those folks are not conservatives because you cant support liberty for all and still be a racist.`

          • Bill,
            We share the same support for liberty for all, and I totally agree that one cannot support liberty for all and still be racist. I appreciate and honor people who are straightforward which means, I honor and appreciate you.

            • thank you very kind thing to say……i hope my posts show the respect i have for you and everybody here and i certainly appreciate the work you have done here on the social issue of police brutality.

            • Bill,
              You are a gentlemen. It blesses my heart that you found us and participate.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I have always appreciated your participation here and the great insights and observations that you have shared.

    • Towerflower,

      “I don’t think she was talking to the cops because she says Keith’s name first then there isn’t a pause before she says don’t do it. Why say your husband’s name if talking to the cops?

      At least the wife is alive and can explain what she meant when saying those words. Chances are that her attorney has told her not to defend against assumptions of what she meant unless and until there is a charge and trial.

    • Towerflower,

      ” I find it difficult to believe that an officer gets a throw down gun, gets blood from Scott’s wound/s, smears it on the gun and then put it on the ground all within sight of others.

      I don’t read Bill saying that. He spoke about the gloves worn by at least one officer. It’s possible that officer came into contact with Keith’s blood and is the officer that removed the gun from its holster.

      • very close to kids passing notes in school is what i saw, one guy tossing something to the ground close to the other guy, then him picking it up doing something with it then putting it in his pocket he also reached into his left pocket and some type of back back and his right back pants area…….what he was up to is astonishing and certainly not any attempt to protect the scene as is he is actively moving stuff around, possibly bringing new stuff into play, and no reason why such actions can i find other than hiding something.

        • Bill,
          I admit that I’m more of a voice person than a visual person when it comes to videos. That is why I have a special appreciation for those able to observe what videos show and share them here. One of the things you’ve referenced above the activity after Keith is shot, is that there is a sequence. A logical sequence is that we should see when and if a gun was removed from Keith’s hand or from beneath him. I’ve watched the video several times to see if I can detect if and when the officers removed a gun from Keith’s hands, and I don’t see that.

          • I watched and listened and agree. I see nothing of recovery of the supposed weapon and more importantly what I DONT hear is “I got the gun” something police looking to disarm him would obviously shout!

        • yahtzeebutterfly


          “very close to kids passing notes in school…”

          Or this:

    • Towerflower,

      “Also I haven’t seen a police photo of the holster yet….do you have a link?”

      The link to the New York Times is in the post. There are photos there.

  14. This is another video filmed by a resident of the apartment complex immediately after the shooting. The officer in a red shirt is standing over the spot where the gun is. The officer in the white shirt appears to be a black officer and his gun is still drawn of Scott even after he is down.

  15. Bill Taylor…..if I appear to not being civil I apologize as this is not intent. While you are convinced that the gun is planted…..and it is your right to believe this….I on the other hand am not convinced. The videos released are still too grainy for me to determine that there was no gun in his hand.

    I did find a photo of the holster finally…..I haven’t seen the test results to see if the 3 smudges are indeed blood or something else, but I see what you are talking about.

    • thank you…..smudges means they came from somebodies fingers, not the victims by dripping or running down…….i agree the guy in red does have something going on with his left foot but it is too flat for it to be standing on a gun and THAT location of his foot is NOT the locations shown in the picture of the gun it was only inches away from the curbing also whatever that was was NOT there at the beginning, and the clearly seen dropping and picking up gloves and things is TAMPERING with the scene……that is the whole point for me the picture of the gun clearly is STAGED that is beyond dispute proven by the videos.

    • Bill and Towerflower,
      I think the problem that occurs when some people begin debating is that some move away from what they see and what they hear, to acting like clairvoyants, saying what persons involved in cases thought or were thinking.

      There is reasonable logic but when people start introducing one-sided logic, it can become tense. I say this in a spirit of helping and hope that Towerflower doesn’t take it the wrong way. Here is an example; you say it makes no sense for Keith to have an ankle holster without a gun. I don’t think that is relevant to whether he posed an actual threat. Reasonable logic also considers that the threat could have been to Keith having a man dressed in civilian clothes walk up to and look inside his vehicle.

      Had the cop, dressed in civilian clothes not done that, Keith might very well be alive today.

      Now, I realize there is an argument about the cop being vigilant doing his job, yada, yada, yada, but Americans are suppose to have an expectation of security and privacy when in their own vehicles minding their own business.

      • to me them claiming the marijuana they found came from him rolling a blunt in front of them makes no sense at all…..what was he carrying it in? the paper? the marijuana itself? and why on earth would a person doing that be waving around a gun? to me this is as bad as the LIES told by fogen and the assistance by the police…..this new story makes ZERO sense in any way.

      • I am not willing to concede that is his holster, either the one in the cops pic or whatever that black thing is on his ankle. He could have something else on his ankle. Or black socks. I wont know what is real untill i hear from family & their side & see police video,
        & it might already be too late for police video becuz i don’t trust that they wouldn’t edit it after all this time.
        They should’ve released it when family requested.

        • Shannon,
          Now you know that as a Pacifist, I believe in agreeing quickly with mine adversary, then showing how even what they say is incorrect, false, or otherwise out there in another universe. LOL! There was nothing wrong with Keith wearing an ankle holster, and even Putney doesn’t say it was wrong. Putney also said that an officer saw Keith with marijuana, but not smoking it. Then, the officer purportedly saw a gun. Putney refused to say where the joint was.

          You know how I often say that we need to stand in the shoes of others? It can be somewhat difficult in this case because we don’t want our thoughts to be construed as intended for debate neither facts. So, if I were sitting in my car minding my own business, and a man dressed in civilian clothes came up on my car and looked in, I would wonder why? Is he planning on robbing me? Planning a car-jack? So, if I’m armed with a gun in an ankle holster, I might let that person know that I am ready to defend myself by raising my pants leg, (since he’s close enough to see that), and even removing the gun from its holster.

          A strange person in civilian clothes walking up on your car while you’re sitting inside can be seen as a threat. Keith had every right under North Carolina law to prepare to protect himself while inside his own property.

        • The holster is the black thing you see on his right leg… is not concealed. On the photos that Yahtzee posted you get a better image in which you can see the strap that holds the gun in place is loose and sticking out.

          I agree that ALL police departments should released video and audio (911 calls) of incidents right away. It would help dispel some issues, gives more of an open door policy. But sadly every state is different. I remember Trayvon’s parents having to fight to get the 911 tapes released. North Carolina also just passed a law which isn’t in effect yet which will now require a judge to grant the release of a police video…..can you image how much longer that will take?

          • yea i know that’s what cops are claiming. Its just not clear in any video what it is exactly. Before Trayvon, i would’ve taken the word of the cops in pretty much anything that seemed reasonable. But i’ve seen too many lies & distortions from police now and there’s very little they can say that i’ll believe when it comes to their justifications for extreme violence.
            Even tho in the video we have of Scott, it appears to be a holster, it’s in the logical location for an “ankle holster”, but it still could be something else. Maybe socks maybe some medical thing… i can’t see it clearly enough in any of the videos i’ve seen yet.

            i wish i knew how to post pics here like Xena and Yahtzee becuz i got some clear shots of both of Scotts hands before he was shot and they were both clearly empty. The thing is cops have me thinking ahead for an explanation!
            They could say becuz both stills are from different cams & angles & moments, & neither time are both hands visible at the same time, the cops could say that he switched hands with the ‘gun’ when we couldn’t see! As incredible as that is, it’s the perfect nonsensical comeback they would use & a bootlicking, racist jury would accept it 100%!
            Just like they accepted that Trayvon wasn’t the one screaming! Or that Mike Brown was so strong and so murderous, that he was ‘charging like a bull thru speeding bullets’ trying to ‘kill Wilson’ instead of stumbling forward and collapsing as he’s being shot like the witnesses said, and of course, what common sense would suggest to me..

    • it wasnt you being uncivil, at that moment i could not respond with civility so i chose no response…….

      • Bill Taylor: Xena can tell you, I will always listen to an opposing viewpoint. I will always try to understand an opposing viewpoint and mean no disrespect to you and anyone else. Sometime I will ask questions to get a better/fuller picture but I do that to understand and not to inflame. I also have a family member in law enforcement—-believe me, we have gotten into sometimes with some news stories—–but I will go to them for the cop side of a situation. Trust me, I don’t always take the police side….hence some of arguments with my family member.

        I also have a habit of trying to look at things very logical….questioning when things don’t make sense….like wearing a holster but not having a gun to go with it.

        But all is good and I hope that I haven’t upset you, like I said that is never my intent.

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    Evidence is mandatory. Any which way it happened, there’s no doubt that ‘when black’ … the action is shoot. ‘When white’ … subdue! That’s the sad, unacceptable reality!

    • Horty,
      Thanks for the reblog, dear friend.

      I think it was yesterday that someone on Twitter posted about armed Whites, some who shot at officers, being taken alive, compared to Blacks unarmed and armed, who were killed.

      • You’re most welcome, dear friend!
        The double standard is unacceptable.
        I was listening to Randi Rhodes on Periscope … her theory is that some police chiefs/departments are active seeking white supremacists to join their forces. Ergo, abusing blacks, hiding behind their shields knowing that the DAs wouldn’t go after them. These were policemen before. They also need to work together to convict other ‘bad guys’.
        It’s a tainted system. 😳

        • Horty,
          It’s never been a secret in the police forces in some cities, that they seek out applicants that have biases against those people in communities that the force wants to hire. It was common practice in Chicago at one time that unless you were of Irish descent and prejudiced against Italians, that were you not hired on the force. (They didn’t bother so much with looking for prejudice against Blacks because the police department didn’t patrol Black communities back then. If they were called, they arrived hours later.)

          The fact that the majority of police officers are White, even in predominately Black communities, should raise questions.

  17. New information has been released.

    First a year ago this coming October, his wife filed a restraining order against Keith in which she stated that he did own a 9 mm gun and she was in fear of her life for her and her children. He was ordered to turn it in but I haven’t read anything that this was done. His wife dropped the complaint 5 days later saying they were no longer in fear of him.

    I had a question about the history of the gun which had not been released until now. It was stolen in a home burglary and the burglary suspect was caught…..they don’t say when the burglary took place or when the suspect in that case was caught. The ATF has been investigating the gun and the suspect in the burglary admits that he sold the gun to Keith Scott.

    I had also found reference that he did not have a permit to purchase a handgun in North Carolina nor did he have a concealed weapons permit……something he never would have gotten anyway as he was a convicted felon nor as a convicted felon could he open carry a handgun since he never could get a permit to purchase a handgun. Permits are also required in North Carolina for private sales of handguns.

    I know I don’t have the popular viewpoint on this matter but I do come on here when I see some stories about guns to help understand the laws pertaining to them.

    I’m now convinced that Mr. Scott did in fact have a handgun on him and the gun on the scene has been connected back to him. What I still wish to see is a clearer picture to see without a doubt that the gun was in fact his hand and not in his holster.

    • This is the correct link to the story:
      I don’t know how an immigration story got copied….smh.

      • I don’t go to the Daily Caller. I read them once and got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach because of their bigotry.


          Okay….no daily caller, here is a link to a local news station for Charlotte, they say the same thing.

          • Towerflower,
            Okay. Let me see if I can understand the sense in this. A person who has been convicted and paid his debt to society, can be killed by LE who knew nothing about him when they fired the bullets, and when there is controversy over whether or not he had a gun in his hand???!!!!???? Does this mean that every person who has been convicted of a felony, who also currently has a gun, should be listed on a “watch list” so that the police can gun them down and claim that their past justified it?

            • No Xena, I’m not saying that at all and I hope you realize that.

              Under gun laws, if a person has certain disqualifiers, one of which is being convicted of a felony, they can’t own or have a gun in their possession. I understand about paying your debt to society but this is not my rule it is a federal rule. There are options where a person can apply to have this “pardoned” to where they can purchase and own a gun.

              None of those officers knew his history at that moment nor did I until several days after. Nor does being a felon mean you have a target on your back and that it is open season for law enforcement to gun you down.

              But IF, and I say IF because I am not convinced one way or the other but I realize others are……IF Mr. Scott did have a gun in his hands and he refused to acknowledge the 11 times he was told to drop it then he is a threat to a cop. It didn’t matter that he was stepping back or his hands at his side. It takes only a fraction of a second to raise the arm and fire.

              He is a link of s shooting in Chicago….it appears the suspect is giving up by putting the rifle on the ground while he is reaching his right hand behind him where a pistol is hidden. Only the cop behind the suspect see what is happening and says GUN, you can see the gun in his hand after he falls. This is how quick it can happen. Had the officer delayed he might have been killed.

              They walk a fine line that I wouldn’t want to ever walk. If the cop who shot him was wrong then by all means prosecute him.

            • I don’t know why I keep missing adding my links.

            • Towerflower,
              I think you’re missing my point, or maybe your comment is intended for others. When I say that I don’t believe in guns PERIOD, that means I have no interest in the yada, yada, yada. If there were no guns, the job of law enforcement would be less stressful. I do not place more value in the life of any person over another. All life is precious. I respect our constitution, so when I read that no person should be deprived of LIFE without due process of law, that is what I expect — no extrajudicial killings by officers of the criminal justice system. It does not require taking human life to save your own.

              Other countries are just fine with citizens and law enforcement not having guns. Maybe the documents that rule their land do not include that citizens can own guns for a well-regulated militia.

            • He’s dead so we can’t ask him why he ended up in prison. There’s so many issues with the legal system concerning black men that a prison recd alone is not enough for me to concider the police any more credible than him! There’s dozens of police officers mentioned just on this blog who’ve lied, stolen & murdered, yet never stepped foot in prison. Who says none of the cops that where there when Keith was killed have not commited worse crimes than whatever Keith went to prison for? Where are their recds? What’s in their past? Do they have citizen complaints? Discipline recds? Criminal/civil charges pending? Has any of them ever beat criminal/civil charges? If so if someone kills them will their recds be concidered in defense of their killer?

              I feel like i’m the Alex Jones of the other side!! LMFAO

            • Shannon,
              I know how you feel. Remember when the White Supremacists put Trayvon on trial? They even made up things about him to justify that he was just another thug who deserved being shot in the heart by a grown man who stalked him. It’s the same for misogynists defending rapists — it’s always the woman’s fault. The hypocrisy and unrighteous judgment is sick; evil; ugly. It takes pleasure in death; killing. It takes pleasure in suffering per humiliation — or so they think is humiliation.

              Here’s what I question — if the media is going to report on a burglar selling a stolen gun to Keith, why don’t they give the dates that the burglar was arrested, and when he told ATF? Having that come out after Keith is killed sounds like the burglar was not questioned about the whereabouts of the stolen gun, or prosecutors and the ATF did not care, until the gun appeared at the crime scene when Keith was killed. That raises questions the photos and videos that do not show the gun being taken from Keith’s person after he was shot.

              If the story about the gun is true, citizens should be concerned about the failure of law enforcement and the ATF to get stolen guns off the streets. Why does a man have to be killed before the ATF suddenly becomes aware of who the burglar sold the gun to?

              I read a report several months ago that asked why the families of White and Brown victims of police misconduct do not go to the media. The writer mentioned that those families witness the cruelty done to Black families, and that discourages them. So, unless we know about the incident, we don’t know to look for follow-up, such as the lawsuits filed by those families, or the vigils held for their loved ones.

            • yea the ol ‘stolen gun’ shows up when a man is shot by police claiming he was armed.

              I don’t like that Police Chief. How dare he lie??!!
              And i believe they were waiting for any other video from witnesses. He pretends that the info he gives are the “undisputed facts” & his investigation, specifically says “witnesses” & cops statements are conclusive ‘facts’! What witnesses? cuz all the witnesses say Scott did not have a gun in his hands when he was shot down & manhandled while he cried in pain before dying.

            • Shannon,
              As I remember, the gun didn’t appear until the day after Keith was killed. After his wife released her cell phone video, the dash cam and body cam video came up the next day. The report about the gun being stolen followed that. Then came the smear campaign of what Keith did although he served his time. By next week, Chief Putney will put Keith on the grassy knoll and Jimmy Hoffa’s DNA in Keith’s truck. The more he piece-mills information, the more he loses credibility.

    • Well ya better tell Chief Puntney bcuz he said the day he released the pics of the holster & gun that it was not illegal for Keith to have a gun. He made told reporters that it was the Pot that made the gun illegal.

      Also the daily caller is an undercover white genicide website LMFAO!!!

    • And BTW, i personally don’t have a problem with dissenting voices, i don’t think any reasonable ppl do. But i do have a problem with smearing the victim who’s unable to defend himself. And in this case Scott is the victim, based on video and witnesses i’ve seen & heard from, unless or until the killers can prove otherwise.

      As far as his wife’s RO, we don’t know what happened. Maybe that was after his accident and he was going thru something. And they had been together 24yrs and married for 20yrs of them! & they still stayed together! I mean that’s a long time to even know each other much less be together.
      It’s longer than i knew my own mother. The only other person alive i’ve known that long is my ex. And i’m embarrassed to admit, but the 1st time he upset me i drunkenly pulled out a leftover bottle of champagne & a huge 38 ( confiscated from his condo “bcuz he can’t have it bcuz he’s not even American!” But really bcuz i was a 22-23yo moron & “it was cool” ) & threatened to beat him with both of them right after i finished off the bottle so i wouldn’t make a mess.
      Luckily we were never in danger since i had never bothered to buy bullets & he knew that. But he gave me the satisfaction of holding him at empty-champagne-bottle-point until i peacefully passed out.

      Thing is had my ex freaked out I could have a similar record & now you’d think i threatened to kill cops?

      • From what I found she file the restraining order in October of 2015 and quickly dropped it and his motorcycle accident was a month later. But it is obvious that they had a long term, loving relationship and she never abandoned him not even when he needed her the most.

  18. There are more links to other news sites….this was one that had the restraining order and stolen gun story together and that is why I used that one. Some other stories go more into the restraining order and I haven’t found an actual copy yet but some have screen shots of some comments.

    All I can say about the Chief is that maybe he didn’t know about Scott’s history in Texas where he imprisoned. If he didn’t it was sloppy with today’s internet…..people find out the history of everyone in no time. But yes the pot did make the gun illegal too…..I had mentioned that in an earlier post explaining Open Carry.

    I also found out the question I posed to you about the cops changing. It appears that two were waiting in a car before serving the warrant when he showed up in a car next to them and they observed the pot and gun. They left to put on their vests and came back to confront him. I’m assuming that was more of a safety call for them… wouldn’t want to pull out the vests right in front of the guy who is holding the gun, you would want the vest on first.

    • I have a few problems with that story & i don’t have enough of the details of when Scott got there & how his wife found out, but i heard something about his wife walking home to get her phone. So where was she before she walked home?

      And it still makes no sense that the cops wouldn’t be wearing their vests to serve a warrant.

      And still, i simply don’t believe Scott was smoking a joint & waving a gun around right before he picks up his kid from the bus stop. How did the police see all that while they’re all sitting in their own cars?

      Also & most importantly, why didn’t the cops consult with his wife? There’s such thing as negotiation, hostage situations, where police wait for hours trying to talk someone out of killing themselves or others. Police should not be in a rush to kill. Becuz if what you heard is true, that’s what they did. They were getting ready to shoot him. Kinda like suiting up for a game. And they were in a hurry to confront him to do so since they didn’t bother talking to his wife.
      That’s scary.

      Also, if he is in the car waving a gun (and a joint) why are they trying to ( “get me a fucking baton”) to bang the windows out?
      Why get right up to the car with a man with a gun & start banging on the windows?
      Becuz yelling at him to drop the gun impies that it’s in clear sight, otherwise they won’t know when they could stop telling him to drop the gun & get out right?
      But when he does get out of the car, which was they were telling him to do, they shoot him.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Also, if he is in the car waving a gun (and a joint) why are they trying to ( “get me a fucking baton”) to bang the windows out?
        Why get right up to the car with a man with a gun & start banging on the windows?

        Good point.

  19. yahtzeebutterfly

  20. yahtzeebutterfly

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    The whole world is watching – you cannot hide from eventual arrest for malfeasance!

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