The Daily Show – Sparks Fly At First Clinton-Trump Debate

After watching the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last night, I needed a laugh.  Hope you get a chuckle or two or three or more out of the following video.


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  1. Hillary picked Il Douche up by the feet, dipped his head in a bucket and mopped the floor with him, it was Great! lol

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    • Hey Jim! I concur. I’m happy that Hillary wasn’t distracted by Trump’s personal attacks. His “answers” were nothing more than his campaign stump speeches.

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      • I was really hoping he’d go into total, foaming at the mouth, Meltdown mode
        and I think another 5min would have done it. lol


      • That’s what happens when you decide to wing it, as he said. Well……then again, he’s never been Senator…..or a Congressman…….hell, not even a Governor stint……mayor, town council, Dept. of Safety Director…..hmmmmm? and he says he’s the answer.

        Okay……..I trust him more if was at least a school principal for a year.

        So, one thing I want to know is, where did he get all the information about ISIS, since he says he knows more than the Generals……”Believe me” he said. Is he privy to high level govt. secrets ?? Since he’s never been a politician, nor a director of the CIA, the FBI……hell, never a mayor, where did all the info come from ??

        My bad…………he has a 400 lb. guy sitting on his bed on the computer hacking into the Federal computer data bank……only explanation I can think of.

        Then there’s the tax evasion issue……something about only 4 returns over the last 30 years or something, and only attaching a tax payment on 2 of those returns.

        Folks…………that’s tax evasion…….oh, my bad, he’s using the “loopholes” as he said, my bad.

        Then there is the insult to all working citizens by the crap about making 365 million last year and one of his good friends stating that’s no money…..he should be making more…….or is that cheating more.

        Of course he got his ass handed to him on the things he says about women. One a beauty contest winner he insulted who was there last night and Hillary stated you can bet she’s voting in Nov.

        Then there is the “Good Business” practice of stiffing contractors after the job is done, oh, and one of the architects is here and he’s voting as well

        I noticed he never had an answer to any of that.

        Then again, he’ll be far to busy over in the middle east taking “…all of their oil…” from them. That’s a crime…….hmmmmmmm, I’m into history and one name comes to mind on that topic…….Hitler…….well and Mousillini…….throw Tojo in and he’s in great company I’d say.

        I wonder what his speech writers are up to tonight……..probably their 10th Scotch.

        Then there is the little issue of him getting China to attack North Korea, what’s up with that………and that, “I’ll bomb the hell out of them” line…….Let me check my crystal ball………………………..I see……………..a war crimes trial. The 1st US President charged and convicted of war crimes.

        I heard a distant cousin of Lee Harvey Oswald was at the local gun shop………looking at the quality of scopes for rifles……..just what I heard.

        And then there are all those idiotic facial expressions. Didn’t we all know someone in 8th grade who did that.

        Then of course he’s treating 5the debate like it’s a board meeting with the boss. Gotta love it when the moderator tells you times up and you argue with him.

        I could go on, but he’ll probably sue me.

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        • Racer,
          Trump has bullied his way through life, and used money as a threat to bully business people so they won’t take him to court for breach of contract. When he said last night that he didn’t pay the contractor because he didn’t do a good job, I had to pause and think. As I understand contracts, if the contractor doesn’t do the job to your satisfaction, you call them back, tell them what is wrong, and give them the opportunity to correct it.

          Oh — and the thing about the “exclusive” club he opened where the people are rich and the membership diverse. Yeah —money is green, silver, copper.

          I don’t think that Trump can be prepped for anything.

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          • In contract law, and in the case with the architect, he has a contract for a specific amount to design the building. The plans are approved by the entity getting them done (Trump, or his co.) usually the blueprints and plans are not turned over until the zoning insp. sees them and everything is approved and permits issued.

            The final payment must be made before the plans are turned over to the building contractor unless the designer is also the contractor.

            Either way, full payment must be made and if he doesn’t like the design, why was it approved ?? BS… to easy to say so after ripping the architect off, which is typical Trump / Bully tactics.

            If something is wrong, you’re right, they must be given every chance to make good. If they don’t, you have to take them to court. Anyone who deals with him from this point on must be daft.

            His “club” has a million $ application fee. I read about this fraud crap somewhere. If you are turned down, you’re out 1 million and it’s a rich area. People like Madona live there.

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  2. Thank you. 🤗

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thanks, Xena, I needed that. So funny!

    It was painful to watch the debate. I stopped watching after 45 minutes.

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    • I watched it twice. haha!

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Lol, jim!

        In the debate, Trump said that he had a “winning temperament.” I think he could win against his opponents if he engaged in this sport:

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    • Oh my Yahtzee, you missed some of the best parts, like when Donald walked away while Hillary was shaking Lester Holt’s hand.

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      • Is it me or did the Trump Klan miss the fact that Lester asked them both the same questions ?? The crazies are beating it to death that he only asked tough questions of the Donald, and it was rigged.

        As I remember, Holt asked a question and Hillary got 1st chance, she would then answer the question and add some commentary, the Donald then proceeded to make 6th grader faces and cut her off, bullied and even bullied Lester.

        The the same question was asked of the Donald, to which he…….hmmmmmm, oh yeah, I remember, he bragged about his property, his wealth, he was right, believe him, Hillary was wrong, he had the answer, admitted a lot of felonies, affirmed he rips off contractors (among others) calls women vile names, and uhhhhhh, oh yeah, he can produce a financial statement “…of some sort” to prove he’s a muti – billionaire, because lets face it people, the #1 reason he should be elected is……he’s a great business man and despite all those bankruptcies, and over 1 BILLION in unpaid income taxes, despite ripping off builders, he is “……going to go down in WORLD history as the greatest American President ever”

        Now the right wingers, most claiming to be Christians, are showing a photoshopped image of Hillary wearing an earphone. Duhhhh……alert, debates are searched for this stuff………my sons godfather was a Fed and was involved in this in 80, & 92.

        Can you spell “sore loser”


        • Racer,
          I remember that at least once during the debate, as Lester began asking Trump a question, that Trump interrupted him and went into a diatribe.

          Actually, I wish that they had turned Trump’s mic off, like Nancy Grace did to Frank Taafee.


          • Even when he was told time’s up, he put his hand up and say to the effect, not yet. This is textbook bully.

            Whatever happened to Taafee ?? Don’t answer that………..but he did turn on Fogen and admit he’s a racist who couldn’t wait to off a black guy. Not that that makes him a good guy, because that is what the jury should have heard.


  4. Thank you for that………….made my day !

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  5. The debate was even televised here in the UK, I watched a few highlights this morning Xena,..

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    • Hey Sue! Can you imagine Trump being president talking to leaders of other countries, disrespecting them with interruptions and making personal attacks? Lord help us — we would be at war within his first year.

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        • LOL@Sue. That soon, uh?

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          • Seems to me Xena looking from the outside in.. a War is already happening which I feel is going to escalate as fingers point and blame games are happening.. Its been on the cards for a while now. I wonder which presidential candidate could handle that?
            But then again both you and I and the world know its not the Presidents or PMs of the world who rule…. Keep watching and Listening..
            Love and Warm Hugs xxx ❤ Sue

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        • I’d buy that. One of my customers is an IRS criminal investigator. On several issues, they have a problem with him. He could be the 1st president arrested before he takes office, after he takes office or the 1st candidate arrested before the election. No matter, he’s the only one with multiple ex – wives and at least 6 bankruptcies.

          What are the chances of my moving to the UK if he’s elected. I’m sure England doesn’t have laws like the Donald wants to enact……like if you talk negatively about him, he can sue you, like he’s already done, and that was a financial analyst who said he wasn’t a MULTI Billionaire. The answer…….sue for 5 Billion……..

          The world is watching. What was your take on his saying he’ll get China to bomb North Korea, the goad Japan into the same.

          My favorite is his “…..we’ll just go over there and take all their oil…”

          Only in America……….

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          • Thankfully racerrodig, I didn’t watch the whole debate.. But I can tell you many dislike him here in the UK.. And I think our Inland Revenue wouldn’t have taken kindly to his antics in his financial world for sure.. We have strict laws about paying taxes.. And have recently been up in arms as a nation on Big corporations taking advantage of EU tax loopholes.
            But you know I have a theory, And that is What goes around Comes around and sometimes the Higher you fly the harder it is you fall.. And I do not see any wings growing do you? 😉


  6. Xena, I started to watch the C-Span rerun of the debate after I found out HRC did great, but I fell asleep.Still, I did see enough. Look who has stamina issues? DT was done in by a woman, Gronda

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    • Hey Gronda! I got a phone call during the last 15 minutes, but MSNBC re-ran it later and I saw the end. Trump and his stop and frisk argument shows that he has no respect for court decisions, and no understanding of racial profiling.

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    • Nooooooo, the microphone garbled……he said “I think I’m an asshole, maybe by far, it’s my temperament”


  9. He interrupted her 51 times. He lied over and over and over again. Her answers were clear and concise. His were the usual ‘non answers’ using his own usual gobbeldy gook

    This is the transcript for the entire debate

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    • Go to about 1:30 and he says “You are going to approve one of the biggest tax CUTS in history……You are going to approve one of the biggest tax INCREASES in history.

      I was setting up a new guitar for my son watching this in one room and I kept going into the living room where my wife and son were watching. It took me forever to set up the guitar because of the shit like this he says.

      At one point, he is going to use one of those sound bytes……it’s coming when in fact he just shot himself.


  10. I wouldn’t want him as a neighbor, let alone the President.


  11. the Donald turned it into “The Argument” Hell……I’m going to make a board game up.

    It’s called “Stump the Trump” and the catchphrase will be “It’s easy”

    The follow up game will be “Dump the Trump” and that slogan is “It’s about time”

    The Stump the Trump game goes like this. 3 players. 2 contestants and a moderator. Each player gets 100 cards with a phrase from their chosen candidate. Trumps are all direct quotes of his, along with some of his policies, but only a few exist and can’t be reused.

    The opponent gets quotes and policies from their candidate and policy items as well. The moderator has a clock and can use his discretion of quotes.

    The object of the game is to use your quotes to defeat a Trump quote, so naturally it’s a one sided game. So, if I use a quote like “I have a plan, in fact I wrote a book…..” (got cut off rudely)

    Trump may use “…..6 bankruptcies……not 7…….6, and none personal”

    Moderator……Trump you are minus 1 point for interrupting, and 2 for changing the topic.

    Trump “then I’d bomb the hell of out them…..real simple”

    Mrs. Clinton plus 1 and 1 extra for Trump repeating a bombing line.

    Let me say this…….on Trump, the game……I’d bet he goes on and basically makes it mandatory we buy it, and come up with another on getting elected with smoke, mirrors, money and bullshit and lies.

    Then makes everyone dependent on him in someway, you know, like “Mein Kampf” and Hitler.

    I have asked a lot of his Klansmen to give me a quote where Hillary says, any Democrat in fact, we’re taking your guns away.

    “Gun Control” is not “You lose your 2nd Amendment Right………fork ’em over” No, it’s background checks, enforcing existing laws, regulation of ammo type, no citizen needs horrendously lethal ammo, high rate of fire guns……those thing.

    It’s called BS Rhetoric and anyone with a double digit IQ SHOULD be able to see it.

    I know, someone nominate the president of the NRA….at least we know what we’re in for, it would save all the stress.

    On Mon, I don’t recall one Trump utterance on how to make the country safer from illegal guns. Even when asked about businesses and jobs leaving he said to the effect……the most important thing is to keep the companies and job THAT ALREADY LEFT from leaving. Did anyone catch that one.

    Hillary got it right………..he lives in his own reality, which of course is not really “Reality” but that’s close enough.


  12. Sue Dreamwalker to your 2:59 comment. You are spot on on all counts. Personally I think he’s clueless. In every comment he makes, he insults some group or makes himself look the phoole with nonsense.

    He is a typical bully and I believe he will be the one who starts WW III. For someone who has never been elected to any office to state he knows more about ISIS than the generals says something and it’s not pretty.

    He insults Govt. agencies and even the Fed(eral Reserve Bank) and does he think those agencies will make life easy for him ??

    He’s admitted he’s a tax cheat and brags about, then says it because he’s smart.

    What a dolt………….


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