Ted Wafer Trial – July 24, 2014

We shall see if there is live stream today.  Yesterday, a camera caught the face of a juror, and the judge ordered that live coverage be stopped.  However, Wild About Trial said they were having technical difficulties.

We’ll follow as much as possible via Twitter and news sources, and report in the comment section.

I found a few videos with excerpts and reports of today’s trial.





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  1. crustyolemothman

    Perhaps we will have a live stream today, however I suspect that we will not. The live stream allows us to better watch the process as it goes along, however that also allows us a better glimpse into the dark side of the process which is most likely the true reason the live stream was stopped. I guess at about 09:00 est we will know what we have to deal with… fingers crossed but not too hopeful that we will have a live stream.


  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Live streaming link:


    The trial will resume at 9 a.m.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly


    both sides in place..jury here..judge taking bench in 2nd day of testimony in wafer trial..no court tommorrow

    911 audio tapes being prep.for court testimony 2day: so it appears that the earlier crash renisha mcbride had will b discussed again 2day

    Just about ready to roll.

    Jury in. Judge on bench. No court tomorrow.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      def atty asking that some statements wafer made to police at scene..from gonzalez testimony yesterday be stricken..

      judge is reassuring jurors that the media is not taking pics of them or taking videos..judge also polls jury asking if they’ve readinfo case


    • crustyolemothman

      oralandar brand-wms @oralandar_DN · 28s

      judge is reassuring jurors that the media is not taking pics of them or taking videos..judge also polls jury asking if they’ve readinfo case”

      Looks like no live feed will be allowed if I understand the judge correctly… Blatttt….


  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    d’born hghts police sgt. rory mcmanmon test. about the nov. 2 run at wafer home testiying now about seeing mcbride’s body at home

    mcmanmon first police off. on scene. says it was a cold and rainy night

    mcmanmon says front door slightly ajar and wafer came from side door when he arrived

    mcmanmon showing house on overhead showing where wafer was..”ii asked him a couple of prelim ques. very basically what happened.”

    and I did ask where (his) weapon was..talking about now in-car camera that records whatever it sees

    scout car videos continues to rec. even when cop leaves scout car..audio is portable and travels with officer. video pointed to front of car

    we’re going to watch audio visual now of the run at wafer’s house..small video but viewable

    audio/video done. it was of mcmanmom and another off. talking with wafer about the incident. audio not clear..gonna try to get transcripts

    pros. showing mcmanmon transcript of run asking him to identify which officer says what during the call and run

    playing audio visual again for clarification

    on tape: cops tell wafer when they arrive at home to “come over here” and asks where gun is. he tells them about someone knock. on his door

    Prosecution has called 19yr PD employee Sgt. Rory McMaman who is a road patrol sgt with dearborn hgts police dept #RenishaMcBride

    McManmon testified he arrived at Wafer’s home early in the morning Nov. 2 and saw #RenishaMcBride laying on the porch.

    McManmon showing house on overhead showing where #TheodoreWafer was..”I asked him a couple of prelim ques. very basically what happened.

    Prosecution playing video and audio from police car #TheodoreWafer #RenishaMcBride

    Playing audio visual again for clarification #RenishaMcBride #TheodoreWafer

    Witness stated he saw #RenishaMcBride body down on the porch once he exited his vehicle and approached sidewalk


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    mcmanmon says he did not observe blood or brain tissue on wafer

    prosecution done with mcmanmon..now def atty mack carpenter cross examining him

    def atty asking police sgt if wafer said anything to him not recorded? off. says n

    wafer sat in police car for about 30-45 min. before detectives came on scene

    no crime scene tape put up..cause noone in area(except for neighbor) going to work was walking around in area

    police says wafer cooperative and left the home on his own …was straightforward

    def atty asking if 2nd neighbor came to crime scene. off says a resident on dolphin street (side street) came but not directly to crimescene

    def atty was trying to ask about other police runs in wafer neighborhood..judge called for sidebar right away

    def [prosecution?] had objected. def atty asking officer if wafer mentioned other police runs in neighborhood that morning

    officer said no ..wafer did not mention other police calls in his area


    #TheodoreWafer states to police that the gun discharged, he didn’t know there was a round in there (the gun)

    Witness recalls a neighbor coming out to go to work. #RenishaMcBride

    In the video, #TheodoreWafer can be heard telling police he heard a consistent knocking. He said he opened the door and the gun discharged.

    Witness asked if he saw any obvious signs of blood, brain tissue on Wafer. Says he did not, he went near the front porch, not on it #Renisha

    Witness: “I’m not thinking about turning camera around.” asked if it was due to adrenalin. Says concern is about a shooting.”

    Asked which direction neighbor going to work came from. Asked if anyone allowed to go into backyard, did he see anyone. Witness says no.

    #TheodoreWafer sat in police car for about 30-45 min. before the detectives came on the scene #RenishaMcBride

    No crime scene tape was put up. Witness states that time of the day, enough officers on scene to secure, no tape put up.

    Witness asked if he had responded to any calls in that immediate area in the month prior. Pros objects


    Witness states no. WAFER (important word) did not mention other police calls in his area #RenishaMcBride


  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    def asks if other officers spoke to wafer at scene..but mcmanmon says wafer taken to police station

    mcmanmon at scene until detectives there..he was there about 1 1/2 to 2 hours

    def. rests…pros redirects..now asking about woman headed to work from wafer’s neighborhood. looking now at overhead map of area


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    def ends questioning of d’brn hghts sgt. 5minute break for jury


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Urban Cusp Magazine @UrbanCusp · 14h
    Funeral program for #EricGarner. #PoliceBrutality #NYPD (image via @StaceyMuhammad)


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Court is now back in session.


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Paris Pace ? on witness stand


    court back in session: another prosecution witness..she’s a woman who was at the crash scene where mcbride was involved in the singlecar ax

    pros terry anderson show witness map of brammell/west warren area where mcbride crash occurred around 12:55 a/m. Nov. 2

    wit. say mcbride’s car ran into tree and after stopping teen got of car and started walking towards alley and warren. says she was babbling

    listening to 911 call from woman about crash: says “the guy walked away from the car” ..”he tore up his car”.later says “she’s a young girl”

    911 call being played again..”she’s a young girl and she’s struck””she’s walking back to the car now”

    witness: (McBride) said all i want to do is go home following accident

    witness says she didn’t know at first if mcbride was girl or guy when car first struck tree


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      In the 911 call, Page [Pace] (witness) can be heard saying: “Are you OK ma’am? You know what, she a young girl and she’s drunk.” #RenishaMcBride


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      witness now looking at transcript of her 911 calls about mcbride accident. the witness, a woman , says mcbride was pretty

      witness says mcbride walked down brammell towards warren avenue and she made a left turn (going east). witness says mcbride was not cussing or being billigerant ..

      pros anderson showing witness her police statements about car accident


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      in police statements witness told police that mcbride looked disoriented. she said she cldnt recall other parts of oral statements

      like mcbride being bloody and poss. enibriated

      witness says she called prosecutor’s office about crash the day after seeing the nov. 2 shooting of mcbride on TV news

      pros. done ..def atty up now asking witness about describing mcbride as a guy..witnesses says because she was walking behind the teen

      def atty asking wit. about mcbride car. was it speeding? “no mam” says witness

      wit: i saw the white car knock the black car into the tree.says she only saw mcbride leaving her white taurus tht morning

      def atty: “is it true in your words (mcBride) just disappeared? witness: yes mam


      Def asks about using the word drunk to describe #Renisha.

      Witness disputes that characterization.

      911 transcript clearly says drunk


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      wit:mcbride left the scene twice. she got something out of her car/left walking. she had it in her hand. i want to assume it was cell phone.

      def atty asking how long wit. lived in warren and was trying to ask “what warren is known for”..gasps in courtroom..but never elaborated

      re-direct by pros anderson: asking what mcbride got out of car. wit. says not able to see. anderson now showing overhead map of area

      witness says she’s new to the warren area

      witness is done testifying


      Witness says #RenishaMcBride left the scene 2x. Got something out of car & left. Had it in her hand. I want to assume it was cell phone.


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Now Paris Pace is on the stand.


    next witness is paris pace, also another brammell street resident where crash occured

    pace was waiting for boyfriend in car when crash occured


    • yahtzeebutterfly


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      pace says when she first noticed mcbride’s car it was going “kinda fast” and “swerved and hit the car parallel to mine” black charger

      pace’s boyfriend is a resident of brammell street..not her


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      pace says she was sure mcbride was a woman.. “it was a she”

      she says she didn’t know mcbride but later she saw mcbride on news..pros showing mcbride smiling photo..but says mcbride’s hair was diff

      mcbride’s hair was in a natural ponytail..above shoulders ..she wore jeans and a hoodie that was down and tennis shoes..didn’t remember feet

      pace says mcbride got out of car walked towards warren and come back to the car..”i asked if she was okay….she shook her head yes”

      pace says no verbal comm. with mcbride..just head nods..pace says other neighbors also talking to mcbride

      pace says mcbride walked back and forth a few times. pace says nothing unusual about mcbride’s walk. “she didn’t look injured”

      Witness says she didn’t know #RenishaMcBride but later saw McBride on news.

      Prosecution showing #RenishaMcBride smiling photo witness says McBride’s hair was different

      (Photo is from when she was 12)


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      pace says she last saw mcbride get into her car. the other neighbors were still at scene. mcbride opend car door and sat in driverseat

      pros danielle hagaman-clark asks pace abt writ. statements she made thatmcbride woreblack boots..pace recalls.pace says mcbride not combative

      def atty mack carpenter ques pave ..asking her to recreate mcbride’s gait that night..gasps from courtroom

      pace walks saying mcbride was staggering a little. judge tells pace she can sit down after a few steps

      def atty asks pace abt police statements that she offer. to give mcbride phone but she says she didn’t know anything about teen not having one

      carpenter corrects himself after pros asks what cop wrote it and says it was an inves. report not police one..

      def atty asks if mcbride closed the door when she first exited her car..pace said she just saw mcbride get out and walk out

      this third witness is done..another witness being called

      Witness asked #RenishaMcBride if she was ok, she shook her head yes. Witness asked if anyone was in car with her, #Renisha shook her head no

      Witness is asked to show jurors how #RenishaMcBride was walking after saying she was staggering.

      Def asks witness if she offered to let #RenishaMcBride use her cell phone; witness denies it.

      Witness is being Asked about something that police officer wrote in his report regarding phone.

      Witness is finished.


  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    Next witness is Dearborn Heights dispatcher Valentine Peppers.


  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    dborn hghts 911 valentine peppers on stand. he was working the morning of the wafer shooting..he was 1 of three working that morn

    911 call being played in court of wafer saying “i shot someone …”

    911 dispatcher says he dispatched call and can hear police as they receive the call

    dispatcher says he called the caller(at wafer’s home) back “almost immediately”..about a couple of min..spoke to the man(believedtobewafer)

    i advised him to leave gun safely on floor and step outside to talk to officers, 911 dispatcher says

    911 dispatcher says the outgoing call he made to wafer’s home not recorded cause “phone system we had at time did not record outgoing calls.”

    def atty mack carpenter now cross exam 911 dispatcher..asking if home invasions priority calls..same ques as ors. he says yes they are

    carpenter asks how many 911 calls city gets..100-500 probably says 911 dispatcher

    911 caller [dispatcher] talking about his rough recollection of call back to wafer home

    911 dispatcher: wafer says he shot by accident and thought gun was unloaded

    911 dispatcher done testifying…we are taking lunch break now

    back at 12;30


    Second person #TheodoreWafer stated the gun accidentally discharged to. Says (again) did not realize gun was loaded.
    (damaging to SD claim)

    Prosecution states they need extra time for some exhibits.

    Lunch is called.


  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    CourtChatter video excerpt from today’s



  15. yahtzeebutterfly


  16. Too confusing to try to read all this. But maybe it is me. I’m having difficulties. Seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist today. Maybe he can make it better.


  17. Thanks for keeping up with what’s happening in court. I wish that it was live streamed. I’m home now, have a few things to do, and will catch up.


  18. I’m reading some tweets now about the cop’s testimony. It appears that when there is a homicide and the person who shot the gun is there, that the police drop the ball when it comes to taking evidence. It’s like an assumption that it’s a done deal. The person admitted to shooting.

    Then the suspect comes up with excuses which prevents their arrest, such as fear, the Castle Doctrine, SYG. So, the police have to then return to the scene in effort to get evidence that they didn’t get at first. And then, the defense uses that against the cops.


  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    Tweets from oralandar brand-ams:


    ct back in session. waiting for jurors to be brought in

    prosecutor wants sanctions against wafer atty because of remarks about warren avenue..earlier..pretrial ruling prohib.crime map of area by def

    judge said it only matters what wafer’s percep of neighborhood not witnesses

    d’brn heights off. tim zawacki on stand now

    zawacki made run to wafer’s home that morning. he received call about 4:40 a.m.Nov. 2 and was there “within minutes”

    zawacki says when he arrived at home, he saw wafer standing on side of his home. he observed mcbride laying down flat on her back

    she had been shot in the face, says police officer about mcbride

    zawacki a road patrol off. who also does evid. tech which was why he was there

    off. took pics of wafer’s shotgun, pics of mcbride’s body..jurors about to see them

    photos are being shown to officer right now.????if jurors will see them.

    looks like they are going to show jurors pics..showing them now

    first pic is of mcbride laying first-feet in front of front door

    there is a closeup picture of mcbride lying on front porch dead..family members leavin out of court en mass

    close up of photos of mcbride clad in blue jeans and blue hoodie..i can hear family members upset in hallway outside the courtroom..

    a pic of wafer’s shotfun lying inside the house..pic of screen door with hole in screen being shown

    mcbride’s mom Monica among those who left the courtroom as pics of her dead body shown emotionally upset

    some family members, including mcbride’s dad coming back into ctroom..now showing pics of wafer’s home with bed in front room..

    more pics of wafer home and then poss gun case for shot gun..more pics of home

    pics include one of mcbride’s black boots with one of them torn at sole exposing her white socks

    also pic of ripped screen door..about 5-6 inches

    zawacki said screen insert was leaning out a little bit but in screen itself

    pics:close up photo of trigger area of shotgun..a spent shotgun shell casing

    wafer’s shotgun about to be shown in court

    pros. danielle hagaman-clark asking police officer about the shotgun and how they tag it for evidene. it’s a mossberg 12-gauge. case shown 2

    now showing the shotgun shells

    when med. examiners office came they took driver’s license and cash off mcbride’s body

    driver’s license was renisha marie mcbride and $56 in cash found on teen’s body. taken from a rear pant pocket

    prosecution done..def now cross exam. mack carpenter is doing

    def atty asks police off. did he take any notes on the photos in the house. says no

    def atty asking about screen door pic..this is full view with mcbride’s body on it

    def atty asksabout top of front screen door not on track..also asking about scratches on door.off says he didn’t noticednor any dam2peephole

    off: didn’t take any fingerprints that night.not instructed to.

    off. didn’t measure feet that mcbride’s feet away from front door.

    it started raining and pouring that nov. 2 morning, the police officer says while he was getting pics of the crime scene

    police officer says he didn’t see plastic clips that hold the screen door in place.

    Officer says screen door hinges not flush w insert

    Off says cld have been a Futon in Wafer front room not bed. Def done officer

    Off zamacki done


  20. yahtzeebutterfly

    On stand now is d,born hghts police off mark parrinello who is also an dvid tech

    Tweet from TrialFile:
    Witness on the stand is crime scene investigator/evidence technician. Was working on the night in question, Nov 2, 2013. #RenishaMcBride


  21. crustyolemothman

    As expected, my I-net connection went down for a little while, did I miss anything of great importance? My connect speed today is just a little above dial up, so I can’t get the twitter feed to load either, anyone have a carrier pigeon they want to loan me?


    • Oh-oh Mothman. I remember the days of dial-up. There was no cable or broadband in my area and my friends would send me photos that would never load.

      Looks like the attorneys are questioning about the doors and showing the jury photos. While I appreciate the Twitter feeds, trying to read things in 140 characters or less gets tiring for me.


      • crustyolemothman

        Something occurred to me as I read some of the “twit’ers that have been posted. The three hours that RMcB was missing and TW’s house only being about 8 blocks or so away from the accident scene, (I should probably put a helmet and flack jacket on as I ask this question) is there any remote possibility that she was actually at his house during this time? Could she have been there drinking and such with him and they got into an argument and she started to leave and returned and beat on the door before he shot her? I know that question will not set well with some people, but IMO something about the murder does not ring true, and perhaps there are some questions that we don’t know about yet… Now, is this even a remote possibility? We have all along assumed that they did not know each other, right? But did they know each other?


        • mothman, there is also a theory that Renisha mistook Wafer’s house as her own. The two houses look almost identical.

          Wafer does not say that he heard anyone say anything — just banging.

          A common sense thing — if someone was trying to break into your house, they would be careful not to wake the neighbors at 4 a.m. by banging on doors. And, if someone didn’t want to wake up their own neighbors, they would not shout out names to come open the door. It was knocking, and intended to get someone inside to open the door.

          Renisha wanted to go home. She told a witness that. Authorities did not bother looking for her. She was intoxicated and injured from the crash. We don’t know if she wandered or actually passed out at some point.


          • crustyolemothman

            Xena, Please realize that what I wrote was a question, and not a theory… The problem as I see it is she was somewhere that allowed her access to alcohol for her blood content to be so high at the time of her death. So it would not make sense that she simply walked around passing the time. While IMO nothing she did prior to the time the gun shot rang out is justification for her murder, she was some where with someone that has not come forth at this time… Why? From what little I have been able to follow in the last hour or so, it looks as if the PD blotched this case terribly and that could give the jury a good excuse to let TW walk free, and allow them not to appear to have held a bias toward the race of the victim… The real world some times sucks…


          • Mothman, sorry if I misconstrued your comment.

            As I posted earlier, it appears that people who use a gun to kill a stranger get the benefit of allowing the cops to assume their guilt, so evidence and investigation is delayed. Then, their defense argues for its benefit because of the delay.

            For example, in GZ’s case, no evidence was taken from the concrete where his head was purportedly bashed. None of the blood cleaned from him was retained for testing and of course, he was not tested for drugs and/or alcohol.

            Another example; Dunn claimed seeing a shotgun, or a stick. The cops were blamed for not searching for it although they did not get Dunn’s story until AFTER THEY FOUND HIM.

            Wafer kills Renisha, calls 911 saying so, and the cops delay collecting evidence until AFTER Wafer gives his “I was in fear” story.

            In other words, the cops assume that when a person admits to killing another, it’s a done deal; less work for them to take evidence and investigate. When the person then claims some sort of self-defense, then investigators jump into action to get evidence.

            Prosecution should start explaining that to juries. Investigations and evidence collecting starts after defendants give their stories in effort to avoid arrest. If they gave those stories immediately, then evidence would be collected sooner.

            Also, LE should start treating homicide suspects the same way they treat people in vehicle accidents — test them for drugs and/or alcohol no matter if they say that they were hit from behind causing a chain reaction.


          • crustyolemothman

            Xena, I knew the risk when I asked the question… I only asked it because it is a possible (yet remote) explanation that could have explained the missing time… But as I also said, she was somewhere with some one (other wise the blood test would have been lower) drinking, so someone know where she was but has for some unknown reason not come forth. Do we “need” to know where she was to demand justice, no we don’t, but to not know gives the defense yet another opportunity to give this murderer a get out of jail card… I’ll admit it, I’m stressed over the way this trial is going, it looks like another black American will fail to receive the justice that they deserve due to the corrupt system that has decided to continue (abet in secret) that the Jim Crow laws still are on the books… Because of the push by the GOP/TP/NRA we have laws that have been passed that give certain members of our society un-equal rights to murder at will as long as the victim is a non-white… This must change…


          • roderick2012

            Xena: Also, LE should start treating homicide suspects the same way they treat people in vehicle accidents — test them for drugs and/or alcohol no matter if they say that they were hit from behind causing a chain reaction.

            You’re missing the elephant in the room–white shooter, black victim police assumes that black victim was at fault.

            One night I was channel surfing and I happened upon First 48 or one of those reality law enforcement shows and one of the cops made a statement that struck me which was that the victim’s background determined the effort the police expended on solving the case.

            That was a wake-up moment for me to realize that out law enforcement and judicial system is FUBAR!


          • Roderick, I don’t know why your comment went to spam. Since changing the options that only those with a Word Press account can submit comments, the spam folder has been empty. Seeing a comment in it caught my eye and I was happy to see it was from you, although disappointed that it went to spam.

            That was a wake-up moment for me to realize that out law enforcement and judicial system is FUBAR!

            Oh yeah — that elephant. When I was a child I heard adults in the community talk about the cops judging who should and shouldn’t get justice based on background. The community was diverse, predominately Jewish, followed by Blacks and those from Puerto Rican descent. It was a known fact that in Chicago, depending on the neighborhood, the cops did not come until they felt like it, if they came at all.

            I also remember Jeffrey Dahmer’s last victim, the kid who ran into the street in his underwear, bloodied. The Milwaukee cops allowed Dahmer to take that kid because they believed it was a spat between gay men.

            When we think of justice, it doesn’t begin in the courtroom with a judge and jury, but with law enforcement and their biases. There are many, many victims who never see those who victimize them questioned by the cops, much less arrested.


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I agree about the inequality people face as far as police response time.

            The police and emergency dawdled to where Renisha crashed her car. Had they responded there promptly and responsibly, they could have helped her at that scene, and she would be alive today.

            Wafer’s house was only a short distance from the scene of her car crash, but look at the difference in the police response time….3 minutes.


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            i.e. it just took the police 3 minutes to get to Wafer’s house


          • That’s because of a reported gun shot. For a car accident with injuries, they figure the person isn’t going anywhere so why rush.


        • @mothman — i too have wondered what would have made mcbride’s BAC so high at the time of the shooting. i have considered it possible that she consumed more alcohol after the crash, but i don’t see that as likely. the two other scenarios i can envision are that her BAC at the time of the crash was exorbitant. it is obviously easy mathematically to recreate a BAC timeline within some margin of error because the rate of alcohol dissipation is a relatively known quantity.

          the scenario that seems more likely to me at this point is that after the accident, mcbride’s liver was still processing the alcohol she consumed, but she also was experiencing serious blood loss from the accident and then the shotgun blast. this blood loss would make the alcohol more concentrated and perhaps increase her BAC regardless of whether she consumed more alcohol.


          • crustyolemothman

            fauxmccoy, Good points, now a question, what effect would the cold temp that night have on the dissipation of alcohol from her system? If she was laying passed out somewhere in the cold, would that have an effect on her BAC? While it is quite possible we may never know where she spent the last hours of her life, the question will always be there if we don’t find out…


          • not sure, mothman. i will make it a point to discuss with my 77 year old mamma who just gave up her RN license last month. i take a night shift of walking her dog for her since she fell and broke a bunch of bones last christmas. her knowledge should still be relevant and current though.


  22. Trial has recessed for today. There is no hearing tomorrow. Court convenes again on Monday at 9 a.m. EST.


  23. so, once again, i am late to the party. my daughters and i have been babysitting my 18 month old nephew whose daddy is AA. this kid is adorable, if a handful! this is the closest i will get to some baby time until grandchildren (and since my daughters are 14 and 16, i hope that is quite a ways from now). anyway, big, big fun at the house, but no time to watch any trial. it is so hard for me to reconcile that right now, the world sees him as just an adorable baby boy but that in 14 years or so, will be viewed as a menace to society.

    i heard there was live stream, but in my search for video, i find nothing. if anyone knows where video can be found, i would be very grateful. i am watching for uploads from croakerqueen and see nothing yet.

    i agree that wafer’s first statement to officers that he did not know the gun was loaded and it just went off is CRITICAL in light of his subsequent and multiple changing stories. as a ‘responsible’ gun owner, i know that it is MY responsibility to check any gun whether i pick it up or even if a trusted friend/family member hands it to me to determine if it is loaded. this is absolutely the first thing to do and why i have very negative feelings for the wafer’s and pistorius’ of this world who handle guns without knowing if it is loaded or not. there is absolutely no excuse for such negligence.

    many thanks to xena, mothman and yahtzee for the twitter feed info etc.


    • Faux,
      18 month olds don’t care about what babysitters have to do. LOL! My son married a woman who already has 3 children, so I’m not looking forward to having grandchildren biologically fathered by him, but I have a great-nephew and 2 great-nieces. The youngest is 3. They came to visit their “big aunt in the country” in May, and I’ve still not fully recovered. LOL! Oh — and their dog came with them.

      Reports have it that the judge ordered no video in the courtroom. Yesterday, a juror was caught in the video. The judge wants to protect the jury.

      I did just upload two videos to the post from a news channel in Detroit. The best we can do is follow on Twitter and news reports.

      A defense attorney raised a good argument on MSNBC, saying that Wafer’s attorneys want the jury to believe that he was so afraid that he grabbed a gun that he thought was unloaded, and opened the main door of his house to confront the 1, 2, or 3 people he alleges were knocking on his door.

      Some attorneys are saying that Wafer must take the stand if he wants to explain the discrepancies in his statements, but doing so would also not be to his benefit.


      • based on opening statements, wafer will have to take the stand. there is only one way to enter evidence of 2 or more folks lurking around his home, and that is by wafer testifying to such. yippee for the prosecution.

        my nephew is a delight, but i raised two girls. boy energy at that age is vastly different from girl energy. the fact that i am now 16 years older with a disability makes it far more difficult from childraising, but i’m glad my own two girls do most of the work, i just stupidvise 🙂 i am also glad that my girls get this experience and realize that they want to put off child raising for a very long time. the most important aspect is that it is only temporary — auntie comes and picks him up after her hair appointment is over and the whole house can recover. i wish you well with the big visit coming up 😀


      • butterflydreamer2

        Faux and Xena,

        I thought that was the way it was suppose to happen when we got older, the kids come to visit, we play with them, they go home, and we take a nap. My grandson came to visit when he was a baby and he’s still here. That was 5 years ago!!!!. I guess he was having to much fun. LOL.


        • LOL@dreamer. Reminds me what I told my niece when I told her that the kids could come back anytime. She asked how I was able to handle it and I told her, “Because I know you’re going to pick them up.” 🙂


  24. AnnieCabani


    You are unbelievable – all that work!!! THANK YOU!

    I salute you, but please don’t feel like you have to keep doing all that – it’s WAY above and beyond anyone’s call of duty.

    [PS: I’m f/k/a “groans.” 🙂 ]


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      YW, AnnieCabani. 🙂

      My heart cries for Renisha….only 19 years old and killed by a man whose actions as the prosecutor said in her opening statement were unnecessary, unjustified, and unreasonable. Such horror!

      Wafer needs to man up and admit that he knew the gun was loaded and that he DID pull the trigger.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        (My words “such horror” should not have appeared in italics.)


      • They were beyond unnecessary, unjustified and unreasonable. If someone came to my door at that time of the morning needing help, I feel I have a duty to get it for them NOT to shoot them. For God’s sake!!! Okay, so I’ll admit – I’m not opening my door for ANYONE at 4:30 in the morning – but I keep my phone next to me, NOT a gun. He couldn’t find his phone so he shot her? What a piece of crap.


    • ha ha ha ha ha hah ha! someone is beyond desperate for cash. i cannot believe any lawyer would go out on a limb for him at this point. the chances of him prevailing would be slim to none and slim just skipped town (owing his lawyers a lotta cash).


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        “He’s a real nowhere man
        Sitting in his nowhere land
        Making all his nowhere plans for nobody”


        • ^^ yes


        • “he’s a lo-o-o-o-ser and not what he appears to be’


          • Hey, faux – Good to see your fonts, as they say. That should be Zimmerpunk’s theme song! The only problem would be that he DOES appear to be a loser (hmmmmm)!

            (OT, I can’t believe my parents freaked out so much over these cute guys!)


          • lovely to see you as well. yes, it is only the first line of ‘I’m a loser’ which i could apply to the dud in question, but it did hit me immediately upon seeing the ‘nowhere man’ comment 🙂

            i like your new user name — i have spent the better part of two years trying to determine if you were male or female, not that it would make any difference, but i did it anyway 🙂


          • yahtzeebutterfly


            I was one of those screamers 🙂

            Screaming fans –Beatles arriving in U.S.- – – ->


          • that’s awesome! my mom was about 6 weeks pregnant with me or i’d have been there too! 😀


          • AnnieCabani

            @ Yahtzee – I am SO envious (in a good way) of you being one of those screamers! How way cool that must have been! Unfortunately, I would have been only seven at the time and definitely not allowed to go to NYC for such an event (though it wasn’t all that far from where I grew up in CT). And as the youngest of nine kids, my parents (RIP) were noticeably “older” – and decidedly less “cool” – than most!

            @ Faux – I like my new username, too, thanks. “Groans” was from a randomly-generated email address, and I adopted it only because I was too hurried to come up with an actual username at the time. But I always sensed that it created a presumption of a curmudgeon [DUH!]. :/

            My new username is actually based on my cat’s. We named her “Annie” because she was an orphaned feral kitten (i.e., Orphan “Annie”). My nickname for her is Annie Banani, but that name wasn’t available in WordPress; so I settled on my husband’s nickname for her: Annie Cabani.

            As for my gender, I think I did fess-up to it once on Leatherman when I was accused of being misogynistic. But if you missed that, I guess now you’d just have to determine whether or not I’m gay. But I think you can also trust your instincts (especially since crazy NC – where I live now – recently amended its constitution to prohibit gay marriages).


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            It was such an great (hehe, “screaming”) experience, AnnieCabani! 🙂

            For me, it was at the Hollywood Bowl at this August 1964 concert:

            (In addition to all of us IN the Hollywood Bowl, there were thousands of fans OUTSIDE on the hills behind the Hollywood Bowl audience and on the hills on the other side of the Hollywood Freeway.)


  25. yahtzeebutterfly

    I feel the public is being left in the dark as to the proceedings of this trial.

    The issue at stake and its implications are TOO IMPORTANT for this not to be televised.

    We are missing all of the subtleties including tone, facial expressions, hesitancies, attorney objections, sidebar rulings, diagrams and photos being shown, the physical evidence being shown, gestures that witnesses use in explaining their answers, and most of all all of the questions being asked of the witnesses.

    Tweeters can only post so much as to the questions and answers.


  26. Hi Xena! I am down resting my SI joint after it was manipulated back into place. Thought I would check out how the Wafer trial was coming along, and first thing that pops up is your blog! Woohoo! Look at that! An actual blog which has useful information! Who´da thunk this is what WordPress could offer readers?

    Poking & fun aside….

    Thanks for the the Wafer threads. It has allowed me to catch up quickly with the trial. Just wanted to stop in and leave some positive feedback for your contributor´s hard work.

    Take Care & Be Safe!


    • Hey Danny! We’ve missed you. Sorry to hear that you were under the weather, but happy to hear that it looks like you’ve been fixed.

      The credit for reporting on Wager’s trial goes to Yahtzee who doesn’t miss a beat with what is reported. Maybe the judge will reconsider and allow live streaming next week.

      You too take care and be safe.


  27. There is no under the weather. No such thing in my world. Just a reset I can be grateful for. Just a bit sore. Need to let the joint set before I can go back to weekend warrior mode for Summer!

    I see Yahtzee is doing a wonderful job! Could not ask for more, really! You are a lucky girl, I must say! I am sure you are aware.

    Thus far it seems Wafer´s attys. are offering much circumstantial evidence. Doubt? Nothing solid for what the jury must consider under IL. Castle doc.

    Sure Ms. McBride was no angel. But, shooting her for knocking on a doors at 4am.? Really?
    Wafer may have been the hero had he found his phone before grabbing his gun? J/S.

    Kids. Don´t open your door. Especially if you are afraid of who is outside!


  28. I read my response. Don´t want to sound sarcastic. Really though?
    Come on ! This defense is worse than Dunn´s and look at him!
    Zimmerman changed the jury pool with “I am scared” with a loaded gun. (Thank God)

    I can´t say much more. Wafer has said things different from what his attys. present today to the jury. His attys. should be more honest. The jury has yet spoken. Sure the jury sees it. I think he is getting the manslaughter and gun charge. Which for him is life.


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