10 things you need to know today: July 24, 2014

Hurray for Colorado. It seems to be the only good news lately. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

The Fifth Column

Joseph Rudolph Wood's execution took nearly two hours.  Joseph Rudolph Wood’s execution took nearly two hours. (AP Photo/Arizona Department of Corrections)

The Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights (ratified December 15, 1791[1]) prohibiting the federal governmentfrom imposing excessive bail, excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments, including torture. 
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that this amendment's Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause also applies to the states. The phrases in this amendment originated in the English Bill of Rights of 1689. ~ Wikipedia

The Week

Arizona is accused of botching an execution, the FAA lifts a ban on flights to Israel, and more

1. Arizona inmate gasps for 90 minutes during execution
Arizona inmate Joseph Wood gasped for breath for an hour and a half before being pronounced dead by lethal injection on Wednesday. Wood’s…

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  1. There is so much going on today, this week, these days! What’s wrong with folks like Jan Brewer, she reminds me of a Trail Mix Christian who cherry picks her beliefs, as they suit her. She’s also a hypocrite when it comes to our Constitution. Cherry picking the amendments she WANTS to enforce.

    • That man is sick. He trespassed on her property, got mad because she asked him not to, then laid in wait for her and shot her, saying she was a “bitch.”

      Kinda sounds like someone we know who “trespasses” by circumvent blocking options then threatens and calls people names saying they are wrong.

      • Exactly the kind of person we want carrying a gun.. /s

        • He uses the internet as his gun and his hateful, vile words as bullets. Then he wonders why he can’t get more than 5 people to follow his blogs and Facebook pages.

        • I truly believe that the government needs to take a new look at restricting gun ownership with PTSD sufferers.

          • I agree TF, it’s a shame that our government sent these folks to the combat that caused this, yet until we’re sure they have a chance at rehabilitation, perhaps they shouldn’t have easy access to weapons.

  2. A gunman opened fire inside a hospital psychiatric unit on Thursday, leaving one hospital employee dead and a second injured before being critically wounded himself, a prosecutor said.

    Two guns were recovered and the gunman had psychiatric problems.


  3. George Zimmerman’s attorneys have filed to appeal Judge Nelson’s ruling dismissing his defamation case against NBC, but chances are slim that he will prevail.


    • 10% chance of winning…

      “He wants to win, because he doesn’t have a normal life,” Kramer added, calling Zimmerman one of the most hated people in America.”

      Well, duh

      • butterflydreamer2

        I guess Georgie is to ignorant to understand, all the money in the world will not make a difference, he will never have a normal life, and the killer will always be one of the most hated people in America. He sold his soul to the devil, and all the riches in the world won’t buy him a new one.

    • Xena! OMG fatty still wants to have free money without work. Ces’t la vie for fatty.-LOL

      • Haha Joseph. Same as he ever was. He might have been depending on that case to pay his divorce lawyer.

        • A lot of maneuvering for undesired results,he is reduce to filling twitters complaints
          against people circling him,he said they are harassing him,I said that it’s a warming up
          for the future 🙂 Another set of lawyers without money.

    • Xena, for some reason I can’t get this site to open, can you copy and paste what was said. Thanks.

  4. yeseventhistoowillpass

    And of course they interview some guy that says “why should we care about the murderer.” The media wants the death penalty because if it bleeds it leads… Or gasps.

    • Juan, I saw some of the interviews last night with family members of the victims. I can understand their hurt, but not how it transformed to hate and hate to the type of unforgiveness that wanted to see the man tortured.

  5. This 80 y/o homeowner caught 2 people ransacking his house, a man and a pregnant woman. He said they assaulted him, the man ran away, the homeowner got his gun and shot the fleeing pregnant woman in the back, killing her, after she told him she was pregnant.

    I don’t understand how someone running away from you is a threat. I’m glad the homeowner wasn’t more seriously injured, don’t get me wrong… but this beyond the necessary force to protect his life and property.


    • Mindyme,
      That is what people do when they know there is a law in their defense, such as the Castle Doctrine.

      You might remember a previous article where a deputy sheriff in my neck of the woods shot a kid in the back who was crawling away from him. The video shows the deputy taking aim and shooting that kid, yet the “internal investigation” cleared him of all wrongdoing. Why? Because the kid came into the restaurant with several others, one of whom had a gun and tried robbing the place. Yet, the ones who were wounded, (not killed), were charged with the murder of the kid that the deputy killed. That’s because Illinois has a law that when someone is killed during or to stop the commission of a crime, those perpetrating the crime are charged with the murder.

      • Florida has the same law.

      • yes, like Tower Flower stated, the law in Florida allows this. But how can a police officer so easily kill a person, maybe there needs to be yearly psychological evaluations for Law Enforcement officers

  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    I just feel the need to post this video of a community of people coming together on a beach and creating a sand drawing of a dove:

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Thanks for posting this, crustyolemothman,

      Excerpt from article:

      According to Roman, “The overwhelming trend is that strong gun law states have seen dramatic declines in violence. Weak gun law states have not seen the same decline.”

      While stricter gun laws lead to less violence, Roman noted, this relationship is not exactly straightforward, because people may purchase a gun in one state and bring it into another. “As long as there are weak gun law states, even strong gun law states will see gun violence.”

  7. crustyolemothman

    Question… Does anyone know if there has ever been a breakdown by race on the suicide rate in the US? Not just by gun, but by all means and methods? The reason that I ask is while listening to a well known (racist) radio commentator the statement was made that minorities did not commit suicide because of poverty because they were more accustomed to living in poverty. It sounds like pure BS to me, however with out any figures to back up the argument, I would have no way to dispute the statement effectively… IMO it would seem that the suicide rate would be higher amongst the newly poor white population who have seen such a decline in income due to the recent (actually still current) recession (depression?). But that is just a subjective thought on my part due to having no hard figures to back it up…

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      For any studies that provide data and statistics, it is important to find out who paid for the study, who interpreted the study, the size of the group studied, etc.

      • crustyolemothman

        Yahtzee, Thank you for the link, I will follow up on it after while, have a ton of e-mail to respond to first… As you stated it is extremely important to know who did the study, and I have a tendency to research the source before I waste my time reading the study, especially if the source is known to be biased for any reason… but thanks for the reminder, we all need those occasionally, right?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Yes, may we never forget his short life of 14 years and how his death was a rallying cry causing many youth of our country to push for justice and join the civil rights movement. His death created and fired up new civil rights activists.

  8. 😥

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