Funeral Held For Eric Garner, Man Who Died After Being Choked By NYPD

R.I.P. Eric.Butterfly_tears_by_Dandelion_lion

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  1. chuquestaquenumber1

    Hello Xena this is the poster who was known as m1. I now go by this name because of the new changes you put in. Which I support. This is horrible ,,especially watching the video. May Mr Garner receive justice for the crime that happened to him. Interesting in Maryland
    as we speak a black cop Joseph Walker is on trial for 1st degree murder for killing an unarmed white guy. If you read up on the Walker will see how hard LEOs and DAs are coming down on Walker.I only bring this up because you dont see the same in reverse. Kudos to Spike Lee for inserting the Garner choking in his Do the right Thing reedition. Justice for Eric Garner.

    • Formerly known as M1 — thanks so much for your continued support. Can we refer to you as “chuqest” for short?

      Thanks for the info on Joseph Walker. As I reported on the other post, Ethan Saylor was killed in Maryland when deputies broke his larynx. Ethan was Down Syndrome. I also have a video and police report in another case in Maryland. The “suspect” was not killed, but what the video shows and the police reported of the incident are no where near the same.

      Maybe it is time to give some focus on Maryland.

  2. It’s so difficult to watch the video again, I was aware the first time of how within seconds of Eric Garner being placed in a choke hold, he said he couldn’t breathe. After seeing a video from another angle how an officer felt for a neck pulse and another officer checked for a wrist pulse, I could not see Eric breathing. He was lifeless, he had blood coming from his nose. A female medic checks Eric’s neck pulse and speaks to him, one officer speaks out that “he’s breathing.” Another officer says something about CPR…an observer says “no one did anything.” My pulse is quickened as is my breathing as I watch. Such is not the case of someone who is leaving this earth. There is a faint heartbeat, there is no breath. Eric’s life ended that day within minutes- I don’t believe the harassment and abuse will end. I pray there is justice for Eric, his family and friends. RIP Eric.

    • Good observations about the video. One thing I noticed were the sirens in the background. That is when the cop moved towards Eric and put him in a choke hold. Another thing is, when Eric went down, it appears that his hand was stiff. That might indicate having a stroke.

      I too pray for justice.

      • Xena, I watched, again. I heard the siren this time. Yes, that’s when #99 (green T-shirt) placed Eric in a choke hold. I did see Eric’s right hand extend as he was forced to the ground on his right side, his palm face up. My first impression, he was showing he wasn’t resisting. One officer grabs his hand. There wasn’t any reason for that. If Eric was experiencing a stroke, we’ll know when the autopsy report is released. It could be possible. The 4th time watching this, I see #99 scratch his dangly bits and soon after, he becomes aware he’s on video, and waves as he smiles. Enlarging the view even the first time, I see Eric’s eyes are open and unresponsive. The paramedic knows Eric is gone, she touches his stomach more than twice, his abdomen and chest are not moving, an officer and the paramedic speak to Eric as if he can hear them but they know he’s gone. At first, I thought I was wrong, now I’m sure of what I’ve seen. And it’s ugly. The LIE begins – at the scene it’s what you say and do- in their report(s) I’m betting it’s the code of silence that doesn’t coincide with the video.

  3. 😥 There are few words…. this has to stop.. I had heard that he was selling ‘loosies’.. single cigarettes, we have stores here that sell them for .50 cents each… as if someone should lose their life over selling an ‘untaxed’ cigarette.. Only in America…

    • mindyme,
      Did you catch the MSNBC interview with the man who videoed what happened? He said that Eric was constantly harassed by the cops. That is a “culture” and not serve and protect. I agree — this has to stop.

  4. yahtzeebutterfly
  5. There truly are no words for just how terrible and tragic this is.

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