Christmas Home Invasion Lands Homeowner In Jail For Murder

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Many home invasions are reported across America during the holidays, but one zealous Pennsylvania homeowner who was a victim on Christmas Day, then chased and gunned down the intruder an hour later, using the intruder’s own rifle, has been charged with murder.

Mickle Joe Shaffer, 54, of Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, is being held without bond in the death of 21-year-old Janoris Hughes.

Janoris Hughes is listed in online court records as a resident of Naples, Florida and a fugitive from justice on burglary charges in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, about 12 miles from Fayetteville. His past includes arrests for indecent exposure and obstructing an officer.

The York Daily Register reported that Hughes entered Shaffer’s home about 5:15 a.m. Christmas morning and ordered Shaffer and several other people into a bedroom.

One of those people, Terry “Dread” L. Fulton, 36, was shot three times as he fought with Hughes. Both he and Hughes ran from the house. Fulton…

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  1. ‘found him in the back yard’.. Who’s back yard? Hughes was in the same back yard as the house he invaded, an hour later? This makes no sense.


  2. “Though police have not characterized the activity in Shaffer’s home, the law wouldn’t apply if the home invasion was related to any criminal activity in the house.”

    There’s more to this story.


  3. PA SYG law is different from FL’s in that when you are outside your home, you must actually see a weapon to shoot and not just feel threatened. Reading the two stories they differ in that the Easy G story has some of the witness statements. Shaffer says he saw Hughes reach into his waistband but he never says he saw another weapon nor do the cops say if there was another one present. Witnesses say that he said he would shoot the intruder with his own gun and they witness him shoot Hughes as he tried to go up an embankment……if this happened then Shaffer lied about him going for something in his waistband.

    The story mentions an hour later…..but was it an hour after Hughes left or was it an hour after Hughes first entered their home?….how long was Hughes in the home? But it doesn’t really seem that the hour makes that much difference since it was his actions outside the home that are coming into play.

    This article goes into some more details of the law:

    But it sounds like Shaffer’s and the witness statements do not match and if Shaffer shot him in the back while he was retreating and he had no gun then the arrest was justified.


    • towerflower,

      But it sounds like Shaffer’s and the witness statements do not match and if Shaffer shot him in the back while he was retreating and he had no gun then the arrest was justified.

      Indeed. It was always understood that shooting someone in the back is a cowardly act of murder.

      Mindyme62 made a good catch. I wonder what was going on in that house?


  4. “While emergency medical services were taking Fulton to the hospital, police received Shaffer’s call about the attempted robbery. When troopers arrived at Shaffer’s house, they found Hughes deceased outside.”

    This would be near 6:00 AM as the break in was reported to be about 5:15 AM There is more to this for sure.

    No “….shit….he’s running..” “….he ran…” excited utterance from this sad sack??

    Maybe that’s why there is no bail???

    The second Shaffer walked out of the house with a weapon he became a hunter / vigilante.