Conceal Carry In Florida Can Get You Killed

Still developing story out of Wesley Chapel, Florida.


The Grove 16 Theater,

This morning in Wesley Chapel, Florida, in The Grove 16 Theater, Florida’s conceal carry has caused yet another senseless death.  According to CNN, it happened during previews before the showing of “Lone Survivor.”

News4jax reports:

Sheriff Office spokesman Chris Nocco told WFTS-TV that one of the victims apparently was texting.

“The victim was on his cellphone — he was texting. We believe he was making some kind of noise. This noise led to an altercation,” Nocco said. “During that altercation, the suspect decided to pull out a .380”

According to Click Orlando, a good Samaritan detained the shooter until deputies arrived.

The killer has been taken into custody.  The two victims were airlifted to a Tampa area hospital.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s office said that the shooter did not know the victims.

Conceal carry is promoted as a means of self-defense – not a means to settle avoidable arguments.


From the DailyMail

The shooter is 71-year old Curtis Reeves, a retired Tampa police officer.  He has been charged with second-degree homicide.   The victims are a married couple, Chris and Nicole Oulson.  It is now reported that Nicole tried to stop the bullet and was shot through the hand.


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  1. This is so tragic. It would have been a simple argument had one person not been carrying a gun.


  2. They haven’t said yet if the shooter had a concealed license yet, but regardless he’ll get charged with murder and rightly so.


  3. omg..


  4. “Conceal carry is promoted as a means of self-defense – not a means to settle avoidable arguments.”

    Sure could have fooled me!


    • Just imagine, had the good Samaritan that retained the shooter had a gun, he could have shot that person, and someone else could have shot him, and someone else could have …..


  5. Frank Taaffe commented on a local story here about Jordan Davis and Michael Dunn.


    • Did he call Dunn a hero and Jordan and his friends “savages”?


      • the gist of his statement was that Angela Corey overcharged him, the way she did Zimmerman, and it was only to appease ‘that’ segment of the population, blah blah blah… I asked him if he meant ‘that’ segment of the population that includes Mothers of all races and I also asked if George was still at his house.
        Last I checked, he hadn’t answered..


        • mindyme62

          the gist of his statement was that Angela Corey overcharged him, the way she did Zimmerman, and it was only to appease ‘that’ segment of the population, blah blah blah…

          IIRC, Dunn was arrested and charged before the story hit the media. Taaffe’s opinion is not based on fact.

          It amazes me how people who are not lawyers, which automatically excludes them from being State Attorneys, have opinions about charging or overcharging. Taaffe’s ignorance is also demonstrated by the fact that Dunn’s attorney is silent. Taaffe’s opinions are, IMHO, intended to taint the jury pool.

          I asked him if he meant ‘that’ segment of the population that includes Mothers of all races and I also asked if George was still at his house.
          Last I checked, he hadn’t answered..

          Good questions! If he responds, it will no doubt be a personal attack.


          • “Good questions! If he responds, it will no doubt be a personal attack.”

            I’m ready… I hope he does.


      • Anyone Taaffe supports is the savage…..ain’t no if’s, and’s or buts about it.

        Trayvon Martin has always been identified as the victim…..Jordan Davis….the victim. It sucks out loud that the victim is always identified as “the deceased” as well.

        In general this SYG is a kill 1st and expect no repercussions with the law, especially if you pick a victim who is a minority or one you can pick that suits your agenda.


    • towerflower

      Do you have a link?


  6. Like

    • I guess it never occurs to them it could be their loved one shot with the gun they’ve allowed just anyone to buy/trade.


      • Mindyme62. I agree. Guns are easy to acquire — ammunition too. When I owned, I walked into a flea market in Detroit and purchased ammo without any ID or anything else to prove that I legally owned a gun.


  7. Like

  8. Like Xena said, they are reporting the shooter is a retired cop and the victim was texting his daughter who was at home.


  9. Just updated the article.


  10. Like

    • This is heartbreaking.

      I think this concealed-carrying of a gun has to end. People need to know and SEE who is carrying a gun so that they can stay FAR, FAR AWAY from such people!!!


  11. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    …. and we continue counting the senseless deaths!!! New year, new count! Pasco county isn’t all there …. many incidents occur there.


  12. On verdict watch in the Kelly Thomas case:


  13. Ramos and Cicenelli have been found not guilty on all counts.

    It’s a sad day when a man is heard screaming for his dad, and that he cannot breathe, and those beating him to death are found not guilty because the perpetrators carried badges.


  14. R.I.P. Kelly Thomas and Ethan Saylor. You may have been mentally ill, but you were still human beings, perfect in the eyes of your Creator.


  15. Hope you’re sitting down. Map of states allowing CC permits. Only 3 deny; Samoa, DC & another one that’s not one of the 50 states.
    Sitting down, Xena or have a glass of wine? Ok, then


    • 2dogsonly. Thanks for the link. People don’t have to worry about criminals carry guns anymore. We have to worry about people carrying guns who kill just because they are having a bad day. When businesses begin complaining about losing money because of consumer fear of being killed because of conceal carry, maybe politicians will listen.


    • Here’s to conceal carry terrorism.

      Drinking Red Wine


  16. Reading of the verdict in the Ramos and Cicenelli trial for killing Kelly Thomas.


  17. Like

  18. God save us!


  19. I’ll bet the shooter, a 71 yr old retired cop, is going to claim SYG.


    • dreamer, you’re in my head. The moment I read “altercation” I thought, here comes SYG.


      • Sounds like the cop was defending himself from thrown popcorn (being sarcastic). But it appears that is what he is saying.

        “A 71-year-old retired police officer accused of shooting a man dead in a Florida movie theater told authorities that “he was in fear of being attacked” during Monday’s confrontation…………… After officers read him his rights, Reeves told the detective that Oulson struck him in the face with an unknown object, and that’s when he removed a .380 caliber gun from his pants pocket. The report said Reeves fired the gun and struck Oulson once in the chest and that he “was in fear of being attacked.”

        The “unknown object” appears to have been popcorn. smh, why didn’t someone just change seats or wait to see if the “offending” texting still continued when the movie actually started and not just during previews.


        • towerflower.

          … why didn’t someone just change seats…

          Exactly, which is what I suspect management told Reeves.

          I’ve been at movies and in restaurants when those around me were noisy and in one case, where a person had an offensive odor. In the movies, if there were no other seats available, I asked for a refund or exchange of ticket to another viewing. In the restaurant, I asked to be seated at another table.


          • towerflower

            Exactly, this was on a weekday at 1:30 pm when theaters are mostly empty but it seems everyone involved was grouped closely…….from the good Samaritan to the father and son where the victim collapsed. Seems like everyone went for the same seating.

            My guess with the manager is that he told him to come back after the movie started and let him know if he was still talking and texting, since this all happened before the movie actually started and was during the previews. The cop’s attorney said it was too dark and he didn’t know what hit him but the father/son knew popcorn had been thrown and the wife of the victim saw the gun and tried to block the shot, so it couldn’t have been too dark.


            • towerflower,
              I read where there were only 25 people in that theater. Reeves could have changed seats.

              I have a thing for sitting to the right of the screen. (Something I learned in a college film class.) I have noticed that most people like sitting in the center and naturally gravitate to where others are sitting — something about enjoying the emotion of the movie with others.

              People need to learn that just because they don’t like something doesn’t mean that they can approach others and make demands. Now he’s looking at life in prison.


  20. SMH and Pray. . .


  21. Sharon Burney

    They said that the shooter left then returned and sat behind the victim after the first verbal interaction. I wonder if there are cameras to show whether or not he went to his vehicle to retrieve a gun. I sure hope so, how irresponsbile as a retired police officer to open fire in a movie theatre. What if the bullets had struck more people, or if like another commentator mentioned, the good samaritan decided to open fire too? It seems like we have regressed to the wild wild west again. How many people have to die for Americans to stop acting like ignorant savages? What if the victim had wrestled with the gun and the shooter’s wife was accidently killed? Stand your ground has turned into a murderers immediate excuse and it seems only the priveleged or protectors of privelege are allowed to live without responsbility to their actions.


    • From what has been reported, it is said the shooter left to find management to complain about the texting and when he returned he was agitated. Maybe management told him to come back when the movie actually started and not just in the preview part. So far no mention of an interview of the theater manager.


  22. Another thing that will get the shooter in trouble. Evidently Cobb owns the Grove 16 theater and they have a no gun policy for their theaters. In this you tube video, a gun carrying movie goer is talking to management about the changed policy. If the cop carried into an establishment that bans firearms then that will be an additional charge on him.


    • roderick2012

      @tf, he’s 71 and charged with 2nd degree murder.

      I don’t think any time he gets in addition to sentence from that charge will matter.

      This guy should get the death penalty because he is a retired cop and someone needs to make an example out of these idiots who escalate a simple argument into a life or death situation.

      There’s no excuse for being an ass!


  23. Bond denied for ex-cop who allegedly shot texting dad at movies

    “It may or may not have been popcorn…” Judge Tepper said, but an unknown object “does not equal” taking out a gun.”


  24. Reeves’ bond hearing.


    • “…you need to adjust the camera..I can only see his chin” (he laughs)

      Laugh hardy dill weed…..we see you wearing a complete bullet proof suit. What….??? fucking scared without a pistol in your pants ??

      And he’s done this shit in a theater before as far as confronting others who are texting.

      This maybe FL (ughhhh) but at least it’s not Sanford.

      “..I am ruling there is no bond”

      “….as I said, I’m setting it at 0 bond……”

      “…you are remanded to custody….” (have a nice day !!)


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