Brother Mistakes 13-Year Old Sister For Intruder And Shoots

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Sidney M. Johnson, 20, was visiting his father’s home in Janesville, Wisconsin.  On Wednesday, he heard someone in a bedroom, got his dad’s 9 mm handgun, inserted a magazine, chambered a cartridge, and shot through the door, wounding his 13-year-old sister.  She yelled out his name.  That’s when he realized what had happened.

Officers at the scene found that the 13-year-old had been shot once by her brother.  The bullet hit her right tricep and grazed the right side of her torso.  She was taken to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center where she was treated and released.

While at the residence, Johnson heard what he thought was someone trying to get into the house through his sister’s bedroom window. Not knowing his sister was home, he feared it was an intruder.  He retrieved his father’s handgun, inserted a magazine and chambered a cartridge.  His sister had gone into the laundry room to get clothes and seeing her brother in the hallway and feeling she was not appropriately dressed, she closed the door.   He shot through the door.

Deputy Chief Dan Davis of the Janesville Police Department said, “Shooting through a door at an unidentifiable target is reckless and unreasonable.”

Johnson was in custody in an emergency detention medical facility, which should be understood as a mental health facility.  Davis said that’s because Johnson is a danger to himself and others.  NBC15 reports that Davis said, “He certainly realizes that he made some very poor decisions and assumptions.”  Evidently, he is devastated with the mistake that he made.  Davis says Johnson will most likely be charged for recklessly endangerment, which is a felony offense.

Davis gives this advice;

Call 911 if anyone thinks they hear an intruder.  It that’s not an option, call out and challenge to identify that as a homeowner or a resident that you are there and that you’re armed. Let that be known before you just arbitrarily shoot through a door.

WIFR provides a video report.

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  1. Two sides to a story

    It’s about time that authorities respond appropriately to this kind of nonsense. And they need to keep doing so!


  2. Like

  3. I have had about enough of this. I don’t know what I’m going to do, what I can do, and it isn’t like I want to ban guns (well I do, but realistically, sigh, I don’t think that would work), but somehow, there have to be some major changes. How can we mandate responsibility?!!!


    • Rachael,
      IIRC, it was in 2011 when the Governor of Wisconsin signed a bill making it legal for people to have guns in their homes and places of business without a conceal carry license. That is why the brother cannot be charged with illegally having or using a firearm. It was his father’s gun.

      It’s going to take a massive movement of voters to let legislatures know that gun lobbyist do not vote for them — their constituents do. It is also going to require that State Attorney Generals, whether in or out of office, draft Bills to put before State congresses that are what voters want. There’s another part of this too, and that is to have people run for office that give voters alternatives to the lesser of two evils.


  4. Christi O’Connor has planned to release a new article on January 13th.


    • Thanks for this, Xena.


    • It’s coming……Karma…..someone will stroll up to FogenPhoole and cap his ass. I just feel it coming. Every white person I know can’t stand him, what his did, does and what he represents.

      And that’s not counting the racist shit his brother spews……..and then there’s Frank “The Racist Tank” Taaffe.

      Is it actually possible they don’t see what they are???? I simply can’t fathom that.


      • racerrodig

        It’s coming……Karma…..someone will stroll up to FogenPhoole and cap his ass.

        At least what you said means Zimmerman won’t be able to sit down for months, as opposed to having him dead. 🙂 I prefer that he’s given a long time to consider his actions and I think that has started as Sam says, he has no friends.


        • I believe you have read between the lines correctly. He’ll have a long time to reflect, well obviously he wont in general population trying to stay alive and all, but when he is in solitary he’ll obviously have time to reflect…….then there’s some crap Robbie the Racist will drop in.

          Then of course there will be all that “Solidarity” crap he thinks he’s getting, but I still say someone flipping you the bird and yelling to the effect “……shoot a kid and steal his last screams……….huhhhh….bring that shit here homie……does not say “We’re in this together” at all……….but that’s just me.


          • racerrodig,

            He’ll have a long time to reflect, well obviously he wont in general population trying to stay alive and all, but when he is in solitary he’ll obviously have time to reflect …

            You mean, like this?


      • I would rather Zimmy spend YEARS in prison as a just reward. Death would be too nice for this fucking waste of human skin.


        • On one hand so do I, but on the other there is a tweet of his where he now says he’s going to get his degree in political science (not law) so he can defend others from what happened to him.

          So let me get this straight about this asswipe.

          1) I get to make a “set up by cop call”
          2) I have also made many 911 calls all on young black males
          3) I get to provoke a situation by getting out of my safe truck
          4) I get to use my wife’s pistol
          5) My CCW permit is invalid, but the law doesn’t care
          6) I get to confront someone I dreamed up a problem about
          7) I get to shoot them dead
          8) I get to lie my fat ass off and claim my victims last cries as my own
          9) I get to blow off all lies I tell
          10) I get to thugify my victim….who has no criminal past….and is a minor
          11) I can give the law the finger…no matter what state I’m in
          12) I can assault anyone I choose…..especially women
          13) I can destroy anyone’s property I want……
          14) I can be the ultimate deadbeat and get away with it
          15) I can call the cops on my landlord simply because he wants the back rent
          16) I can deny following my victim despite my own words to confirm I did
          17) I can file a BS lawsuit against a major news outlet because they used my own
          racist words
          18) I can sell a painting I call my own despite the fact I faked it all up
          19) I can use the internet to panhandle money from racist shits like me all the while
          denigrating the actual victim
          20) My brother can use any racist vile talk about the victim and his family with no

          I’m sure I missed some real jewels like “I can point a gun at my girlfriend and bully her into retracting her statements” but he says he’s going to defend others from what happened to him.

          Uhhhhhhhhhhh ????? what are we missing here ?? Last time I looked you need a law degree to defend someone……..but that’s just me.


  5. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.


  6. Johnson was in custody on an emergency detention at an area medical facility “because he is a danger to himself or someone else,” Davis said.

    Makes me wonder what’s up with this comment. Did the brother have a history of mental problems? If he did have mental issues then I don’t understand why parents keep guns within reach of those who do.


    • towerflower,
      The brother doesn’t need a history of mental problems. He could have been distraught about shooting his sister and said that he felt like killing himself. Law enforcement is then required to take him to a mental health facility for evaluation.


  7. I can’t imagine having this on my conscious.


  8. Everyone and their guns. I tell you. What is going to be next…everyone will have tazers now too?

    I seen on cops today, where a drunk guy walked down the block and flashed a gun to others that didn’t have a gun, and they even described the gun to the cops. When the cops got there, the person they arrested had a gun, but stated he has a permit for it and he was drunk. What state do you believe this happened in….. FLORIDA.


    • Brian,
      I saw that episode of Cops. The man with the gun was angry because the truck had it’s headlights on bright. He was not threatened in anyway.

      Kinda reminds me of Michael Dunn who got mad because of loud music.


  9. My heart goes out to that family. I file it under a understandable accident. Door closed, brother didn’t know sister was home, did she say she came into her bedroom via the window, brings back such fond boyfriend teen memories. If all this is true, file it under accident. No one even did anything wrong, the older brother was protecting his home against what he naturally assumed was an intruder who was already in the home so calling 911 was going to be most people’s second response.
    I don’t have a gun, my husband never had a gun, nor my parents so it would be me running out front door but get therapy for this family so they don’t carry guilt and understand accidents do happen where there is absolutely no ill will.


    • 2dogsonly,

      … get therapy for this family so they don’t carry guilt and understand accidents do happen where there is absolutely no ill will.


      This happened close to my neck of the woods, and I plan on keeping an eye out to see if there will be charges or whatever else results.


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