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I found this Opinion piece, written by Politico, to be very informative. 

I do have one disagreement, and that’s with the last paragraph.  To the best of my knowledge, based on case decisions that I’ve read regarding sentencing, sentences of supervision are not considered a conviction for purposes of disqualifying a defendant from exercising Constitutional rights, such as owning a firearm, voting, and running for public office.  A felony conviction disqualifies the person from doing those things.  In this matter specifically, if Donald Trump is convicted of a felony, he would not be allowed to run for public office.

The entire article has 9 bullet points.  It’s an excellent read.


Donald Trump announced his third run for president Tuesday night in a move that was widely perceived as a gambit to stave off a federal criminal indictment. It won’t work. Trump is likely to be indicted by the Department of Justice, making him the first former president to campaign for the White House while facing charges. The historic nature of this scenario seems fitting for a candidate who has defied every norm of American politics during his seven-year career in public life. While unprecedented, there are certain realities of federal prosecutions that offer a useful roadmap for how the next two years will likely play out in the courts.

1. Will Trump’s announcement affect the Justice Department’s decision to indict him?

Not really. Donald Trump was the immediate past president and one of the most well-known and controversial politicians in the United States. He has been widely regarded as the de facto leader of the Republican Party and a likely nominee. DOJ would not have opened a criminal investigation into Trump if they weren’t willing to consider indicting him.

In other words, the fallout of a potential indictment of Trump was already baked in to DOJ’s decision-making. Even if Trump hadn’t announced, they would have faced the same criticism, and Trump would have likely argued

2. When would the DOJ issue an indictment?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Justice Department waited until after the Georgia Senate runoff on Dec. 6 to make any overt steps — an indictment, execution of another search warrant or an arrest. Once that political event has passed, charges could come before or after the holidays.

that he was indicted to deter him from announcing his candidacy in the future.


Opinion | Trump’s Running and the Feds Are Coming: What the Next Two Years Will Look Like Legally — Politics, Policy, Political News Top Stories

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  1. He’ll never go to jail. There’d be too much public unrest.

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    • I’m not sure about the unrest. It might be that the majority of folks who would do that were at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. The leaders of that insurrection and riot have already been prosecuted, or standing trial, or awaiting trial. I suspect delays by Trump, but think he’ll be in prison before mid 2024.


  2. Much to ponder here. I’m not a lawyer, so mine is merely an uninformed opinion based on what I’ve seen, but having watched every minute of the televised January 6th hearings, it seems to me that there is more than sufficient evidence to charge him on several counts. Then there’s the document theft. And meanwhile, there are the cases being compiled in both Georgia and New York state. Surely this ‘man’s’ name cannot be on the ballot come November 2024!!! If it is, then there is no justice and the wealthy are truly ‘above the law’.

    That said, it’s good to see you! Hope you’re doing well.

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    • Good seeing you, Jill.
      The January 6th Committee plans to do criminal referrals. Regarding the theft of classified documents, Donald Trump continues giving the DOJ evidence. They will no doubt wait until he has put his total defense on the line, then they will be prepared for those defenses when he is indicted. I think the case in Georgia will no doubt be the first put on trial. The New York case is civil, so no criminal sentence will come out of it.

      My personal opinion, but I don’t think Trump will be selected by the GOP to run for any political office. He has to first get more votes during the primary than other contenders. Then, there’s the issue with a running mate unless Pence has VERY low self-esteem and wants to be VP again.

      Thanks so much for the comment.

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  3. As of today, I would agree with you that he is unlikely to be the GOP’s first choice for any office, for after three consecutive election losses, he is toxic. But … a lot can happen in two years. I don’t think he would choose Pence as a running mate, nor do I think Pence would accept even if he did. I’ve heard rumours that he told Margie Greene he might choose her … and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over that one. On the one hand, I think she might be just the thing to doom his candidacy as Sarah Palin did for John McCain, but on the other hand … some days it seems that the dumber they are, the better people like ’em. Sigh.


    • Jill,
      It’s funny that you mentioned Sarah Palin. I was talking with friends the other night and someone said that Trump would choose Palin as his running mate. The jokes that followed made me sore from laughing.

      With the Republicans now talking about investigating Hunter Biden and impeaching President Biden, I think whatever voters they have will drop in number. What happened to their campaign speeches about the economy, the border, and crime? People will see that they talk one thing to get elected, but use their power and authority for personal satisfaction and vindictiveness. At least, that is what I hope people will see.

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      • Ha ha … perhaps she could do for Trump what she did for McCain!

        Their goal in impeaching Biden is quite simply retaliation for the two impeachments of Trump. In fact, I read that Trump told the GOP leadership he wants Biden impeached three times, to exceed his two. When we allow our leaders to use their power in such a juvenile way, we have no serious government. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.


        • Jill,
          (Applause) The retaliation and vindictiveness of Trump is clear. His flying monkeys should now know that he’ll do the same to them if they dare disobey him.

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          • Oh yes he will!!! And they know it, many are hoping that he won’t be the nominee in 2024, for their fates are already sealed if he is. Others, like Lindsey Graham, are still trying to lick his boots and stay in his good graces. The simplest solution would be his death from natural causes. That might sound cruel, but it would put a ‘PAID” stamp on his candidacy and save the country a lot of grief. Oh, and back to his running mate … it’s looking a lot like he might choose either Kari Lake or … wait for it … Margie Greene! If he chooses either, I think it will doom his candidacy, but then … what do I know? I thought the Access Hollywood tape would doom it in 2016 and boy was I wrong!


          • Jill,
            I think a pattern is developing for presidential candidates when their running mate has also contended for the presidency. For one, it demonstrates someone who wants to be in command, so is willing to stand in the shoes of V.P. and if needed, to step in the shoes as president. If Trump selects Lake or Greene, he might be very disappointed. Some members of the nationalists and supremacy groups that follow him don’t take kind to women being in charge. Remember, on 1/6 they allowed a woman to use her “entitlement” to crawl through a broken window and she ended up losing her life.

            I didn’t think the Access Hollywood tape would doom him, but I did think that the Stormy Daniels thing would. Personally, I don’t think he will survive 2023 because he’ll be too busy trying to delay his trial.


  4. Two sides to a story

    And now we have the new special prosecutor to add new questions to the mix. I’m a patient person and can see why it would a take a full year or more for DOJ to move up the criminal food chain and prosecute as many J6 foot soldiers as possible. I also can see why DOJ would move cautiously while the J6 Committee brought facts forward to the public.

    But we’re nearly going into year three and there seems no end in sight while Mr. Walking Crime Spree is still not under federal Indictment. I’m grateful and gratified about all the prior charges levied against DJT sycophants that he pardoned and for the state investigations in progress regarding DJTs business and the Georgia vote scheme, but the nation needs to see some federal consequences for all the political players involved in the seditious conspiracy.

    The case is complex with lots of moving parts, but the progress is so glacial that it’s hard to have any confidence that justice will ever be applied.


    • Hi Two Sides. So happy to see you. I agree. Time has moved fast. It seems as if the January 6 riot took place this year. It might be that as long as we continue seeing video clips of the riot, and people are being prosecuted for their part in it, that it stays fresh.

      I believe that Donald Trump will be indicted, placed on trial, and sentenced to prison. A few Astrologists seem to believe that also, although they place the time frame for his sentence from mid 2023 to mid 2024. Some of the crimes he has committed, such as the sedition, calls for getting into what he was thinking. I suspect that some of those serving prison time will be witnesses at Trump’s trial for the prosecution, and by testifying what they construed from Trump’s words, and because of his lack of action to stop the riot, that it will serve as proof of what Trump was thinking and what he wanted.

      Will all of this hope, I still run short of patience whenever I hear him. His lies are darkness; evil.

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      • Two sides to a story

        I just hope they manage all this before his health declines! He looks like the type who could conk out at any moment.
        Not that he’d escape karmic retribution through death – he wouldn’t – but our nation needs to experience some level of justice in real time to heal and move on!


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