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Like many things, most people do not educate themselves on things until they have a need to know.  In September 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After biopsy, I was told that the cancer cells were Her 2 positive, which qualified me to receive immunology drugs Herceptin and Perjecta. I was given a book to read about breast cancer.  It contains a section on the treatment of Her 2 positive with mRNA drugs, also called immunology drugs.  There was no desire within me to know anything about how the drugs were developed or how long they had been used.  All I knew is that treatment was not optional for me.  I wanted and still want to live. 

That was my first knowledge of mRNA science.  mRNA is not an invention.  It’s a discovery.  Messenger RNA (mRNA) was discovered centuries ago.  The motivation to use it to treat or cure disease began in the 1990’s.  The link here is an extensive story of how mRNA was studied to treat disease. 

This year I began speaking with friends about Covid-19 vaccinations and why I did not have to be convinced to get vaccinated – because I already experienced receiving drugs developed using mRNA science.  My only concern was the coverage length for the vaccination. 

 One friend later shared with me how she was talking to others about our conversation.  One person responded that she thought the science was new.  Now that she understood that mRNA science was used to develop cancer treating drugs since the 90’s, she was encouraged to get vaccinated.

Last week, I had an exchange with an individual who I think got her talking points from Tucker Carlson.  I’ve experienced meeting people who grab-on to conspiracy theories. They like to talk in run-on sentences stringing conspiracy theories together.   By putting our exchange here, I can embed links to some of my sources.   

It went like this …

Her:  People aren’t applying for work because of the extra money they are getting on unemployment.

Me:  That might change now that we have vaccinations and people that were laid off are being called to return to work.

Her:  But they aren’t coming back.

Me:  If they don’t, they can disqualify for unemployment benefits.

Her:  They’re using the excuse that they don’t want to get Covid.

Me:  Now, companies can establish their own workplace rules and people can get vaccinated.  If those laid-off do not return to work, I don’t think they will be able to use Covid as an excuse.  They have to be available to work to qualify for unemployment benefits.

Her:  We can’t ask if they’ve been vaccinated.

Me: There’s a big misunderstanding about that.  I don’t think HIPAA applies.  Covid-19 is a public health issue.  It’s contagious.  Can you imagine asking a person who wants intimacy if they have an STD and they reply that you can’t ask because of HIPAA?  If you want to come inside my home, I need to see proof of Covid-19 vaccination. 

Her:  That’s what we were told.  We can’t ask.

Me:  On the matter of refusing to return to work, that should be reported to the Dept. of Employment Security.  You should receive reports from them of unemployed persons who worked for you who are currently collecting unemployment benefits.  If they were called back to work and refused, that should be reported.

Her:  We leave that up to the corporate office.

Me:  So, you really don’t know if the corporate office is reporting back to the government that laid-off workers were called to return to work but refused? 

Her:  I heard that the extra money from the feds will stop in September, but someone has filed a lawsuit to continue the extra payments and as long as the case is pending, the feds will have to continue to pay.

Me:  That doesn’t sound like correct procedure.  If a Plaintiff wants an action to continue, such as distribution of unemployment benefits while the case is pending, they might need to file an injunction or a stay with the court asking that the federal government not end the program in September. Then it’s up to a judge to decide.

Her:  Well, I’m not a lawyer.

Me:  You don’t have to be a lawyer to understand judicial procedure.  Some things are logical.  A government program with an expiration date cannot continue just because someone filed a lawsuit. The government gets to face its accuser.   

(Since this conversation, I researched and found that there is no lawsuit against the federal government to continue unemployment benefits beyond September, 2021.  The Act gave states the right to decide the matter.  That’s logical because unemployment rates differ state to state.  Thus, the only lawsuits I found are against state governors for ending the program sooner.  The only lawsuit I was able to find on this matter that has a preliminary injunction is against the Governor of Maryland.  The court granted a preliminary injunction continuing benefits until Sept. 6th.  That is the date that the federal program expires.)

Her:  Like I said, I’m not a lawyer.  Anyway, even if they got vaccinated, I heard on the news that it’s only good for 90 days.

Me:  I read that those infected who recover have immunity against the virus for 90 days.  If I’m not mistaken, the test groups are still being monitored.   

Her:  Yeah, but they weren’t vaccinated until this year.

Me:  No, the first volunteers received the vaccines in May of last year.  That’s been well over 90 days, actually more than a year.

Her:  I’m just saying what I heard on the news.  And, the science is too new.  Do they really know how long the vaccinations will last.

Me:  It’s not as if we’ve have Covid-19 for 5 years.  It’s a novel virus. Of course, they —-(interrupted)

Her:  See, they don’t know.  They don’t know if it’ll work because the science is too new.

Me:  Science is never new.  Rather, science is discovered.  Man discovers what already exists in nature or creation.   The vaccinations that use mRNA science are not using recently discovered science.  I’ve not researched the Johnson & Johnson vaccination because it wasn’t available for me.  It uses DNA.  But, the drugs that I received for cancer treatment in 2018 and 2019, were developed using mRNA science.  At least one of those drugs was approved by the FDA in 1998. 

The science was not recently discovered, and it’s safe because here I am talking to you almost 2 years after I received the last dose for cancer treatment.

Her:  People are getting the virus anyway.  The vaccinations don’t even work.

Me:  It’s always been reported that none of the Covid-19 vaccinations give 100 percent protection.  The difference is that those vaccinated might not have any symptoms, or mild symptoms.  They don’t have to be admitted to the hospital or worry about dying from Covid. Now, I also understand that even after getting the second shot or the Johnson & Johnson, it takes 2 weeks before the vaccination starts protecting.  That MIGHT be why it’s reported that a very small percentage of persons who have been vaccinated died from Covid.  There’s a possibility they contracted the virus just after they were vaccinated. a

Her:  Someone can sneeze and you can walk through it and get Covid.

Me:  That is why it’s important for those not vaccinated to wear a mask when in public.  As for me, I still wear a mask in public because I don’t want to get sick.  

Her:  I only know what I heard on the news about the recent spread. The vaccinations aren’t working because cases are increasing.

Me:  Cases are increasing because the CDC thought everyone would live by the honor system.  They evidently didn’t consider that unvaccinated people would not wear a mask in public.  In fact, some have are not worn masks.  If anti-maskers assume that everyone else without a mask was vaccinated, they are wrong.  That is why the virus is spreading. The news doesn’t have to tell me to use common sense and do whatever is within my power to protect my health and life.     

Her:  It’s getting late.  I have to go.



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  1. Reblogged this on Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News and commented:
    sad… the person never said why they don’t want to get the shot… just looking for an excuse to not get it.

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    • Ned,
      Thanks for the reblog, dear friend. Yep — never said why she doesn’t want the shot, and never responded to my responses to her comments either. She simply jumped from one thing to another.

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  2. I applaud your patience with this woman! I likely would have walked away after about her 2nd sentence, else I might have been tempted to smack her upside the head! It is the ignorant like her who are keeping us from defeating COVID. Far too many of them in this country.

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    • Hi Jill! The conversation with her wasn’t as bad as some I’ve had with Sovereign Citizens. LOL! If you don’t agree with those guys, they make veiled threats such as, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. I think she backed off because she saw I wasn’t intimidated by what she heard on the news and what she heard otherwise.

      Here’s something — my son stopped at a convenience store last night. He said the clerk was not wearing a mask. She was coughing in her sleeve. When she went to get a bag, she actually licked her finger to separate the opening. My son declined the bag and left the store. My goodness, I wouldn’t want a bag that the clerk has put spit on even if we didn’t have Covid!

      You’re right! It is people like them who place this country at risk for shut-downs, and lives at risk. They have no compassion for the lives of others, not even medical personnel and what they go through.

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      • Oh yes, I’ve had worse conversations too, but every time I have one or hear of another, I’m more convinced that about half the nation is truly wearing blinders … willful ignorance, as it were.

        That convenience store clerk just blows my mind! I think I’d be sorely tempted to report her negligence to management, but … they would likely just have a good laugh over it.

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        • Jill,
          The owner of the convenience store was seen without a mask when there was a mask mandate, so I doubt he’d take the matter seriously.

          About the willful ignorance — I can understand people who don’t want the vaccination. It’s their health, their life, their households. But what I don’t understand is why they want to place the health and lives of others in jeopardy by not wearing a mask in public.

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          • It’s just like that saying that your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose. Sure, John Doe can refuse to be vaccinated, but then he should be forced to remain within the confines of his home so as not to infect the rest of us.

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          • Jill,
            Absolutely! Can you imagine someone who is HIV positive insisting that they can have sexual relationships with anyone without telling them nor practicing safe sex, and their basis is that everyone is going to die anyway? That speaks volumes about the hearts and minds of folks who don’t give a hoot about the health and lives of others.

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          • More and more, my friend, I am disappointed in the human species, for it seems that greed and arrogance define a good portion of them. Sigh.


          • Jill,
            Yes, I’m disappointed too, and hanging by a thread of hope that people will stop being hateful and fearful.

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  3. And to think these people are de facto steering public health policy in America 🙄

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  4. Two sides to a story

    Great post!

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  5. Excellent perseverance on your part, Truths. I doubt I’d have had so much patience with her. Thank you for holding that space.

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  6. Mani Venkatesan

    I loved the conversation and congrats on staying strong in your battle with cancer!🙌 Minor notes: I guess you meant decades instead of centuries. The drug directed against her2 is antibody based, so it’s based on proteins not mRNA. Again love your story, thanks for sharing!

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    • Mani,
      Thanks for your congratulations. When I said “centuries”, it’s referring to when memory RNA was discovered. Regarding Herceptin and Perjecta, they are developed from mRNA science. I think you are confusing how Herceptin uses the immune system rather than the science of using mRNA. Here’s a link that you might find interesting. What you might also find interesting is that if you think I’m incorrect, then you have a large project ahead of you to contact cancer centers across America that distribute book that explains how HER2 positive is treated with drugs developed from mRNA science.

      I know what I read, and I read it in 2018. When the Covid vaccinations were introduced this year, I knew that mRNA is not “new science”, beginning with the understanding that science is discovered; not created.

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