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Misinformation, Unemployment, Vaccinations

Like many things, most people do not educate themselves on things until they have a need to know.  In September 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After biopsy, I was told that the cancer cells were Her 2 positive, which qualified me to receive immunology drugs Herceptin and Perjecta. I was given a book to read about breast cancer.  It contains a section on the treatment of Her 2 positive with mRNA drugs, also called immunology drugs.  There was no desire within me to know anything about how the drugs were developed or how long they had been used.  All I knew is that treatment was not optional for me.  I wanted and still want to live. 

That was my first knowledge of mRNA science.  mRNA is not an invention.  It’s a discovery.  Messenger RNA (mRNA) was discovered centuries ago.  The motivation to use it to treat or cure disease began in the 1990’s.  The link here is an extensive story of how mRNA was studied to treat disease. 

This year I began speaking with friends about Covid-19 vaccinations and why I did not have to be convinced to get vaccinated – because I already experienced receiving drugs developed using mRNA science.  My only concern was the coverage length for the vaccination. 

 One friend later shared with me how she was talking to others about our conversation.  One person responded that she thought the science was new.  Now that she understood that mRNA science was used to develop cancer treating drugs since the 90’s, she was encouraged to get vaccinated. Read the rest of this entry

Encouragement For Our Dear Friend

Today, I was going to blog about the officer indicted for killing Akai Gurley.  Months ago, I started a project to report on employment cases filed in federal courts.  I was going to spend some time on that today.

That has now changed.

A dear friend and supporter of this blog needs lifting up. Butterflydreamer2 has shared what is happening with her medically. Right now, nothing else matters. She is close to us in spirit and mind, and I want the best for her.

Like caterpillars going through transformation, she is cocooned in a situation. We cannot let her feel that she is alone. We can’t go through the struggle for her, but we can be with her every step of the way. She has endured and broken free from the cocoons that face us in life, and she has gathered strength in her wings. We look forward that she does that again.

Someone once said, ““Just when the caterpillar thought “I am incapable of moving, it became a butterfly.”




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