Mueller’s Timeline: How the Russian Hacks Unfolded

From Politico;

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment Friday of 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking the Democratic National Committee and other liberal targets establishes a vivid timeline of how Moscow used a range of digital intrusion techniques to interfere in the 2016 election.

The indictment spells out not only who the hackers were, but what techniques they used to breach and maintain a foothold in the computer systems of the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It also details precisely how Russia used cryptocurrencies to fund its operations — underscoring how deeply the U.S. intelligence community has managed to delve after the fact into the 2016 meddling operation.

The charges also lay out the hackers’ interactions with an array of Americans, including journalists, an unnamed congressional candidate and “a person who was in regular contact with senior members” of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

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  1. Here is the press conference announcing the indictments.

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  2. crustyolemothman

    Dear Xena,

    Wow, it sure looks like the Coven of witches just keeps getting bigger and bigger… I can’t wait until it hits the family. Minime should be high on the list of people to wear silver braclets and leg irons… 😉 With as quiet as Cohen has been for the last few days, I suspect he is talking to Mueller and squealing like a little piggy.. Would you like to make a bet if Hannity is involved up to his neck?


    • Mothman,
      I find it amazing that Trump is actually defending the Russians. Yes, Cohen’s docs could have revealed something about Hannity. I think they all have been involved in money laundering. Cohen said he’s putting his family first, which is the right thing to do because they will have to live with his reputation. It’s better for him to give them a defense that he was a bad guy who came clean.

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