Shock as Trump backs Putin on election meddling at summit

Looks like Americans should start learning how to speak, write and read Russian as Putin takes over the U.S.

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  1. Козырь-Megalomaniac, а Путин-Макиавелли. Я выступаем против них обоих, и это может заставить меня бросили в американский ГУЛАГа, если это продолжится.


    Trump is a megalomaniac, and Putin is Machiavellian. I oppose them both, and that could get me thrown into an American gulag if this keeps up.

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  2. Just in case anyone wants to watch the complete press conference;

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  3. I have said from the very start that he is a treasonous traitor. USA, if you are out there…

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    • Hi Rachael,
      I was watching his conference today. Trump is like a man who thinks that the U.S. is his wife. He has extra marital affairs and when caught, he blames the wife, her former lovers, and anyone else he can point a finger at. (The “wrong on both sides” line of jive.) He demands more evidence. He gaslights. He tries to convince her that she didn’t hear what she heard, nor see what she saw. Because he soon runs out of games, he says to put it in the past. (So, Russia attacked our democracy by hacking, but let’s put it in the past.)


  4. I’m glad they shook hands. It facilitates understanding.


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