Trump Pulls Vote On Obamacare Repeal In Devastating Setback

I listened to some of Trump’s message after the announcement. He wants to make it the Democrat’s fault. Yet,there were no discussions of the Bill before the entire House.

The Fifth Column

Trump attends Women in Healthcare panel at the White House in WashingtonAP


The president had demanded a vote, but Paul Ryan couldn’t deliver the majority the bill needed.

President Donald Trump announced Friday afternoon that the House of Representatives would postpone a planned vote on the American Health Care Act, the Republican bill to repeal Obamacare.

The news was first reported by Robert Costa of The Washington Post, who spoke to the president directly.

The announcement came while a debate over the bill was still playing out in the House chamber, with GOP leaders realizing they lacked the votes to prevail.

It was not immediately clear when Congress plans to resume consideration of repeal ― or whether it will do so at all.

The postponement is a significant defeat for Trump and Ryan, and a setback in the crusade against Obamacare that has defined Republican Party politics for seven years.

The announcement capped a week of chaotic activity…

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  1. Even though I’m sure this is not the end of the matter and Trump may go further down the road of repealing Obamacare to bring the Conservatives into line, I’m still very relieved for the people of the U.S.They can breathe easier a while longer.
    I think the Republicans are still a boil that need to be lanced before they can get better but Trump and some of his team are a cancer needing to be excised completely.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. Two sides to a story

    Dunno what the hey they were thinking . . . dead is what Trumpcare deserves.

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  3. To quote the late Jackie Gleason: How sweeeeeet it is!

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  4. crustyolemothman

    The defeat that King tRump suffered, because the House under Ryan was unable to effectively write a bill that actually improved what is currently law, will have a price to pay. Unfortunately it will not just be the politicians that feel a loss, it will soon extend down to the least able to afford the financial punishment that the funding loss that will be used to kill the ACA by the Republican controlled congress. As painful as it will be to admit it, there are no winners in this political vendetta, only losers in the long run.

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  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    John Lewis gave a powerful speech.

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  6. Dear Xena,

    Today, I heard a lot of republicans mentioning the recent Quinnipiac poll which showed that only 17% of peoples approved of Trumpcare. Those 40 conservative republicans (the freedom caucus) could not justify voting for it. It was a loser for just about everybody except the healthcare insurance executives, big business executives and the wealthy.

    So, guess who this bill was written for and that is why it failed.

    But the folks who have been working behind the scenes to sabotage the ACA are the healthcare insurance industry leaders along with republicans.

    AETNA has been the number one culprit in trying to kill ACA and they have tried. They advised republicans in how to sabotage the ACA. In the 2016 Omnibus bill, republicans defunded a key part of the ACA called “risk corridors” as required by the ACA law.

    But they did fund risk corridors for the 2003 prescription bill signed by President Bush. This time the republicans called “risk corridors” a bailout for insurance companies which is a lie (Politifact called out this lie). The funding of “risk corridors” was set up to cover the losses of insurance companies if their policy prices were incorrectly priced because they ended up covering too many unhealthy folks without also a lot of healthy folks signing up which can happen in some markets.This is called adverse selection. This is a very unsexy subject to explain but it is crucial because this action is what caused the 2017 spikes in premiums, increase in deductibles, and some insurance companies leaving the ACA marketplace.

    And the republicans knew this.This is why the Aetna CEO and republicans were using terms like “death spiral.” By a miracle this is not true as verified by the record numbers of peoples who signed up for 2017 ACA insurance.

    But this does not mean that they won’t keep trying.Michael Moore was on the Chris Hayes show tonight and he was talking about this, saying that now, we who are a part of the resistance need to focus our attention on the health insurance company executives.

    Hugs, Gronda.

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    • Gronda,
      Thanks for the explanation and details. I’m hearing more politicians speak about Medicare for all. But even then, Medicare needs to be combined rather than separated in parts.

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  7. Trumpcare buried – yes!

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  8. “I alone can fix it” “Repeal and replace on Day 1”

    Just more broken promises.

    “Remember when the so-called President said he was going to donate his salary? Well he just accepted his second paycheck.

    Remember when he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall? He has asked Congress to appropriate the $25 billion of taxpayer money to cover costs.

    Remember when he said he was going to divest from his businesses? Changed his mind.

    Remember when he said he was going to release his tax returns? Changed his mind.

    Remember when he said he wasn’t going to go on vacation or play golf? 5 of the last 7 weekends he went on vacation and played golf, costing taxpayers $11.1 million.

    Remember when he said he was going to use American steel to build these dangerous pipelines? Russian steel arrived last week for the Keystone Pipeline XL.

    Remember when he said would defeat ISIS in 30 days? He still doesn’t even have a plan.

    Remember when he said he was going to appropriate money to HBCUs? He lied to get a photo-op.

    Remember when he said he was going to drain the swamp of Washington insiders? His cabinet is filled with lobbyists, oil and Wall Street executives.

    Remember when he said he wasn’t going to cut social security and Medicare? The Republican bill does just this.

    Remember when he said that nobody on his campaign has any communications with Russian govt? 7 of his people have now admitted they spoke and/or met with Russian officials, after they lied and got caught.

    Remember when he said that the Obamacare replacement would cover more people at lower cost? The AHCA that the GOP and 45 are now pushing, they now admit will cover fewer people at a higher cost.”

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  10. chuquestaquenumber1

    Obamacare opponents have the majority in the House.
    Obamacare opponents have the majority in the Senate.
    Obamacare opponents have a president who promised to repeal Obamacare.

    Yet they all conceded and Obamacare stands tall. Obama still wins and he’s out of office.

    I LOVE IT.

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    • Chuquest,
      Yes! The American people win. I just read on Twitter that Bernie Sanders is introducing a Bill for single payer universal coverage.

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