10 things you need to know today: October 26, 2015

The Fifth Column

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1. Powerful earthquake shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India
A 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit Monday in northern Afghanistan, with tremors felt in cities across the country, and in Pakistan and India. The full extent of the damage was not immediately known, but the powerful quake reportedly caused buildings to collapse. There were early reports of injuries near the epicenter in Afghanistan, and at least 43 deaths. People from Kabul to Islamabad described the quake as the most violent they had ever felt. “I thought it was the end of everything,” said one restaurant worker in Islamabad.

Source: The Washington Post, The Associated Press

2. At least 5 killed when whale-watching boat sinks off British Columbia
Five people died Sunday when a whale watching tour boat sank off of Tofino, British Columbia. The 64-foot boat, Leviathan II, was carrying 27 people when its crew sent out a…

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  1. Good morning everyone! Hope that you enjoy the reblog. The day holds lots of phone calls and work for me, so I really appreciate The Fifth Column blogging on the news so I can share it with all of you. See ya later.

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    My prayers are with the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Northern India and my sympathy for the families who have lost loved ones.


    The 7.5 earthquake was devastating. According to the Washington Post, 145 people have died including 123 in Pakistan and 12 students at a girls’ school in Northern Afghanistan.

    “Kashmiri girls pray and cry in fear in the aftermath of an earthquake in Srinagar. (Source: Express photo by Shuaib Masoodi)”

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Obama administration cracks down on police abuse, draws challenges”


    In the previous four years under President George W. Bush, the Justice Department had stopped taking police departments to court over allegations of misconduct or violations of civil rights.

    But Thomas Perez, a liberal former Justice Department lawyer, had just been nominated to take over the civil rights division by President Obama, and he was determined to play hardball with rogue cops and departments.

    In the nearly seven years since Obama came to office, his Justice Department has investigated 21 police departments — big departments, including New Orleans and Detroit, and small ones, such as East Haven and Ferguson, Mo.

    “Under Bush, the Department of Justice took the view that they could not force, or did not want to force, police departments into court,” said Stephen Rushin, a professor at the University of Alabama Law School and an expert on federal enforcement of police reform.

    “Under the Obama administration, they take the view that if a city isn’t willing to play ball, that the DOJ will go to court and force that city to comply.”

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  4. Truth of How Slavery Started The Black Slave Trade and Racism Dr. Claud Anderson

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      From News 19:

      “We also spoke with the second student who was arrested at the school this afternoon.

      She says she was taken into custody after just standing up for the girl in the classroom and she was asking what was happening. She also refused to give anyone the video of the incident except New 19’s Loren Thomas:”

      “Student Speaks Out Following Spring Valley Incident”

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      • There must have been 50 other things he could have done. That is clearly excessive force and excessive force against a defenseless child.

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        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Yes, and both the teacher and the principal could have handled things differently and not called upon a cop.

          If I had been the classroom teacher, I would have simply said to the student, “I want to talk with you after class”… and, if necessary, I would have set up a parent conference where I would have encouraged the student to be attentive during class and not be distracted by her cellphone so that she could live up to her potential in the subject matter being taught.


        • yeah, I’m not sure what he should have done, but I’m sure that wasn’t it. He’s a trained professional and this is what he came up with? I would LOVE to have seen his FB and Twitter accounts before he deleted them.

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      • It makes me think of that line in Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian, after the King slaps one of the little people who then said; “And you wonder why we don’t like you.”

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        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Exactly. Now, all of the students who witnessed the brutality of Ofc. Fields against that student might very likely in the future view LE officers with fear and not view them as their protectors who are to serve and help them.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Another student who also videotaped the incident had this to say:

      “I’ve never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick to the point that you know, other students are turning away, don’t know what to do, and are just scared for their lives,” Robinson said. “That’s supposed to be somebody that’s going to protect us. Not somebody that we need to be scare off, or afraid.”

      “That was wrong. There was no justifiable reason for why he did that to that girl.”

      You can see his interview here:


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