Four Wise Instructions

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  1. These words of wisdom highlight the importance of knowing yourself well, highly valuing yourself despite limitations; expecting to be treated with respect and dignity while extending this same courtesy to others; severely reducing expending of your time with those who are negative and toxic to your well being; wherever possible, eliminate the negative stressors in your life. Have a spiritual dimension even if it is only spending time in silence and meditation. You know what: those words in the blog are much simpler and clearer.

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Great to start the day with words of wisdom. Thanks for re-blogging them, Xena.

    It does require wisdom to know how to allow ones caring, loving heart to soar freely like a butterfly bringing sunshine to others.

    It is important to identify those who would try to capture the butterfly within you during its flight and dissipate your ability to love and to give.

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  3. Very wise!

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  4. Good words to live by

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  5. Thank you. Great words!!


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