Police Sergeant and Dispatcher Arrested On Federal Charges

Newtown, Connecticut is now added to cities where staff on its police force have been charged with committing crimes.

(Eventually, all the bad might just be rooted out and we can build trust.)

The investigation was called “Operation Juice Box.” It involved a ring of people who received shipments of steroids from China, and also conspiracy to distribute oxycodone. It took almost 2 months and involved wire and electronic surveillance. Federal law enforcement officers seized hundreds of vials of steroids, about 600 grams of raw testosterone powder, 350 grams of powder cocaine, and 4 long guns.

conn officer

Sgt. Steven Santucci

Sgt. Steven Santucci, 38, of the Newtown police department, allegedly received steroid shipments from China and had been doing so since 2011. He manufactured and distributed wholesale quantities of steroids.

Along with Santucci, others arrested include Jason Chickos, 46, a dispatcher with the Newtown police department, and Jeffrey Gentile, 33, a Judicial Marshal with the State of Connecticut. Five others were also arrested, including 2 charged with conspiracy to distribute oxycodone.

Sgt. Santucci resigned from his $81,540 a year job with the police department following his arrest. He had been on the force since 2000 and was promoted to the rank of sergeant on January 1, 2012.

FBI Special Agent in Charge, Patricia Ferrick, said corruption always matters for the FBI.

“When law enforcement officers are involved in criminal activity, it brings a particular sense of urgency to the investigation. While disconcerting, this matter involving a Newtown Police Officer, a Connecticut Judicial Marshal, a Newtown Public Safety Dispatcher and others is not indicative of the fine work and dedication to public service exhibited by the vast majority of those individuals working within the criminal justice and law enforcement community. This ongoing investigation is being conducted in close collaboration between the FBI, the DEA, DHS, the U.S. Marshals Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and the Newtown Police Department.”


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  1. Are you kidding me! I would love the back story on how the Feds became involved in the first place. LEO should be held to a higher standard, like the man in the video said. They are supposed to be examples of behavior for the communities they serve to follow.

    We all knew some of these officers were on steroids. Now we know, at least these cops, were the ones buying them, illegally, probably to provide each other. And cocaine too! OMG


    • Good morning Mindyme! I couldn’t find the back story, but the Feds have known about the shipments from China since 2011 so the investigation probably started then.

      Yes, they are suppose to be examples of good behavior. There’s a certain person who purports being the wife of a cop who is the worst example of a law abiding, nonprejudicial human being one could ever imagine. She violates law daily by harassing, threatening, and defaming. We now know her identity and that’s she’s no wife to anyone — just an envious blogger with a reputation for defaming and lying. I think it’s time that she answered to a court.


      • I do too, think it’s time that lying pos answers for her abhorrent misbehavior.


        • Yeah Mindyme, she is currently trying to hide behind the anonymous email provider Hushmail, whose home office is in Canada, but who is preserving the evidence. Anonymous email my big toe. 🙂


  2. Wow – that was going on here in Washington state too!!! Ughhhhh!!!


    • Rachael, I know a person in Mass. who worked very hard to get legislation passed regarding Oxycontin prescriptions. Young folks were addicted to it, and they exchanged it for heroin. Hearing that Newtown law enforcement was charged with distribution of oxycontin is devastating! It starts with physicians writing prescriptions but can lead to heroin, which leads to crime, ruined families, and even death.


  3. I don’t know about you guys, but besides one being a fatter meat head, I can’t tell one skin head from the other. I’m not digging this skin head look either. I think they should mandate that if you have hair, you must keep it. they can save this look for the military, because I don’t think cops should look different than normal ppl. I don’t like the idea of them shaving their heads. shave balls? fine. but not the head.


    • You know Shannon, I’m with you about the shaved heads. The balls? I wouldn’t see them so don’t care. LOL! By the way, I was very surprised when learning that some law enforcement officers are allowed to have tattoos.

      Liked by 1 person

    • and the beards, what’s up with some men wearing beards that resemble those in the Taliban? I’m not stereotyping anyone here, just wondering why so many, who you know considers themselves to be ‘patriots’ (ie hate-triots) seem to be mimicking the look of ‘terrorists’.

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  4. Court of Appeals Live Webcast about the police misconduct & the right to the access to cop’s personal records



  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Great research and article by you, Xena.

    Thanks for informing us of the great work the federal officials did in nabbing these low, ugly hearted officers….the worst kind of crooks because of their LE positions.


  6. Apparently some people go into ‘law enforcement’ to try to get above the law, rather than to enforce the law.


  7. Good to see Justice! being Served..


  8. peni4yothot

    War on drugs, no exemption, eh? I guess $80k annually wasn’t good enough.


  9. butterflydreamer2

    My thought is Zippy is being used to divert important news from the media.


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